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Chris Villani on Sports Sunday -- A Preview of the Start of the Season for the Red Sox

Mar 23, 2014|

In hour #1, Villani talks Red Sox and all the big story lines heading into the final week of Spring Training. He hits on the Sizemore/Bradley debate which is slowly changing from a debate due to the surprisingly great play of Sizemore. He talks about the solid pitching staff for the Sox, the young left side of the infield and if that should concern Sox fans and the overall feeling that things are very much copacetic for the reigning champs. Villani also touches on March Madness and his busted brackets as well as the unbelievable hot streak the B's are on.

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Sports -- WEEI. Sunday morning. It's freezing out there or allegedly it's spring I believe when I see. Watch the news reports now the snowstorm coming on Wednesday that's fantastic. Chris a lot with you up until 1 o'clock up -- Red Sox baseball's a matter fact. As your bracket look at this morning that it's anything like mine. Not so -- that suffice to say there won't be winning a billion dollars is a brutal day for me personally to. In the NCAA tournament yesterday because. The two teams I have by far the biggest emotional connection to Syracuse alma mater Harvard my former place of employment. They both went out yesterday. Both are pretty predictable Harvard -- tall task it's disputes that's. It's hard to bet you any circumstance against Tom Izzo in the NCAA tournament I'm not sure Michigan State was well seated as the war in reprisal better -- Probably wider trendy pick to get the final four but credit arbor down sixteen like it was over the first out. Able to come back may get a game lose by seven at the end. And for Syracuse it's more a personal note that anything that was not surprising that -- Offensively challenged team that's 45 and -- record was on a wing and a prayer and unfortunately I think there were more like the team lost to Boston College then. You know the team that held on duke scored 91 points -- game it carried it UConn moved aren't. So that is kind of compounded my personal. Disdain. Prius today's NCAA tournament Huskies win as the game. And Shabazz Napier is -- is him atomic credit but ideally a local team left if you wanna call the local the only New England team -- Is UConn into the sweet sixteen we got a little NCAA tournament later -- wanna start the Red Sox -- -- -- get to the Bruins as well. Howard talked DJ beam coming up a little bit later -- We and the other Bruins twelve wins in a rope when he -- that talked about there the Red Sox now a week away from the start of the regular season and John Farrell. Sales to the regular lineup. Start to see some of the regulars he said that would start today well today's lineup with the Red Sox taking on the Orioles you're Grady Sizemore leading off. Yet chain victory know Dustin Pedroia David Ortiz and Napoli gold's -- guards middle Brooks. David -- catching figure AJ Pierzynski will be in their opening day by. That's going to be -- similar split you would think to what it's been over the past a couple of years -- back and helix -- -- getting the start on the mound. But the interesting part is of course great size. And it seems as though at this point and this is different from say. A lot on a week. Eight days ago. It seems at this point that the job is Grady Sizemore is to lose. And barring any injury barring some kind of a significant setback. Over the stretch where the Red Sox have played five games in six days it looks like a Red Sox a break camp in Grady Sizemore is going to be center fielder going to be your leadoff hitter and I'm fine with that. But it seems like a lot of Red Sox and art. You know from what I've heard over the course of the week it seems like there's a significant chunk of Red Sox fans that are. I don't the argument boils down to the Red Sox sign that god it was too good or turned out impeachment good you know how -- they shame on the Red Sox for that. That's kinda what it sounds like the -- a year. And it. You're the general crux of the opposite argument is give Jackie Bradley junior the opportunity right now he's earned it is nothing -- approve the AAA. You don't stunt his development anymore just giving the shot put him in Satterfield. And living guy with the kids so to speak with Bradley Center field. Bogart's shortstop will middle Brooks at third base and I don't think there's anybody realistically. Making that argument if the Red Sox didn't win the World Series last year. This is your World Series afterglow grace period whatever you want a -- argument. When it's not that you're not focused on the Red Sox winning this year or not wanting to see the Red Sox win this year but. You're OK. To maybe sacrifice a little bit of the present for the future given the packages coming up championship and I I don't know that you have to make that decision. Now the Red Sox aren't Sizemore I would imagine -- exactly what's happening in my three quarters of a million dollar flyer. Not a big investment at all it can escalade up to five or six million apiece stays healthy plays plays well for the entire season but. Essentially they committed