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Michael Holley, Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix - Hour Four

Mar 20, 2014|

We spend some more time on the Celitcs, and how Brad Stevens was the right man at the right time... which leads us down the path of the NCAA tournament and who potentially could fall to the Celtics in the draft and help them begin the process of getting back to the top.

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Fourth and final hour of our little get together here on Sports Radio Michael Holly's right over there my name's Dale Arnold Chris -- Sports Illustrated SI dot com also see among -- Comcast sports net he was said during the pre and post game coverage last night with Kyle Draper. Celtics' big win over the Miami Heat. How dare they dale big win how dare they would again want them to win now and I'd just as -- they lost but that's fine and you'll want to cheer Taylor. -- -- or vandalism are okay. Obviously before the game you think it's a loss even without the problem without -- you think they'll lose -- Tell me where you were Dale Arnold. Where you were emotionally. Seven minutes left in the game. You get caught up in an absolutely I I admit that. And if I was in the building a bridal dress I -- -- completely white people much earlier on in two or three weeks. Go to a recognized as a mid range game third this. All right Avery I didn't -- that that -- You know. You mentioned your -- how much would you paver -- -- a lot but a lot. Well. Per year over let's say four or five over for five years -- give Avery Bradley and turn it into a six million dollar players -- getting him one that. Was really some anymore but what ten now. Eight between seven and nine are 79 million. Remember Lance Stephenson also afraid of the summer Evan Turner also freeze in the summer the bar. Might get set for Avery Bradley early. It up -- -- to once again like eleven. Maybe even higher. See that just tells you if somebody gives Lance Stephenson I know I know how much -- love the pacers are getting you know -- a little bit recently put. I know I think they're getting a lot of love. -- why would -- pay lipstick and Lance Stephenson won't make any type of real commitment that's fact that's exactly the kind of guy. Who would take the money and then you would use performance -- self I think if the. I wouldn't give comedy but he also -- him but they'll look at Bradley is gonna get about you think about I I between seven I think gives 79 million dollars over four. 458 probably five year deal to Boston for years obviously somebody else. Is he back panic yet I can't iPad still wrapped my arms round this is -- kind of guy you love on the rookie contract. But once he's making eight million dollars PS with the baby making eight million dollars per year. He stopping like -- you gotta give me more you gotta be 816. Point per game five assists defensive stopper type guy is Tony Allen. You only makes like four million dollar pre -- he's not offered to play there but. Right well that the question with with Avery Bradley is still very young young player when he finally -- just -- first year thanks and that came out after his first year and a and it when he arrived as the guy who. Out of high school with a number two -- he was just an -- on wall he was a stud Q was right there I mean he was he was highly rated. One wanna Texas. I guess they were disappointed. A bit but -- the production he -- -- had some injuries there. That that's a long -- they're not sure what is I'm not still not sure what he has yet and I love the defensive intensity. But there have been some slumps there too porous defense yup and just when you think -- He he has to be a lockdown defender to earn his money he goes out last night and showed you a surprising shooting touch from from the three point line. But Chris you understand -- -- we we have learned as NBA fans we've learned the you've got to get really bad nor do you really go right we knew that the reason that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were all last year was so that we get really bad. And this was supposed to be that draft here this was that magical draft you're as good as there's been in the last ten years and there's -- there is a stud waiting there. So it's self expand your thinking man the -- we all are. The -- we've Paul the better our ping pong ball chances the better player will get. And so I understand completely wife and say in commodity we want we want to be good again and and the the worst player we get the longer that's gonna take. I think it's very easy though to be good again picking seven batteries. I think it's all about the guy you identifies being great. About the biggest moments in celtics' draft slash trade recent history sale last fifteen years. Biggest Mormon in the draft Paul Pierce when he was drafted what 98 at what your overall -- overall yet. Right there second biggest acquiring Garnett in reality with the whole Puerto -- that you currently average year up so -- -- -- wind up for the seventh overall pick in the draft. You can get a franchise shaping player. With that pick anyone that