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Jim Calhoun to the BC Eagles? Rumors and reports are swirling

Mar 21, 2014|

Could the legendary UConn coach be a fit at the Heights? We discuss it.

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Our number two down here at champions Boston and American hotel Copley Square Michael looked just as I said the ray of sunshine just peeks through from a Prudential Center across the street c'mon down watch the games we've got a mall on down here there -- nine television screens just over the bar. I don't know how many are in the rest of this place but it's a lot. Every game is on UMass Tennessee is on a bunch TVs here come on down watch that at some to drink have somebody and spend the afternoon with -- You know it changes things for UMass is looking at the brackets. A lot of people I'm sure. That because you support your state university. Head -- -- winning against Tennessee. Then you had duke beating Mercer. They have do you Matt. And in your UMass your UMass -- you're in that span -- maybe you picked you have to beat duke. We allowed people shall we do not look at it for you might not think to ourselves but I. Human nature -- by Tennessee -- -- Tennessee. And you can look at -- two way you're playing the team they just played duke. So it would -- that would be intimidated or it could say all right. That was a fluke replaying Mercer. We thought we were in the line of fire with duke. Is to be a nice little this could be a nice little odd twist the University of Massachusetts. Speaking of local programs we mentioned during trending now we haven't mentioned it since we've been sitting here the report to Jim Calhoun disinterested in the BC job. Now if Jim Calhoun is healthy and I don't know -- -- to -- this but if he's healthy. I think Boston College to do a lot worse in terms of getting a guy who would shake things up on the heights comes in -- that hall of fame pedigree. Now you could also say you know what they want as a young guy who's going to be there -- before you finish that sentence Tommy how long that young guys going to be. Because it's a stepping stone job no no young guys gonna stay there for the next twenty years or five years. Always there's a steppingstone job that. Jimmy O'Brien was there for a long time -- he never wanted to leave and then Al Skinner was there for a long time and never wanted to leave. But I'm saying if you -- and get that young guy. -- it depends on it by the way if if they hired Tommy -- he's not -- BCE don't think so no. -- I think it's a stepping stone gap how about this the CDC is stepping stone job along Tommy Amaker at Harvard. Prefer sipping beer five but yeah it's been so if you're. You would never think that a guy like Tommy Amaker went to duke and coach Seton hall and coach -- Michigan. That if he gives harbor into the turn of the ones that's enough for him like guys simulator. -- -- the bright lights it did. We stated Harvard so his wife is an academic season at Harvard you the professor. He goes to Boston College -- -- and they don't -- the moon really stays in town I don't think I don't think he would be a one and done two and done three and done guys BC. -- Calhoun and the reports are that it's not necessarily. You know Boston College not necessarily feeling the same way correct. That the shredded them -- but it it -- it to 71 years old. And you haven't had problems you have health problems. Really how long are you going to stated that's that's the last resort in my opinion. Here's some okay listen it's. It's modestly Bobby Valentine but it's one of those situations -- listen just keep it together to we could find the right if you can't find the right guy he can do with a solid. Stick through one year to policy it -- guys have when you're still gonna coach. OK -- -- this is what this what your job and I don't think it's gonna happen. But Jim Calhoun. Brings you. Not only the name that the national titles. It's the contacts. And missed this important it is that everybody says about the dime was by. -- great guys man of integrity. And tremendous character you can recruited a contact a character integrity it's your characters are awesome. Possibly to -- our like our our team consultant. Our team advisors is young like rock rock that. Alone has contacts not only in the northeast but across the country. It was -- went from them from South Carolina and Donny Marshal from Washington State. People for their range rip Hamilton from Pennsylvania. If you wanted to Boston College you wanted it to that level. Yeah isn't it -- fast talking. And at times it goes to Jim Calhoun did get I -- It if that's what they want. He gives your program instant credibility. Instant recognize ability. As I said he's got a hall of fame -- pedigree as well. My question is what's itself like it you know because he is 71 is Christian points out -- healthy that was the reason he stepped away begin with. But here's another tricky situation for accountant ex Kevin -- the coach now UConn when his former coaches when his you can of -- former players. If Calhoun is. Letting it be known at the age of 71 who blew it interested. In college basketball and being the coach again. Then they tell you UConn. Did they tell you that he that he wants to coach. That he stepped away he gave his blessing the terminology but. And maybe early -- but that it is as you know he's he's a local guy from here -- Huge Red Sox -- by the way every -- -- Red -- I mean loves this town loves the teams here. I could see where you don't -- undercut his former players -- the guy that he you know -- the position to. -- when it would cut Kevin Ollie out of a job but -- a job in my hometown. That's open I mean if they don't have anybody in that job yeah I could see where he'd be posted here and not UConn. No I hate it of course -- I think they thought it was done. They thought it was because supposedly coaching career is over and now it it did it through a tough position for you gone to know. It Jim O'Brien who still working and Jim Calhoun who still working. Is now it if it did in coaching -- in the there's probably. The segment. UConn alarms you -- supporters and well victor's. That it is Jim Calhoun -- get with the program on the map that three national championships. What do we do it Watson go to Boston College. Again we're somewhere else I mean does it surprise you know I mean a little bit -- I don't know I was I was down by -- person would. I see it did the exact quote but it looked like. He says -- to -- -- That he was open to any basketball talk didn't necessarily mean Boston College did meet somebody beats out -- he was open to any basketball talk. Now now we're just kind of run with it but money is all these older coaches. Old boxers whatever. They always -- once they get away from it so hard for them to stay away from. If if they can get out of bed. They can walk up and down the court they're gonna wanna -- ball and they're not gonna be happy. -- pushing papers or having an administrative role in some office yeah especially guys like that. Yes I don't think I don't think they'll hire him. But it they did they'll be cool this team with that team is that right yes they have. 82 or three players that other agencies would want. ACC caliber players and I agree that goes back -- Who's. When he took the job. He wanted to recruit the players. But he was recruiting equipment that it ideally that's slightly slightly. You don't have. If it didn't hit yeah yeah I think he's forget about him and I think he's not a short. To. Duke. It out good effort nice job but if problem. Started the easy right now that you bring him in March. -- Figured Jim O'Brien -- that can turn to Jim Kelly I don't get comfortable Bryant was wrong with me. Jim Calhoun would have him in that deep in the tournament next year. I exist I think that's why do if I was BC if he's healthy he brings instant credibility and instant sit well. Improvement is is without question I don't know but get to the tournament but he -- of course. It would have them a date yet completely different operations in two years three years at a. I got a lot of -- all that wanted -- to give victory mean for Max. You know you're back in contention you're you're you're respectable. You know you can recruit the pipeline is started -- -- what those contacts that you're talking about. Once he opens those contacts the key for him if he's leaving. Is whoever replaces him. To be able to keep those contacts open and that's what you want so you're struggling you wanna go get young coach OK fine he's gonna happen to us he's got -- -- denied oil. OK to get those contacts if you as a young coach does not gonna happen and an older coach is -- going to -- -- you've got -- -- without getting something for so. I know the public seems like a long shot but the more I can talk about Michael is probably a good idea I don't. Believe that Jim Calhoun would be interested in in the job opening -- X and India stay -- I don't believe he's the you know. Hey I just wanna get back into the game. But I think this is that this is unique this is they don't agree with his hometown up. That this is the one place I mean I guess -- UConn fired Kevin Ollie. Maybe -- and say all right you know I don't think keep trying to negotiate to get Kevin Ollie off. I I don't think -- do that. So other than Ollie getting fired going back to UConn I think this is the only other job that he'd be interested in going back to. I don't think it's you know hey I can get back in the game you know now there are gonna stand agriculture staff. Got to move up not too far away you still have connections here and there's a lot of you know the good memories. You know I would receive the -- or did not that we start to talk about the UCL -- they're still little guys it. The what are what are the things that has been mentioned. Many times even for even for Skinner who ran a successful program BC. It was always Wear those local kids. Whereas the prosecutor why delegate delay why do they keep going -- elected watched Kansas on national TV and see Boston came right here right. That that story in Iowa State on and on there's so many local kids. Who have gone to other programs Jim O'Brien. Would give up yet. He did national kids and get -- And they'd be good start and you know locals and you know what. He would actually make Boston College basketball again they -- a viable or not a steady income returns and he keeps -- -- -- -- I've just -- why. I actually think I actually think of his name now. -- -- -- -- -- am now me I'm without talking about -- can get you guys neighbors -- that I've talked many times but I think it has been right. And I know he he kind of -- -- -- a lightning -- -- -- -- how some people don't like them but I'm with you I do like I'd like to CBC higher.

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