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David Ortiz's contract remains an issue

Mar 21, 2014|

Kirk and Dino discussed the latest from Fort Myers, does Papi have a deal in principle?

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At the -- and ASCII is the commissioner of the WEEI. Office -- sure he has. We have that guy in charge of keeping score on all these bracket and I gave him money. You can save your body -- body. And then what 6060 bucks never -- it would happen. Baby bug you wouldn't that convenience store and beat him out of big -- back cowboy hat and a little -- -- thing. And some beef jerky ethnic you know what I think are techsters Kirk to the AT&T Texas. Have have have gotten. Have except the challenge. From yesterday we said. It's amazing how from time to time some real stupid people stupid comments pop -- on the AT&T text I was used to write what I said I said one out of five. And you corrected me. And said it's a wanna fives right it's an episode and I'm -- about it -- don't back up now it's the -- you're the beat by 20% as the -- percent but -- 20% -- Smart that's. -- well I noted. At the I don't think so now there's a better I like this film is about the new the new name for the -- showed Dennison and now and minute hand. How about Kirk in the jerk. John Dennis and -- and -- right. You believe some of these injuries you think people just. Once suggested that the injury I'm gonna tell you about but I accidentally. Fell on campus I got to believe. Guys that he got injured rib. Pulled a rib was out for two weeks from holding in -- -- -- at CNET we've had we have had a couple wiping my but. Scenario one guy said he pulled a muscle. Wiping his ass. Through store how was that and another -- -- he dislocated shoulder ball wiping his butt. I was an usher you know it was sausage maybe the goal Iraq. That's what that's -- should say that up to reap better too. -- -- adamant out of toilet paper one point -- a reached directly behind me to -- on the back in the toilet and I. I almost separate shall exercise seesaw she's a couple wipes and saying he wants this to work yeah I overweight. -- you at the -- that adds there's those that smelled the contrary. K up mind very quickly yes we get to with a regular -- panic or not about spring training statistics. I was I don't know eight or nine. And did you used to go to like amusement parks repealed a class you're right -- at the end of the year have jacked up you get to stay the old school today were going to in -- it is in Pennsylvania Kenny would -- how -- was that from where you're. Half hour to get on the boss of us used to spread Eddie's right ST person shall shall -- it up well. All jacked up get up and -- were parked. And we we -- in it all the tickets a sort of stuff. And and we said. We wanna do you know this rollercoaster first and then we will not immediately go over to some other place to another ride. And is a big dude was leaving the park still exist and it would park and have a railing around. But to prevent people sitting on this metal railing they have these little. A steel. Triangles sitting on the top click to see some place in in bug garages within these little -- with the pigeons can't land. So it's these these little. Things that stick up on the originally to prevent you from certain that which is sitting on the railing so my friend. Jimmy. -- -- And I off the bus we -- virtual coaster ride and now were so excited and jacked up we have run like hell. To the next -- and tried running. Along with along the -- as I'm running I put my hand out and jammed off right through my right hand off five minutes into my amusement park day I am not so they bring you back -- -- -- -- -- the -- and is that you should. It is like six or seven but like all the way and in my hand -- -- X six hours of of a -- plan right we're trying to you know cram as much to -- weekend so we are running from one right to the other steps -- -- -- I would I would. That age it's a big to big sort of -- up I called my mom and them becoming yet. Oh. How far by the time that there could go back Michigan. -- So operation that would go get a shot some initial operation and it says it's in west Mifflin west with -- -- -- you know is still operation -- All right so we went to brakes and -- a tamp down. Our expectation and fears about spring training where we are going to. Whip them into a frenzy and by that I'm talking about David Ortiz and the stories started to make the rounds in -- Gordon needs writes about it today. Just to be statistically. What's going on David Ortiz has 32 at bats. To get you think yeah. For whom he'd love to help for cut that in half while three. At that. A math major -- and two hits in 32 at bats he is batting 06. The three. Guys. The people the stars of the Red Sox were doing better than David Ortiz Shaw. McCoy. Butler. Loyal Gibson. Henry Vasquez -- why heart cousins. Brown Guerrero. Comes Snyder. Mean all these people never heard -- -- having a better spring then David. Two for 321. Home run to RBI. And ten strikeouts -- old 63. Is OBP. Taking yes. 140 dollars or one point one at 443. Is slugging percentage is 188. In his OP yes it's 330 but this is the guy. -- -- Who. Added 688 I think was -- -- in the postseason for the last time we saw David Ortiz. Playing baseball and anchor he was doing very very well eleven for sixteen in the World Series. You care about this does matter