three quarters of million bucks we'll take shot. This guy was one of the best outfielders in the game a few years ago let's see if he can still play. And this is exactly what they had Martin that he could. He's able covered ground in center field he's able to get. All the first inning in a time it's close to what used to be able to do a few years ago that he can be a lead -- Peter that he can fill. Is Jackie Bradley can't do this right now. They can build both parts of the role vacated by Jacoby Ellsbury now ads that say he's gonna be is it is Jacoby or at least. Plays well as healthy Jacoby Ellsbury but. They -- -- leadoff hitter in the center fielder begins right now I don't think there's a lot of Red Sox fans or. -- even the Red Sox coach does it feel like Bradley's -- to step into that role center fuel and lead off. He's not being the key point -- So you signed Grady Sizemore can take a shot beside him with this idea in my end. It creates and has. Created the wind legitimate position battle in Red Sox spring training he's pushed Jackie Bradley junior to try to. Just drive did to get at center field spot to try to win that job and he's been able to do now. I think we got to go back to some of the rationale. From last year with the Red Sox putting Jackie Bradley junior on the roster now. There was again it is -- out of argue. It was a long term -- short term argument. And the long term argued -- would Bradley junior last year you were call or up in spring training how many hours did we spend talking about Jackie Bradley junior spring training last year. But the long term argument was you got to keep this guy Bradley in AAA. I keep in the minor leagues that go with until it people twentieth is numbered days there. And if you do you can keep that year -- service time keep that Europe cost control long term made more sense the organization. Flip side was and this is kind of more I am -- where it was last year. With Bradley it's where I am right now with Grady Sizemore. -- out of that argument is pretty simple. We got it gives you a better chance to win now who's the daddy gives you the better opportunity to break camp with the best team we possibly can't. You know last year based upon the -- illegal I what you -- especially young player where there isn't that kind of track record. Last year based upon the way he played in spring training. There is there is. No other argument be made the better option for the Red Sox in the immediacy of the beginning of the 2013 season with a put Jackie Bradley junior on the roster. And right now. The way that he's played in spring training the way that he is demonstrated. That he can be some version of what he was. Back in 20082009. I don't usually get around the idea that Grady Sizemore is the guy that you want as the Red Sox center fielder at least to start. And I don't buy into the argument only that this is going to be. A -- delta Jackie Bradley junior development golfer furious. First of all I'm still not convinced Sizemore desperate -- for about gets through a year help activity gets through the next month healthy. And that's not a knock on sized -- does he hasn't played two years. So it's one thing to get through spring training it's another thing we hold up through the rigors of regular season. So let's wait and see on sides in the same way that. 23 weeks into the 2013 season. We were starting to rethink Jackie Bradley junior and the wisdom of having him on the Major League roster because a book was written pretty quickly right -- stuck inside. That's that's the way to get him out. At the same way you started to rethink that it can be a month into the season we're starting to rethink Brady's -- war and anything -- -- working and he consistently perform. Where these Red Sox. So I still think there's going to be an opportunity to get Jackie Bradley junior the backs and not really resigned to the idea. There it it's just gonna be Jackie Bradley junior in AAA Brady Sizemore 13035. Games in center field is yours that's number one. And second of all you -- catch 23 years old and Bradley. A guy who when asked just a few days ago. Whether there's anything else he can do it AAA whether he's ready for the major League City honestly wasn't shore. Maybe I'm reading too much into the answer out of liked to have heard him say now there's nothing else I Al Redick. I'm ready for Major League job right now. So he's at least got that bit of a qualifier and you know that the mental approach for Bradley based upon what happened last year when he came up here is flavor of the month in March struggled in April got sent down. And then had the attitude of I wanted to be back to be back up in the major leagues. I kind of like I I I like his approach there and I think overall. He's a guy that can handle. Mark -- adversity but you know handle the fact they. Right now he might not be the guy breaking camp right now you might have a little bit more work to do -- xxx. I don't see Al Gore seasoning so to speak for Bradley can necessarily be a bad thing rather than just throwing him back up there and saying you'll -- -- sinkers win. It's not like we've got a great track record with Bradley at the Major League level -- Bogart's position as small sample size but it's a