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Bruins extend winning streak to 11 games

Mar 22, 2014|

DJ Bean of WEEI.com joins Danny Picard to talk about Bruins defense, puck control and what led to the Bruins’ current 11-game winning streak. He also talks coach Julien and monitoring Zdeno Chara’s minutes.

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I'll -- to all the data to -- -- Sports Radio WEEI. Envelope on the phone lines again. In a few minutes. After DJ being joins me was staying with Bruins they had to open because got. You know you're asking me to give the top story in the sports world Airbus and I understand the nationally. We got to college basketball tournament on you know March Madness. I don't care about you bracket if you don't agree that he's gonna win and all of that's fun. -- sort of problem that. But I assume everybody's bracket is busted on most people's brackets busted anyways that's the biggest national story locally. It has to be the Bruins eleven straight wins being the first team in the National Hockey League. To clinch a playoff spot they golf and on the twelve in a row tonight in Phoenix and the talk more about this cyber again. DJ being Bruins inside of four WEEI. Dot com DJ. I don't. Do how I heard I know you battle right now you sick I want to thank you first office for Colin and. -- -- I'm -- battling I don't you know -- if I'm sick dubbed the baby gotta wanna play OK the last I don't I don't sleep through the the second I have any sort of ailment -- -- about. Well that would -- you hit now with me we're talking Bruins and on thankful for that because as we look back at this. Eleven game win streak and it's not all be -- is as it is mentioned they try to make it twelve tonight. Is this some of it is you put together all these wins in a role in his -- play playoff spot officially. Is this something that that jumps out to you -- says you know while I either -- this surprises me that this is still happen and for eleven straight games. All we know what's what sticks out to you in this win -- Morgan and. But just like any other win streak you don't really realize that it's. Dodd to that point until it gets to vote seven Euro because just like any stretch you have your game you have your bad game they've had them. Okay gains in there they certainly haven't. Just steamrolled over their polling despite what the numbers might suggest cordially put it well the other night like that it would have to litigate against the wild. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is I mean that they're just never trailing it'll give -- goal first period they get corporate structure there. What was it the the Montreal game in the Phoenix game I think. They had back to back games where they didn't allow local Catholic league in the third period. You're gonna win to keep it that way. I mean you can call the -- the defensive keyboard ever but. As far -- public possession goes as far as getting an early lead goes. They're not letting their poetic about lead and if you play that way you're gonna put yourself in the position to get a win regardless of how the rest of it goes. And DJ what jumps out to me is the play Chad Johnson and idol last night at that first period. Look I think Colorado all if you're an avalanche fan today you look at -- first parents say while. This team yeah a lot of missed opportunities and open nets wide open nets they just missed on. And you know but still outside of that I don't judge I never would have expected Chad Johnson. Not to play as well as he's been playing because I didn't look at him as being one of these top back cuts back ups that they've had in the past. Don't know what I mean I I -- Chad Johnson for his drive and how did what a hard worker he is -- for the first -- training camp. I mean that some guys just aren't good in practice. And shut up and letting the other goals just in practices and training camp you're thinking. It looked into on the -- would walk over 200000 dollars they get this guy. You know you had its first few games you know you get where you're Barrett Odyssey that you've got -- lower wraparound goal and the issue you really wondered. Is what what kind of caliber goaltenders that he is one particularly present it to the question. Really since even before the Olympic break it last night I mean you said it right there that first period. Lot of turnovers. A lot of -- discussion that that creche you -- and they -- -- a bit into the game -- Lucci Ehrlich couldn't open. Could. A lot of chances. The -- yeah they had some missed opportunities but. Also Johnson decided that aren't yet the stop all of the all of the the breakaway in the second period on that back it did in Houston station. And look I mean again I can't. I never would have thought that Chad Johnson would be it would be would be this good -- this type of street because once we looked at our what are the Bruins need to do. You know to what we know we get to the players what they need to do to put themselves in the best position to be successful and get there and the first thing is give -- some rest right. And and I guess