to you. An MM -- maybe the knee jerk reaction would be of course not it's spring training and David talked about the -- me. He said I can never hit in spring training ever. He said the thing is I don't really give a crap all -- loading music crap about spring training I don't put a lot into it. That may be the case but at some point one of the spring training is going to -- 38 year old guy. Turning into an April enemy in a June we've seen actually evidence of that in the past where he doesn't come back out is it time for Red Sox Nation -- site. Is the David of last year is the David of all these past years now on. I'm trying to be reason because I do believe it doesn't matter much to him the numbers but. The agency concerned yes out I don't think it's gonna be. Used now that it's going to be Jim Rice to falls off a cliff. But one of these years is going to be dropped and maybe this is the start of that here I think that's fair. To at least be concerned about heading into the season up based on thirty -- just on the each. And the percentages of guys at that -- still producing at the numbers he does nobody does guys at that aging guys at that size right right -- And I'm assuming that's old Ortiz is English elderly right I would go with that I'll buy that for now although my suspicion but I think that Ortiz is. Obviously it was the concerns this team down the bottom. But I think that you know. I -- worried about Abby award having the season anyway the but this is something it's gonna you know keep jeopardize -- John Ferrell but I think when I look at guys. Who can -- as good as they were last your forget spring training Ortiz won those guys -- it won't. Correct he would be one of the ones you with -- would be trending their sharp pop popular word a little bit down there I mean it would be to be expected. Do you think the managers concerned not probably I mean probably I think he thinks he probably has the same things and anyway he's going to be. Had a 50% worsening was last I think the manager is a little concerned because that's part of your job is to look at your guys who were underperforming and try to help them over perform or perform better. And and the ones who are performing well obviously to keep him where they are. But as a manager's job also is not to save your concerned -- your star slugger. John Farrell said he has had multiple conversations with his 38 year old designated hitter. I am not concerned with what David has done through thirty at bats you watch BP. The bat speed is clearly there and the powers there he is seeing pitches he's going to get more every day at bats starting Sunday. The remainder of camp so I have no concerns with -- -- it is without. Yes but they should dues paying them to get this office office -- maybe that's the distraction that is that they these guys are right people called us for weeks and said. This will be distractions affect his performance the right. So you think that fifteen million dollar -- will will buy him out of his -- I think that's fifteen millions gone because feelings are hurt now it's. Eighteen or night. I'd ask you this would you take would you sign right now if you're John -- For Ortiz 130. Games. 25 homers. 85 RBIs to eighty yes I think when -- do that it I think so I think so yeah yeah I think that's you know so. I think he's not gonna be a -- it was lash -- because. And at that age in in the post steroid era right -- Nobody else. Do you think the deal is done do you think the fifteen million dollar eighteen million dollar extension stunt is will we spring training. It got all quiet after you know David's little bit about maybe I'll buy -- pay all this stuff. I look you know the jury and actually what. This is done within 48 hours we may not know about it until after opening day because of the luxury tax ramifications. I still think that probably the case but with -- here but it's not let's just say they said David David don't worry about things. Will do the right thing by you we talked you get this thing taking care of who does the season starts as opposed to signing now putting -- were announcing it after the season let's pretend it's not done. Do -- watch this I say he states where it is. Oh batting around a hundred spring training you break camp. And he starts off as he did was -- two years ago. Two or three careers ago where he had an horrific April and most of may before it finally snapped out of the -- Right do you give him the extension. I think that probably still would call I would give it to actually -- to I think they would you know. Even -- this performance is as bad as it is. You'll think it would have been cause you think David has such a stranglehold yet on them as the face of the franchise. Red Sox ambassador yeah that a guy that is not even performing in spring training. Gets -- extension whatever the number. As -- six. You know -- probably. I think in I think and I do think it's done anyway I mean Ortiz -- I think it's dumped back to Ortiz hasn't talked about at all and since then indicates a system between yesterday. It needs or maybe -- -- the key donor tease her body around. By the batting -- very very different. Yeah a couple weeks ago a part of those notes he noted that the reason -- We haven't Ortiz complain recently is that there's likely deal in the mix now he seems to -- that I'd say most connected people would say that that is the case aren't Denham. Do you regret