pretty good. You know -- he's played well in the time that he is that we see him in the in the major leagues and we -- and very high leverage situations. In late. The only disease and that in the post season of the World Series. With Bradley there's not that same kind of track record -- little bit more time to AAA mentally at all I don't know this can be something really impacts and all that much. And I'm not convinced -- -- in May. We're not having an entirely different conversation. Regarding Jackie Bradley Grady Sizemore because. Still pump the brakes on Sizemore a little bit would like to see him return to the version of Sizemore 20082009. But. You've got to stay healthy in order to do that and -- the biggest point -- when you see -- high end of Grady Sizemore when you see how good he has been in the past. When you hear comments from John Farrell would say he's not far from being that kind of player. Well we barrels over selling a little bit but if these right. And you've got a potential all star you know you've got a guy that could be one of the better outfielders in the American League. Why wouldn't you turn the job over tool and see what you that right now that's what the Red Sox are gonna do right now that's the -- makes. His body with you up until 1 o'clock 6177797937. The phone number for you 6177797. 937 AT&T tag line is 37937. Well we talked to Red Sox spring training with Scott law ever. Coming up the top the next hour Scott of the Boston Herald. And we'll get some thoughts from him not only on this but also a new contracts apparently imminent or David Ortiz or that one year extension. End it looks like the Red Sox and Jon Lester. Are moving closer closer to a multi year contract extension and that may be done before opening days we get some thoughts on that coming up as well. Let's get some phone calls here let's start with that Eliot. He's in Boston up first this morning a WEEI LE. And how they're going to come just kind of question. Is it possible that Jackie Bradley junior just isn't you know barrels guy. So to speak and may be out on the on the -- everybody else but outdoor tent that they've got her. Where it got you know use -- big. Backed -- Stephen -- very much back up you know Johnny Gomes a lot on the that halt all that you know with a connection to you know Sizemore let me be. It is prefer -- more out over Jackie Bradley. I think they eat your right in saying he's got history. With Grady Sizemore but ultimately. Elliott thanks for the -- call. I think he just wants to go to better guy. I I just think that he sees. But he's I'm I'm taking him at his word and I'm guessing he's telling a little bit of sports lie here. Or maybe just over selling a little bit when he says that Grady Sizemore is not far off from the guy that he wasn't 2009. But it it's just a little bit of a sports why it he could potentially be that guy. Then -- you put him out there and it doesn't matter whether it's your -- Farrell junior who's the other guy does it matter whether it's your relative. So I think he's got back connection with Sizemore. You heard Grady Sizemore is on this week -- gallon -- Talk about that was part of the reason -- he came to Boston. -- because an -- connections of familiarity. -- guy that was stepping back into role after being out for a couple years there's comfort level there. But I think it's more a reflection on the way to -- -- wars played any potential upside. -- Grady Sizemore rather then. Any disdain or dislike for Jackie Bradley or personal preference for one over the other 6177797937. CJ New Hampshire is up next door is CJ. They I don't like to -- -- call up. They unconcerned a couple of side of the infield real quick and the one -- -- what do you think that. I outlook of the patriotic as anybody that played baseball at any level -- -- and I I never even made it to the college level but. Understand how important is -- Healing middle field we got that -- I don't think I I'd seen and I'm 43 I have a second baseman. It's consistent. -- we're trying to. Yeah I'm not in yeah I know -- would banter and the like primarily group calling what. I just think will Mel Brooks is just apart and -- -- terrible on that are based. And finally. I nobody can get from how a lot of -- field you kind of live -- Apart defense but you know it's not just. That he felt part of that that we allow beyond eight that it strike a lot of walk. Armed he had that problem -- and I'm hopeful idol the talent there but it doesn't seem like that it's on the radar will -- in package. While CJ what what's your hinging on is what you got to mention there that power right I mean if he's a legitimate power bat which I think is possible for middle Brooks I'm not sold one way -- the other. If -- that legitimate power bat. Like you say he kind of live with the other stuff you know you live with the limited range. You live with the fact that he is. I think the Red Sox look at the -- -- is a lot hater because you didn't get on base -- time but if he can be that -- right handed power about a middle of the order kinda guy. You live -- but. It's contingent upon him actually being -- -- I think it's a huge year. For middle Brooks to try to show that. You're trying to demonstrate that he can be back. Yeah