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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, Joins Chris Villani to Talk All Things Red Sox

Mar 23, 2014|

Scott Lauber calls Chris and touches on a variety of pertinent Red Sox topics including Grady Sizemore and his durability, where the Red Sox see Jackie Bradley over the next couple of seasons, the young guys in the lineup and the possibility of a new contract for David Ortiz.

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Sports Radio WEEI. Crystal anyway if you get back to the phone calls in just a few minutes but. Joining me now to -- continue to Red Sox -- from the Red Sox spring training is Scott lover of the Boston herald's as Collins got. Are you. I'm doing pretty well thanks while we're seeing a lineup today according to John Farrell that is somewhat akin to. What the regular season lineup is gonna be maybe minus David -- sketching out AJ Pierzynski is this about what you expect from the Red Sox come opening day. Yeah I it is and and you know the week Grady Sizemore has played an end. You know that's a big week for him today marks the first of three consecutive games for and that part in the next sixty -- he. Come through OK and I will be the final after the Red Sox to determine whether he can it'll all playing every day. He -- through that okay it wouldn't surprise me in the least but seeing him are leading our opening game Baltimore so I think that's a the direction that air headed in the and that's certainly I know it or a couple of Tibet. When you say come through it OK you talking about an injury setback is that the only thing that could -- -- Sizemore is the center fielder at this point. You know I think -- you know I mean look there's always a concern with Sizemore -- its history that. It -- -- his body will break out but I think it's more you know just belting each day. You know he went back to back games but I think it's the first and great arena row. And certainly the first on the -- spot in a week. By the and that they want to make sure that they go north with and that -- element in. The it really carry a platoon in center you'll with the roster. Sent the way it is they already have a platoon in left field. Italian Mike are on the bench. And so that they really can't carry people are more objective -- juniors so it's going to be greedy guys more ready to go -- way. I'd be a week at a minimum they're gonna find out this week whether he bounces -- well now. -- do that whether his body is ready for that sort of about workload. They kind of answered it there but I know I've -- -- heard from a lot of Red Sox fans and that's. Why not both why not Sizemore and Bradley both on the Major League roster I -- to require they carry eleven pitchers right I mean just run out of roster spots. Right exactly and you either have to carry eleven pitchers or would have to make some sort of -- this week involving Mike cock now we know that. Serpentine that scouted him this spring the Pirates are one of the team that it is now among the most -- it in my car and -- for me I look at the Red Sox roster it's a little bit of redundancy between Mike Carp and it'll pop up state you'd do some different things. Not it's probably. I mean they're more comfortable with -- you'll certainly they're more comfortable and on the -- and co -- Our little bit at first eight Q. Good left handed hitter off the bench the Red Sox still evaluate -- -- apart and not on the roster so they're not think you might -- -- -- And -- there are all over with some sort of deal this week. He's kind of spot as one -- that the -- -- that they wanna go with twelve pitchers which is in the air. Their way of thinking here for a long about covered the team they've almost always had twelve on the roster there really would not -- spot and particular fielders. Jackie Bradley junior would try to be yacht you know it's impacted tactical Sizemore. Do you buy into the idea at all it's starting in -- can hurt Jackie Bradley is development not giving him the chance to just kind of sink or swim at the Major League team this year. I don't I I really don't I don't I don't out much of an issue with that at all and and and I'll give you a couple of quick reasons why I mean I think first of all that look with wood into -- he never had it out which is why they were not aggressive in recent injury which is likely -- look to bring a veteran shortstop in here that saw enough from -- last last. Post you've been in particular really throughout the course last year. Whether it was for players that -- at least I think any compete every week I Bradley. They're not so sure about. And and and I think yup Milwaukee it's an improvement his plate approach last year. With each successive call up they still are not positive that he's ready to beat every -- -- That's why they brought pretty -- more eager to put Jackie Bradley and everything went well. With Grady Sizemore. The end result would eat at Bradley would go back to triple -- which it felt like was not the worst thing in the world I agree with -- I had Jackie -- point -- each other exit. Do you feel like you have anything to gain by going to act AAA and you -- I don't know. These are really don't know I honestly any it to that question and I'm one of the Red Sox decision makers and I asked that question and that's the