this. Now based on thirty spring training scum and note that. I mean. Not know if it's amazing he's doing this shore but right now I think. I'll by Ferrell he says Ortiz has gotten spring training in the bad yankees bat speed looks fine Ortiz and -- We believe were keys that give a crap about spring training -- this one's career. That's fine and I and I guess -- the deal is done and will people suspected is they would just you know whistle past the graveyard -- -- you know David just to would David -- dude get ready for the -- part of office. Really not but I'm just a lot on its opt out deciding whether to pay the fifty million stamina and that then you're not in the Red Sox by -- you're watching street thinking boy this might -- the -- I think John -- at his word I had a bit but he's swinging the bat okay. The bat speed is there he is seeing the ball well use you know binding and and and identifying pitches. He's just not hitting at this points off like Ferrell at his word but I think the better question is. If he continues like this and the deal isn't done with they have the balls. The stated David -- what. Wait on. We wait on. Man would there be an explosion. From one opening day in Boston after the comeback from Baltimore probably not even wait till after ball Ortiz would fines would go off yes -- -- some it would ask him what's -- the contract and go apps you would go off yes I talked to David in -- hey David good morning. -- guys data are well. That's great I don't believe that Artie is committed at the ticket into consideration. I'll -- that makes a remark -- he that we get the wild spring training. That's an insult because I can each get what he needs. To prepare himself he's OK but he's watching you eat. You know he had a great seat -- -- entity. At all but it entity entity Altamont. He's not gonna be able to handle -- well. It's all been in a questionable. And yeah -- probably because. I am somebody who Dominican. Who told me and started out about it get into. What you say you think he's diminished when last we saw him he looked anything but diminished in -- -- in Hercules out their during the World Series. Correct -- question. Had gotten into age and if you want any money that help -- the performance -- -- at that age at that I Libya. -- It's I think -- -- I think we all have thoughts on that we've all speculate that there's no proof from -- my guess would be I -- my -- that I had David. -- my guess would be yes on that but we are. We must remove from Ortiz having the greatest one of the two or three greatest post he's about the history five by artists I've five months removed the fall. Entirely -- a cliff in those five months had based on thirty -- retraining at bats like. Can't pay dividends and I would take issue with the first thing you said about -- he should be embarrassed for the Red Sox should be pissed off that he said he doesn't give a crap about spring training. I I think anatomy to put words in David's mouth. I don't think he means he doesn't give a crap about. Getting ready and doing his work and lifting and running in saying -- shape I think what he's saying -- I don't give a crap about what my results of my statistics aren't spring training. I didn't go to camp. He's been fluctuate been able to get -- -- the question you really hear it in the hole. I think it Mathieu the one that you've written in here well. What you need to come -- the reality him and at some point at all. They get -- they usually -- and and I enjoy it last year and I don't think what you're gonna you know a year like that quite a while. What makes certain we'll see your like that Euro terms of the world's yours in the overall team thing and you may not ever see another year like that from from David Ortiz. But. But the fact is. Crux of the argument. About he's going to get old was at the center of that three week discussion about whether to pay him or not right. I think it's I think it's ludicrous the game we knew how to get back in a valued -- three weeks I don't but this is this may prove to be sure. On the side of the people said what should logic as opposed to a motion. Red Sox front office ownership decide -- you're going to do with -- horse -- logic would say. Bring back your pay him fifteen million dollars this year. See what happens -- -- may be in April or may -- looks healthy bodies rake it and doing everything he did last year than the red -- what would be the problem with waiting and is now on the you know the notre says oh he's our big poppy -- -- harper and we don't wanna get pissed off give another fifty million dollars now the old thirty. For a guy who theoretically could be done probably not but theoretically can be. I would wait as a that I am I think Jerry said the same thing our IP and you said the same thing Jerry stole -- that there are your RP. Is that that basketball or Europe guy. That brought me there are yeah I was score yeah yeah. Yet but if Ortiz was hitting. For fifteen spring training with the city. Dumps that's true I mean you know you look again in the world European too damn logical answer what. Still makes on the do this again so I don't -- I could never made any sense to me I understand my fans keep them. I understand fans are gonna say the sister spring training I get that actually with them on this one but it it's the mid LeMay -- still struggling. He's got a fifteen million dollar deal for next year I think that's a good