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Red Sox Catcher David Ross: We're bringing our lunch pails to work again this year

Mar 21, 2014|

We talk to Sox catcher David Ross and get his take on how the team is shaping up in Spring Training, and what they expect out of this upcoming season.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline is. Catcher for the Boston Red Sox David Ross is on the line -- this David its -- Michael and Christian how are yeah. I'm doing great guys I yelled don't do you rate just the day in paradise down there right at bat that afternoon did you get your local colder weather that I got down here at night. People I read. I mean I mean certainly I -- bongos. Man and I -- given the weather report I haven't had. I wanna ask you a quick question we talk about David Ortiz earlier and and I'm just curious from a a fellow player's perspective. What's that what's the shadowed David Ortiz cast over that clubhouse what kind of what kind of personality as he would -- in the Red Sox locker room in our dressing room in the on the roster. Eight that they record I think is. He backed up on guy to be around he's been doing this for so long. We yet become and it's it's a load for the young guys take care that -- guys something is beyond everyday. It's -- respect that it he'd make these upon guy. You know he's got its business side -- -- to take pride in his work in the hitting it and he worked artists and they expect to do well it. He's like a lot of belt but I mean our our locker room and our lineup just didn't payment up like I -- You know it is to bring up at that point about the locker room in the lineup not -- the same but in terms of personnel. Bit of that 2013. Team -- -- championship team. Bring back a lot of the same guys. I was wondering what's the approach. You don't wanna do everything they say it and no seasons this thing so you can't expect. Things to go exactly the way that they -- 2013 how you prepare. Between fourteen and know that something different but try to capture. Some of the magic he had -- there -- Well the best thing about our team that we we -- -- reach other played each other we oracle -- battle. Every day -- other and it and what I say about it. This scene is that back -- last year we only lost in a row all here we never lost or that. That is that that the deposition at the end of the week we bring how. Are not able to work every day we go up there we we work are we prepare plays -- and that night. You know what if they win or lose -- article agent and we go about. We go about our business and waited decades ago. Iraq or about personality we got -- a lot about Reagan Reagan it every night was we do that. -- our -- our ability. We entered his -- -- there we go around that area -- ago. There's so you know it's about a week and a half whether the season starts. Are you guys anxious and on and be done all the work you do is there anything left to do with a pretty much just trying to contain your. Exactly where that first game and if so how you can how you would you do to contain an energy. It is it to that point now he. And that we date for cure -- I'd probably be like. -- let -- let it I'm ready go in and deprived and not a a lot of trouble and around here always eight probably fight it the greatest college I. I'd -- that every year like it's about it's you're -- I think guys are ready we gotta let visitors -- sharper and expand those. That Danny and that's been put up their arms. You know you just go out and and we're being a they eat oriented everybody got their great support and are -- -- Our BP and get ready for the game so we're ecstatic Groundhog Day for us. You know we just like to get that would keep up -- -- a little later but nothing really changes. You know I was able to get down there last month it -- some -- the names in person hadn't heard about. The last couple years highly regarded prospect. For Hillary going to break him. That's the name -- heard there when I was able to see him. It was a little surprising little bigger than I thought. Interest in delivery. -- what did you think of you who work with all these guys about politics -- -- the prospects. That Red Sox -- been talking about we haven't seen as closely as you have. That the great thing about the end. An older guy acted. These young guys I get to catch him and get out about it way to provide ample light. There some kind of talent here and and in a minor legal. Pitching staff in organization jokers -- basket protector. In my heart Eddie Butler we got some guys -- that are really really out it. Along with that the best so it's got to be a bright feet for the Red Sox I think. The main thing that I saw those young guys is. Maybe. They didn't need all this thing up learn how to the refiners you know that they. You know they got the big arms they got the break itself but. They need to locate that fastball a little more consistency for me consistently for me any good they find that he's indeed -- that. Insist -- breaking ball that what they don't a year and it and in a future right now. Little things like that or get into and out of it -- to outlook you could legitimately. David you're the national spokesperson for -- who -- power of teen challenge. Tell me exactly what that it's. What the president authority. -- group which I -- photos from all of our country of people in it and there -- depth issue that what he'd that are. They're -- representation of their team is here erect. The back -- I'm not associated with it but it. It regrets about what we're all about how we want -- We -- by. -- -- -- of ourselves for the betterment of the team and that's what we do know all about though it was an OT dot com secure pictured him or even sixty. It does photos that you might get a chance that that hang out here or a lord and other this pseudo -- development aptly though it does photos and. So your team might actually get a chance that a little session with -- one of them is -- all athletes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's the that's the jackpot. So -- -- -- now with David Ross who literally what is the great had -- been brought to -- A great night out David Ross to be just. Like his acting right you get to hang out what he apparent that the but that's about it -- out that it that I meant that by 830 that I laid out Mike is that -- I've sat out the set of people. People yet you can't get these we get laid out to get the ball. For more information again you can go to ms. -- no team dot com. You get all the information for ms. -- power of team challenge David Ross Boston Red Sox we appreciate your time we'll see as soon when this season gets going. Dale Michael Christian I appreciate you get that may not always a pleasure. Thank you take care and is that David Ross joining us from Fort Myers I'll -- the weather report -- sunny and 75 and a slight breeze. The -- makes a difference because it's -- better though dale. It's right that it it's telling myself -- is fighting. Is it weird that it's the so brightly right now is that there's -- weird switch over for me mentally. Because usually -- -- like it down when it's dark and flicked out at 5 o'clock -- like sweet you're going to -- -- -- I really tell a lot. But -- let outside a candlelight a little out of it not that Saudia was a good two hours -- -- simply don't know note to block. -- -- And it's my. Did not see the moon. Until he was like three -- -- we put him I mean he needs to put them so early. It was still light and we could I'd like that is the shade these windows that he thought it was nighttime when it's public that a little looked. There's some shall call there the big blue houses are not what you thought of the moon with name was -- that he thought out there that wasn't talking to me. The battle on ABC and we and that because normally it dead before it becomes a problem but on this. Would get back to the calls on the other side at 6177797937. That's telephone number that like talks in sports with -- Friday's means a little bit of everything. I will tell you that it's not looking good for you UMass minutemen still funny basketball left on Michael pilots are about five minutes and 42 seconds don't let. I don't even think about the fact that eighteen what he needs it and there. -- -- a couple of -- couple authority turnover could happen. Maybe they lose their composure to the fact that you just turned the ball over to them probably he'll be gone for the moment. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. Dale on -- Michael -- Christian Fauria live -- champions Boston the Marriott hotel in Copley Square Sports Radio WB yeah.

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