says. They are sure that -- Texan is gonna be a superstar. Well there shore into Wiggins doesn't have the killer instinct to be an NBA superstar have no idea what they're talking you cannot make judgments on these players. When they're 1718 -- result it's just. Not possible so the players that could Muster up government's number do you like -- I (%expletive) I mean look it it but it's very. It's very easy to just. You know put these guys to tears and say RTA is top five Randall -- some. Wigand's MB Parker -- BS market Smart in -- and all these other guys that are in the apple we don't have any idea the best player in my opinion this past year's draft. The great free to Milwaukee on a sock them. Taka pogo whatever his last album do that again. I went to sort out last week and asked what does Soriano yeah it gets about all of our quest remembering what about a question number one how you announcer today he told that every PA announcer Italy which -- name. -- It does introduce him. Jonas yeah I have yet it like a tape like what's the native Richard der Jeter was years -- I guess my daughter that are set -- -- the currencies and to -- pole day ago. I spoken Saito that five times as the -- I can't say that what you were talking dale. What was it Monday or Tuesday when I -- is stuck to take that long for the Celtics to rebuild had a collars are about to take that long. And I -- if you look at the assets that they have all the first tropics. -- a first round pick the next five years nine of you've got more than you -- news you've got 810 million dollar plus trade exception up. You've got a free agent class of 2015. That could potentially include. LaMarcus Aldridge to what will include LaMarcus Aldridge who could potentially include. Kevin Love and -- could be the project could be. So you think about some of the things that you have there. I do marked. It is a huge -- -- Celtics. Acquiring one of those top flight free agency not gonna get a free agency they're not -- don't think anybody you don't like a good a really good player. Coventry has got how how the team in the city in the shape that it's in right now so are you disagree with the quote from where grows back where he says I know we traded. Per KG dictates he had to agree to come here I consider that kind of like a recruiting a free agents. It's welcome I mean. Some serious convinced him to get Kevin -- at wanna come here in the first place yeah I did ultimately. Decide to do it but wasn't an easy decision for I think honestly I don't wanna put false hope people's heads but. I think Kevin Love is really realistic via trade mean Boston has so many assets like you just mentioned. To play with and at some point Flip Saunders in Minnesota if next year they don't get off to the start their open do and Ricky Rubio still looks like he sort of walking that line between average and good. On day apple straight they cannot like Kevin Love walk away for nothing when he's on restrict free agent point of. -- I almost thought I was almost ready to accept that it's it's going to be tough to bring free agents the Boston you know they just won't come here. Until I saw Dwight Howard go to Houston. Special circumstances. Well we hated everybody you know -- articles so think about that. I can't quite Dwight Howard went from LA the lakers lost the guy that they want. He went to Houston. And it's a backwater -- at the very it's a big market. With I think about what fourteen downtowns in Houston -- like and had a came Olajuwon recruiting for you and you had Yao Ming recruiting for you. It yet Kevin McHale there all the things -- played James Harden do you think come come join us. Houston why why not Boston is my question I think a lot of us do with the team that's in place it's it's you know you not Kevin -- is not gonna say all right. If Boston was one piece away in the -- gaping hole power forward. That may be. Those -- the good news is it's not necessarily an aversion to the city of Boston is the -- if it's at two wells and the different players want to win okay. So if they if they are in position. In 2004 let's just say they're getting into. Graduated in Asia we talked about the so off the workers. That second -- Huge in the first round Q -- state certificate Doug McDermott and injury segregated -- soldier type player Doug McDermott and -- Parker. And they went 41 games next year now Gordon 2015. Feel like cap flexibility. They'll have all bulls' first round picks. That's Oliver draw. Morbid draw yes and I'll get a -- I still think though your best chance to getting Kevin Love is to acquire another solid tennis would -- that. Now you have if you're in a way -- more money I don't Kevin a little bit and I talked about this. You know his future a few times and he wants to win really -- like he's been in Minnesota and he's dealt with the of them losing the first 67 years of his career he thought this was going to be the year. They showed some upward mobility that they show that they could develop into real contender they haven't done that. So if you trade to Boston. In Rondo is here and Parker is here and that second round pick whether it is Doug McDermott