WEEI>On Demand>>David Ortiz and Sox nearing new deal/extension... given his performance this Spring, is this a risk?

David Ortiz and Sox nearing new deal/extension... given his performance this Spring, is this a risk?

Mar 21, 2014|

Dale, Holley and Fauria break down the news that the Sox and Ortiz are close to completing a deal or extension, and whether or not it's a risk given Ortiz's sub-par performance so far in Spring Training.

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What is if Christian would start the answer I was gonna say anything. Hello again everyone and welcome a Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Michael -- Christian Fauria we are broadcasting lie. From champions champions Boston in the Marriott hotel in Copley Square as I said during the -- with those guys few minutes ago if you want can join us and we hope you do. You might wanna consider a different route than coming in on the liking getting off the Copley Square like you know what -- -- have a bill will cement truck problem. And at least -- Jarvis and -- elected but I wish it did when I was coming through an hour or so ago Copley Square exit was closed completely. Little problem with -- and overturned cement truck output and trending now he's talking about I couldn't accept it and know -- cleared -- the cement -- We'll also if you if you do come down here go in your closet and find your pitchers Superman and news or some sort of old costume maybe keep the belt whatever. Because there's an animation. -- and Mozart and -- but for those don't know what that is it's like an animation convention where it. Dressed as superheroes well no I got held up on the escalator by Lincoln's ailments that or you do extra minutes to get up -- and if Dina was here. So that's important that was a man that one's in -- don't all walk in all over here -- -- Nine dollars there and not include and I like full cost -- like like a plastic masters I don't have a problem with him. -- exhibit at a parking spot well. I am planning. To that was possibly. Well ultimately. Pay for anything to report that started. And yesterday. On the year. Thirty years that -- -- hours. See why it's probably two hours why why why have an impressive run -- like you've -- -- a -- I'm a drinker I need you. -- -- -- I'll -- love that is. Not to say boy or -- to -- A long day and -- field though isn't as the red wine yeah Chardonnay guys -- -- -- -- -- but read the back. Red -- you know the class -- -- you know. Politely thought you know and what you know he's got another job go to tonight. -- draconian. YouTube's well again. -- have real down on your dale egregious. -- -- -- -- Paying attention to. The scapegoat well. It. Old school stuff with audio and -- We're talking about quality news story -- like two hours. Ago broke apart little party job. We have a little party. That we majority. That was a letter that it works that dale and -- program. So everybody thought. But that was three years ago where we're -- this is now. I will say this they've got 1980s just over the -- they got a lot more than that. So all the games are on here all the same time in fact I was as I was looking at the 1980s over the bar I was trying to figure out. If they're gonna make room on one of them for me tonight. On NASA and when when the Bruins take. Are -- or rattled by the time this we are done here we will have. You on one of those TDs and just say you know if you if you haven't been here awhile back I came here a -- years of a completely -- this whole law are really not mean it's really nice got there -- green going to feels like old school MGM grand back in Vegas. You know but it's nice and here it can hasn't Buffalo Wild Wings look to it big open area on the TVs. And we have some open -- 88 house right here the baby we got that we got the bar room over the top level waitresses and bartenders. Cool drinks and hot. -- -- entered the champions were born here mr. Torre look we'll talk basketball as the afternoon goes on we'll talk some hockey with the Bruins playing tonight as well but. Let's start with with baseball believe it or not because rob Bradford on WEEI dot com has the story that the Red Sox. -- reportedly would like to get the contract situations of both David Ortiz and Jon Lester wrapped up before opening day. There's another report out there and again -- from channel four has reported that David Ortiz is is closed -- -- report was that Ortiz is close to signing a one year deal between fifteen and sixteen million dollars -- one year extension for between fifteen and sixteen million dollars. I -- she's great reporter and I think it's more of a semantic thing. Gillick read it he won't sign until opening day because their luxury tax implication -- I don't have a problem with Ortiz not a contract extension one year contract that you know we were talking earlier. And you believe it could be two year extension like -- -- While the extension means this year next year and I could see an option in