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Red Sox aim to repeat and the Bruins clinch playoffs

Mar 22, 2014|

After an unexpected 97 win season and World Series title, the Boston Red Sox are looking to go back to back. Also, the Bruins have won 11 straight, have clinched a playoff birth, and are positioning themselves to rest some guys before the playoffs. Have they peaked too soon?

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Fourth and final hour of V mustard and Johnson show right here on. Sports Radio WEEI. We're gonna be doing it to 1 o'clock and then the start to Oriole. Splendid. Mister Bradford. All decked out in his our great new clothes getting great responses from. Everywhere he goes down in spring training he'll be on the radio again. If you won't be able to see all those great cause he's wearing Joseph and Bradford got all the action Korea were they playing today by the way to -- I guess it really doesn't matter. They're playing -- -- trading game. And I am recount -- Atlanta thank you what could be a preview of the World Series you never now. Anyway. I have to recalculate my computer here I've been saying was eleven days away from. The very first game is actually nine days and everybody of course anticipating. Opening day Red Sox defending. Yet another World Series tell they're third in the last decade or so. And I would say and we've certainly made this point on numerous occasions as other shows have Larry. That I would think the chances of them pulling offer three -- Are remote. I I think they can get into the players and I know once you get into the playoffs anything can happen with a two wild cards. It's certainly. Wide open as far as post season birth his. Is concerned. But I also wouldn't be surprised it didn't make the post well I think -- eight point one thing that the Yankees are going to be better like he's going to be much better. Then out of -- they have nowhere to go but up they want what 8586 games last year for them that's terrible. Had all those injuries made a couple of good. Offseason acquisitions including Ellsbury as long as Tampa Bay has David Price there -- right. And I'll be -- to see what to knock it does for the Yankees the high priced Japanese -- the Yankees will be close. Is it just took that program when them yet you went formed from 1997. However that -- he is one guy you mentioned warfare. Yeah yeah man I put him -- a single category talk about classy are crush now it in Indy mustard. It's Oliver are too nice guy ratio one to one Bobby or -- embedded it. I think anybody who's ever been around and I've never met the man certainly can only judge from what I've seen him on the -- watching television or seeing him live. That he's he is a terrific guy as great a guy. As he was -- pitchers listen you can live in new York and never have anything bad written about you he must be doing something you can walk into Fenway Park in 2005. After all malls. Handing a World Series on a silver platter to the Red Sox getting jeered and sarcastically cheered. By the Fenway faithful and completely playing along with it. The Red Sox were raised in a banner up they loved him but I loved him for that right and you know what and he has as great as he was. When all the saves in all the great moments and in the post season. He called double trouble for balls and Arizona in the ninth inning -- won a championship we certainly know what happened in the ninth inning game you -- a way of doing that would go all the things they Johnny unites every year where you had high top seeded San Diego guy and Egyptian -- -- crisis so you know about it and it was like playing with -- Diego. When Bledsoe came in for his hall of fame induction. For the patriots a couple of years ago like to get brought up keep -- Henry's name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would that be but that's the way it is not here to -- shots not probably Guerrero right. Mad so I don't know how I respect him another name Bobby you're came up we were just talking about some of those. I'm great Bruins teams and you know you think about the Bruins now by far. Playing their best hockey of the year of the eleven straight on for twelve tonight in Phoenix I understand you have an expert on the line. I that we might when you talk about amber -- we might we might but you know just thinking about. Com what the Bruins are doing right now and it goes back to the hotel relaxing Brady. Had sent Rumsfeld. Brady you know seven all the records meaning this year. You've got to do it in the post season and that's may be disagree here this big this is the next great period. After the war as Zito era. Of Bob sixteen countries say 7475. They won their two Stanley -- -- have right now. If you -- taking -- who's gonna win the Stanley Cup. Would have to be the Bruins. Would you be would you be surprised that they didn't win the Stanley Cup. So right the problem is not easy right -- brought to soak it right now nobody's complaining about the ticket site. Is -- ticket or otherwise. Nobody cares if you do that for years they have ticket hikes even when they weren't winning Stanley Cup and he is -- -- -- -- -- on credit right and there this is the second greatest era of Bruins hockey. -- Jeremy Jacobs is -- afraid to spend money. They are banging it out in the new garden they are playing the best hockey of anybody in the National Hockey League are favored