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Florida Friday - Man Has Sex with Own Dog on his Own Porch

Mar 21, 2014|

Florida did not disappoint this week: A Daytona Beach man is charged with Animal Cruelty, an Ocala man threw dog poop at his pregnant girlfriend, and in Jacksonville, a 1994 Cadillac El Dorado was engulfed in flames over a McDonalds McFlurry.

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-- -- dot com. -- is it that needs Florida for a -- And featuring news from a state that brought us some good I think the way T shirt contest for water. Smuggled pot thank you and a lot of great see the Florida kids -- a woman crashed her car this year big -- reshaping her vagina -- -- Cooler dry days -- -- move on WEEI. Another edition of Florida five -- 937 WEP guys. This in the last -- I'm telling you that because he has the best story golf my being here on Friday so this is your first -- -- out of Florida Friday but the the stories we've looked at. We're not gonna do all the which could -- one but would you admit look at these stories Florence -- you go to Vegas a lot Florida's got different people this is. Disgusting. Yes you you -- the -- also are the discussing attract people yet these are actual people actual stories. I'd dateline Ocala Florida who has been this is this a florist Durbin who is this not happen if they -- -- all of us. A Florida was arrested Monday charged with aggravated battery. After he not only punch his pregnant girlfriend but through dog who better. -- Daniel -- 25 allegedly got upset when his girlfriend's dog defecated. On the Florida car she was driving. He scooped up the feces. And a long them while she's driving in her direction. The -- hit the twenty year old got all over arms. Audio Calvin and reportedly hit these seven months pregnant woman in the head multiple times as part not quite as funny but she's driving -- -- -- punching -- yet that she's pregnant. Are you also -- grabbing the steering -- while she was driving she stopped the car and all the road. They hop -- law enforcement officials track him down as he jumped out. -- she declined to go to the hospital but they alerted the authorities but. At the dog poop -- was happy with the dog in the car as the theme here. -- got to happen now when a -- that car is no. My -- -- McCarty. Through the crap right and his pregnant girlfriend while also got a -- gathered to keep to even accountable for public this in Jacksonville Florida. Well at 12:30 Sunday morning out front of a McDonald's. There was a couple of McDonald's and Sabrina mayor was there she's the witnesses as they were going at it in line. -- issue stating grip on this couple apparently the woman. That you want this and that she wanted to make flurry. Or nice screen. Apparently he didn't want her to get a -- flurry. Let's start yelling at a station you know he's not she's not gonna do it don't worry about out of what you get -- -- next thing you know she says I'm gonna blow it up. Disagree Dumars had no idea what you're talking about well according to the Jacksonville fire and rescue it was their 1994 Eldorado. Apparently that's what we grabbed the -- keys ran outside gets something out of the car and I happen to be in a bottle somehow she gets of gasoline out of the trunk. Have been reported all over the car and lift the car on fire. And took off running -- part to a this woman wasn't gonna get a quick flurry and McDonald's this couple. -- -- And get so pissed that she put her husband -- a letter by the flurry that she ran outside poured gas in the car. It blew up in 1990 foil the products are really a punishment fit the crime there. Know what to say no you can't miss gonna be too much probably car rough. Now they should do if you really Matt. -- -- she wanted to shamrock shake you guys had the shamrock shake yet this year shortly you know big match I can understand her blog the cocked the shamrock shake is addictive but -- -- Get that I want you guys talking about. Last week a guy having sex with a dog -- a misdemeanor count of sexual activity involving animals now animal service investigators. Took custody of eight. Large pit bull all of like on the property this dude. Was his yard having sex with a pit bull what's -- Michael Vick or him. And when we get -- judge I don't wanna write Joseph legal guys about record in the would focus on bags you know sex with people. -- yard yet we did neighbor. Guy has been the aug. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well he's not the only -- you violated. That man that man until it went down to Florida the Daytona Beach man was arrested on Tuesday after police say was spotted by neighbors. Conducting sexual acts with his dog. James -- 61 people in charge of felony animal cruelty. So it's it's BP sodomy. And other misdemeanor charge of animal cruelty going to the police neighbors told police on Tuesday they supple having a sexual conduct with his eight month old female dog. It was a female. -- -- -- I was magnolia avenue apartments. When police arrived the dog was amazed seated and had no food water or shelter. What is up with four people and dogs. You ready. These nights eating and drinking and -- earlier tests being done to get all. It's your dogs I mean it's -- mean look it's it's dog. It is a female bigger -- just you know we're not being fair to this. 61 year old James -- 61. -- this guy all -- lord you -- can't see this photo of this guy but. This looks he looks like -- it's having sex with all like now you look at and say they're definitely voting your dog dogs. -- didn't go the way. The men -- a neighbor with a grenade out of predicted to yes on that one now again I stay away from that topic punishment -- -- that's the crime -- -- him I'm noticing a theme -- a lot of dog sex. Weapons we had grenades but also some handguns Lennon naked yes. Last couple years the last two weeks before Friday stories. It is a Florida radio station does like Massachusetts Mondays. And looks the hard dirty laundry. Doing it once a month this we can do this every day for really wanted -- their Twitter account dedicated to stories that happened in Florida that's a great people. On one neighbor cut guy as being the dog. I'm all for the well -- of the animals who you care about the neighbor I care about the well you know -- there that. You should know but that again echo -- can reduce. Again repeated dog what.

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