there as well and I don't know about that but I think signing -- Ortiz to wonder then that makes a lot of sense. You and would it. This spring training. From hell for him and me in enough that it matters Iraq but it doesn't matter that it. What did they get that if you think Gator team that's got to its spring training. Is -- batting average. Sixty senators. That -- it is that okay. It's you got that far right over to about -- fix something odd about that is that. We can't say that doesn't matter that turnaround rave about the we talked to yesterday great size one day he's got great marine. But that's the difference -- Michael in in in the case of Grady Sizemore what we're talking about his. He looks healthy he's hit me like he used to. Because there were such health concerns for him I think we looked at it a little differently you're right. I mean we can't say some spring training stats matter and some don't you know -- if Clay Buchholz is pitching great we all look at those stats and -- You know if John Lackey is pitching poorly we can't we can't then say one matter and one doesn't I agree with it. But I think -- with cases and more hate looks healthy hit the ball you know like we're used to seeing him that's. You know I missed that. I was hoping that so doctors to know a great tune into the that this report appreciate that the -- in my guys that got completely -- -- Adam -- -- -- anyways. No it's a -- horribly I think that you were pleasantly surprised with. It -- ability to do now based on it is not playing for so long but if you're at the Red Sox and David Ortiz. Double I want to contract which is kind of subtle in -- populated but made -- bigger deal actually was. -- have bought -- some time. Have you got a mean case that you don't shoot player out here just so -- picture this the right thing because everything. All the issues that you're gonna happen Ortiz. In the future based on age. You kind of seeing a little bit of Tennessee OK it was not the ball because all you -- If you're an athlete in any sport. You can't decide you can't tell your body when it's gonna stop work. You can't anybody it just stopped working like you get out of bed and you can't hit the ball away. You can't shoot it but on the court the way to it hurts the -- you don't have the energy. Deterrence. That determination really kind of get the ruling could speak I speak for two years for two years for years only to only two. Only do so -- that I don't Carolina Washington Washington Carolina. So that the pick your Washington Joseph Gibbs that no different than -- it was also ousted president to. I'd just get a two year deal there I just remember going that it wanted to be here. But oddly you know almost a -- I can they do you like to get through it. My plate showed in the way I was playing. And then and it Shuster did you not try and not published don't tell me how you approached it as an -- still doing everything we used to and I am working hard I would I don't know lawyer or ought to look -- looking back but if you're an athlete no. But it's due to -- -- can convince yourself many okay so I was convinced myself that I was doing everything that I know we don't Iowa polonium. Because I don't kind of prove myself already had two rays aren't everything you need to do. So not -- that Ortiz but my point I'm management. It because there's because I think Ortiz got -- -- these pictures about how good look and he's working now show you are fine. Okay what he was in good shape when he was that he OK so salute to Austin for an -- baseball's long. Not with the long season with a lot of games and to -- after point. You can't necessarily judge somebody orders rate performance in and equated to how successful they're going to be an event. You don't want to back up your point how many people remember based on how David Ortiz ended the year that he started the year on the DL. And I don't even remember you don't even think about it because in the World Series in the playoffs he was mr. clutch mr. everything started the year on the DL. There and hit his dog his opening day was this is -- -- that he was as opening -- But it would limit on the little bit longer yeah it got like this fast guys. -- -- duke down -- -- and how to play to -- when asked -- with a guy like David Ortiz. Because -- -- that David Ortiz Tom Brady. Paul Pierce when he was with the Celtics you know. Right now Zdeno Chara Patrice Bergeron the Bruins. On that level. You can you afford to do that. Ownership and management. It still have goodwill with the players didn't hear about it at some management. Of goodwill we -- Make sure we're counting the big attack. We're doing it and everything that we wanted to do. So I love this atmosphere all afternoon merger just went up by four and a -- Elena -- -- -- -- a minute seven left in a fourteen over three or four. That he did do that as of David Ortiz didn't play the game that you -- -- Christian Tuesday it's gonna wait. How does that affect Ortiz does that