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Mar 22, 2014|

Providence Journal Red Sox beat writer Brian MacPherson joins Danny Picard to discuss Spring Training and Red Sox outfielders

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Welcome back to -- college Joey -- on Sports Radio WEE. I I am there until 8 o'clock tonight. Take your phone calls for the next two dollars 61777979837. 6177797937. But before I do that. Right now I bring in Red Sox beat writer for the Providence. Journal Brian MacPherson. Joins -- phone lines right now Bryant. Good -- I don't tonight. Carrier I'm good out -- first off. You know like I have -- wanted to -- spring training baseball but. Yet we have regular season has already been gone for two teams at 4 right 4 o'clock in the morning how do you feel about this because I think it's just the dumbest thing of all time. Beginning -- regular season baseball then get back to spring training and and then get back to regular season baseball how do you feel about this adventure. All of the two in the -- and at that actor in that -- of the 2008. And they like Japan and a couple of in an impact and even -- an exhibition game. I'm -- came -- And where they are in back -- the locker I'm certainly starting or in the morning not a dictionary. Or -- or. Opening day but on the other hand and it's not jittery and look where Jerry and that Australia. Up -- the market. Although sort of thing if you watched that game. -- -- That way any -- people and I. Did you decide whether or not -- -- back and a couple of teams over the air what the pan out could be in terms of that market Australia but. Now that. There's going to be opening day you're -- June coming up next week and I think that would be exciting when you're here. I you've watched a lot of his team so far in spring training. A month or what are your thoughts right now as we do get closer to their first regular season game I mean how do you feel about this club based on what you've seen. Most of the guys that have come back and and some of the you know that the kids that. You know like ball gods is now going to be the everyday shortstop won't get their roster moves it in just a moment what's your overall feel of this club right now -- week. I get close at certain. The first regular season game. Mean I don't know worry too much about what it and he looks like and spring training you certainly don't look. You don't look much at the statistics tell you definitely don't look at the win loss record because a lot of it from beginning scored. A lot is. And didn't play probably score pitcher on the soccer players in the field are gonna be. Involved very much with the Red Sox -- year are the ones the one thing you look for a spring training look. You for injuries -- -- one thing they hear a little concerned about it and got our spring training. It really took the. The fact that Shane Victorino got such let's start really watching victory and be healthy and 120 -- last year you have a bank that 120 games. Relate to. That victory now this year if not more -- brought along slowly hope that. You would stay healthy by that that. The fact that he -- an extra core strengthening work before playing games disconcerting it's that sort of thing you look at more than you know Bogart's captain could swing. And Jackie Bradley has good -- -- also both looked at a time at the plate we don't really worry about that so much at that stage. That you just you know healthy -- not because especially for better electorates. It prospects so much of the core. Now what specifically what -- but he doesn't and spring training really doesn't matter very much. Epic and the results don't mean the results to certain guys don't Manning has some guys when you look at results and I think Sizemore is one of those guys results combined with you know I can play consecutive days and stay healthy but. Don't Lackey today gets lit up I mean that's not. You don't people could see that and -- all we didn't close the regular season you know how Lackey going to be but he but he said after the game -- Lackey said. It's spring training man I mean. This isn't a concern to see Lackey get lit up like this today this close to regular season right. No it's not and that's actually get some of quirks in the spring training ballpark there was clearly -- gave -- Looked like routine fly ball to left field just carried it carry in (%expletive) I get that sometimes a regular season Cuba. At a couple breaking ball he didn't think Albert sharp and the work now -- -- -- my little that -- like it felt pretty good arm strength and Lackey Lackey had a pretty good track record in the Major -- he looked over the course of his career 12011. Or huge pitching with a shredded elbow. His track record in in the Major League is pretty well established. You kind of know what you're gonna kill it John why he. So certainly 11 day at spring training in Orlando against the Braves not really in all year in which you expect you -- How about you brought the other day you know to have to read it but to hear the phrase dead arm. What did you think when you first heard that come out of them -- down at -- Trent. Well you -- said that he felt fine. I'm going to talk about their -- spring training that's a pretty common thing that kind of year they didn't get two outs -- it should you know four months. All the work