TJ warrant from NC Stater agreed to grant from Syracuse. That could be reason enough for the State's not a slight chance to team yet but that's a team headed quickly in that direction. Let's get back to the calls have you guys been in Cambridge event. They had made it -- -- some perspective on making it actually greatly burden from Philadelphia just yet talked record and their -- and aggregate. They executed -- -- -- -- state perfected yard -- that but I gotta tell you it's psychologically -- taken a huge hole in the stands there accused. I mean great debate had a bad for awhile but it. It's something we're taking that add. -- -- -- you don't have a lot every time you know like I get there really appreciate the way that Stephen has been coaching at that they're on to win. And and that I'd rather you know they have a bad record bitterly. Trying to make any effort in getting in between -- You know like it doesn't -- break understanding the player as well. Yeah I I agree -- I think it's Stevens is maybe the biggest. Thing a book based posited by the season the way that he's developed as. NBA can you recruiter at the NBA level the way we thought Doc Rivers was for instance was Doc Rivers really a recruiter the end of the day. He has but what -- -- recruit. The really get a guy tonight wasn't gotten about what what do I lose those and got KG to comfortable. Okay Tyler was on who. Is on -- that are gonna start I don't I mean you know tie Lou. Doc. It was a big part of it Chauncey Billups right not even here -- -- got Rasheed Wallace as well but no -- got to look at it now. Doc is it is such a recruiter that he actually got recruited in his current to operate and -- Chris Paul. Got Vinny Del -- out -- got Doc Rivers hired. And I think I think Danny Granger and whatever I mean I don't know how what what -- gonna at the clippers but Danny Granger and and Clinton baby are there right now and -- not -- Let Davis had operatives in question art I don't know if it Bret Stephens is it is a recruiter. But that the bigger question to me is. How does it look and attacks are brought this up earlier I'd love give you credit but -- -- -- two -- three hours ago but. You know you are and you know how Smart sure -- techsters. There's no pressure. There's a pressure Bret Stephens right now. We want them. Vast majority Celtics fans want them to lose and Bret Stephens is doing what the fans want right now there's no pressure what have and what is charged and they say Eric Stephens. But but I gonna play and the issue anyway now this isn't about you -- period for Brad Stevens let's see if he knows how to coach at this level how he's out of -- -- you know they're playing hard right now. They're trying to win games right now at a time when when it would be easy to went apparent -- front office is making demoralizing moved after demoralizing moved Jordan properly to which ruled that player of the week honor. They have there was a legitimate starting point -- this team trade him away Courtney Lee. Not a huge rotation player but he's better overall player and Jerryd Bayless traded him away for a guy. With a shorter contract how -- this for Brad Stevens Jordan Crawford. What was Jordan Crawford before -- got here Jordan -- was a daughter for higher. That Washington gave up on for Jason Collins bill last season he turned Jordan Crawford into a serviceable point guard that was worthy of maybe a first round pick a conditional pick. That could be a first -- that is an enormous accomplishment if I'm being -- the. -- you know also it texas' players want to lay on the beach not shovels snow in January February do you live like city I'm guessing you're not shoveling snow. Even if if you're -- if you're in a city like -- you think. Let's just go with your your average closed -- most average Celtic. You're just your your typical. Top seven top eight NBA players Brandon Bass. Out and put him at 7 AM. Shuffle anything in this brutal winter. Britain perhaps the -- and I don't spend that much time in their home cities anyway you're on the road perhaps the season. And -- that -- he says. Players and player wives like warm weather big tractor or free tech when Watson won a while -- watch your job or my source wanna shop. You can shop anywhere you can shop in Chicago shop online it's gotten better -- out -- that what they want a lot of zeros on that people in Oklahoma City just what's with -- about Durant Westbrook these guys they -- their for what they. Want awaited the Arctic girlfriends and about to their shop and shop and all over America Kevin's in Hampton and Canada -- Kevin. They guys I'm I want I'd chime in here I am I'm Brad even that's -- I got to beat. August yet and I'm not a you'd Brad Stevens and and why not. You know. Not having doc you're like -- that you're darker and I felt like he had. A special relationship with with the help the players and I have a you -- -- -- about why Garnett and Garnett was. You know kind of on the on the bad weather -- a couple of spots and I believe that doc. Often was what put a multi -- can't hear you -- and I got a bit higher a replacement -- revert to add a better NBA coaching