affect the clubhouse. If the authorities management. See you know -- -- his case doesn't affect the clubhouse. In the same way to debate things that they said it -- think it would Christian thing here. And that is now all of a buys -- time. Let's see you do I document at the minute he was preparing its own pace and now on talking about. Signing the contract. I forget about the contract extension at 37 years old we're gonna wait to see -- of 2014. Season looks like you know we like it. Then we'll give you another year or two and we don't like it we're not out of 1415. You -- -- well you know it's close to that it is seasonal stuff now I'm trying not to pay attention to all of the animated characters that are actually human occupy spots we have a three year. But he's he's going to be all afternoon he's going to be like oh look the butterfly yet all afternoon August. You hear what Steve Nash said couple days ago I think it was -- two days ago -- nobody's heard he's injured he's just doing it for the money not -- that David Ortiz. But I think just need to be careful if you could buy some time. Why not use it why not the it doesn't hurt you if you sign to an extension in July I'll tell you right and you do I'll tell you why it. Agree with both you guys on this there's two parts one is you're gonna pissed off -- Ortiz you just -- if you do that secondly. Other than injury. And if -- -- as a catastrophic injury that's different but other than injury there is no scenario where at the end of the year that -- There's not. He's gonna get another year short of blowing out as a singular -- it comes out that the the -- so you're gonna do with anyways my point. You're gonna do it you're gonna give him another year if he hit in and this is the screen it would never happen if he hit two on. You outside you give him another year at the end of the year which. The Red Sox would positively but is -- in Denver and little by little that that would never happen if I'm giving you might just agreement. I've gone through it with your extreme here two cases lowest batting average -- that's -- to 38 after 38 or nine two got into an active duty. So he does that. Two to one. 215. With fifteen home run they bring -- back yes they giving the victory tour. Yes yes he -- -- -- solidly he'd get the victory Troy Brown aunt -- pleasant he gets the he gets that tour he gets that thank you for your service. Do your best to mentor the younger players or what but found out what number are we talking about it that's the -- right there. That it and and you're right then then it becomes well maybe save some money hurts I mean electorally. Who cares if they give David Ortiz. Sixteen million dollars of John Henry's money or ten million dollars of John Henry's mom they're not gonna say to David Ortiz looked we'll bring you back for victory tour. But we're gonna pay if you know two million dollars for the year they're never gonna do that. Yeah so my my point is the only thing you're protecting yourself from by holding off on Ortiz is injury. And I understand why you if you wanna protect yourself from injury. And I tell you right now Mercer is about to knock off -- they're up by five with the ball with 36 seconds left. Motorists. It's not just go off the rails equipment you know the questions we ran early and it was Monday. About -- and that guy with your bracket. How many that guys right now or it is moaning -- like crazy because. A ball to use all the all the teams have been waiting -- brackets are completely busted right now. The Who had Mercer. Mercer is. You know or Mercer to have that I would have but you're right there on the second to the New York right now I don't know -- is going to look I don't know. I think that it's it's -- outside and it one of the guys in here and some nice movement justices Georgia yet outside of Atlanta -- What's not in Atlanta but -- -- the ability. To be out there and all I knew I was watching TV asylum. -- president poverty -- mercifully unit in Georgia. Making notes of naked. And then towards the Macon telegraph yes. So that's that's an amazing. If they're able to pull this off -- still not convinced. But it looks like it's gonna happen -- knocking out duke that's a pretty go. But back to the Ortiz thing and like I know that and I I've taken calls from fans and -- about this bird for a month now. Who say don't get the money can you don't have to don't get in the contract that you don't have to. Okay you could play that game if you want what does it help your team does it and I don't think it. Doesn't always -- again I don't think you -- -- certainly before it was called the warrior approach right now go to -- approach. Wait and see. I'd just I don't think. That we know that have to play what game which we did it warrant or in the club that -- after or whatever and play well and he's an employee. You show up you play baseball -- that your job our job is. To hand out the contract to make sure. We were put -- -- team out there I don't