answer right yeah. That's all you all need to know that they are still in. Doubt evenly Jackie Bradley junior's mind that he's ready for this right now it doesn't diminish the way they feel about him going forward it to it just sort of I'll need it. There's -- doubt that. There's reconfirmed to go back in it doesn't hurt whatsoever for me to see him go to triple a lot from its start and and you know you see -- he's going to be needed at some point this year so it's not like they'll be on -- report in. And caught it or not -- Stella I think the big part of their team it's a matter order. Scott lover of the Boston Herald joining us -- -- Red Sox Chris -- with the WEEI. Our your progress of the deal being made with Jon Lester in the Red Sox a possible extension what's the latest there in any idea. What kind of numbers we might be talking about with this. A legendary hometown discount he has promised. Prepare. Progress but I don't think you in fact I know there's not in close. Jon Lester insults at the other day it's not like we're. Anywhere near the reds -- -- and we're not. We're not anywhere near repeal and and this is far more complicated -- in the end it turkeys to I would expect to get done here in the next. I would say outlook is out it could happen as early as today it happened. It doesn't happen it should happen within the next few days I think that. That's the much more straightforward negotiation it's a one year it's a salary that is it easier to negotiate. From each -- is going to be twenty million dollar a year guy or north of that and it's gonna take. Couple weeks or five years at least get it done in those are -- numbers those are numbers that. The Red Sox and let the people I'm sure we'll go back and forth and so. There is progress in the sense that there there are talks going on but I don't think they're anywhere near a deal right now -- I think the focus their attention lately has been on wrapping up Ortiz. Then they'll turn their attention electorate get. Within range at the end of spring training I think decomposition continuing into the -- -- it there without outside of you know being anywhere close to deal. In the table for awhile so -- to see the next week goes in those talks but. Like I -- a much more complicated deal with much bigger numbers and much longer years and -- and that's certainly that they a longer time in New York you yelled come collection. Well you say table it for awhile what exactly does that mean -- if they're not close into April. Is it you table until the end of the year because then obviously bringing free agency potentially to the next. Right and and you know as he gets on my part I get the sense from pot meet Jon Lester that he doesn't want that hanging over him. During the year are collapsing you -- spurt you know every time he pitches or he may start for us to be asking. Auckland -- negotiations you don't think about it. You know if he goes through that stretch which is inevitable a -- or -- -- in the -- have a few a few bad starts. Question from -- preoccupied by your contract situation so. I don't think you want that hanging over him I think you hear quotes he certainly willing to say hey let's continue this in April and trying to hammer out. But if they are still our part I think it's gonna be his prerogative. You're out on the back burner for now whether that means that you know all star break or whether that means a people you altogether until up after the season is over that's a term but I don't get the sense that our government -- it's not something he -- -- over him and if they're not close. He's going to -- to wait a little while. -- David Ortiz deals when I know -- value and I've talked about quite a bit and it's still warned that it even though. It's done at this point are not done but going to be done. Seems to be fairly polarizing. Amongst Red Sox fans out from your perspective I know you've talked about this would be in the past but. How do you look at this is a good business decision or the Red Sox to give Ortiz the one year deal. 1516 million whatever it is now rather than wait till the end of the year. -- -- polarizing -- and I'm not really sure why. Greg Norman a minority on that I think it's pretty straightforward her knee. Look I'm not that that -- -- challenge certainly haven't spent that money order or spending it's forever like that but. You know for me what you look at the years that it -- last year at age 38. You know three or 930 homers and RBIs ninety you'll yet and then you look at the postseason at which topped the charts. There's no sign of -- slip or decline in performance. So if -- in the ankle and David Ortiz beating David Ortiz again this year. Or if you pick on the decline being unhittable and what is it does not intend to keep it would be dramatic decline. Annual cost saving money by doing that all week I think because it takes is. One team. You involved in the in the beating region peaking for David Ortiz. For the price to go up all in terms of dollars spent years in every -- -- sort of assume that if he played -- brilliant. Any become created well Red Sox make a qualifying offer which will limit his market and it certainly well. And everywhere just the -- will be and a one year deal for fifteen million dollars what the -- he'll. Well I know for a fact the polluted -- to collapse aren't they