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Bruins win streak reaches 10

Mar 21, 2014|

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins Mut and Lou and talks about Claude Julien's unique ability to motivate his team. After some conversations in Carolina, he doesn't rule out a return by Dennis Seidenberg in the playoffs. He also touches on NHL expansion, and Tuukka Rask's chances for a Vezina and possibly a Hart Trophy.

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Here Maguire brought to you by Norfolk power equipment and by UMass online Pierre -- Lou good to see you Monday. Very good visibility much good afternoon targeting more acute now on the morning here. Here you saw this team up close on Mondays at big snack gable wanna talk about they've now they won another game on Tuesday night so it's not -- in a row. I give me your take away appear thoughts you saw up close in the -- media you had he didn't have a reinforced up -- -- conversational Monday morning. Didn't have a great game on Monday against. Minnesota but I thought they played well enough away and you know didn't start out very well but given up a breakaway early arbitrarily qualified -- -- -- he really struggled -- -- in the quote -- really laid into him. But outside that I mean you just -- level of consistency -- what they need to defend a lead they know how and they need to generate some enthusiasm in the building and know -- by being physical motorcycle game that tasks on their. Four lines he's sort of burden is that that would tighten even probably a little bit better than most people expect. So that there are obviously great team -- and I just did Chicago the other they would Saint Louis and bought some very much in the same discussion with those -- think. Utopia you're right him in the first few minutes in Burleson -- -- real fiber after that what you said. It's gonna be a good game -- the skating and I think it was it down to the score 41. There's indication I thought it was a good game but. You mention coaches and you know map park just you know this team is ten and all -- been talks in. And -- to address the media vote peaking too soon. Given what you know vocal Julian how does he approach that he's always looking for negative things to kind of keep them on their reg. You know -- the biggest thing with with quotas. Make sure he's not predictable who the players but also that the players trust them and I know the players who trust them but you can't become predictable coat so. It depends on worked for restoration go in terms of practices the potential what you wanna do with mortgage -- a lot depends on your messaging with your game planning. Certainly you can do a lot of things to become unpredictable the coach you player which is something -- -- good thing. I think the biggest thing knows he's got such great veteran leaders that the one thing that really stands out to me. Heytvelt Austin and reminds me a lot of Chicago and a lot of -- -- Huge internal leadership whether church -- -- bird girl whether telling. Whether it's Gregory Campbell whether Shawn Thornton this team is just packed with leaders -- a real positive thing for the group. You -- go back to the -- cal ski comment if you Saturn on the air during the game. When when you say that they quote gets into Matt park -- how does that. How does that look is it is is it his or a lot of ex lives is -- taken him aside -- in front of the team Whittier is a guy Al hunt it's slowed to a crawl back. He did is -- -- please wait -- up. You know you just -- it wasn't reliable detail into the second period make a bad read obviously. Apollo will come down scored bar at the end and bill that they get that he comes up yet we let them have it a hundred from a whole group everybody knew it on the fact that solid play and they were expected some clinical vehicle. Where does he rank in terms of coaches and going after guys is he near the top gear towards the bottom and his aggressiveness again after his own guys I. I think he's Smart about it but they'll give you an example last year in game one of the box and Pittsburgh series Eastern Conference final if you remember of we're back in game one. That's pretty much dominated the first period in proportion to the second and he just went up and down the bench during the hectic it was the first TV time I'll -- interview on the second TD -- -- -- the first TV timeout he went up and on the bench and let you have it. Should you guys are playing it long you let them dictate the terms of the game let's get at the moment start counting them what European political. And from that point on they really did they responded he doesn't do it off the -- -- they listen. It -- you see the entire league getting all west talk an awful lot about Saint Louis Chicago and San Jose and Anaheim at this game here tonight against Colorado. Not Patrick while what he's done up there also beloved ball this -- -- really hear much you've got to focus on the other four out there. There in fact that there were a lot of temple bit curious Jill let you change for real Gabriel and a thoughtful real live gut. Two players that are third period approved for sure warm up play and all that you know I don't know if you play -- The thing -- admire about the group building have a lot of character on defense and that's one thing that's not pocket bottom up it's not a lot of big name. On this defense but it's a lot of character. I'm Eric ought to thank huge felt like beautiful the first overall pick in the saint Louis blues. 210 along just reclamation project he's actually played over in the air before it came back and play in the NHL. He's been tremendous for the nick Coleman is a real good character got. Young it is just physical period in the -- for defenseman not a big named a very good course Turkey and all rolled back -- They get into and out of Pittsburgh. Who's extremely good he's just gradient in your face so they're not real bad in the back and but they have a lot of character and grit but the thing you'll be impressed with his spectacular -- only -- the beginning of the year we have to get back to being the Colorado level that we don't want to be checking -- -- -- -- -- In your face up temple game and the look -- going to be. Here require joining us around a team Monday appear any speculation. That Dennis Seidenberg come back at this team any deep -- the surgery back in December. The playoffs -- go into deep spring and -- -- -- wouldn't completely. Close the door on that you hear any murmuring the Seidenberg might be late this team got the -- Easter conference final -- content. You know what but it didn't hear it in bought and I heard it in