think it plays well in that clubhouse. The I -- he's the guy who I think the teammates want that guy with a contract and want that I don't happen you don't an -- comes down to it. Just like he's had a does it matter does it matter if he hits at all -- the matter be if he plays at all does it matter if he watches the team's. From a from a box somewhere at Fenway if it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter you can I keep calm and that's it. -- roars -- it has -- this thing happen all afternoon long which is kind of cool actually be honest with -- Duke had stolen the ball they were down five with twenty some seconds left it stalled on the ball for Mercer and then kicked it out of -- I mean the only thing for those folks who. Racquets probably already killed anyway they just root for the upset at this point when you just sit here having a beer watching the game. And unless you have some desperate -- -- vested out brackets. Interest in this whole -- didn't -- that the top seed to lose you know it does it it is it. Is there any harder sport to handicap the college basketball we'll -- won't -- because. You could be a small school mid major doesn't matter where it is. Even have two guys that can shoot the lights out of the gym and you're always going to be in the game -- it does it doesn't matter. It does because Mercer. South Dakota State. North Dakota State with a win over Oklahoma yes Eisen -- Look we'll take a break we're live at champions here at the Marriott -- down to join us champions Boston at the Marriott Copley Place. C'mon down -- Copley Square -- money on a visit with us have a -- watch the game have some food. I'm gonna let these guys go back and attack that thing over there. -- you order a minute it's here it's actually so it what what word we have word. That's a cornucopia is more like Thanksgiving trying to kind of word hopefully he -- world. That's not what we're looking for the -- who lost. That are out there that that you ordered Noah would jettison that that's down by example or planet have you a lot of things I and you heard the opening thing for him and -- What -- for the weekend it's Friday. In a lot of things have happened this week in sports whether the Red Sox and David Ortiz at Grady Sizemore. Health story. Whether it's the Bruins and their winning streak the Celtics. In their one game winning streak beating Miami upsetting a lot of people. All the patriots Jared -- Seattle city in Foxborough Jewish settlement of it but a lot of things that happen this week. When you talk about all recap it so I don't know what -- to put on it. Failure that we're working on rich -- -- And avoided any boards and he checked and -- or the voice of god will prevent problems get told press that residents have been. Comfortable and those of you wanna weigh in on the -- David Ortiz contract situation are you happy that apparently according to multiple reports. I think they've got a deal done by the way and there are luxury tax reasons why he can't officially sign it announce it until opening day. And they won't announce consigned to the opening game but I think it's done. There's some people that bothers some people that's good thing for we'll find out where you weigh in 6177797937. -- telephone number. We got the text line here but it's sort covered up right now by by Michael scoreboard but we'll get to it as we go along well as well 379370. AT&T text line. We're gonna dive right into the call -- you guys will see what your opinions are and as Michael said we got a whole week's worth the -- that we can talk over with yet. It's Dale Arnold Michael -- Christian -- live at champions Boston. The Marriott Copley Square here and here on Sports Radio W media. Well according to ESPN's statistics eleven million have you submitted a bracket in an attempt to win Warren -- billion dollars. 3.3. Percent of the of the eleven million. Picked Mercer over duke a fourteen over three so 3.3 percent -- you assuming that you did okay yesterday and you probably didn't. Are still alive for Warren -- billion dollars. 7871 final score number fourteen Mercer beats number three duke. And -- you think about it duke has lost that double digit seed a couple of years in Rona the got beat by fifteen seed last year. Was that last night you're you're -- it was beautiful yeah -- that was the Lehigh -- Lehigh beaten -- I was here. Austin rivers. Was not redundant. Texas'. Seniors upperclassmen over one and done every time. And I don't know that -- have watched the whole game just. The last two minutes here I don't know that was the story of but I I think the point is well taken. That's the reason. Other than the fact -- Wichita State. Hasn't lost the game here. That's the reason I'm picking them to have to win the whole thing I think he definitely having your racquet. I have Wichita State with the national championship yes I do and it I'm not apologize. We're picking. A team that has not lost the game. Now I'm not match either I think your dog