and you know what Margaret and I won't be too hard on the guy -- mean you know you're the you're the young player -- do you think they lack -- -- and in the and then in the world here I mean you you could argue. He caught the game and the World Series you could at least make an argument I mean -- and finally you know. We were talking post steroid era at least for the most part you know 2530 all love the power I -- -- meet. Yeah I mean I I don't wanna live with that kind of defense -- know for her for 25. Long ball. Well beyond it it's like Napoli slick that is that right handed power guy he's 25 homer and -- I mean yeah. But for. -- -- -- any LP plate but. I don't know what are what are makes a big deal at first base current state is if you could play anywhere in the infield you complain at first base third base. A special player put open area. At the top the top spot the plate and he looks it looks clunky old beard that extra pick Michael. I'd appreciated CJ -- a rages in great and a lot of the negative he points out about middle Brooks -- perfectly ballot I'm willing to live with them all -- and I don't know that he's gonna beat this guy but if he can be a power -- Point 530 homer and power guy and -- that's you know today's day and age that are. That's legitimate power. And also backed out powered doubles and everything else you know you wanna see you guys can drive in runs you wanna see. All the things they did -- see out of the middle of the order RBI kind of player. Makes me I I don't know about you may be long for the days late nineties early two thousands. -- 45 home runs was our guy you know what Barry Bonds hit like 3738. Back in 98 he's like fifteenth and he easily held patents. Yet a year McGwire it's seven deeds of those it's 66. Greet the Greg bond for crack -- freaking bond was on pace to break Roger Maris is record. Maybe -- back then were not hip to what was going on. But you'll look back at -- AA AT think they had Sosa average sixty home runs and a four year stretch Greg -- -- Lyle as he used to break Roger Maris is record. We couldn't figure out that something was going on. For me I believe I childlike naivete I mean how I was in middle school back so I was just. Not even in wanting to see greatness are all you look. Outs Chrebet had -- call before the break Ryan in the cars up next they Ryan. A before I ask my question about size are -- and jumped. Our middle Berkshire. -- need my -- saying what can news. I -- game improves you know with runners in scoring position to. You know the power I think he then. I think you can have that in Alberta the bigger issue is getting people throughout spectrum united in their seat from Europe haven't seen them. Over the past -- That's there are RBI RBI kinda guy I mean act. That kind of goes back to you're gonna hit middle of the order which is I think where they'd like him to. At least where they projected to yet did we get guys on shark I think that's valid. Yeah and then. Larry you know question register are probably the chance that word that all this shot Smart Car is just building up. You know maybe trade talks. Children are absolute moral Childers and well Barack. Yeah I mean right now write your act -- right now. Because they still as well as he's played spring training not gonna get great value back for -- it's still gonna be seen is damaged goods. Now mid season. Could the landscape be a little bit different I think that's possible. You know contending team might wanna rental but that would be contingent upon the Red Sox being out of contention. In playing well I think it's unlikely but it that we I think it's unlikely and I definitely didn't I wouldn't see it happening now I think Mike Carp. Is the more likely trade target eat sooner than later but I don't know how likely that is not. Art or thank you appreciate the -- all right. -- six or 7779793. Several get to Wear your Red Sox calls bring the Bruins into the mix to twelve game winning streak. Is team is peaking too soon clearly. Means all Bruins fans need to panic and -- well -- Is terrible -- away too soon. This -- rehashed next sarcasm which would coming quick break back to your calls have been crystal lightly until 1 o'clock Sports Radio WB. And we don't wanna leave you wanna get better as a team and those kind of games allows you to do that because tonight in my mind his total. Our character we used in short a lot of character -- there and -- come back and and win that and we did. I could -- Julianne talking about the Bruins comfort behind to win last night pier twelve in a row. As the -- -- won twelve straight 42 victory against the coyotes. And jagged test for them after being down the first time in seven games a year. The seed trailing Chris a lot of here till 1 o'clock 6177797937. I'll wanna get to a quick Red Sox noting -- get to a few these tax masters AT&T text like 37937. I Scott clobber we're gonna talk to -- our says that it's looking like the Red Sox may start Craig Breslow on the disabled list. They can activate the Jamaican spring training debut in the minors tomorrow they can -- -- DL stay and get him eligible. By April 5. And it looks like Brandon Workman and would be the final guy on the Red Sox roster. So this is where we are that's