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Four at Four - Four at Fauria Edition - 03/21/14

Mar 21, 2014|

We tackle four topics all centered around Christian Fauria and our desire to invade his privacy and personal life.

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More -- boring. Equally active active after the -- finally. Looking ahead. In the big night here yeah. -- -- That would and we. So sit. -- -- song and viewers saw. Yeah. I like I ever written there. -- like that's you'll learn in every night. Florida Rory has brought you might see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage finality beyond manage your technology. You ready for this story and tampering off all right it's time for for Korea part of the report itself what. Of -- your. Thought you were -- -- -- -- that I'd be upon its top five forget about them if somebody think it but the -- -- great. Look at except it to you reviewing climb in nowhere and the man's life the people behind all of the net as -- -- -- on without me. I'm -- let's do four -- four. We want to -- a full -- messages so we've seen Brady get pistons wide receivers on the sidelines during games in the past couple years but. Did you ever get mad -- Tom Brady. Where we -- yes yes I did a quick story eyes were playing Washington mrs. 2003. Maybe a third fourth game of the season. So we have the players like -- overload last play where we tackled goes to the opposite side and I'm next to -- Andrews. OK so it's an overload went through the senators Georgia's gives me something to tackle. -- cornerbacks both come up at the place goes below the left he says blue. -- the place both schools the right he says spread pretty simple it's all based on what -- how the defense lines up -- -- so every single time. So the first time he comes out and I'm looking at so I know the -- gotta go let it got to go oh wait for me I shouldn't be blocking someone -- 330 pounds. Wolf he calls rent. Sure enough of like that's wrong about -- -- -- same play game comes up. He calls ready again the exact same look now I know Tom Brady play of the year already so I know he's a Smart guy and I know this is a very typical. Play. But he called me again so sure enough we Coldplay -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we hold. Them. We regain -- want to practice. Running -- to a point. But it up with the game. Walking off the field -- like. Okay. Remember -- all of -- I don't know I don't know what you're talking about -- -- -- -- projects to realize that a you'd get back. To pass -- who actually noted Robert. It's broad street the doctor did tell him to do something. Three times grow and keep doing that. They're not the -- to do. What. Do we -- Brady would have the bills and that's that we recognize it -- and Korean allies. We were central the ball Mike Vrabel not alive and -- Expect the ninety giro after that though I got my point -- I never too. Michael bigtime college athletes have been getting paid on the table for decades we don't have to tell those who was involved and and how much you received to go to Colorado but as the most egregious pain you've seen a college player received this may shock some people. But I've actually never seen anybody do anything. Nothing I've never never stores the craziest or her it was elephant SEC school. Poor guy got a car. And -- like comment might be your game catcher because I was naive is to be. -- it enough being held a 195 pounds soaking wet counseling tight game -- -- it would only it was on the ball so. Never got anything. Never got operated thing and -- mad that I didn't now I think about it and why did anybody offer it made us all American. So you you you heard about the money cars taking Carney diagnosed houses -- must have happened because. University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. It's like it's like Berkeley. Okay but in the Rocky Mountains over they were really known for their football team really for any sports whatsoever next thing you know you get all these kids out of California you know these kids. Out of Texas Florida Louisiana which is really hot that it recruiting for -- really good teams and her novels guys so. Something was going on. Get all your stuff is the front -- Yes are you really get your stuff is the -- Where backwards number three. Three he. All right Christian weird question for him and why is wrong Cingular yeah -- is -- I figured -- human and yeah I know why do you think I would know this question when it comes to know bill is starting these rumors. That I am good sex doctor. A habit but I have to admit that questions just at least at your column you know it's not a question am I'm sort of the -- -- is wrong. Maybe because we're pretty sure brought. Take care of more than one especially -- maybe there's there's a little bit more that comes with the game. You get little more -- I don't know that is that I cannot put my finger around it out to stop that stuff. While I am so shocked that what's the purpose of terror. Well. -- -- -- -- That's -- thought of more stuff it's voted number. But your -- terrible at it like it's going to. Neither do any of us other -- your hero Miley Cyrus. The other singers owners show it. We should know what surprises that you really really into. You know I've really liked it is this that this girl is in my top five light. If I was like you happy with me and my girlfriend right now like she would probably number one. -- -- -- Huge -- the -- stop it. Along with the -- is that it's a very weird -- little -- Ron Danny's thing I think nobody -- don't want to know now I had to think -- went unnoticed either elegantly records upon exiting the it is better but I don't know that it felt so alive that she got the and a Yahoo! group of girls which you can look there's still Al noted there's something about when the on you me no doubt that rooms that you -- -- It -- he's bananas. It the top five girls be put your top five get a deal regardless. Of these or without makeup that's what I ask you that I -- house. I would say -- he has I am Miami season for some reason it must I think it's well worth it for -- We're always gonna have what's your top three million top three list of women. I can't think of anything -- -- -- -- the car over what was the if this goes I don't think -- But sobbed. When the bodies -- it -- -- it's random wolves so is my legs moderates though. While Miley Cyrus is on you know don't not nearly -- but. I'm not that everybody seen me naked it just doesn't have importantly. He's kind of going upbeat number that -- is relieved it. Not one song to also. Do like you know you like it. Now ever since I found that you wanted to play it at your funeral it's it's -- lobotomy I think it was the part of the mix I would know I don't know that would be the song but it's in contention. The contention. You've planned your funeral. Funeral songs. Haven't you I don't you talk all they get a scatter your ashes on -- -- apple world out there we're going to be we we have two boys longer a threat -- and start thinking about father daughter dance off. Like when your daughter buried them on the -- -- which -- going to be these important issues that can't leave last minute I got to learn how to dance her parents before we saw -- do -- -- that kind of -- back and forth. That's all I did and that's that you're good. I think a little time laughed yeah but but I'm closer look at a lot of young guys are. It is really just -- without a father daughter lives on wedding will be used as you know what you mean yes right now she's what do you want. It. Barely talk about not Niger and very often little girl with them. I promise right back to the calls that you guys in just seconds 6177797937. Now that you know more about Fauria that you ever wanted to know I promise we'll be back in just moment we're broadcasting live from champions Boston at the Marriott hotel Copley Square c'mon down. Join us watch all -- it -- a lot of -- RD here. One down join the group that's down here this is Sports Radio WEEI.

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