houses I just thought you would. You don't buy maybe they're sweet sixteen maybe the elite eight they've run out of gas. -- -- -- -- Well let's get like a college met your your I think the Texas College that's -- to the point where. But with a lot of one and done at Kentucky at duke at Kansas. You have some teams that are previously called mid major teams but not so much anymore who had a fighting chance against teams that -- blown them out of the -- Like ten or fifteen years. Well somewhere right now Warren Buffett's -- I mean because if you look at games yesterday four games in overtime most ever in the first day the NCAA tournament. Upsets you -- continue with the upsets today. I mean I think not that Warren Buffett was too worried about his billion dollars anyway but he's got -- recently feel pretty happy about himself right now. I heard its staff this morning from John Dennis that blew my mind ESPN said that there were and I believe the number was sixteen and I may be off by one -- -- But there -- like sixteen people. Who actually went cold for sixteen yesterday. Well I'm not that mean that there are people who pick the sixty to be one right. I mean yeah you have to try to get them all wrong. It what you're trying to do something did you know. Everybody knows that the curve ball's coming -- And then we get past the sweet sixteen is going to be that the last teams standing won't surprise anybody the last team standing won't be Mercer. Right so they know the curve ball's coming to pick you pick the curve ball you know first round of the second round and that's what they're trying to do. It's gonna happen it's just a matter of who's that who's gonna happen to. Now when you when you filled out your bracket you based off that was there any theory like -- you look at it North Dakota State. I don't care nobody in this town knows any about North Dakota State right okay so when -- pick out your bracket and and Nebraska Baylor. Mercer. You do you have a thought process used to I think I usually my final floor why there while my -- put you -- you that I don't know a lot of I used to play basketball. It's like that ESP commercial with a trying to yet they have all the different ways people there that are regain their game we did you have a thought process at all. Based on like how you're gonna -- -- -- doing the about a I'm in North Dakota State had a good football team that really good football team won the championship their division -- national championship didn't know they had. -- The only thing I thought going and I am I don't want the Wichita State in the whole thing. Oh wait I don't think that that picked all the local teams to win but Harvard that you've gone. That Providence. That UMass to win UMass played a little bit and then that some of our biases. Came out. I looked at -- Ohio State well. -- a no win but not I think the middle -- winter games not to go too far a look at a team like with constant. What is there to seat one C five C doesn't matter. They usually play ugly game in the tournament and they lose the war and think they should lose but at the -- earlier and it's like oh my little. Quirks and hang ups with coaches and and and I haven't I haven't. But anti Rick Pitino guys always hit on him and had the opportunity to do it. I'm always surprised at the number of people who hate Mike Hsu Shymanski. I mean. I don't I don't know what he's ever done it makes him -- the team alliance. Under cal Perry I think Dallas area I understand -- you know I understand that. I mean I don't know any accusations that she -- he has cheated the way. Cal Perry cancer heart or the way to you know whoever has I mean I don't know -- anything and other than the fact that he coaches that -- Wildly successful. College basketball team that reportedly graduates kids smaller stuff what's the issue that's part. We'll get to the calls that you guys that 6177797937. Joe's in Framingham as soon as I figure out how to do this take Joseph I don't. I'm doing well -- at all sure. But then you guys left for weeks about what she's up. And listening just recently about the policy and a sixteen million dollar contract. I agree and outside much which please let it. No -- -- What's happening next general I don't want no matter what happened -- sheriff. Ortiz went up next here at what took so long to -- I'm not sure a lot like it's taken so long they can't do until opening day. No I -- I -- but even it up to sixty million today that will be announced today. Get everybody opportunity. This guy. That we get -- market OK fourteen million the next yes no matter what. I think it should just within India made everybody happy and but I don't want to are in inner inspector Scioscia wanting all 180. RBIs 140 games played -- supple. Yeah and and by the way that would be that would be a bad year by Ortiz is standard and get back here -- has anybody get back here for the Red Sox through. But nowadays if -- Latin. Don't you think you guys think that there -- teams hit twenty