pedigree. Why is critical of it when it actually happened let's standing Donnie should have been the guy -- -- instead -- -- that bad but -- There I think that's the one guy who comes to mind but. There are a lot of candidates out there are George Karl wasn't free at the time it's not a in his right bill that you're bringing your rebuilding. And even Stan Van Gundy Kevin you said okay better pedigree. A better resonate. If you know. That you're gonna be losing a bunch of games is Stan Van Gundy -- the guy you wanna come in. And and be -- 45 and 57 or or 27 and 55. The your first certainly. -- they're looking for. There Frank Vogel there Eric's bolster they're looking for that next keen analytical mind. That's going to be to great young coach of the generation and you have time to develop and he can make mistakes century hats. Over the season but you can develop him as head coach like you're developing players to how he's proven -- A ton this year. Not fouling the other night in the final five points I was like that -- like I have to. You know helped -- out and sometimes. People lose their you had a timeout. Before the the final shot but I guess apparently didn't discuss -- look -- I've seen teams in Boston situation just quit. Just stop playing passing Charlotte do it time and time again -- coach to Charlotte -- before figured things out. Which Steve Clifford this year my Dunlop and Leonard Hamilton and all these jokes that were coaching those teams back then. Those teams quit this Boston team has no quit in them they play hard every flight safer water to I think that's testament to Bret Stephens I wonder if five. Kevin's point was with Brad Stevens said not a fan of news. -- not to be a fan out right now I still say it's not gonna give him an 89. Incomplete. I. Well I would actually give a minute because I think given. The caliber of the players he has to deal with he's getting as much out of this group was eaten yet -- the fact that they're playing hard when there. So wolf fully out of it indicates to me that he had he'd probably get an a broader based on the fans right now and that's that's worthy of the day what would you -- what planet are edit. What do -- know what would you grade this Celtics season in general. Since his season and largely is that finished with a 67 worst record. In basketball with all taking everything into account what would you grade the celtics' season -- -- BC. A months. Now we're in the -- the resonate in my eyes in the muzzled because they could move Gerald lost contact for the trade deadline. They got a first round draft pick for Jordan Crawford -- upper Jason Collins. They've developed young players they've got a good coach everything you want to accomplish this year has largely been done now. That is almost would have been lost and I'm serious I'm serious it. Yeah but it but it might you can't expect them to play that game what we do -- and then he -- or migrate this season. And I'm not going at individual players and I think Harry Rondo should stay out longer you're you're rehab should have taken longer or. Hey Avery Bradley don't have to -- the would you still be happy though if this team was getting blown out of the building. And the loss were piling up would you feel better about this team's future. Yet they got a lot. They got a lot a lot of ball. Would dare you covering the stuff in the last time Boston did that would I don't carded a team with their. If dean wins -- tanks that was -- the -- tanking and how that worked out at third and sixth pick in the draft. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I give -- a little extra information about the Jared Allen visit. To Seattle. According to Jason block on for a Jared Allen's wife Amy. Accompanied him on his second trip to Seattle are subject Christmas exit implement an earlier house -- now at the same time -- after tweets out. Jared Allen's agent Ken Harris. Texted quote his client will consider the Seahawks offer along with the others. And make a decision this weekend just an agent though trying to and it squeeze every last dollar. Out of the Seahawks that's -- you know he doesn't want to tip his hand certainly has Darrelle Revis they -- him in it's it's like the real shot that. Shout -- -- deal's not done yet and we're still working on it and here -- opportunities involved here era. Browner was the same way to news is trade why would you is no doubt you Browner more than Revis you're right it was brown Alicia -- -- -- to give up that information don't do it. The guy's going on the record clearly wants to keep it like he's actually. That's objectives in mind mics in Connecticut and Mike. Wrote out notes are all right what's up. They would have Mike a you guys on my -- drafted in street in everything I mean are stopped. Like I loved doc I was used duct and he -- -- homer but he was along with pop it's the best coach in the NBA. But I understand why let him go because you do it it's that time. And you know I think -- that -- had a good coach bringing young you can develop the economy is -- I seen them a pretty good -- a lot of coaching MBA right now. I think EEE actually garnered a lot more