how boring your Red Sox are helped spring training. With Sizemore -- -- these Satterfield battle looks like. It's coming down to the seventh valuable that. And it's targeting Breslow at the start. And from what John Farrell said. It doesn't appear as though there's going to be a priority placed on getting another lefty and they're like Rich Hill was sent down -- -- Dmitry written somebody like that. It is going to be the next guy out which would legit you know logically be Bieber and work to start in the major sell. Looks like that's the way it's gonna go you these text messages out on the Red Sox we keep stocks calls coming as well you like. What texture says barrels gonna figure it out with Bradley junior don't over analyzed it's a fair point these things you have a way of got to work themselves out a little bit and me last year -- able to find at bats for carp. What 500 that's almost for Daniel not but still play Jonny Gomes significant amount and that's with Ellsbury in victory knows full time players at their position. So be it that's -- eagle -- here's the season goes out to another reason why. Not all that worried if -- break camp with Bradley and AAA in and Sizemore is the center fielder at the Major League level. I -- says it will middle Burke's power back at all to be DH. Yeah not for a couple years though right eat at that spot pretty well locked down for the next two seasons looks like. Now detector here keeping Lester for five more years -- option. -- Ortiz. To maybe not the Q moved into a DH position later on makes sense for the Red Sox in doubt finally. Let's give middle -- chance that he'd been injured as thirty home runs and amid a full season. And that's what your caddie hinging on -- which -- -- because the on base percentage would worry a little bit. Lack -- defensively would worry -- little bit like you can live with those things if you get the power. Because that's just there's a reason why John Carlos it is such a precious commodity. Everybody talks about. Trading for him and what can you get idiots get in the because the young power bat. Now -- Burks is in Stanton doesn't have Major League track record but. He showed the potential to be a legitimate power bat in our guys that can they can hit thirty home runs the -- lineup and that's a commodity that young power. Doesn't come a lot. The other reason that the Red Sox -- make the peavy deal last year was because the White Sox and or the tigers rather send their top young power -- to Chicago. That's a grease the skids to get all -- all. -- -- the brawl was out for fifty games but the the actual trade itself. Was contingent upon power back going from Detroit to Chicago young got. And bill -- could be one of those guys which is the reason why I agree don't give up on impersonate. But that's the redeeming quality -- looking were from the middle Brooks to make up for some the other stuff that might not quite beating two what you tootsie. 6177797937. We get to the Bruins as well twelve straight victories for the bees. I was watching the game last night we'll be back and forth between now abroad to college basketball screen sports that year. And it was weird to see -- trailing. You saw the way they came out -- second period and it was right back to what we've seen from the Bruins now just over the past eleven games and frankly for the past couple months. Tons zone -- I mean they possess the pot like crazy second period. And Andy there's one stretch right by looking quick pictured in this graphic on us and there on the power play really. Hey you're looking at two straight minutes in the offensive zone so the way the Bruins are or are playing right now to meet at least. Is just a continuation. Of what they've been doing. Even prior to the street can mean he gets the attention because of the twelve straight wins and because it's it's stork and the Bruins have won as many games wrote a long time. -- all the way back to the early seventies by. The style of play. By and large this is what you've gotten out of -- it's. Rolling four lines that third line might be the best third line in the NHL gets Soderbergh back in the middle when they get Chris Kelly back might be the vessel third line. In the NHL top line has been an outstanding. You've got the re scoring lines a good fourth energy line. There's still be under figured things out defensively obviously adding the -- into the picture and using some different pairings but the goaltending with Tuukka Rask is -- something you could rely on throughout the course of the season that hasn't changed to Chad Johnson has been. More -- war. That it had quit backed up. So to me lots of people excited over the twelve game winning streak and I understand it. I don't understand people saying they're peaking too soon and looking at this winning streak is that some sort of negative that boggles my mind. But to me it seems like more of the same boss number six or 77797937. Charlie and south Boston's up next they Charlie. But I due credit he just took all the -- wanna be out there are gonna talk about the broad. Why does brings. To do. Well everything used to -- corrected that thing I want to add I'm so proud that because of this dating to professional sports. The fight here that they shall -- night in the will bat third period that you don't consent back to -- games we got that while it would street. But they brought it up to -- did I am so proud that the that the team the way. The way they played hockey and everything he had just back it up it. It's wonderful to see in this state -- would so many teens can use that back to back to use these guys you know hockey in general but these guys. Go to -- all the what Larry it out of it is too many clubs in the NHL they can can hang with these guys. Yet going into a Charlie -- kind of -- the same thing just what that you before the game started with a back to back like it if the -- on the road West Coast. If the streaks can end this would be a logical night for it to end and I would about a huge problem if he did -- right. You subtle way they played in the way they played after getting down. That again is is pretty much what we've seen from this team I mean. Even games they've lost I think back to that game against the blues they played on the road they lost the game in overtime by. Down two goals get to the third period goals against -- awful -- that's -- they kind of like we typically see out this team or have seen the second half of the season. These last few quick things to Chris billboards so proud. All of that should be so private the university at what they showed it. Because they played great -- -- withdrawal are a couple of things wait to see to it today which starts state is an actual about what to you that I really arid. Let's get warm today had a rude aren't Keegan Bradley at the call and hope I delete the boy can take it. A little small thing gets the call today so I would sit out the -- yeah I'd do it forget that not work it thank you -- let me speaker. -- -- Charlie take it easy stay warm out there for crying a lot not not the data be out barbecuing is supposed eager Bradley -- its claim by two states right. Born in Woodstock Vermont but he went to high school are finished high school in Hopkinton. -- Massachusetts though -- New England boy. Belly putter guy -- -- Bradley a lot. And as far as Harvard goes in the Harvard for me full and fair disclosure is their play by play guy for four years the first four of Tommy -- records. Tenure there and I remember after that first season when he and 22 in a fourteen game losing streak -- brutal. I can beat anybody and at the end of the year in the sand by Tommy and have good summer everything you see you next volley. Is any said each tick -- and -- secrets were bill and some here. I mean not so much me adding related with the -- hit innings -- were were building something here not gonna happen. You know where we're gonna turn this around it where we're gonna build something up. Amber to build up some pretty special and I had no reason not to believe them but man you see the way day. That program has turned around and gone from an also -- but it never won an ivy league championship and end the NCAA tournament since 1946. To. The power house the team to beat. Or straight Ivy League titles. Three straight NCAA tournament bids the first year they won the -- they tied and then lost one game playoff to Princeton's they get the bid. But three straight NCAA tournament bid. Two straight years getting a win in the first or second round whenever you know the round of sixty were. And you're getting it's not just that the Jeremy went factor -- was there when amateur came in its. The number of her -- some top -- recruits that he's been able to bring in and kind of set a new standard for Harvard basketball. The big question from last night. And -- on Twitter. Was this the last game Tommy and workers coach after a seven year run because his name seems to be at the top of the list of Boston College or it's been loaded. As name at the top of the list near the top of the listed BC. I'm not entirely convinced that would be a let's move for him. Because I think there's a lot of advantages to staying in the Ivy League staying in a good situation -- Buick and saga has done that. Brad Stevens of Butler did that until BB King -- you're gonna turn down the Celtics. But there is something to be separate some of these coaches staying. A wave from the Italy high level job -- I don't -- -- that no offense BC it's it's a high level conference. What -- best year one good year that if esteem there AB. That's on high end. But it if they stay away from that kind of a conference he stay with the more comfortable situation it's gonna give you. Wins it ain't gonna give tournament appearances so. I think that'll be interesting question over the next couple days 6177797937. DNA may wants talks and will middle Brooks -- again. Fine thank you value of that well thanks. But are you think bill -- -- Brooks Cole's season to work -- -- you know what courses defense. Home you picked up straight up with the year because it doesn't get better. Well I think the odds of that a will little Burke's trade deep -- pretty dramatically when Stephen Drew was brought back I guess it's not gonna be middle Brooks. You know who's the guy. I don't know the Garrick two teeny teeny -- is it his name on I don't know that he's ready. So who's the guy I guess is my questions I think they're gonna get a -- seekers -- time for middle -- Yup that met Leo I feel but I I really don't like you defensively I understand the bat and you know especially in the middle of the order and everything. But arm I really don't see the -- such repeating. You know Google. So much to that you know different that in order when they play guillotine again and I kind -- the wonder of the front office has -- just. They outlook and had it says you know let's let them play at the years that they work you know. Fantastic you know -- -- too young players like -- -- you know. And if they don't build the alluded at the end -- -- Canada account of the World Series after glow like I was talking about you one series last year secret or do you punt done this year to an extent. I don't know that it's that as much as. You know they they wanna see of middle Brooks is the guy I mean he's been a prospect for awhile now. And I don't know that there's a better option out there I think that's the biggest thing you know is there a better was there a better option. For the Red Sox at third base and the left side of the infield when Stephen Drew becomes the hot name. Ye know that it's in LA to be kind of a quiet market so I think that this is. Realistically the best they can do and I guess my question Dan is if middle Burks is a power back. Are you willing to live with the warts you know are you willing to live with the. The sub par defensive range war. The sub par on base percentage I think that's the question while it's question I'm asking you but it also a question aren't such as -- no no no. No absolutely not you you -- yeah. You know on -- no if it was my choice absolutely not again I -- in the chance this year. They're on you know at that school on time together with Pedroia in the air you know not prosecute everything he can't be you know that you. And I get that chance to work out. But other than that absolutely not. I think. We may wind out over the -- in that. Is errors may outweigh its. Is that. Com you know those close games against that we will be having you know vote against the Yankees against the rays like. That one error in the infield in the -- the game. You know in when you're up against. -- -- -- They you know -- in these -- much in most of the time. It is you know they got upright and he -- and stuff like that he just knocked them down that one -- -- game. Dad I NN and it's that banks of the called dance that they understand that that rationale I guess I look at it the other way and there Iowa that one base hit. -- one double. One home run. -- a runner in scoring position -- with the -- -- position good we need to game so that's kind of the flip side of it for me I'm willing to live with. I'm willing to it and maybe middle Brooks league discipline -- some guys you figure it out. In different kind of player is Carol I'm more power to Josh Hamilton never really did. He's still kind of goes up there to swing and whatever comes his way it's a lot of the whatever it a lot about park. But some -- they'll figure it out and get two point read it's it's only about it. You're not counting on him. Improving his plate discipline at this point he kind of is what he has I don't know the middle -- at that point but if he is unwilling to live with -- if and the big -- is. He can hit thirty home -- That's it. Because back commodity is rare and valuable. That's what Mike Napoli was such a huge part of this Red Sox team in terms of bringing him back that's why that was talked about so much. And yeah overpay a little bit -- a two year deal with sixteen million a year you overpay a little bit eap. You get Napoli back because of what he means because of -- Relatively speaking rare that power back that commodity has become. Saint -- as I talked about a little while ago like Giancarlo Stanton is such a hot -- young power back hurts a lot out. Our quick break back to your call 6177797937. Tax line is 37. 937 Scott clobber the Boston Herald joining me about fifteen minutes or so crystal on a year till. Red Sox baseball 1 o'clock exports are -- 6177797937. Tech slide is 37937. Scott lover coming up about ten or fifteen minutes. It's in spots from him on Sizemore on. The extra year for David Ortiz. Jon Lester they're getting closer to an extension there. -- get two deputies text messages down. One your sister obtained cheer up. I had ended feeble that down well down on will little bricks and just in general. Although it's march and it's still thirty degrees that's like insane meals seasonal -- kind of thing going on. Another one this one a Tommy amateur -- -- wanna go to BC wise considered such step up migrate. It's a step up conference wise step up television wise get scholarships of the Harvard degree financial aid. You get a higher ceiling in theory. But it. In one last time BC was a perennial NCAA tournament team they ever really a perennial NCAA tournament team that's kind of what Harvard is right now. Woodside is yet one down -- at Harvard you know aren't getting in the ACC gets seven bits Ivy League getting one. If you slip up a couple of times you get beat twice. Somebody else gets a great recruiting class. You're not go to the dance that you're yet to chance it get there every year if you get BC up to that level but it's all continue to be betting