in my head I sort of what didn't said. Well you put Chad Johnson and yet you might be sacrificing some games I even made the statement you might even be sacrificed in the division that's -- -- was on Chad Johnson but certainly. He has proved me wrong and I think proved all the people around. As well speaker would DJ being. Talk and Bruins BJ being WEEI dot com Bruins inside a DJ I made the statement in the opening segment. As sort of plays into what I just said was hey if -- if I'm -- Julianne on picking my spots were giving guys rest. What do -- make sense to give a guy like Zdeno Chara arrest tonight. In Phoenix back to backs at what this would not make sense to you. Yes totally in the if you really. In your concern that the coach about you -- know -- on the huge said the thing about. Peaking too early which was maybe the most innocent thing in the world it was totally blown out of portion buyout of course. But I think quote double angrier about that he should have but if you bring in these guys get into has themselves maybe look at that site it says. Let's not give this team the chance. Tied -- franchise record for wins against the they play those sixty Blackhawks next week I don't wanna sit on the scheme by and let. Let's give other guys -- but certainly -- our Ebert who up. Didn't do suggested a couple of weeks ago the guitar we I don't people laughed at that but. I mean the Bruins are really do try to find some sort of ought to get out of game action -- what I do in the maybe they don't wanna do this but about it I took the game and I say you know what. -- Today upper body. Doubt it suspect's -- it's a lower body it will great courses and during a simple whatever or consult. Just think it's an upper body injury that is torsos to bigger something. And keep him to read it off the question. And that's the way to go occurred. Yeah after amber yeah and the Seidenberg that a Seidenberg your second best defense you know Dennis Seidenberg is more importantly. You're. Leader in the post season he averaged more minutes of laughter these by the editor to you know -- so. -- -- -- accepted a lot of responsibility in these next few months well. And doctor he -- about that about equal power that prices will you look tired. Out. Doesn't matter where where you were just looking at the calendar the guy can play about pretty much straight in apple Greg Edgar. Without getting tired it's -- except. I don't think -- you mentioned you know you know reasons for an argument the project detail what other people -- outside organization when this happens because. Because I think they need to do what's best themselves long term and I don't think there's anybody it's gonna argue. The best bang for this team you don't even have Ciara wants to fight it I it's. You know we just had a call that civil charged not gonna. Charged -- wants it and like I can understand that he's gonna fight it but. I think as the captain this team you know. Eight. And I think I think that charge should be grudgingly accept that if that is put out there it was the coming games. I don't think they're decision against the Canadian open and against the Blackhawks to a big games that our -- Passage for these if you get up for these but it certainly. Against the Blackhawks. On Thursday. So I think the charge should be grudgingly accept that if the -- did you decide to do that and I think all need to do. Think back to what -- or. Game five feet six when he was clearly hurting in the Blackhawks were clearly taking advantage of productive come out after -- -- it was gains for that. Look we're not afraid discount -- to go right after. About the Blackhawks knew that he was hurt. And I think that the Chara. In the bruins' neutral -- all costs getting back and that's sort of area so anyway. That's happening the most obvious what you giving -- some rest -- with the current schedule go to the other. Yeah and you know you get in April EF seven games in thirteen days I mean I think they should do more once. -- that you should look at somebody's back to back sensational to wanna pick the front end of it. I give -- an eye out for the back and do a couple times and if you wanna give judge Johnson can some consecutive games -- consecutive stretched. The -- -- that to let it -- send the Bruins best interest speaking with. DJ being Bruins inside of the WEEI. Dot com and it DJ speaking of the blood on the back -- let's say char does. Play tonight which even though the new -- degree probably shouldn't I'm willing to put my money and the fact that he will. Let's say does whom would -- that would be look out all of whom who do you think should be out upstairs looking down at the -- Well I think did that they've kind of gotten themselves that is I'm surprised that -- Archos had that. Much I want to say to seven game and they got -- him for them to sit him. In outlook I don't know what you did a big part husky -- I know that yet that brutal game the other night. Against the wild but I think -- -- -- and you can see guys go forward. The -- you keep in the lineup and you. Really feel we can get out in the top four guy without being set for -- -- a guided you to give the deep ball I think. Clearly that get that could the punishment include Julie did what getting out of but I think that. You rustic -- Worker -- played every game this season. Until yeah until he would be destructive and -- that that it yourself. Keep our lineup too much so. A -- Kruger guy like that ought to -- but I think that as far as who it's sort of like that. It that's what leader in the power play. Too good right now dealt. And I think about -- he's too valuable that's secondary left chart guys so I didn't have ordered the -- Your boy and that your -- to really force in about light up. Obviously the C word yet upbeat because they think it is the other day -- be let people see that but I don't like I -- -- -- yet. I I guess the way I look at it -- you know of McQuay is not back and I'd put my money on on the way it will look. I think that the and I say this because I do think that -- coach. I've seen him benefit most or at least more than Miller has I I I think I see envision bizarre ocean on the -- side. And maybe -- out because he doesn't of the playoff experience and that's -- my money on right now based on what I see. So it further -- things so you go Krugman -- That isn't bad because that -- that that bring to decide that Perry as well and of the you have that you have that strength let. With Miller there but wouldn't that he's probably -- some more experience. And yeah I mean the -- in particular makes sense. Yeah I mean look I'd like Miller is physicality but there are certainly times defensively that. At least in the -- he looks lost sometimes. I it. People forget because people look at it. So get out of -- just assume that Barry say it will defensemen but he has had to be issues it is they'll they'll get overlooked. Yet so we look at the Blue Line and speak and as we stay with the -- before. I let you go DJI. I wanna bring up the Dennis Seidenberg story which I don't even know if it is one I think. We take maybe take headline on the possibility of him return in late in a playoff run at our eyes light up. I don't think it's realistic -- that we see Seidenberg even if they do get deep into the Stanley Cup final. What are you what did you think vision and Julie -- comments and on cyber or at least I am not ruling him all. Are you reading into this or you with me that you don't think we're gonna see him at all because I don't think it's realistic -- Seidenberg. -- -- but I would -- -- that I am but. Mandating walking down the hall -- morning -- on Monday I -- Seidenberg. You do some sort of exercise I don't know it called because they don't -- what he does. But it was some sort of squad. With resistance and you would hold. You hold the squad or whatever for a pretty long like the time and back up -- -- it even longer. It I couldn't believe that you would not much stress that that much. Pressure in late audit or body already so I would kind of like to read my eyebrows that -- the other day. Yes if you are McGwire. You mentioned that guy is paralyzed the that are -- side -- state that off the back. But the big one but what. Well it. Got to -- surely. This you know if we get in yeah sure probably will have start -- it will happen. You -- Seidenberg back this year. When you look at the sixty people covered how important when he got that surgery 68 ball. That Q seven Barbara -- would be on the earth that. -- August 7. Also said -- -- the -- Benjamin that. Cover art so I talked about -- Early June. It abroad are still in it which I think that we should all expect to be right I don't jump on it all should expect this team. The culprit -- cup finals. Skating by that. Effort to edit -- dealt with players. Play it up. I -- the most for you oppose -- Hell yeah. Rivals say you know I do I agree I think will be to the point where the conversation will come up. I'm not gonna say that the conversational -- but I do. I I just I'd be shocked. I'd be shocked if we get to that point and Seidenberg is actually ready. And clearly head and clear all test you know outfit. I'd be shocked if we if if that if he is returning at some point but we have -- -- to go before we even get to DJ that's quite simple yet. -- the Bruins investing in the NHL right now because they're the first team to clinch a playoff spot last night eleven straight wins. If you're honest opinion on the Bruins the best team in the NHL. I think that that's the Eastern Conference and down at -- -- -- they want about rove and I look at the -- -- here without. You want to lose but I think they're the secret to over in the west. Keep your on your money but dale -- -- there yell -- great point that. They're after the cup finals we'll hear what. So. That. -- they adopted a doubt one or two of their best players. Yeah out west is a little bit morbid dog fight in the east not to sit at east. Opiate dog fight for the -- to the west. Thank you all can agree little bit up with some of those teams especially -- -- yet even central and specifically to those two divisions well. I DJ a great job as always thanks a lot and we'll talk to some. It.

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