that way back up about this kind of not -- may have to breakthrough. In terms of how they're feeling they say. Think they can get fatigued. And you -- -- you back up a little bit maybe you know you throw later bullpen in between -- -- start and come back in the build up again. There are sort of does it it happens all the pitchers and certainly not any culture concern. You look said he felt fine anywhere it -- that's one way to people explain just Cadillac he'll lack of finish sometimes -- pitches. I'm monitored China in the -- of the -- and yet you brought great locked out of the Yankees beat them pretty good -- vote -- Think it -- also believe that is. It can inability to pitch 200 innings he's been -- its first seniors itself. Think that is coming you kind of know what to expect for electing. Terms of what you don't know but it pure ability but at getting on getting not turn camping at the Yankees. In marched there really current walker. -- soul but but. I guess with this rotation numbing -- other eight is everything not everything good with them I mean we look because we're gonna talk about the bullpen. And maybe bread is low he stands and and then maybe word got to work -- -- and -- I -- the -- you have had a conversation. About work and how they would like to put -- them off and finally to stretch him out to be somebody that could be called up to be started if somebody goes down. But I mean is that still going to be in their plans as we look at reds Lowenstein that maybe he won't be ready for opening day I mean -- I just winners over the rotation and the bullpen and where -- stands with all that. What do they what's the thought process right now. Yet that my -- was going to be ready for the senior starters currently. You really. Feel very good coming out of me. Coming out at the start are not -- that is in the carrot on Monday the marker the next week about probably not enough. Get ready for the regular season -- probably start and the L I don't think they're real worried about him event and they about why Easter -- Either way -- started late last year. And you'll probably start Lleyton here so what you'll probably get spread work for the ball and you know we talked about how. They don't want to jerk Gregg -- -- back and forth and they still see him in the long term starter. But -- this week this week and that's cited different between. Having him in the bullpen for a couple weeks especially if they're pitching him multiple inning that sent him back at -- and start. You do that differently -- -- come July sticking in the bullpen for three weeks and having him start and going back -- advocate they really don't want to do that with him. But if he's the bullpen for a couple of weeks well that we currently -- their outpost that. But let's say Workman begins its season with a team he's in the bullpen that 'cause Breslow isn't ready to go all. And then let's say something happens to a starter wood is the first move. -- you on all or is the first move make it's it could they -- workmen could they did they put him up there like that rattling. He's been stretched out so something happened people say I don't I don't think -- hesitate to use -- Still think it probably would go to you on a first that you got established -- -- track record and Italy. Turtle. Or that I think that right extra hole either first diet they they were in need somebody so I think you think they would and that's gone here. Chris kept you on the first but if they want a cute Eric. For example I was right in the lineup that didn't wanna use work and it argued at auto again I think. Early on eight and -- out -- a continued -- a Workman and electric entry reachable Hendry done nothing but whining and I think it would feel comfortable had to work from start. Speak what Brian MacPherson Red Sox be right -- for the Providence journal were talking Red Sox spring training. -- we just mention what happened when Lackey today gets lit up now Sizemore today was not. In the starting lineup but is is a reason for that what's what's the plan here with Sizemore moving forward the last week we can have. Yet in the big reason for really what the bus strike today they mean for guys that they're trying to be careful with it it. Really conflicting in mop up for three hours to Orlando. But now we get two days down baker Iraq earlier today. And now he's gonna play three straight days so that's the big. It'll play back to back into all that much like one of which involved one minor league game so really what the same intensity level. Now -- public street street games and that he looked back at the big capture him because he's gonna be on the Major League roster out of play regularly. And they wanna see how he feels that's not it's not really so much how you perform how he looks. And that is how you feel coming out of the second day coming out of the third day. And that's something you can be able to maintain into the regular season or. Or that -- -- it. That's not an outdoor wall. And it really excited about that he's been able to -- every. And -- -- -- -- during a row because he kept out but that's. Then you start to worry about his ability to hold up through the hole. I'd their ability but but I don't look at results -- spring training but I think is exceptions and I do think Sizemore is an exception to that. Because it's an utterly need to say -- guys