on yourself. Betting on the back to get Boston College to be a perennial tournament team they just haven't ban. And the other names effort floated out Jim Calhoun to me makes no cents. Maybe just needs to get back to the bench maybe he's just got. Yearning. To get acting coach. Can't imagine he's drawing a small cell he. For that -- but as realistically no responsibility. That special advisor whenever he is the UConn basketball program basketball. Department there so I don't know why he would leave that for reclamation project. But Mike Hopkins tempered the assistant at Syracuse coach in waiting -- Joseph down at duke another coach in waiting. I don't know why they would take tactic I think a lot of Hopkins come over to BC what you have a run like Donahue. Which is out of the rubble possibility struggle foil for four years. Then they I'm retires and they look at the track record for Hopkins and say what you haven't done so well they coach over. Rethink battle coach in waiting that. And then the gig that you -- -- -- -- hoping sport been promised for a long time -- in -- I don't know that it would happen but it's a risk like eight. When a guy like what Joseph our Gallic Hopkins he'd like coach and you. You techsters here on will little bricks and baseball. One what happens in middle Burks gets hurt I probably go to -- to -- and I have to learn how to pronounce his name those two things I think after -- -- another like Chris Josh Hamilton won the best hitters in the game. -- he has but my point with him was just that he's a free swinger and -- got to a point. -- remember a few years ago. The big baseball -- -- baseball related question with -- Josh Hamilton is is ever gonna have better -- discipline. And eventually he just can't give up an idea of glad it was a black Guerrero is saint bank. He's gonna swing at everything but he's good not he's gonna get away with you know middle -- is easy ever gonna have that Greek league discipline maybe not. One of the things I'm willing to overlook the -- power bat. I text their middle Burks -- BP toppled defense -- -- gonna cost the Red Sox. Another one here you're young Red Sox there. Loads teams sluggers never won anything older Red Sox being realized how important defense is -- last year's World Series. Remember how much a factor that was in games two and three. -- I think defense is. Important I'm not saying completely. -- punt on on defense -- on base percentage I'm saying you can afford to have one of those guys. If he can give you some other kind of redeeming quality. You can have one guy that does he give you that lead defense did give great on base percentage it. He's got the redeeming quality of power which is which kinda hoped for will -- -- And I think it a couple of years of Mel Brooks is still with the Red Sox Mike Napoli is god decent chance he just slides over her space for CNET somewhat solid Youkilis. I've never really good hands as third baseman they come up is cornering dealers and you pop -- the other side of the -- and play first base. So it's not completely giving up the idea deep that the by the way. Those Red Sox the usual 407 it's pretty good power bats to -- and sluggers our member Ortiz and Ramirez. Hitting quite a few home runs though. They had sluggers and made the deal hurt for defense needs seasoned and old war got Mientkiewicz Orlando Cabrera remember all that. I'm saying you can it's kind of like you live with me any defensively in left field great years seven and half years by. Obvious redeeming quality is one of the best hitters in the game. I'm not putting middle Brooks on that level -- certainly not putting him on Josh Hamilton's level I'm saying will he have -- asking the question. Will he have that redeeming quality of the thirty home run power if he does. Our outlook with the defense there. Yeah -- find a way to work around little. I'll live with the fact that he might not get on base is much you live -- it last year I know its first base not third but you lived last year apple. I set the record for Red Sox strikeouts and a single season. Went Peru. Just mind boggling ups and downs in terms streaky he wasn't in the court's eyes -- it's like -- three weeks not making contact. It was brutal. And had he ended the season. On -- kind of like like. Stephen Drew did in the post season. Yeah -- ended in -- the policies and I'm one of those lulls like he had multiple. I during the course of the regular season right there -- a bit of a dramatically different opponent letter to the Red Sox -- reaction when he was re signed. You live with it you live with the 1607880. Strike -- harmony gonna have. And the stretches of man this guy came put out on ball because. You see the redeeming quality which is a right handed power bat TP David Ortiz driving runs double blind. It's kind of a warts and all -- can have a perfect player every position. Would've -- your calls in just a bit 6177797937. Is the job Sizemore is to lose what could possibly go wrong. -- Grady Sizemore at this point if anything. And where the Red Sox in terms of contract extensions David Ortiz and Jon Lester ask all that more Scott -- Boston Herald. Coming up extras a lot of your Sports Radio WEEI.

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