that's a fair question. As I recall what -- -- wrote Boston Globe march 9 of this year it's sort of underscores. The idea that a deal is done and that's why David is chummy. Around the batting cage will Larry and that's why David hasn't said anything to anybody about his contract but nick wrote. Dave Ortiz doesn't talk much about his contract anymore. I think there's a wink wink. Will take care -- -- that perhaps has been communicated. To him there's at least that neck out if I dare I think so there's at least that. If there were not that we'd be here for. Dave -- to be big as you know every day this. You know million guys down there too mossy rob yeah nick Eads all those guys TC Abraham even. The -- to Ortiz and after the joke around them Ortiz treats him like he's one of their friends and get all excited about to begin around asking him about the contract every -- area I'm short so if you were pissed off about it you think Ortiz. Of the discipline not to go nuts to use your phrase gun to your head do you think it's a wink wink or do you think there's a contract in the roar. Oh I think -- -- -- innings they've done -- -- waiting for it to be I don't believe the second week of the season. Art 6177797937. Com. We said early in the broadcast at 6 o'clock of the things we learned yesterday. We've gone after a few cities that we've learned that A-Rod is he scumbag you so accurately and quickly corrected Kirk that we already knew that. What happened yesterday just reinforces that we will get to that and headlines as well we will also. Ask you to continue to submit your questions for Kirk on the AT&T text like 37937. Com. Good suggestion. AT&T text like about our -- -- tuning it remarking Jerry -- long year. Oh he's going to be back on Monday or not. Apparently I. Would be you do the three. Or what I've read that yet. But we made the point that juries were trapped in his is the isolated. But exactly letter that is going to be. But yes but this is good and so on if indeed he rises from the grave like Lazarus walks in here. We gonna -- game. Have an injury keep track of how many times Ares. But we said that we set at twelve and a half. Here's my concern for -- my concern record is the idiots on the -- -- Now. We can turn off if it's you'll get help themselves. Cannot be worse I don't know whether -- be worse but he can't help himself. It's just it's like he bites his nails exactly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So shall set over under twelve map liberties at -- in the -- -- -- -- everybody -- -- but the numbers right. I think -- You know you to -- -- -- I won't have to destroy that number -- -- close for real. We -- -- I don't know who's gonna be. Out. Did you play. If he's jetlag -- can -- -- use it more. You know some people -- just unclear in the concept would you agree. -- Yes I agree with sausages hot spot is right is going to Bob -- And I Mexico I 9068. -- -- were talking twenties but no kidding I think you're right he said earlier we realized off yeah well and then that might. Be a bad idea not a good idea on the AT&T to excellence which should be drinking game for people at home. Every time Jerry says but but take a shot all know apple blow it by what it is your. Have a day off. Sure wouldn't want to listen to show you're working well there yeah advocates. They out Monday may twelfth I want to circle that calendar in a circle that date on your calendar in red that is the date of the seventh annual paint the tiger's golf tournament. To benefit the Jimmy Fund. And as presented by our presenting sponsor of the fine and very generous people at foxwoods they've got a ball big time and we thank you for that. Monday may twelfth. Pines course longest golf course in North America 8300 yards at the international in Bolton. Each foursome will be paired with a -- in the PGA LP navigate this very very long golf course the tame -- tiger funds up. -- patient activities for children undergoing treatment at the Jimmy Fund clinic. Part of that as Christmas party of some of the things that they do but it's the fun kind of medicine can be provided that won't be dead in the infusion. Part of that is -- server I should take six weeks. X 45 kids every single summer for the last eight or nine years to Florida. -- weekend at Red Sox spring training they're just back from it -- had a great time. That long weekend they are not kids with cancer their kids just having a great time in the sun it's like treat them nicely and it cost a lot of money because you don't just -- 45 kids got to send. 45 caregivers as well it's one to one combination because these kids are having some medical problems to talk about a traveling party of ninety that's very expensive and that's what tame the tiger does. You've been and any of this your previous seven. You know what I'm talking about it's quite an event and dvd to visible what's gonna happen at the event but I want to go on aimed at tigers dot org right now. And sign up and join us out there you'll be glad you did. We gonna give you some early registration incentive banks were presenting sponsor at foxwoods. Anybody registering before April 1 will be entered to win a stay luxurious stay at Foxwoods Resort Casino. -- -- Headlines next. -- hundred and I -- -- and L. -- -- I'm almost pulled account there about a England beat the -- call. -- don't call -- now headlines next --

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