they help -- be also needs to say. Can this guy for grooves if the years helped the -- maybe even close to the level used to produce at right I mean. Did so some of what's happened which -- Mora and what you look at that and what -- looking at. Does have to do with production in spring training right while it might not with most players. It has a little bit to do -- it has to do you know how he looks with his bat speed how it looks that we -- -- That sort of thing and they still don't think you. There's this spring training that -- just -- misleading because you don't know the pitching like you know out of all partially. They actually get over the left field they have that all part it would have been the same thing that had about Lackey -- just a week or discount on the lucky side court is one of those a month. Against the Braves pitcher and probably capped a little bit too because in most ballparks that you routine fly ball left so -- -- look at that you still public that. -- because I mean any guy -- 200 portraying that an executive 400 -- -- Jackie Bradley last spring. But they wanna see the fact is they wanna see -- let it sit there watching the first step in the outfield those are the things they're really looking. And I think and that's. They're that they still evaluating that these factories they're really. I think they believe in Grady Sizemore player it's one of the best players in the game I really do think it's a lot more about how you feel. How he's physically come through and what it looks like I think that you -- If he's healthy he can he can resemble the player that was one of the best players and insiders. Evan is it more encouraging. If if a guy like him and his situation is productive on top of showing that he's -- I mean it. This can't just be somewhat of a special case because -- at that -- once was durable and stayed healthy. And he's been and he was all the match but -- one -- I'm not an errant drive from people. Don't like yourself people who were down there is nobody saying he's overmatched at all and at -- to grow that's great -- so I guess I'm trying to get -- is. I mean what is what is the production been like an all they happy wicket to the point where. It is all over encouraging based on parties also stayed healthy. He also has yet to be really overmatched by anybody and that's a great scientists especially for a guy in his situation. Yeah absolutely it's a good sign that they are currently there are very odd is the current. They're good -- -- on how he of the I mean it certainly making a terrific day. A last week he had a terrific all around they would pick line tries made a couple of terrific -- -- outfield. At that. Out something how they're really big day for him to challenge it looked like -- market. But I think that I think that we eighteen has been thinking certainly the only team that think victory not talked about that -- today that. It was still green side. But neither is 3132 years old so certainly you would expect him exactly what it. -- what you'd expect something similar to that -- -- -- its feet for two years in other. -- -- that they're probably shaking off but other than that I really think it. You know. Eight you can't really evaluated spring training so you don't want to make too much in either struggled or so even if you look good you really don't have it too much out of that. Well. I think they believe they. Increase that -- healthy can be great -- Morgan and he's done nothing to dissuade them of that and the only way you're really find out if you can be productive those -- go -- -- -- -- Q physically feeling pretty good that are gonna go to the few attempts. And -- see what he has and that's what I've had Jackie Bradley junior because all the -- Going up against legally pitching you know Chris Tillman -- Baltimore and I'm going to get CC sabathia and you know with new York and all those Major League pitchers were really out to get Q. -- that he struggles then. Then you can make a decision about. I think at that point you can't really make that evaluation structure. Spiegel -- Brian MacPherson Red Sox beat writer for the Providence journal bribe the Red Sox have a decision to make -- they will pretty shown. And it you know -- I think I mean you disagree on which Jackie Bradley junior issues should begin things what I do think Sizemore should be obviously. In in the lineup what when you begin things based -- on what he's shown. But what's what is the move going to be is it. -- is it obvious to you based on what you've seen here that you will be Jackie Bradley junior to start the season in the minors or is there may be another move picnic. Now I don't think it's simple at all I'm and I really I thought I'd bet your list and I guess I had to bet right now I would bet the Bradley goes apparently. Armed but there's some factors to -- because basically it Jackie Bradley does the minor -- that you beat you'd need area one year. And Bradley Miley is easy move and certainly our country up the victory and a tree country out. But the problem is if I get it Labor Day. And -- it and get it built a lot of traffic on route nagging injury last year. And I don't necessarily mean of that ilk. To retrieve it then you're you're pretty that it field talking about. Arm that roster that are like I took a circular argument. Bradley up -- -- not being every player. Probably