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Answer the Question Kirk and Mut

Mar 21, 2014|

Mut joined with Kirk for Answer the Question. Mut got uncomfortable when pressed on the number of women he had been with.

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We're also going to -- answer the question mutt but before we do. What does this mean in the big picture. We knew all the first pick in the NFL draft you are subject to a lot of scrutiny what is Billy O'Brien and Houston Texans going to do -- going to go with cloning are -- going to go with man -- the going to go quarterback for the going to linebacker what's the case. What this means. The Texans have made a move. They held signed. Ryan Fitzpatrick. He signed with the Texans today reportedly. 82 year deal. Now it's not exactly clear what that means in the long run other -- probably veteran quarterback -- -- will not remain in Houston. The 31 year old Fitzpatrick as way of background started nine games last year. Previously a starter in buffalo and Cincinnati. And he could started Houston this year does this make it more likely. Or less likely that they draft a quarterback. Does this have. Two years written about it allows them to grab -- and get a quarterback later. What does this mean they go for a quarterback allow him to train and learn behind that Patrick -- like I might. We're here -- -- wrong match up no longer -- in Texan as dreaded ten minutes ago I'll just got traded the Oakland -- records that the deal. Only around you that is on Twitter show after on torture after had that as I was walking in -- and besides -- Patrick and they trade. The year rush -- -- and his job -- I don't know where people those guys. I think that could be veteran back up even against young quarterback war Matt I think that really changes. There's still some mystery about either way. I think it's at quarterback Patrick -- didn't court -- to open the whole time so you think he probably takes board Olson says sit and -- her teleport to watch got a perfect had to hold for free which means it's -- it's a it's a one of those bridging your type of things is -- I'll be your coach you're allowed that after what happened last year about the -- all the debts and Billy O'Brien personality derived Patrick would that team. When that went -- -- Knight -- -- probably absolutely -- -- think again that doesn't get new playoffs. -- in my in my not yet know our widget -- and Clooney. On that team with well match ups gone with -- -- the same thing I know we would with with cloudy there I think he's a better 2014 player. -- better to vessel open date and Connie yeah leaving or or or or putting portals -- as a starter right. Yes she would -- them -- much but it does for. -- quarterback guy's gonna get a quarterback -- article -- tell he's gonna open up your bills trying to. Two out all right all six and six year jointly every -- does he wants to win now. Arterial -- real quick answer the question Kirk brought to you by moxie. The great great people over -- would -- different just like me and no you wouldn't do this but. Little -- or whiskey with moxie -- called a nor'easter. Delicious. And I would match what I I've done it for equally and it's a great actress looking good there. Don't tell him we have the refrigerator full moxie. I would rate of cut the crap you know -- -- we do free moxie. Tonight -- whenever they know what to do -- worry shuffling happens here cannot be the guy in charge of filling your free to boxing well first of all stacked it with the shape it's in literature itself not win. -- baby -- trying to be optimistic. All right guys we'll start with the -- these questions. Bin. There's this list I got all entity you know these are off off I hope this out that often operate their in the night that I really am Allstate C. -- -- -- -- Kirk. You got a good chuckle at -- knows Porsche. What do you drive now what's the duke she used car you ever round. The Volvo right now. It's -- sixty pretty nice goes pretty fast like. Or -- moms Mercedes because. All told. Because -- took the bull -- in for service as ever is that today gee that's did you take the 66 there were not a huge cars -- Report I have a big chocolate. That the guy like you wait the report elect renewed. I like you and did you need like have I wanted it that's yeah mr. This summer on now you know now. The other -- but the great Jimmy could you can get up and -- -- whatever speed you wanna just hung on the other day I think to prove a point. And tell him left after that there yet. I swear to -- he's eighty miles an hour it's it's it's crash somewhere. Over the embankment. Fingers crossed the and a clutch hits -- would get somebody that you are. Game play and Monday and said entirely too -- The numbers the numbers at least for an hour. -- output and fifteen and a half would be my over under so he goes over it it's got the for an hour sixteen -- chew over so fifteen and happy stumble over. What app whatever Curtis said as a joke that's terrible but that they need and a half yeah I guess we can -- -- over the other ethnic is when you. Attacked Jerry in our egos -- more that your anger yeah yeah yeah I think he has. If you and I stand down a little bit and force him to speak more yeah. He's buying time that's -- thinking of his next point. But that type of yet but in my -- traps are in terms of in term crisis 500 times yes you know and I. I'd argue that I had my -- out my work for me it was well I do