respect from not only you know -- -- but. You know the opposing he's opposing fans and -- got that -- -- waited to talk to the start -- the games I think he's already. Earned enough respect where it's -- -- while armed let me start the draft. You know a couple guys interest probably -- drew me here but for immediate aid and a -- this for an eighth time and time again it's and speedway in orchard. That's the only two guys that I want to know Parker. I don't I'm not just exercise you know something about him rub you the wrong way it's made me personally. You can you can probably gonna prove me wrong. Just like your own your credit that you can cut it. I'm glad he I'm ready -- but something about Parker it it's -- screens of duke. -- -- -- 90% the other players about it you -- it seems like one of those guys where. He looks so good because duke got all that talent around them. But I want but -- wanna you about a twenty year old kid with back issues doesn't -- -- -- I don't think that there's still more upside potential to Allenby and also we did we need -- hot. You know we need an athletics I would but that Sandra we can have cared so under playing the five moving forward especially not when -- -- -- -- that. And I'm working in the east probably for the foreseeable future and with Reagan's. You're getting it Aaron now -- can probably walk into the NBA game play at least caliber defense because eaten guard repositioned and get stronger you can and got us can be. He can anyone vote locked down shut down -- Kyra I mean I'm gonna yes. A little bit smaller version -- Paul George I mean not start creating a -- I know we wanna try and save our money for the 2015. Created two classes as he gets an early got LaMarcus Aldridge got out eventually Kevin Love you not treated Marc -- But that the data is coming off the books in Detroit this summer and I don't know how much money he can make yet. The curtain rose another got this kind of intriguing -- that -- we brought him in here put him at five next sellinger. Exactly score which we haven't had at the five. Probably since Robert Parish are much you -- count you know Roger five. We we need somebody is gonna have an interior presence and I think if you like Greg Monroe knicks that your soldier. You're having a pretty good 45 combination there and whether or not we get. We get into it we keep green or whoever is we get come -- kind of play that athletics three and actually the guys -- looking at their. With Rondo helped looking at a playoff caliber team. How to -- gonna have a right here at the democratic have a playoff caliber team. Even without some of the moves that you mention in a couple of years. Mean is that it's not either warn you mention he mentioned tomorrow. Well now a couple of -- 2015 draft class in 2015 free agency class. Another guy on there is is never. Ever -- creation 2050. Or you renewed do you have you have a lot of options are going to be. If if you don't think -- superstar players a lot of really good players -- seven and a half weeks. Available. And in free agency. In -- I have to go somewhere. Make that there's. If it's not like. Well -- is just LeBron and and wade and bosh and now everybody else is looking around like -- what do we get. -- -- -- It's going to be a lot of quality players. Available with just a matter of how you see how you evaluate your team are you evaluate those guys who were available in free agency. Not gonna get right -- -- -- again Greg Monroe restricted free agent and -- him while lets you Max him out. All the way four year contract with Portland did for raided it last summer knock on the other things said about the -- -- Jabari Parker thing. I don't know that true having it it's tough to it's tough to translate. A lot pretty but no matter how talented talented viewers executives at their fair share but a lot of that Indiana has -- But it's up to translate what that guy is in college when he's going to be in -- but you look at him in college. Still raw player. Leading his team in points and -- In very good conference. I bet I can live with an eighteen and eight guy got. Dexter says who was the last player to be a superstar in the NBA out of do. You're gonna say Grant Hill but was he released superstar yes he got hurt but he was a superstar Corey got very Agile superstar has -- -- one -- him. From duke Elton Brand for ego hurt about personal SARS is -- are serving -- -- carrier ring. Not a superstar yet but certainly well on his way -- like to think he's on the stereo -- doesn't it's it's I mean duke has had their bus but Kentucky Michael Kidd Gilchrist about a Kentucky last year but I still can't make a jump shot I mean. I don't think it's exclusive to the school I think -- Parker has his problems. On the defensive side of the floor but I -- guy can score as anybody in the draft right now we get a -- give you minutes. And points right away that he be a great pick. But the Celtics beat hit dice and you trade you trade out of -- beating of one of those top two things you can't do it yet take whoever's Topper I don't I'm okay you take that. Yeah I was gonna say you you would do it in in teams would be