to win a Stanley Cup. Why it's not -- and they finally have a front office that fans can trust right. And into the -- rally. Right so I guess we're just thinking about that. But I do think that those people who were concerned about peaking too overly do you have some justification. Because. You know as much as they -- the favored. Team. We saw last a year how you know seventeen seconds can turn you from a Stanley Cup champion into -- -- likable loser. They are still eminently capable. I'm not winning a Stanley Cup because -- the teams out there that you know particularly in the west with. I still like the Blackhawks because they did it last year they're tough team to wait team Saint Louis they were going to -- yeah so that's all there is you know that's why we were talking a little bit about David Ortiz. -- and Bobby -- some people took -- exception. To. Mr. or in mr. Ortiz maybe their names are similar. But that's role -- that maybe -- championships are similar in their performances are similar. But some people think. They definitely take separate paths after that we've been talking a little bit about that. -- anything else on your mind we are certainly open to it 617. 77979. 37. And as you were. So. Accurate reporting out we have -- -- -- can talk about Bobby or. And Mariano Rivera. And as a matter of fact one of the rare people that rooted for both. Away from the north that morning. I don't know I don't see what's wrong with this pitcher Joey from the north then talking about Bobby -- and hurry -- -- of the -- that well two out of three -- bad as they say. Well I guess you know it's what you said that because that's probably the closest Cuba and again it. Anybody like it is that there is wearing his own pretty neat I think -- is as -- as Larry -- laws and basketball. You know look into what you know Wayne Gretzky I don't know mobile and -- They were sort of moral goal scorers and you won't rescue work and I -- to -- everything. But he couldn't do list is -- you'll want to look at everything and look into everything play defense and we don't find dignity. It seems -- -- -- lucky in this thinks it is sort of dissing black. The bureau might like -- -- I have -- His personal personality wise well that goes without saying. We -- little piece of the selfish -- Who has used drugs in the league and we are in denial that OK -- probably lied about his age. He -- it and those loans to local media. And of those bad things that he lies about his -- these these good with the media that's terrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Owed you according Curt Schilling a ball ultimate Joseph -- using currency -- interest or. The. And it's. A little bit. And I use that as well as rookies looking as happy. As long as rookies. Will do well it wasn't until as long as it was happy and -- important is I'm I'm paraphrasing. It was our little piece. Okay it didn't happen to redefine the team. -- changed the game defined the game defenseman. Alex can (%expletive) up. And -- directly components. Up power play OK well. Yeah he's hockey ranks up in this area you don't have really brought. -- don't -- you don't know how important -- the salukis are going to happen soon. Blue line. -- the Blue Line and defined. I invented the old offensive defenseman as they were saying Canada. Right any additional opportunities to -- -- that because wasn't I don't twenty Canadians. Especially in the French speaking province and olive oil francophone. No they're table -- -- place Montreal. Yes. I'm. They include some well he. You want -- Koppel -- collection both of them throughout Korea and manager -- He the -- -- Williams was still there in the much Canadians were -- looked at roster and we assume that sound in the final weeks. We basic rule that you normal bullpen I didn't want I history lesson on the National Hockey League or Bobby yeah yeah. He's really -- and I look at okay. When you look at the scrutiny is if they want the -- used drugs. You'll hear it yeah typical Google are reluctant Clemens. Was doing restaurants in most of the Iraqi and ignorant about rookies. I am -- and I don't want a first of all you read I an eyewitness account and to Clemens using. Drugs is for hours K rod was concerned he had a press conference and came out and admitted he was using them. I like I don't with Ortiz his name was on the. -- is the last Eric prayer cards don't worry yeah. I do remember somebody. This guy sitting next -- a one time in the show. And send Melissa long is because I didn't mention it at all blew away from the -- -- couldn't write about such a person. I do now I'm trying to listen certain -- the beat still goes on with him. This is okay yeah. You guys count and learn a reception I get it. Okay music in the east -- the -- I went out very coming back. Corporate good citizen of the world. People the student loans. Emotionally. He brutally. I do -- that doesn't do disposal and some people in some. Post arrest and be healthy and keep your mind focused on what really matters not a winning streak. Well where you can help if you look at -- annually. I'd rather than women do that you look at it depends. Upon. The difference and subsequently. He's done a lot of research on the matter tell anybody you cared. I would I would rather the most -- and investment Canada and we'll just. The blue right now so I don't remember who -- -- who make it back matched their tactic that got