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Brackets Busted! Sox/Ortiz nearing a deal

Mar 22, 2014|

The first round of the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament is over and there were shocking upsets across the country including UMass and Duke being bounced early. Also, reports are leaking that the Red Sox and David Ortiz are nearing a deal. Larry and Craig hit the ground running on both topics and more.

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And if it's Saturday it must be mustered in Johnson's sports Saturday WEEI had 93 point seven FM your Boston and throughout the WEEI Sports Radio. Network are you enthralled you in the state of basketball euphoria Larry Johnson got those brackets all filled out how your brackets doing that's the public to I haven't even checked them yet I did one I wanted to do that one year. Minutes -- was nice enough to organized and put it together but I just a great guy is -- aren't you you -- for favorite people as you see the headline yesterday in the globe it's big banner on the back page said -- many and great guy was fantastic -- just that -- true is that nobody -- said they I should be cloned. If anything -- that you look like is too. You but never that I have been called if only we had a curtain Indiana and every show on W he's come out here today he -- I hope you -- and you send -- -- -- this is little you know it's real long running -- where is some familiar. That we don't have 1520 years you know we just need a little fresh air we need some new rule in regards impression everything. We just. We just something new but anyway though do you. You've got a stock when you say -- years -- talk about today and again it's Saturday we always do we'd dump everything on the table and it's of your choice to. Pick out a subject that you wanna talk about everything is fair game and we talk about the four major sports today in the brackets as well. But I think you got to start with the Bruins you gotta start but their eleventh straight. I win. They clinched a playoff berth. And I think that that talk about it you know -- peaking too soon as -- I don't understand that what what he's supposed to do try to lose physicists outlooks. The question that should be addressed in its a good one to me is the fact that. With the team playing this well who cares about the streak. Take the opportunity from time to time to rest. Wanted to -- stop play as Sharon certainly getting older. You know a guy nobody ever talks about is Chad Johnson at backup goalie I just talked about -- you -- -- -- now I really are quite a -- I don't know I don't know right Nablus Thursday he's sixteen and three. Garnett to a point oh thumping goals against average. -- archery to have a guy like this stepped reported and when you got the upper once again playing at Pincus tonight -- like tonight so I mean. That to me he is the issue with the Bruins the fact that they're playing well enough. Did you can rest a few people here in the. Here's my problem however and as much as I think it was John Dennis. Grew bomb. Perpetrated. This idea that the well he's not the only now but he is the one that is sorted little flak for it he's the one that continued the discussion and I can understand. Why if your Bruins fan you might feel a little leery. Of these streaks in these regular season numbers. As I was listening to all these historical context. The Bruins winning their eleventh straight west of the longest. Streak in. 43 years okay so do the map where that goes back to 1971. Bruins. Had a tremendous regular season in 1971 after winning the Stanley Cup the year before 1970 over Saint Louis -- you war we noble thing. But that year Larry they got taken out the second round of the playoffs by Montreal Ken -- off the campus -- Cornell you know that story you'd rather program a patriots and -- thank you very much you are going further than Peyton Manning a 55 touchdown as he rarely accept it you know what I cannot in this is why. I think John and anybody who thinks that you cannot tell you I've got to thank him you want to get invited and I have Roddy you don't I am apologizing from a one of his many apologists. I think he has something there I think it's dangerous. To have all of these streaks in the regular season the longest streak in it's again it's all about it now it's all about historical context. Longest streak in the regular season. Pittsburgh Penguins. 1993. The year after they won their second cup they lost the second round of the Stanley Cup play as the islanders that your I remember well. These regular season streaks to me do not amount to -- Philippines and -- crazy. -- thing you wanna be Michael he conceded -- Russian girl hello Michael hope and -- as well the next mania anyway I -- -- acknowledged them I think. Another thing I want or knowledge and I think we talked about Farrell we talk about ballot checked we talk about that Stevens. Really don't talk about claw our economy used to make fun album a little bit everything that guy is debris and coach. He proved it over the Olympics he should have been the one coaching and I and assistant coach. He also did one of the classy with things that I've ever heard from any coach and any level and Annie Lee I'm sure there are some you can correct me by. When spam -- got her cause he was in the hospital with a broken leg and everything. -- actually took time and went and visited the guys are actually. In UB. To do that. I think he's one of the best unknown personalities. In this town I think he's got a great sense of humor I think he's feisty when he needs to be in. I just can't ice that you know you have a lot of reservation I guess a lot as a as a cat two owners drive because of that faith in the home. He doesn't look as if he's in command. He's balding he's point GE's. Understated he's not feisty your fiery. And suddenly. When you win a Stanley Cup