home runs. It's and twenty idiots -- when he drives and you. And he your cleanup hitter. What -- did that happen but it was gonna handle don't misunderstand that by his standards that be a bad year Red Sox would would want from would want more production. I don't expect that deal. I don't I really truly don't think the team right if he did that I don't think we're prepared but I think the team would be like -- -- before he'd be back for next year. But you're not that you kind of saying that it's going to be back regardless short journalism short of a career ending injury he's going to be here next year no matter. Am on securities laws just take some time to -- Just based on I was just based on how -- you use the -- I'll stop bills are always playing in spring this spring but it can't. Hurt yourself from waiting a month. Why why wait a month while at but I don't I don't understand what you gain your support you think he could -- you don't think he -- it appears that it makes you -- it being. Just what your belief in line guys want to be there but. Illicit here's what the trends come. Here's the books to my doctor Chris you know Christian if you don't expect -- drop in second -- them and I'm thinking about that's not irony Christian just get back -- for -- and hopefully we'll look back to the baseball card is -- -- -- 66 -- that's -- it doesn't matter Anthony is. If your management you have the opportunity. Is that it's just -- Because this year and now it's become a sign him regardless. If it contains the numbers it was David. We see the writing on the wall we love you. But this number that you want for this expansion it's not gonna happen why woody we -- get in the game we want to know -- -- management might want to contribute. We want you to helpless when we don't want to sit on the bench the entire season we want you to do not play at all. We can't have you be a mentor to these kids. Who you've got to take its place -- -- -- and that's my point is all you had to do was. Wait a second. If -- -- the right along like it by car. And you look discard -- seemingly got the got eleven report on a day before you're gonna sign the papers would still -- the car. Which still people -- sport you wouldn't pay full price -- -- -- if they don't like dumbest analogy why they'd -- fine I -- You you and if Clark -- on this guy's pretty darn good compact car parked the car back our Boston and what the car back to the back to the baseball aren't. That's fine but if you found out that -- you know -- -- objects are you cognizant. The brits are okay. The -- and if they argue a elicited the ignition the transmission and drive it but how -- that for. I would -- the car but I would spend the money except no mechanic is gonna tell you that about -- shortly after the. Think I do think it's a fair point. I think it's a fair point. Not necessarily waiting continent because your parents and let -- I don't know if not now you are now you're at in this in the position. Where you have to decide. You you have to sign him to a contract that you cannot wait because of the dynamics of the team because that David Ortiz is. It's important to. The clubhouse is important for the community whatever it would just be a season long distraction you have -- -- but your point about. It in being quick -- who. Is there any great player. That we predicted in their demise we predict report Jim Rice fell off that we say oh yeah Jim Rice is gonna follow up this year yes we. Yes you know not Jim writes yes there is a great player -- predicted the demise. Ortiz for the last three years every year for the last. Dellums and accurately is are great players. That right now whose plan whether it is. Anti democratic you know whether it's certainly Larry Bird. Whether it is. I have mentioned Jim Rice and got some of the icons around here did you just know this is speaking here. The -- is not gonna perform at the same levels anymore it happens that's arguably the employment Christian. Just wake up one day and you're you're not the same. I don't think that's gonna happen with David Ortiz I think that. But I really can't -- certainty I don't think so based on what I saw in a World Series when I hit fill out seven -- Everything goes -- yeah so your management now yeah -- right it's your money. So used car analogy -- use whatever. Okay I have to use the car and Thailand are now and I know I -- like -- and quickly it's irritated eyes that he that he he he looks at me like I just left woods teed up but he failed a component that Clinton definitely today if that happens that you don't want. Both public -- -- I just think that okay so it's the situations on you doubt your money. Okay you thought you're gonna want the -- -- with because you wanna -- too expensive but look on the back of the card this is my guy he's been around regardless and I had a number in my head. Now you're kind of seeing the writing on the round -- the writing on the wall for your -- -- that you believe it now the now