in the back. That's what they have right now. And put an opening like they never had before you're not big Hamilton guys. So I have to -- it -- what would be your number -- -- -- about -- someday. But right now he's the number is six or seven these little problem and I will support the -- a couple of years. But back -- mention a more aggressive they move around the world I was right. That brought that group goaltending times changed since he took last. Yeah upfront but you realize that it is cool about it important important -- -- -- along -- -- okay. They had any act Kelly yea it is there any truth your girlfriends are waiting for you to stop the streak. It's. -- you -- -- the release -- the brewers who won the championship to -- what that they won the championship. At one point Clinton won. The championship and I'm now a lot of people don't want a championship. But be patient and police. I also tell you. Like -- it does he had a proper when asked about the raiders get a cornerback yeah -- shop to the rescue. Man opulent hotel California you can check in but he can never check out the Oakland Raiders 617. 77979. 37 and Ronnie in Cambridge you're next in sports re ranked. Yeah a big scandal. That's collected. That's -- but you know what I wanna talk about -- a lot of talk about McClatchy. In fact it in my -- anyway it's a perception of the -- -- regime a clutch he does David Ortiz have the clutch team. Almost sent you got to remember something about it rookies. For the game not a game to get into -- 04. Can't even want it even more one Lucy secular away from common public -- title -- in game one when mussina -- -- a perfect. AM mussina had the perfect game for 67 innings and they came back almost won that game right. In -- and listen. Then exploit it and hopefully it can never get anything else okay. -- -- Boy you know for May -- man legendary program at a Q what anybody says the people who really considered probable October and then when it. What happens live -- helped saliva and guys -- those in America when -- -- impeach him. What I do Enron I think about what he did the year before when they had their heartbreaking loss of the stadium they have the three run lead courtesy of a David Ortiz home run off David -- And you have didn't know. Got India steps -- Grady Little doubt now blocked and today. People -- car or my great believer in it that -- carpet at World Series they would destroyed and Molly and the. I do think Craig's statement. Is it's hard when you say. Like anybody is is the best. -- -- -- any person but I do I I I it's had for immediate challenge another clutch player. Who has had first of our you have to be in the position you're number has to be called. MM and you come up the air in just continuously. Deliver the way he has I don't know. And -- -- let me say this let me say this -- okay. What can talk all four Major League sport in America okay. What is he single hottest thing to do and in the don't you think you -- any baseball. My question can I didn't do namely an element -- what -- issue and I hope at a better time people who put all of playing. -- ask Michael Jordan. -- -- -- conversation can't way it was handled Sam Snead. And -- don't have well when you look at what we can't remember when not I don't -- got it you know. Are you -- red jacket police. I was content that was okay. We're not talking about well in the Guatemala and the what you call them my cabinet well if you know I implement -- If you look at if you step if you read news. Personality. And a widening and the complexity. And the name -- -- won't. And yeah yeah yeah. -- -- Themselves just look at it. What is best buy it don't -- -- -- -- value it is all kind of -- elected to the all time. And a it has -- they won 97 games last year what are they gonna do this year. -- Get back doors -- I want you to contemplate depth while thank upon that put put on Europe pillow for tonight. Come back interview management economic games minute thank. What's that the rats -- this year last year I. I said they were gonna win 84 games you'd think they re gonna break 500 or at least like animal or 500 last year. Like all of us at a couple people that predicted maybe they'd sneak into a second wild card spot. This year it's -- I just can't see. How they could possibly. Duplicate what they had they were seven -- seven free agent acquisitions every one of those guys had their moments all it in the clutch all had big. Big hits in pressure situations regular season and -- season. I just can't see how do you ever gonna repeat that that truly was lightning in a bottle I think 91. I need 91 I think that's reasonable 97 year and no one ever thought about 92. Yeah I think -- that. The divisions can return to the three way dogfight we saw previous the last few yankees will come up. Even in spite of always innings giving knocking each other -- exactly as -- the win totals gonna go down I think if I said 84 last year they won 97 -- what the difference. It's a 9091. I think we can Ankara that are right what it takes your calls Red Sox baseball spring training. The but the it's a it's a the staff project game today the former. Boston National League team the Braves against the current American -- in the Red Sox. Is spring training nine days away from opening day Camden yards. We'll break it down would you -- -- on Sports Radio WB yeah.

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