you get credibility and I think people now understand. -- you. At this team I mean that's so by the advocate of the temple used to Providence and the -- date. They've got a lot of talented drafting well nearly as well sure rallied -- they seem to be working well together I'm just saying. People say we never apart from want to give many credit while I'm just coming out saying you gotta give a lot of credit here. Tuukka Rask -- it's just been unbelievable. His is his. Goaltending I thought when Tim Thomas left -- -- will -- about you will never see another. You know performance like that Adam. So we got to give them credit I'd like you put it. You award winning trend by the way I heard the ratings of the highest additional between 9 o'clock and 90290 -- about 90130. Yeah I'm about halfway through my -- then as a a rating slump is quite how horrible ratings are -- The report says it is trying to drop that. I am. I do wanna mention when he's admitting Maine about it but the Celtics thing you don't. I can't wait for the season will be over Ike is just like the worst season of listens to the Curtis Rowe Sidney -- stays because all -- know. The whole none -- and I'll know while not saying. You do you are not allow -- I lost 607 when they lost eighteen straight games and Doc Rivers with the genius Doc Rivers I was out at the Helm they problem here is that they've got some nice players. You want to root for them to win. But kicking it in I get it's it's it's a debate that's going on McRoberts in a frenzy. I'm about when they beat Miami minus LeBron James. Com but then again there was no pleasure even no I want them to lose there was no pleasure in the beat down ago last night park. So it's like I just want this season to be over I'm not used to rooting for one of my local teams. To lose -- you got something here though it's funny how you go all the way back. To that period in between have with Jack. And bird thankfully it was a very short period just a couple of years Max was an up and coming rookie come out a UNC Charlotte. But the teams were unfortunately. Infected by a virus known as Curtis -- in Sidney -- they were winners at UCLA but they were. Deemed losers here as a Celtics no question about that we don't throw in. The year that. -- 9697. The year they they tank -- ML Carr at the -- waiting for pitino when Tim Duncan to our come to Boston you don't throw in that year you don't throw in 060710. Years later when they were tanking began opening get either I'm. Oden or. Durant. So I don't know why this this year is any worse in -- Through because I think OK EEE it's a fair question. I think even before this season's dotted. All week kept hearing about ways this is going to be one of the greatest loaded drafts in the last ten years it is going to be. There's got to be at least six. Players coming out of the draft to a different -- makers you know I wanna sit back I wanna really watched -- Parker's skill too late. Arnett who was like I -- Got problems unidentified. -- -- If you got to appeal and it was the kid who got it's not the kettle got the -- at the gap that was a regular season there are out yeah there are good I don't we WEEI dot com I've ice I apologize remembering the sheet with anybody -- a brilliant. Optical. Any listed our all of the relevant players who are going to be in the tournament so you can kind of -- of the team yeah that's more important to -- and the Brandt well that was wanted to watch that. The problem usually everybody's reflexive response is good duke is eliminated. Rarely ever get bounced out the first round but there they were getting bounced out -- Number fourteen seed mercy yesterday in my first response was -- I always like to -- coach -- suffer a little bit on the other hand. On the other -- -- -- parking is not at war he. Foul trouble that he's a good post up player that much I got out of it I mean I'm not -- city -- to break down on his game like I've been watching and that's always fight. So you'll left city is saying wow you know I don't know but that's the difference to me with the Celtics this year. Which justifies. And I'd love to have some people calling in telling us. Why they are rooting for the Celtics to keep winning and they don't care you should never trying to lose I'm not I don't think that unlike Philadelphia are. Who has no shame and a gay man they've lost their Detroit third last night by one point but there's no shame in their game -- -- away some -- -- better players and then mama gotta play it back every -- and they got rid him. -- -- -- it I am surprised the commission cut the commissioner is allowing them to play the way they're playing. I don't attempt to change in Stephens -- credit. I have not watched any games I think this year where -- you can honestly say that trying to tank it. The talent has not always been there are some of the players have been injured. So I I don't find shame and now it's just the reality. It is what it is February Celtics fan. You realize the only way to -- by trading in an -- and even that gets into a nose -- conversation. When you stop talking about -- -- Amnesty clauses and any issue others. So. Yeah got to lose some games and get to explain the amnesty clause formulating that I'm a little -- -- -- I break Brad and -- -- different I look at it so I think is Celtics are our topic they play to Ronald twice they played Philadelphia twice that should be Q. But I don't care I come out. Aren't record I want them to lose as many games is possible. Because I love the Celtics in I don't understand if you are not a Celtics -- and they're not doing it on purpose there's Stevens has them playing -- and you can see certain highlights here in the air by you viewers Celtics fan. I know we hate to say -- that's our prospects celebrate the other night when they won. But you really need them to. I understand that and Manningham. Says the very thing you guys