happier. To trade with you really like although mold out of there that the deepest draft we've had -- in perhaps. Seven to ten years you wanna trade out of it -- aspects I asked questions caller LSU -- -- too well and -- back issues that this young age put up some red flag has not yet because he he does come out this year when he does come up is that the -- -- in -- it would teams look it is -- really hard and you know dissect. Whether or not -- back injuries just in muscle injury suffered -- flared up for a guy young kid. Or is something that could be like -- sellinger and may possibly effective long term but right now him missing the first weekend that's barely a blip on the NBA's radar. -- that lost a and maybe because he doesn't get a second week. Well I delegate told you earlier they're gonna lose the last game of the year you're going to be playing Wichita State. Appointed acknowledged championship game the final scores going to be 81 to 78 that is going overtime. Andrew Reagan's for that game and it just on -- just guessing it's not really clear to me about 34 points fourteen rebounds. I'm not really clear about your own -- three steals pretty specific three steals two blocks. Three files. Lazy and tired -- and limit -- Brandon. And I don't that's what's going on but not an I'm just. The elbow to -- are saying I need. He's beyond kit I mean I think he has all the schools but he needs to be a good score and he opted playing in India and the say that to curse thing you know these guys are and you know that you know -- guys that boxes just trying to -- it's not Sabina -- at all. All the tools they need the NBA player. Yeah it was -- some people off about Jabari Parker. And -- close personal friend this morning Jeff Goodman talking about the close personal friend yes he said. -- Parker is the safest pick yes he's a Carmelo Anthony -- event. Al Gore and not defend yes he Carmelo Anthony you hear that. It's probably the the field this blip on Carmelo Anthony the basketball community. Executives coaches. Owners fans are all split on Carmelo Anthony for some people most of with the Syracuse say -- Great player great score what do you expect this everything that she won a small forward to do and other folks say well he will never be able to win. He's a ball out what he is is a great score. Is one of the best scorers. Of his generation incredible. It's scores at he's more efficient -- he gets credit for. He's he's. Good from three point range he's got from on line rebound decently for his position rebounds better -- most Centre right. So. Carmelo Anthony -- It's not a bad basketball player he's not he doesn't have the personality of of Carmelo Anthony probably much more humble. And Anthony has put it wouldn't -- I wouldn't be disappointed if you're sitting there with the third pick in the draft and it happens to be -- Parker. You've got to Carmelo Anthony type when your team is that something that do go to the force. And and get -- gone. I got pedestrians at this brings you back to that that tanking debate and ever was wants to lose more games if Boston winds up with a seven -- I guarantee they'll be at least two players between six and twelve. Return to perennial all stars I believe in the depth of this draft. Guys like Marcus Smart Robby who would be done to Parker's teammate from -- do these guys are all players these guys are legitimate talents. And I guarantee if they get in that spot is once they get the right guy. They'll be fine it's not there's no guarantees that -- -- -- Parker -- -- or even -- Randall a deterrent to star players what Boston is to make sure they do. Is not with you got eight you get 21 don't. -- you know managed real world scouting department here you do that you know -- his house so redundant -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- persons. -- -- -- you ask him you ask young band. Who Julius Randall is military who's Jewish rent Zach Randolph. -- Guys good while said a minute that's. So it's going to be a star Zach Randolph -- -- yes. You can hear that group between ten guys Julius Reynolds you know between ten guys. He remodeled that we remind you a little -- little bit more athletic than the exact ones at that stage but you get a bonus and get a more athletic exact Randolph without her -- she -- doesn't play the early in his career Zach Randolph. Move area the area -- yours yours -- drop from -- teams. Stevens up in Maine hey Stephen. Or going -- I'm. And that's our report card throughout the bar I got a great name to your show between two and six album always in the -- Everybody who sits across the table on currency -- -- station. But what -- deputy head of the prince's. I have no affiliation -- I don't know what smoking is really the right way to totally broken you're still gonna have some kind of wind up winning percentage in the number we lost our -- Robinson and Duncan when we had a very bad bad record he -- -- didn't have too many balls pink pong balls -- -- This water. Now that was the other day it -- it was -- and play with Tim Duncan Elkins park. -- there weren't in position for what he's he's right Abdullah that boss about you daily -- that was a huge tank job. In the midnight your analyst David -- estimate I was working for the team back as the in the ball boy capacity to sitting there. And I watched how bad that team deteriorated -- -- blocker -- total indifference. To what was happening around them this team's bad right now but there's not indifference the losses hurt and they come every night to play. Were you there were you there were the for the fight. Between deep brown in. Not on that -- which ones that's also what the fight between Todd day yes Greg minor yes Brandeis yes. Well would you root for up about sort of I guess that's -- -- -- -- Well yeah I don't have got to root for Greg -- ago over -- because they just -- they have they have the gift of -- And let's just say Greg minor at night I thought he should be getting thirty shots a game it got -- getting a lot of things just kept talking kept haunting. Minor heart miner would say he was able -- was able to fit. They 75 words. Every five words in for every two from minor. The miners. -- It kept going and going. -- the locker room biker club and -- a with. That's still a better team at the time I think it was all Tim Lister all Lester big all. Alton -- Hey we should be. They'll all their world and Brett Szabo -- -- expects up there -- triggers. God that was it back out the team trying to lose Marty Conlon and audit team your budget independent contractors where it for the season. Talking. I've got an update for you from Ed werder and Jared Allen. Ed werder reports in that headquarters the guy who reported he was there for the second -- -- -- -- -- don't. Jared Allen leaving second visit with Seahawks without signing promises team to further consider offer and decide over the weekend. So we got out of the facility are. Werder on werder crime. Border -- is -- additional we heard earlier today so I show after rush after crime element that. Werder -- crime repair this -- sponsored by ARS restoration specialists appear commercial project manager or have. Great sales relationships skills rich culture is adding to the ARS team. Just a phenomenal company visit ARS serve dot com for ARS career opportunities. I switched channels in time to -- the ugly basketball uniforms I have ever seen. Albany -- Albany's uniforms absolutely the worst the dollar and this are there worse than those Baylor. In Ohio lighter uniform all know those ones of the wars the glow in the dark and those are pretty those are terrible these are hideous. The Baylor was just terrible what I thought that's what went on to guys like about look at -- look at look at the pants -- -- front of the -- one color and the back of the -- another collar. It's like someone put the Laker Jersey in the wrong drier and it's got all mixed up. Well you guys don't complain listen globetrotters. Bring all over the place different colors different schemes. It's. It's our products now. On notice I don't. Now opposes it all and -- more importantly Albany within 810 minutes ago. Sixteenth now a sixteen is never beaten a one now ever. The most recent fifteen to be too that when elected up. That was Florida gulf ghostly fourteen. Yes the last fifteen to be Iowa State loss you have. That was -- -- only one I've I was called by you but there was one since then 2012. A fifteen -- -- Norfolk state beat Missouri. In 2012 that little race -- member Italy and about it. It's happened 12345. Times and he got to get -- to. Like the sweet sixteen people the care you need that extra week so people can build you up Riley stories every player your team throughout Florida Gulf Coast. Every report to countries in that locker like twelfth man I don't know argue apple director scroll tell me start Eddie and in the end fields wife what's got hooked -- that well -- and likely to attract -- -- botanists and let's be honest the tournaments on. But it's it's like music like background noise yeah you got it on any office we've had it on here all afternoon. Nobody sitting other than alarms of the individual schools nobody sit and watch in every minute of every game. You look in the stands most of these places look like -- half empty. You've never sat watched the entire first Danica bar just hanging out watching the entire first day and not something I would do it by the time -- I've never done that view about what you wanted to know what I wanted to I mean what are we you guys like you know and if you -- I'd hate to Britain -- -- that's good tomorrow purple yeah tomorrow. That's why it's at the bar we view is all had better get there early my -- by 6 PM you're probably a puddle bullet. Before I went here because I -- hear. A drug deal Arnold hundred. Or anywhere else I would hear that I don't do that you don't get drunk -- was the last ten years. Thirty years ago. -- and a what OK so thirty years ago now my it was my it was Tuesday and I. Think about it -- -- last night. What circumstances thirty years ago. I don't remember I mean it is something -- that drunk no it will happen I know it's just. Something I'm I'm a student do when I get to draw. You asked to block -- we're gonna do that that started tomorrow going to be champions. As I -- I