ended up not really. Deciding to go that route. But they were initially interest in David Ortiz two years later to peak years. A team like that where he might who knows the Orioles or whoever makes -- overture David Ortiz all of a sudden. -- a little bit more competition in the marketplace all -- offer. I would be in place but he is keep working -- some options suddenly I look at your guilt rather than a one year extension so I just think. Don't you believe in David Ortiz you believing in having another peak year to a milk and seed money later -- only gonna commit in now reached 39. Why put yourself in the position marine -- Annika. Commitment of two or three years that goes through age 4041. -- I just think it's a business to do it now -- on him for one more year. -- -- it's got a lot of the Boston Herald any concerns about the way Ortiz has performed in spring training because I've heard this a lot -- it's 1 morning and a lot of excitement based on the way Grady Sizemore is warm but that a lot not all that concerned about David Ortiz out more about the metric but it's almost like you could only help yourself and not hurt yourself -- to some guys. Yeah it's it's true it's kind of funny how how that works certainly when a guy -- -- -- shop you all look at the numbers and say oh my god it's such hitting 380 how can he not make the team and when there's a guy who's got a roster spot sold out that you. You know he that are key to what to. At 35 C note not a big deal to spring training I think -- he would work he had that year he had last year after missing all spring training. I would be a little bit more concerned that's 2011. Trevor being our younger 2011 and and he got off to a slow start 009 intent. I remember either keep me in -- across the states that are in extra air packed in and really get your point of beating. In as many games as possible because that's what we need to either avoid another slow start. And then during the all spring training trip to the elite injury and he comes out. And the 330 home runs so you know I can even work he knows what he needs to be ready for -- and and the Red Sox talked about it and I think if you're like he did a good way out right now. They're not as concerned about the numbers because he feels good and I think it now he proved to himself last year that. You know he he can advocate you can without having much of spring training and and the security at least as thirty at bats under his belt. The poster that -- he by the time they had a week is out. And hopefully more hits and a couple more -- and maybe maybe the results start -- line without it you'll but. It -- -- -- you'll do it you know eat at this point in his career I think yet you almost have to trust them what they say well he knows we need to get ready. He's been through many different types of spring training didn't. This is just another type. Just a couple of minutes -- steroids got lover and you wrote in today's herald about AJ Pierzynski and another guy that has been -- polarizing could be that the kinda way to describe how he's viewed around Major League circles but. It seems like from what you -- -- -- he's been pretty well low welcomed in and embraced so far in this Red Sox clubhouse. You know most the players I talked to you know what you. Without trying to view it and that's been kind of a spring long project for me have a -- collect. And colorful stories about 80% what's that like to play against this guy do it annually ordered at the most -- later in the in the big leagues in. And why it's -- regard it that way like a few funny ones in the Jonny -- talked about getting up the -- what -- early in his career. Any secret since he turned the -- long conversation with you are not -- football in the article is equally getting me trying to get in 94 mile an hour slider here. And you're talking about it. You know you need a break in and that sort of it being any secret that he does it under guys and know -- -- -- At three he ground out switched and they chipped it just a little bit annoyed and look anything like that we're not not anything that's all that sister here he just. Both gamesmanship things that I think that's one the reasons why. Yet the reputation that he does but you know about it it opt out. Played with in the past and everybody has seen and he literally could eat eat the winner. Editor at that's what you most took the job that he's ultra competitive and wanted to do everything there's a waiting game. That's something that you need to admire more than dislike I mean they'll take that and they're citing an elite so. I don't think you two guys who has much -- our clubhouse cancer or anything like that they'll do little. The track talk with the unit Alexander. Or he'll look at a back that early Olympic or it's it's something a little salt in the -- and that often. But again it's nothing that I don't think it's -- it's a distraction or so I super. At all and that's sort of what you are in the spring at the competitive guy he wants to win it and at that time might he might beat both the Red Sox now that there aren't inside you'll they weren't. Our finalists got and -- we did this a little bit earlier but looking like perhaps Craig Breslow to start on the disabled list does that mean Brandon Workman. Breaks camp on the 25 man roster. Yeah I think so I mean. They are