what are you willing to do are you willing to give them the same amount. A week yes no matter what bats man because I don't look at spring training numbers and and put any stock in The Who wouldn't at all but what if you are. Yeah I agree with him that puts it was pre season football it's the same as. Really the first three months of MBA. You know when you're just get your work in in in you're just you know recognize at the end or not I tried chose to ignore -- like this one texas'. Have another drink for day and -- and has -- that drug radio crack at. Half past 6177797937. With -- we're broadcasting live from champions Boston. In the Marriott hotel at Copley Square come on down join us all the games are up here on all the different screens it's Dale Arnold. Michael -- Christian Fauria Sports Radio WEP. If we let this -- play long enough we you do the out of the you'll do it on me yet you know of course of course that. Makes I don't know when it comes up but at the unfortunately. Andy's been such a good job cut it up that there's no audio here so there's not 16 what you should do rejects. Here's another story is don't report it would slowly got it's your throughout David Ortiz six home runs you bet that at a all I'm doing is -- my question I -- it's posing a question how does but it is probably out of think about a -- I love the well I think to think about love where -- head's -- right now. I like the questioning. Well I disagree with -- appearance at fun like I like the different perspective I gotta say here's a question reported. -- yes okay so yep college football pro football basketball coaches obviously always. Always a hot topic OK this is pro football in -- in Europe Alabama. And you lose to Mercer. I mean how many heads are gonna rule. Believe it is that just the way college basketball is. College is on the blah limits it Mike Hsu ships these jobs they are. You're not OK -- -- a bigger problem in the State Department now. Now how are you recognized American requested that complement. What -- -- to work at notre vodka. No I just think it is you have college basketball where. Upsets like rumors that are. Are expected. Harper. Going forward when he first term it's expected. In -- -- college football. Division one college football. It never happens you'll you'll see a Boise State over Oklahoma wanted a blue moon. You just you'll see it -- you before they join the big twelve -- Wisconsin once in a blue moon. Just waited and it just just just a technology problems with the knowledge that it's expect. That to back to call tonight cabinets in -- take. They get paid on it helps them very great if you back Mike. It's nice to be back. Deputy guys stay active quick question and they and a point on our comment I guess my comment is. The ownership group over the years obviously winning is the number one car. But what the number two birdies and an ammo or one. And I agree with you you know there's no way to let Ortiz. Pocket in the this year -- -- -- of the matter a couple million bucks so why not just make an app. And give him what he wants this year and you know just hope we turn them out there that your. -- effort here that your back. Look here he is he he's probably in all likelihood gonna drop a little bit. But he still going to be the best option you have as I -- and cleanup there he still -- be better than anybody else you have and that's why. Right and even next year and he probably get a drop -- a little bit more just what -- so -- -- these are that. I still think he played it still think we have to pick up. Or that year but you have to also keep in mind that OK we got -- up and also help our offense and maybe. You know. Have a have a plan B in case or he gets hurt or you don't keep it that produced the way it. He had an -- I'll be it is ills there clearly aren't. I get. I don't think he backed -- that -- direct thought. And happy Obama not. Who. He considered one of the favorites or ER. Yes -- -- a little bit. Every bit the the most recent. And enough that these that the -- all and -- all but the most recent betting odds nice offer. You know favorites to win the World Series and the Red Sox with forward. A Los Angeles was first Texas was second or maybe -- point -- -- forget. And in the Red Sox were third in the most recent when I saw again that is a good question. -- do you what what do you think that their biggest loss. Is that -- Yeah there's absolutely no no I'd say Ellsbury. We think -- death Communists aren't aren't. What you what you call it here and and now Saltalamacchia would you call that a lot of Washington -- -- -- should be about else. So high you look at the loss of Ellsbury. And and that's that's the thing that we were debating. The last couple days. That position. Grady Sizemore or Jackie Jackie Bradley junior do you can you count on Grady Sizemore. As Jackie Bradley junior. Healthy and I'm not healthy -- if he is he ready to hit you know -- ready defensively. And it's better served. As being kind of a