are like my I think you were many in almost every aspect arsonist chartered Asia the UN Manning and agree almost -- every aspect of life so not surprise you agree typically -- yeah -- Yahoo! a lot of things you agree -- -- hit. And this is just another long series of them. Here's the problem I have we have in the seems to be the consensus. And people are always saying they don't celebrate -- of its Miami don't celebrate if you want them lose. I think there's another school fought here however and the other school of thought is. And I think this is what did he just talked about all year long and I think Brad Stevens is like kind of like -- wall landed. On a tight rope going across the Grand Canyon he's really got to balance two things. He wants vote he he doesn't want to win the whole heck of a lot yet at the same time on that tight wire act that really is being the coach of the Celtics this year. Is. How can IA instill a culture of winning at the same time. That is a real dilemma that Ainge and Stevens have you want all lose. Yet you don't want to instill this idea that. Losing is just part of the culture here are looking -- just what. The switch on here next year here's what you want so. And if you think anybody in their right mind who Don causeway street is gonna come out and say let's that I really want the team that -- -- the first problem we have is a language problem. I think you have to take tanking. Out of the conversation because that activity is just purposely going out -- trying to lose I don't think they're trying to do bad. I look at this team is player development this year I would sell them on the fact that you know we're not gonna win a championship this year are probably get in the playoffs. Where -- while playing now for next year's roster. You are playing now I wanna see improvement. I wanna see who who wants to play hide even when it's obvious that we're not going to be in the playoffs I think if you sell it that way. I think tanking is an offensive word because -- that needs to be your purposely going out there right. Which they've done twice in the last 1520 years they did it in. 97. And they did it in 07. So this one's a little bit different that's why I think you skip over those two years this one. Is a little more problematical I think that the the game on Wednesday night was the perfect microcosm. Of the problems help experience have. Because you always wanna take down the the champion heat. Even if LeBron is not I now producing unit you've got caught up when you got caught up in -- I guarantee you clearly didn't. Not a first time -- went out green hit that jump shot from a crime epic -- where I got it -- or -- it in our Karl you have to admit that well and here's the other problem. And I think Jeff green is part of this microcosm. Jeff green is the ultimate Celtic this year because there are moments where Jeff Green. Looks like one of the great players in the NBA looks like a first team all star. And then there are moments where he disappears. It's kind of like this paradox -- the Celtics this year. You want them to instill a sense of winning you wanna build a culture of winning. For the future he had the same time you have to lose now is Jeff Green part of the future and how. Here's where Tommy behind and drives me crazy. Because I love the guy great artist by the way but he he's got a brilliant. Basketball IQ. Mind he's forgotten more about basketball that we'll ever know. -- he gets -- -- as Iran our crop pom -- stop it drives me as a guy that occasionally. Yes but I think when he really you know politically -- Stepped back in in assesses the game for what it is. He's right on he he's nailed Jeff Green. Early in the game you've got to get him driving to the basket it builds up is confident right if he gets a couple of bunnies early on. Then he's a whole different player watch him early in the game. In nevermind he's three point shots and everything get rid of EU give them the drive to the basket pints and said that India if you watch him. He's a different place -- coaching one on one. The other regulate Stephens the coach. Yeah it's -- trustees say that Iraq Stevens had an interesting point and remember we was talking about but I think in my have been Jeff Green. And I think Tommy was echoing Brad Stevens is bought here it's his coaching -- one. It builds somebody's confidence that someone's a Lil bit cheeky as far as the confidence game is concerned. Give him a couple shots down low let them see the ball go through the -- that's Stephens was talking about you just that vote bad for them a group of a basket on the floor and I just go right out of there and never gave up out territory problem. About Providence by the way. Falling to Carolina -- two not bad and we still got a couple New England team I'm on top it. Those are illegal you can't stop them you ask me what I want to talk about today is questioned day for -- so we trust -- Bieber went briefly rest a few players bring them back we talked about the Celtics and up peaking too early in your mind on who I just wanna -- I don't I don't. I wouldn't mention the word streak unless the guys running out -- no clothes and make your statements. Let's get to two other quick subject and you got -- your controlling the clock as you usually do. Why does your heart -- -- Ortiz. But I don't I don't like yesterday -- heard them announcing. Hawks close most of us now is if it's true -- that he can do about that that right now like right on the verge of signing him. And then is to this from an app. Right now is giggling and stuck edge and Lester he always -- -- giggling after naming names. This -- that this are regulated by a by a bit this over regulated buddy of -- that was their actual amount downright gave out here. The media -- a whole trees it. -- a hurry and I didn't play the exit -- in the season last year and I know this year. He's a barely a