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Lucky fan, Cam Stuart of Rockland High School, will take Jenny Dell to the Prom

Mar 21, 2014|

After a fierce Twitter campaign, Cam Stuart, successfully gained the attention of Jenny Dell, and now will taking her to the Rockland High School prom as his date. Cam was in studio today talk about how this came about.

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Well Lou not a great seven WEEI. As of Friday everything's on the table we're talking Red Sox have done so. Put a celebrity is walking the hallways of the islands. Guy you look up to you guys done more and his young adult life dollar island Purdue. Yeah a lot of guys -- let's go through what you gotta get him on the air here's the deal in Australia can't Stewart emerged. And we get to him but I got it right but it can't -- joining us right now junior -- -- walk around the hallway. You a couple of buddies and his mom a belief. Souls but which are talking about the only eaten in the media that would get radio. It's on happens to mention him is going to his junior prom and get that may fifteenth this year. The good yeah also epidemics real estate -- -- -- -- -- looks like everybody around how you -- getting built with the year. The -- well was as long process. We were just talking in class one day out thing these things we started you know -- now and now me and a couple friends. And I said wolf you know Michael as did you know -- -- got a Red Sox game NASA from. And the sonic it says. Why she's -- hash tag on Twitter so -- see it. And so we started -- who is hash tags help can't -- referring to any delta from. Got -- to do it yeah and it and we had a tagged Cano at the end zone pick up the characters pretty pretty well but. You know he's got everyone in the school is doing it I was all across the country Aggies from Texas two minutes. South Africa Scotland Australia. Yes and then. My dad nightly TV well. First game of the division series against Tampa we made sticky notes. At the hash tag on and we put them on the T that would put them on like above the -- of Fenway Park. And we actually found out later that she and her friends had seen the manatee but you know we see like pictures on Twitter. It would like take pictures of it on the -- they would come to you about this work. So she actually answered me on one of its -- she asked when the prom was. I was totally fumbling around I had no idea as you know it. Asked everyone I knew is only take about two minutes alike and our found. So in answer after that so we've made this time with the hash tag went to the Red Sox parade. And she's on the duck boats and she -- us. Think she -- sort of mouthing like. You know is that you we got -- -- him as a rock concert. This is sort of say is that you like yeah I have we got all the people around listed. Go that everything. And we had the way -- like the one of the first parts of the parades we have to wait like. Or five dollars for the players and everyone to come back to Fenway Park. And she comes out and one of the people that was in front of us at the rate helping us out directed her toys the and she came over and she's she talked to us that the minutes he said. Will this must be in Minnesota that's in the Red Sox and she said. You know I get road trips off every year it's I think that one are gonna have a few more off this year you know little -- all of the -- -- and already -- -- it's. Good friend yeah. Kim I wanna know how -- on the other girls at her high school girls. But the guys -- guy thing you know I have a -- might be jealous though I am sure the girls the kind of -- you have a girlfriend -- -- I don't know but I say -- ago when aside. In to say no way. I try to -- a Twitter to actually work and yet here you is you data chaperone in this thing there's -- noble. We've actually had most of the male teachers in the school offerings chaperone. So. There are flooding in Iowa like personal chaperone snooze. -- I'm I'm available may fifteenth. Personally show our own arrived at work worker Jenny over nest and so. Is have you talked to -- states. Knowing -- now that we all the old it's gonna -- that -- off talk all the time went way back in the latest conversation had to confirm it's we're like couple months away. Well -- and I was gonna ask from Jenny and she told me to tell him that shall be in touch at the very soon. Yeah news. Yes. Larry it is that's the latest confirmation yet she gave me came out the parade and than exchanging emails and it the last one was like January before Alba. Although controversy swirled and -- it would Simeone here right now get a kick out of this world. She just next to you don't notice when now -- Jenny -- mess and you guys can tweet her talent thanks for that came up on the offer. Have. Have you become warmest -- celebrity anyway but does this raise your status there -- is this what you -- a different. Racquet with people there at the Iraq -- not. We I'm now known as a kid who's taken that -- to the from. That's my nearly up -- I -- unfortunate for US gets extra moment Brooks says no shots. Not just getting. Just joking with -- we'll congratulations man enjoyed you very critical story and let it out very -- -- and -- okay where it or talked. So are most college balls that's good to do that ally of the mentioned this yet -- is that the idea you would. Get the courage. And then spend all that time this is not like this the one Twitter thing yet you're doing on sticky -- you're going to the -- -- just put in the work. This is a grind for you this it. That the -- that you -- taking Jenny -- the prompt please tell me what your blogs over the starting about the talks makes you can't -- ticket jedi Dell. Instead of some girl from your school yeah I think you have to. Splurge Botox and Ohio and I think while it's gonna be elaborate -- stock. He -- -- -- pat -- all he had atop that McCain's giving you know I got to go low for this you know it doves when we get out of the limo off everything. But sky blue suit rookies back. -- didn't ever meant to ask me about colors. I've -- the obvious -- -- it is I don't color dresses now. That's that was the most recent in so hopefully hear back from that today and done -- agenda conferred by -- you're gonna take it to the wrong. People -- -- as it. See Stewart 41 that it wants what is CU they are clues. These do what I -- -- what policies they might post some pictures from the at some point by the way as all of you guys are invited to these pictures if you like company fifteen. -- will hold a we -- Niekro available white may fifteenth sound familiar. That's very important day Boston Red Sox history I heard it was will Maloney stress element among powerful and -- -- also very Smart individual. I think it's both would be about Campbell hey I can't aids scare brought it up the -- obviously very well rounded. This kid to catch any. Great -- great job. I'm not giving a -- -- -- -- she she should be lucky she's going to promise. Junior prom with him can't congratulations. And I have a great time enjoyed a preparation for this and look for the picture. As did I -- -- -- haven't been like scaling -- go to. Obese people -- in -- damper on this please. And I believe chaperones. Watch out for middle Brooks now the worry about now. It is Jenny -- Brian -- -- -- -- now people Conan let's go some way to open up. They forgot to cut off to some legal. Some of the public that. He put pressure Mildred lay out what it actually get -- limo service -- -- -- -- before pushing a lock. Just getting a text and right now we'll get you wanna talk to you while a limo let's go help the scan ballots get this thing got beautiful can't joining us here at studio he exploited -- Dell. Through the probable take a break come back talk -- very I want to -- Adrian Gonzales as well here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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