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Should the Red Sox Give David Ortiz a Contract Extension? Villani Gives His Take

Mar 23, 2014|

Chris touches on the David Ortiz contract "controversy" -- should the Sox offer him an extension and if so, at what amount? Chris thinks it's a good idea, but he understands that some fans are sick of hearing from Ortiz and his constant complaining.

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I mean I -- I feel pretty good I'm and -- and not not quite ready have a job or possibly build monitoring for a few few more weeks bills -- but. I think you know I'll be I'll be good enough to took beat them in should be just fine. That's John lackeys say he's gonna be despise any guide in a rattled they yesterday. It's putting it mildly -- ten hits five earned. Overall though I I haven't been too. Concerned -- disappointed in the performance of Red Sox pitching starting pitching and bullpen. You expect that you hope that will be -- straight for the Red Sox again this season was last year that's the reason for the turnaround. Not magical beards -- clubhouse chemistry or anything like that it's they pitched IL a lot better at what thirteen they did what it well. 6177797937. Text like 37. 937 -- -- to bunch of these tax masters on David Ortiz. Ortiz one year extensions no brainer one for fifteen. -- a Textron the other sat. He's gonna go in the tank as business in other words acting with a text you saying if he's going to be -- -- that he doesn't get his way. Then it's gonna happen in the Red Sox have no reason to give this guy an extension to the end of the seasons he warriors. Now detector 98% of Red Sox Nation loves Ortiz getting -- side for 2015 it's not 5050. I don't know what the percentages to be honest with you really don't. I don't know -- it's a very vocal minority. I don't know if it's close to an even split I don't know if it's a majority of Red Sox and -- got lot Mercedes thinks he's in the minority. Believing that it's good business in just a Smart move for the Red Sox to give David Ortiz this week fifteen expansion. I don't -- I honestly don't because the minority indeed been -- -- Even at their outnumbered they can be very very allowed on not exactly sure what it is few other techsters here. Stipulation that -- contract should be required to get his jaw wired shut in order to get the extension. My thought was right at the beginning when this is loaded over the winner. Tell him and you can tell on this one but tell them all right you get the one year deal one year extension negated fifteen what you want. We don't wanna hear about this again it's a lap to 2015 we're dot. You were done until that doesn't mean we're never going to re sign new. Does that mean that we're never going to. United did you not potentially gonna get another year. But you get this one year you get your fifteen and then were. Get a table is still the end of the point fifteen -- Now the problem as you could say that all you want if you're John Henry if your bad charity and -- Weber. If Ortiz -- these asked the question if he wants to tock if he wants to say something about his contract I don't think there's any need to stop. So it's a nice idea may be in theory but -- on -- realistic it is. Another text there says. Why -- Ortiz Haiti's -- so clear. What he wants twenty million for one year says text -- does. Wants fifteen he wants -- -- different story he wants every year's different story I'm just going baseball what you want to what he says he wants. Not what. He might. Another techsters sick this morning every -- shut up play makes three times where the next high speed DH. And Dow finally one year. Says the complaint about a fifteen year or fifteen a year guaranteed the best clutch hitter in the past ten years and you -- -- Well. Yeah I. Don't know about. The I understand where the other -- coming from really deal. I get and I think a lot of it is just stems from the idea that Ortiz is always talking about I get frustration. I remember when Eli Manning was drafted. And you -- the number one overall by the chargers but he said you're in these out of -- to meet at least like petulant child. Instead our played San -- I wanna play for the giants they know what a -- And made the trade and rivers went to Jack await the chargers and Manning went to giants and it ticked me off. And for no other reason then this guy stood up there and how did about being number one overall draft pick and got his wife. -- understand that. I understand the idea that -- David Ortiz is constantly talking about this and it seems like it's Tuesday a perennial discussion. -- I think that if you get past that you get -- out of the personal nature of it. They this is something that makes business sense or could make business sense the Red Sox and make it something that. Based upon what he did last year accounting and Ortiz being close to that guy. Again he's not the most important -- in your lineup just five or six years ago is most important right now. There's no more valued to ready to hide your -- up and David Ortiz they're not a high scoring offense the American League last year and it close to. Without David Ortiz. And without Jacoby Ellsbury at the top of the order this year having that kind of catalyst in the oval wide open even more port to the Red Sox -- Ortiz. To be some version of what he wasn't went thirteen. If that happens -- one year for fifteen. Is going to be our column bargain and it's gonna be fair is essentially what the qualifying offer would have been NC get it done. -- take away any possibility that it -- a big year. That there's some kind of bidding going I guess of Texas mentioning the Yankees if they got too many DH is but who knows I mean they they've done stranger things. But you take that off the table -- beat the Yankees and mariners blue jays Orioles whoever you take any potential. Operating potential bidding war opt table at into the -- fourteen --

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