don't know if you noticed that 2 o'clock or later you know my my opportunity to work with you which I am grateful for had to wait. Could come to an immediate end if I get drunk on the air tomorrow. No. Equity OK. -- it may bring out another. Sit back and enhance your skills there although it would enhance the -- all right I'm now everybody here claims that Florida Gulf Coast. It was a fifteen an honor I'm now according to. The most recent ones I have here in fact I have all five of the ones. Gone back to 91 when Richmond beats here answer. That was that was that -- Santa Clara over Arizona -- stayed over USC. And Hampton over Iowa State. And Norfolk state governments in those the only five I've got that extra. I imagine a drug deal Arnold sounds a whole lot like -- over Robert -- Mac. Angered what is already drunk like always sound like that the request made that an army proved false. Probably is far from actually. I met him -- -- -- And for the texture says go to Vegas to help people are watching the tourney. I understand if you've got meal money right not use it in a sports book I'd -- rebel tweeted out pictures this morning of stumble and you know which one. And the line at 5:45 this morning Vegas time yeah of people Gideon. To sedate sports book all day long and watch all the games and blow their brains out -- I understand that. But what I'm saying is for those of us who aren't sitting in the moral today or or art fitness sports book all day. It's background noise in the got it on in the office and you hope your boss doesn't mind you got running here and we look up. Now we cared when Harvard was was winning in the we want to see the end of Dayton Ohio State but they're clearly has a large number of people though they called this the most unproductive two days. The calendar year because of the number of people that are either skipping work or doing no work because they wanna watch. The entire day's worth of the term. I ever got the whole watching a sports book thing I've watched a couple of games there were about Vegas for fights. It's not fun. Usually your game is on the TV in the back you singing kind of uncomfortable chair and outside of making your wager I'd wanna make my -- and watched any laurels. Well that's part funds see you you need to. You need to become more of a degenerate damp out OK you needed you need a gambling problem -- to understand that the fascination. And I'm not saying. I have a gambling problem but I understand precedents and I understand immediately you ask me how the betting line was for the Blackhawks and blues last night yeah it was tough one. I mean you did not like coaching Chicago was gonna win and I needed. All he went meant what in my house math and it was. -- -- at NC Chicago does really the blown out -- by analysts would show up. By the way -- -- looked and and look deeper into it and the techsters are right. Florida Gulf Coast beat Georgetown 2013 it was a -- -- number two and there was a second fifteen over two and 2012. People like this -- beat duke. Right that's right CJ McCollum CJ McCollum announced Austin rivers. Florida Gulf Coast and actually advance to the sweet sixteen that's why there yeah yes that's what I did become a store and they were the only fifteen that's ever advanced that far did you get bounced out -- second day in -- released or -- people don't get that extra 45 days to latch onto your story and -- talent every six which -- Sunday. A Texas says drunk Michael volleys topic that you see from a truck. I think they got a the report the -- -- -- we normally we did -- in the any any you know I don't know I was trying to tell -- for days -- Thought we did think it was art to me. Oh he's he's very excited about well for you will be -- early tomorrow he's going to be here tomorrow or -- champions tomorrow will be champions tomorrow. And and will be watching all the games on all the TV's champions. And its. Low areas. So Chris -- is all over the place to what do you got coming up I mean you're always. We get Celtics nets tomorrow so that's going to be there -- out there account Draper so the next and you have to be. Next time. How Draper tries to sneak in ice cube rep I -- on the year I didn't know that was what he was doing until I was just told before the -- -- Don't know what he's talking about I'm not. Burst on ice -- art rock sound like the widest that he in the gospels it. I'll just I'm mr. -- The ICI they IC what I I -- -- I know I try to do they'll triple double messed around about Rondo. -- on got a triple double with the line from -- I whipped on the excuse but you know he would he didn't even need you -- support it says. The look on -- face. It happened that -- for you when you don't think he was disappointed that I didn't like recognize that. That the guys in -- of these violent the united I -- right on from that they -- captain he was happy to say it enough flow of the line. So -- may sneak in another pop reference and be ready I'm probably with the disease likewise we have young editor Mike he's coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. And yeah.

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