reading between the lines here it's not typical reacting it. The fact that outlook pitching in the minor league game tomorrow makes it easier for the rat -- eight at DL stint. Or else that they can back it and are not that he'd be eligible -- early yet -- -- Which means you really don't mean this is the first street that he didn't. If they put him in great relief team now hey it takes -- impact even quite that far so. Procedurally speaking in their -- in that direction -- on the DL and -- felt also that. Cut it would probably short term that they would be without him they're not necessarily -- replace it with another lefty. And eat it they're pretty -- in you can throw multiple innings well at street -- and work the right -- -- pitch multiple innings. They can keep him stretched out enough so that we took back the way he can slot right back in the rotation so. I think it broke out of the yell at work then on the roster currently but he -- early in the either and that's kind of what he leaves they're selling right now and it's kind of like being. The direction that they're leaning. Are it's got great stuff to get Bynum on Twitter at Scott lumber and of course in Boston Herald on line Boston Herald dot com always appreciated but thank you. -- average joining us up from Red Sox spring training a lot of good stuff from him talking about David Ortiz and I agree have been. I am the minority here for it's I really can't figure out a bit today. 5050 split if it's a majority of Red Sox fans were just -- really vocal minority. It is opposed to the idea of David Ortiz getting a one year extension right now. I think it does make business sense if you're counting on -- you're expecting. David Ortiz not to fall off the cliff this year. Maybe it happens he's 38 years old white. If he does there's no sign of -- coming there's no sign of -- dramatic drop shot that dramatic. I depreciation in these skills happen. It just based upon last year based on the post season there's nothing you can look 2.2 -- Tracy. Age is catching up with so if you're counting on him being some version of what he was last year. It is of value like to get him on the one year deal one year extension right now he'd been in in Red Sox Red Sox uniform for an extra season. Is there a market that could develop is another good year it's possible. Yeah Scott mentioned Toronto Baltimore Seattle the team up or not they're just because Seattle has so much money. That they wanna just give to people. -- they had ninety million some odd dollars they wanted to try to spend this off season around to you know take a lot of but it's been difficult for them to get guys don't wanna go there. I think had overpaid they've had to -- tonne of money to get guys to play in Seattle so I think that could be a possible landing spot. -- texture and the eighteenth -- text line highlights what is a big reason to work the the reason this is polarizing a big aspect of it is just the fact Ortiz is constantly talking about. If there was very little minimal discussion about it the Red Sox came out an announcement said. Press release David Ortiz one year deal fifteen million bucks for 2015 were tacking on that next year. I don't think they were being nearly the outcry I think there's a frustration. Because Ortiz is perceived as whining and complaining and it's working you'd get -- greet the squeaky wheels getting degrees right and that's. Saying my grandma says that so. That's where I think a lot of the problem comes in -- for Red Sox fans are frustrated keeps talking about. I don't have huge problem that either because he's been especially this spring. He's been asked about it and he's answered honestly. You know he he's given the honest answer maybe could've made is like a little bit easier the -- company like cliches but. Honesty or David Ortiz and I think that's necessarily such a bad thing. So it's going to happen. In at this point the will is really past the point of discussion it's gonna be one year deal everything we're hearing he could. -- today could come in the next couple days but it's gonna be a one year deal the money is gonna be. Similar to what it was this year because of the new CBA this is something that was news reported and this understood it. While lot of people myself included a because of the new CBA. Is along is the new contract does that affect the current contract it's not going to impact the Red Sox luxury tax wise. To announce -- prior to opening day that's change. Over the Adrian Gonzales deal. Because it was announced after spring training had it not been announced after spring training or after the start of the regular season. They -- taken a much more substantial. I hit against the luxury tax that first year for Gonzales and not that way anymore. So you're probably gonna get an announcement next couple days and as far as the should it happen. I don't see the huge downside here for the Red Sox and I really don't see the point at this stage at least. In playing hardball with the guy who not only was your most important -- 567 years ago but frankly. Is still your most important -- today wasn't -- thirteen in. Likely will be again in 24 to 6177797937. -- like 37. 93 several get back to your calls back to text messages as well coming out extras -- Wiki Sports Radio WEI.

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