a -- -- is their financial -- are pretty good about our and it carpet also that it. Has a lot of valuable accurate -- really good hitter -- a little little pinch hitter. Is the back -- that issue also potential back up that hitter. Something else soccer match -- is -- it's healthy all last year. Nobody searching for credit he can stay out this year and I'll keep it that the -- fewer. You'll get hurt in my heart for that spot in the air it in left and are hitting it certainly no orders to. But it is your line. You know back at Purdue at cute so there's a lot of -- that can contribute. Apparently -- short and -- circular potentially that's a bigger victory. Here though it. It's not easy at all -- that decision made it I think that let their guard down the wire with the I want you to have a shot at what they see how he'll. It probably like it trade market are gonna get something that makes it -- in that it will there will always go straight out I don't think they know where they're. It is another way -- possible that may be resolute not being ready could be a blessing in disguise I mean they'll put it this way. Are they saying to themselves right now all we're absolutely. Going to have. That extra pitcher in the bullpen. Or is -- a possibility that that if Russell was not ready. They could just keep ball. They could put Jackie Bradley junior on the roster knuckle down on the -- Think -- thinking outside the box it's possible that you go to help -- a -- pitcher. But I -- not that happening. Two years ago they went thirteen pitchers and twelve and the industry standard now at the crop or a. Actually without any actual article one guy yet still having -- that you resembling helped. Not lately I picked it I don't see that I've talked to -- -- -- collect pictures I don't sit there are any if you read in twelfth in an airport their arm or -- ago at thirteen. Don't let it. -- finally. The last out of the infield bulldogs middle Brooks. Are you pleased at what you've seen for most guys the Red Sox please. With what they've seen a mean right I'll read a report that up courses up -- -- at insisted team. Has offered three years 39 mil for Stephen Drew. That's potential deal with David that's not that's more probably the tiger is not the Red Sox red the Red Sox are happy with what they've got. Yeah I think you know look what they've got to let it dictate it and I think we hit -- a lot they're going to. You injured they would have certainly not that it changed it would make it more like that you injured on the Oprah pretty good at the back. But not a really now are you can easily -- pitchers calling goes out. -- But they're not really -- spring training early not throwing strategically there waiting on the regular season let's let that -- but there's not looked great. That'll work and it error by it. -- -- look back at it now in the -- and Guerrero looked at it up but that -- likened by. Eric about involved in the over their older an error -- -- -- over practice well the last record looked at so that. -- get -- it's not going to be as good as it was last year but even at shortstop either over or -- Rex or particularly for a third -- is just not. -- for a little luck and at the practice hitters especially over I think it correctly he. Here were you here and read about that. Had to get something a little -- at thirty homer power obviously. -- it that -- -- -- the average defender not going to be. On autopilot at the in -- but it's not. I think you carry on passing area players leaving your young players -- -- wanna do. At this point it made the decision technical does Duke and not bring back he -- Because he believes that that's the best thing a long term health of the franchise. I lied about finally this is finally up promised that just goes to show you don't win this story line stands on my priority list it's David Ortiz lest the contract extensions. I think we all assumed. At this is -- get done and get done soon I and and do you agree with that. That is that those deals are gonna get on the extensions for Lester and Ortiz. Yeah I think we're all all indications are that I'm working -- -- couple that they shouldn't it probably wouldn't surprise. He was not in Clearwater yesterday Orlando today I would be. What impact will acquire -- -- one bit it hurt you on that point lectures and optimistic there are reports. National writers is that there are monsters out. I'll certainly that's not imminent. -- -- -- It -- -- right now play elect to progress they're making is willing to do it and see that final push. Certainly Detroit Gil started spring training last year that in accepting of human. I don't know the Lester it shouldn't but it does comic book that's -- can't eat he'll dump it both of those cases lesser want to end up a roster spot in. Electric Atlantic market back and reflect a wanna make pre commitment to an intern at that Turk Pearl -- the. -- -- -- What are energy -- more complicated or they'll probably wrap up here it seems pretty sick to act now what we're here to believe. Now the Red Sox are willing to -- Red Sox. Probably if you're working at all -- opera after -- anyway which is going to be we're back at L article Victor RL cart. Until next year. -- -- -- -- -- -- I've brought a thanks a lot great job as always and now we'll -- against him.

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