notion arable and write down they've been through a 32 I just I don't. Now -- Rick mount a somber dark -- here about what is surprising is and he realized I am target Iran as well -- it over Boston right she said -- I -- -- before but I'll give her credit for her she's far more brilliant than I'll ever be. The fact of the matter is. It's Ortiz -- you in a corner. Not so much because of his way which I absolutely -- lob. But because it's not worth it to put up for the year were piloting. And I really mean that. If given and yes if you don't sign let's say if you wait parenting tips from Larry got. When your -- how it's just give him 00 and if you haven't -- Listen to me though clearly. Mohammed guys got to deal at some point they're -- going to be pullout from under him. But if you don't Itanium and you gonna turn for big happy to big howdy I'm telling you and he is such. In -- points in the club house. Like you you cannot let's face it if you kept -- -- you're absolutely right about last year everything had to go perfect right. This year they've got -- not controversy but they certainly have question marks percent of the -- Sizemore Bradley junior. As Ortiz close. Attitude wise soul Cole who's eighteen in that I know so we have to I gave him -- thing he while. Another great year I thought last year US phenomenal. Normally. You'd wait a little why what is the rush to sign him right away. But I'm telling you right now and I sent it to -- we talked about it briefly. It's an. It's not -- so what's our fifteen to sixteen million dollars to keep him every listen when you call today I don't care what you're paid manager -- a variety a -- that when it comes to money issues. Please do not preference your comments by it was not my money because you can't have. In intelligent conversation about these things. If you pretend it's ball is not my money someone like me. Well -- beating case brought to trial a lot of Hamilton go out and get. I -- -- -- -- anybody wanna get that now you'll have to enter these conversations. What a concept that it's your money -- spending. Otherwise okay -- but it does the little freedom arm I don't request that it's for everybody -- under my mind your own argument on the Bruins sees me the self. Team Red Sox thank you almost area -- -- got into an award winning sports for and you Guerrero falling apart here about my script I gotta get my scripts. If the Red Sox were being fiscally. Prudent here would they not be. I wanted to spend all this money just keeps -- pretty quiet to the placate you how. It's not like the guys step I mean she's a phenomenal year last year right. And I'm in -- in -- can't measure what he's done so far right no he -- propagate orbits -- -- You gotta have him in the middle of that lineup even though he's complaining he gets no protection. But the fact even that he was complaining that he doesn't get protection in the middle of the line up. That's not the reason and you sign him but it certainly is a contributing. Factor. Now they say happy wife happy life and you know -- and a happy and the afterward it does had a mean of course. You have to sign him so so because out I'm Italian brother he will poll trained now he really well. You've got to sign them so I just I mean when you talk about Wilfork like the as a different take everybody's debating a probability ease in the restaurants like the media's right dancing in the streets and everybody's out great society last -- Which I don't mind signing last divided in his age how long you wanna sign him. Well the question with Lester would be how many years do you wanna give him they gave John Lackey five years that turned out pretty well turned into World Series last year. Lackey coming back from Tommy John. I don't think there's a lot of controversy I don't think there's anybody -- -- would you sign him Lester five and 2030 months he's 31. Lackeys around the same age. That's a long contract and we're talking upwards of twenty million -- -- I don't know about that. I think of them or media concern is Ortiz he is two for 32 when spring training as you said didn't play -- spring training all last year has had slow starts. Always seems to find his gear somewhere. In May or June found his gear three times in October in his eleven or twelve years with the ball club. I understand where you're coming from. -- but you have the wrong reason I I do not wanna sign a guy just to make a half hour. It's not not the main reason you assigning him extending him he's already got a bigger contract and you're standing right understand because you believe that he can still perform at a top level. But don't tell me. Did a contributing factor is. If you don't sign him before the season stats then you're gonna have a major leaguer. Who's pouting in the club house but a lot of people think they are very close if not. Already would you sign him. I wouldn't have for -- -- reason I wouldn't say okay we'll just keep her -- -- later -- we don't -- agreed product it might be but you got that built in the long run I don't think bench Harrington is thinking that way -- your rhetoric that way now that you have to think I know that's not the -- -- -- -- he thinks what can I get out of this guy as a baseball player we understand there's always going to be. Emotional baggage with a yeah or it will -- when you wait -- much event. Where -- you might let him play up yet. I think they believe. That he can be a productive player. But the next two years Europe thought 6177797937. Connecticut the trend against the reached seven and -- 37 coming up. The the revised zero -- photographer so -- about things at Boston College you're from Connecticut you know I'm just. A circle all anything everything is fair game there's a lot to talk about on the table and you really know how to set it -- I'm just gonna go to my race at a table product.

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