Chicago hope -- Alex heard it on the Carolina Hurricanes actually we're debt but I don't want played in a lot of friends there. They came to -- not to be be picked Columbus Blue Jackets. So they Iraq in Chicago for three days are playing their tonight. Without talking with some of the people on the team were really -- with Seidenberg was actually held there's a chance he might be back for the play optional touch record and I didn't hear the -- -- Chicago. What we have seen that -- as a coach if you had a player that's missed so much time and you try to get to rejoin you -- in the Eastern Conference finals will be some of the issues jobs the ice time. You know with a little -- -- be a lot of issues this is an amazing athlete I don't know what you guys nobody's athletic pedigree. But this is the young man they're not really any more about when he was 1415 years old yet to make a decision between playing. Or playing hockey in Germany. And he chose to play hockey to a lot of people thought he could be in Fort -- didn't. So all he had to make that decision he's a tremendous -- is extremely fit he's very strong everybody knows that. So I don't think to be that big adjustment for. The air -- ask you from a league standpoint the globe and mail of Toronto had a good day after -- with -- it was Tuesday. That -- and according to their sources the league expansion not only is being talked about as a rumor but in the highest levels of the NHL. They're talking expansion they're talking about putting eight team. In Seattle I at the league has a pretty good thing going right now they've expanded to markets that have not worked and I just didn't think expansion. Should be anywhere near. Oh what what they -- consider based on that -- the league right now are you hearing about expansion will happen anytime soon. I think expectant coming in that it would have two teams -- unless they get -- Seattle. Think the expected field being anywhere from 200 needed at 340 million dollars -- -- -- -- -- significant remember we lockout this season last year so dealership groups there and only now. They -- it -- he's in the revenues of more than make up for the toughest season of lost revenue. Seattle's of viable market under two potential suitors -- a lot of -- there. And then there's block -- -- a viable market only because tremendous social potential there and they have a new building that's going not solve. I can keep vocal happening in the need to look into the last the other reason why they -- -- expansion and maybe some federal agree with this but. We have an expansion almost a decade and a half. And the talent pool that is common in the league since 2003 is your greatest we've ever had in the history of the National Hockey League. So when you -- no expansion. An amazing resource just how all the like with young players and -- salary cap you have all the parity. I know people like -- games but they also like super teams they also -- prominent super teams. You -- you can't have both now. Cell expansion will lead to a little bit of filter ring and spread more players around -- and it'll make pursue -- you perceived if you follow it during. It's interesting you mentioned Las Vegas because I'm wondering. If it -- -- wanted to -- team in Vegas. Would there be pressure from a -- other sports not to me it's a NFL does one team their gamble gambling right -- went out with a facility at the consider. I will think they're so worried about what you really do because I know the other league you don't worry about the NHL they want to pile driving and child so I don't think it'll do worry about them and the other thing is that I think potentially about dissident like tomorrow or next year to five years -- -- any children look at that because they're such a global sport. That's sixteen divisional over in Europe I really believe that that's something I'm probably not happen. Another not hard and fast but if you go by the ESPN attendance numbers you have three teams in Phoenix Columbus and Dallas that are drawing under 80% capacity so when you talk expansion Pierre. -- one of these securities teams moving we gonna have to brand new teams in the NHL's IDC rendered. -- brand new teams. Seems to that are going to be directed tremendously good ownership and new ownership and it's very good in -- gonna make a mark in the community before too long. I'd be more worried about the Florida Panthers and the other team and only very well that's that he might be the most for anybody to know -- new ownership they just can't get people go to their games. Columbus was going to be fine believe will be a playoff team this year and they've got a brilliant young. -- -- -- to walk on the -- to start the warmup in the state of Ohio in the city of Columbus in particular have a huge. Economic resurgence felt I think Columbus to move beyond that the one they are really worth about 40 really where about four -- You know here you look at the -- grass in the in the -- you know I guess the open bishop this mother named speedy quick slide into that but. If you're any rumblings all the people around here now -- -- will possibly in BP Hart trophy cynical that far consideration. It in the Soviet political -- it -- -- the discussion that they could be a bit of -- reached. You know obviously you look at what -- -- he's been able do in Pittsburgh with the numbers. That's going to be hard to argue against. You can look at what's come on mountain Colorado City met machine to the big thing a big reason why you can look at what's gone on in Chicago. In through that commentator Patrick Kane before I got hurt the other side of the -- reasons why -- And -- elected he would be in the discussion that doesn't mean he's gonna wind up but I contribute and but the business. The technology that we have on for the a portion. Here what's the travel like this week -- and the player and also tonight will be tried on Sunday and I bought the Monday and then Phillies have won today. Yeah a little -- Canadians and then Chicago excellent thoughtful of him until. It's going to be fun ball much on a couple of what they call that they weren't very good night -- -- it was a -- But the brewers are playing that audio present New York. But they're not a lot of Indonesia -- -- -- -- the -- to work often is won the that we can't let you tell the guys in the let's be ready when you play boxing could become an Internet actually. Here great stuff is always appreciate the Kabul talking next week. I love didn't -- -- have a -- we cannot create two out of here McGuire joins us he's brought to you by our friends at -- power equipment and by UMass on line.

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