too. I hear you keep up the importance. Of -- But then -- say -- but it's not China dragon yet at Douglas Antonio Austin master. I've met. -- the I. -- that's a good hi Erica. This is mine but I hear this all the time at the end of the day. People will use that a lot and the other a little bit orbit orbit well you know if if if if it starts. Don't play up to standards and even a little bit. You know but price and it's like the fine. Its ports -- UK and -- hates Tom god forbid you say tonne on the -- they are a lot of -- on the economy that the latest. A top -- tried -- driver analyst and a coward coward says -- -- -- in the Euro perhaps hundreds aren't going to hurt another nice to see you know this is a quick out questioned group called the view. Com. -- the two if you would arm wrestle. Who would win of weights and he -- the gym every day that's not even UB. Do agree that yet there was -- longest and thrown I get smoked again arm wrestling match. In my that -- took some pipes talent to find a way debug monitor HGH account history for one family which the four Boston major sports would you most like to coach or manage Jesus Christ these questions now the good ones these are generic -- yes -- -- you go first. I get to coach or manage what I've always thought it's on BC's socks or pat. Patriots. -- more difficult John. I don't know where uniform it's a market are also at RX uncomfortable. That -- the Celtics coach why would you say this -- basketball Josh suits like this you have a beautiful. Who actually Milton -- more than Matt but I would I would dumb. Like where this coach the patriots obviously -- where this that you know Jack about coach in football that rod rust. Stand I have got about this on yeah -- and it's epidemic all right -- -- -- ready now. Could be better off you be more well suited its unintended. To be in a suit on the sideline of a basketball -- date code that you would know MBA little babies what I HL easy -- their suits and against the boards let everyone else make -- line changes with your arms across like. Called state -- the -- knows that these systems -- what -- into the NFL. The -- here this is the color correction data secure and yeah it's all hyped up for all right so you. Name three people. On Twitter that you fall that others could follow as well that two people -- -- That's what happens now I thought when I well. Well the first on the segment happened I was there is a beautiful thing was foxwoods right the first time he had -- out the famous December was there but there org there were questions they were of course it's produced ever regret that great night before world goofy. -- was driving back to the airport -- -- last seen. You're definitely in fox it's funny you that was. I -- questions about. This but -- mothers hotter with the texture. -- -- mom the party I've met this has been and she's the ten month. Equipment closet caught up. What was what was she loves Charlie -- when she's pissed that it get a book for yesterday from moral codes have you ever call occult book she got anywhere -- and maybe -- -- was I wanna step on your toes when we shall we should -- degree one that's on don't ask to be outside and it right Jermaine Wiggins human right. Right dared Michael which -- That's the books to -- Africa with a solid across its Tyler you can drive people drove you around -- where you drove us in the oval is -- Colvin had so many groupies at this event last night they couldn't uphold that spokesman -- when we talk and everything. Young old men women and everyone I'm Alex by our Google books in the hands and -- read everything. Or die and get the new and missing you and Eric -- -- to a bunch of people text of this during the show how many women he slept with. It's in the single digits. You want to make flawless. That that's not answer it's 444. The -- war. Not going over that. Today your wife know -- -- by include heart -- five this four. This -- all UConn. Some larger which restores look at you. And a war. That's the number yes how about this you will be honest. -- you say yes he's got his deer in the headlights look at it apple say I'm not see this is because of -- -- don't -- on exhibit that's not a permanent commitment and an amateur at a we'll be don't be honest be if you had asked -- -- Elliott LL. Is that a trick question now. Have either have you ever paid for sex yes. I have not now. That. They're -- not to say no I'll tell you what though -- -- single yes and -- guys. Only god living in Maine yeah winters yeah Matt -- music yes and paper. All right -- I'll give it -- words before we go to break it's going to answer the questions that neither one that you would answer we will go to break -- you know -- The -- you double your -- So modest two. Actually quadra Pete backed assets that a fair now. Should I have to skip this for the -- -- one. I'm not knuckle down that road that -- lovely wife Jessica is one of the one of the ones and a couple of that golf is. Still you know may flowers only proven that they -- -- that's actually. The time you pay a -- a blow up in that situation daily double. Mother and a wife. -- -- -- -- Right for the final -- bigger -- -- -- -- at the beginning to witness on the 93 well it's a larger gonna give us yet -- -- gonna be the last two words in here before we go to the break it's gonna answer do you think about going to answer the question that neither one of you would answer. -- --

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