swing guy -- center field. To help outsized rewards them right field when Victor -- can play. But if that's your biggest loss in that you're dealing with that that that's the question you're dealing with yes you've done enough because they were. Last year you look at the runs scored their runs allowed. Look at their pitching. There -- at it you're talking about it dominant team in baseball. By the numbers. Nine I'm not I'm not even being the most emotional. The emotional right now is giving you the analytics boring book analytically. They were dominant teams who lost. Jacoby Ellsbury and that's the big question for them if you think that size the size more Bradley. Can't do is get enough. To replace Jacoby Ellsbury yesterday's they have enough to repeat. And let me just go back you know -- do and you guys doctors size doors first time you know he's -- -- right -- and along your -- Did you guys asking about the injury about -- what what he's doing is taking sides would -- say when he went into it you know pretty in depth in depth about you know hot tub after every episode is utterly intolerant -- at any also said to wise. If he was being honest about it he feels better that he thought it would this. Did he says that. -- -- -- it's been better from a physical perspective the aspect I think that's I can I keep thinking about this about his situation now. Green it would be cheaper for this is typically out at the end. Just knowing injury situation in just having that surgery knowing how tough it is to manage them okay so what's he doing. As he is is he ready to do the same exact thing. For four months. It because it gets you what you like I don't do I want -- hot -- and do want to I don't want to contrast pulled out of I don't do it just want to go home. And you realize man. Not doing that date the I I think at this point if you lose two seasons you pretty much know not what the deal is and what you've got to go through parties in 23 RD I don't. Not a big guy on the great. And that that people and don't like and I. Don't regret giving them mind you this real. What he did when he did that all those numbers we hear it right they don't sign right next yeah he hit a bad here. In the way they are loaded two outs and moved -- it would it would have been load I don't wanna put myself in a position Obama and owner. While I don't wanna I don't wanna sit here and and and make roster moves just to keep guys from the Yankees either look this guy this guy is at this stage of his career. Right now today he's one of the greatest players in the history of the Boston Red Sox yes. And and you don't have any reason to cut ties with them and I don't think you are gonna cut ties with them and even if his numbers -- I used to 20% number that the caller used you're still gonna bring him back for next year the only thing -- protecting yourself from his injury. He -- out -- blows out his knee can't play anymore or blows up -- Achilles. Well okay finding your routes and some more of John Henry's millions. -- at the insurance companies millions either way but so what. I'm. That if I have the data from this perspective you know with David Ortiz. Hit a part of the real World Series champions. No mountains to replace Clinton in today. The clip from game to be able blind date or two with that with the great -- and of course. Little chime in there from -- known movement and Torii Hunter and -- I territory how to turn your outdoor better right now all of the critics of the game was over. Anyway you think about. David Ortiz and all the things -- for the Red Sox. The extension. I think it makes it work based on what you've done. And values and do business that way but there are exceptions to make exceptions every business so we're Ortiz right now I'm here with contract. If he is -- -- -- -- go one more year 1516 million and he had a dual five season. You don't feel like. You don't feel like com -- and I was such a waste of money. Because of what he's dump your franchise but this is where the screwed up. If they have that they didn't have the extension they will do they didn't do it's done yet and he hit 200. It's over. If big if they didn't have another year committed to him and he had a terrible 2014 season I think. He would what I really do without being hurt. You're not hurt that makes it even. More validation for you management. If you don't even have an excuse. You know he hit 200 because. He did -- help bulbs -- knee and hamstring now he just hit 200 tonight they can all Whitman. When you have an excuse. Its performance velocity fell off the map. Maybe -- time ago. If we wonder. How the Red Sox received David Ortiz in the clubhouse when we ask somebody who's there. David Ross will join us at 450 today were broadcasting live from champions Boston in the Marriott hotel Copley Square. Will be here till 6 o'clock. You wanna join a 6177797937. As the telephone number Sports Radio W media. Okay. Torii -- hurt.

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