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Michael Holley, Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix - Hour Three

Mar 20, 2014|

We start with four at four - Happy Birthday Bobby Orr Edition. Then it's time to talk tourney... we watch and react as brackets get busted left and right. Plus more on the Bruins and Bobby Orr.

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Our number three here on Sports Radio Michael -- Easter my name's Dale Arnold Christmas and -- Sports Illustrated SI dot com. Joining us as well we've talked some basketball and baseball as we start to watch. It is a very special day. For Boston sports fans that is an area on on little film. Milestone kinda day and it's why for today only. We have changed what we normally call for it for what's called today and today only. It becomes or at four and. -- four brought you might see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage why -- let's see beyond manager technology. And by integrity windows and doors everything that or -- today as. It is the incomparable Bobby yours 66. Birthday. And I saw I am probably a month or so ago. He doesn't look at day or 46 bill. He's still got that youthful look about him but it is number 466 birthday coming up first time he's on play. The very -- -- ever I never some -- so the first time you saw on TV was. Well -- how in the mid seventies. You know early seventies when he was. Bleeding of the Bruins to Stanley Cup championships than our -- saw him he was already established here. Yeah I don't know if it was that I saw its first game and I'll throw and I don't write them. But it was before my time I'd I'd anticipated hits his arrival excited when he was fifteen. Makes kind dividend and and actually sponsored his junior team. And they knew exactly what they were -- signed him originally would lose fifteen years old and then he joined the Bruins force when he was. Legally able to do so the debate team and they said from the first day he stepped on the ice he was the best -- Best player in the community stepped on the didn't everybody else just have what it means that the guy. So when you saw him first time some place to -- I wanna be Bobby. -- got us -- -- skate like that you know what ideas we have a little feature on on the Bruins pregame show on on the when we do the hourlong pregame show on big bad Bruins live. We have a feature called this week in Bruins history and we look at highlights from this this particular we go back and we go back a long way. It's my favorite part of the pre game that's the feature that we all love the most and every time and or highlight comes up. Everybody around the studio. Looked right at -- he can help. You see in the -- -- from one end of the ice to the other -- -- through everybody. Bullet in the back of the net and even now is that the greatest highlight NHL history. Well well well well hold on it's funny that the that may come up pilots started out now or at. -- That's right you know -- or forward on our governments are favored Chicago Blackhawk Bobby orchard and if you write in your -- Right in your -- As everyone knows Bobby Orr is number four there's been some very good number force in Boston sports so after Bobby your. Who was the best number of floor. Guys I think after Bobby yours is a distant second. I think it got to go with the -- yet on how you almost have to eight Bobby or out of all out of it every horse or one up undisputed yeah notably its unanimous. Even even the baseball writers association of America would say that the unanimous we've never done unanimous before him for favorite -- will do it. For Bobby you're but I think number two Adam Vinatieri. Lining up. 48 yards away. Scores tied at seventeen. -- don't write down the middle. First championship. Super Bowl championship patriots history -- I can't argue with that. You know of all the numbers the Celtics have retired. Up in the rafters seems like don't have that -- a third of the numbers any guerrilla there's not really been a great number for help -- -- greatest of -- it really haven't overlooked it through the list Sherman Douglas a true story. Followed up maybe. By the icons known as David Wesley -- and Tony but it. Held up well with Johnson's numbers. I think there was one. -- No I don't want to hear more now there's not available for the Celtics. What is Walter brown. 200. He was before ES he was not get -- your -- job to put the minute after the Celtics don't let it clarified that game's its -- -- -- bring -- an irony of him before he drafted me that this. And it -- don't give attending had Christian now we know and number four -- bad I didn't even realize that Nate Robinson when he won amber for about 901950. Major League Baseball MVP. Jackie -- I'd I'd even take one step further the Red Sox have retired numbers. For -- -- I mean Adam Vinatieri is great hall of Famer in my goal -- over editor Anna and his numbers retired numbers retired -- -- -- -- that. It you won't notice dale. The most senior member in this book right now that you can't tell me one signature moment. From Joker and no way before the courts -- I mean I can't tell you the signature moment babe Ruth's career either but I don't ever cared about it out there are what do -- for an evening gravy is through that back in your face like yeah I did tell you right now I don't I got -- and it can't be used for Michael and you have to understand what Joseph Cronin did that he got -- -- -- -- Mean you don't wanna go with what chops and when he or number four for the reds probably. -- -- -- Yes we are Michael Bobby Orr has the statue at the garden celebrating its -- Stanley Cup winning gold vs saint Louis blues in 1970. There have been many iconic images from championships in all sports which image from a championship game is the most iconic. -- -- and I have something to -- the electrify that or sent to -- honest yes nothing more annoying than what people hang off that says we should of respectfully you got a point here people I mean I. I don't mind people want to get their pictures taken by a hell I've done that. But there are people climb all over. Which is a little fingers that it I don't know the stats not sure they gave it out when they had the had a press conference in body was there speaking about it but how heavy is that. It's fine if I don't own any offers you know try to graffiti or anything -- -- -- of the stature of heard it. As a major -- scientists keep c'mon I'm within me is disrespect aren't now what I credit on up to a championship moment. I got it but to me and the -- -- you -- it we think alike and maybe the same texture from performance. -- -- Joseph Carter. Walk -- I -- want to call a walk off home run to win the World Series. I don't want to jump out on home they've only thing that would have been better if it was in game seven I believe that was gained six. But you're at home. You'll hit the home run to win the World Series actor Robert Joseph Carter at second base. It's jumping up jumping up and down like a little kid. Text -- wants to say when Brandi Chastain -- shirt off but I'm not sure that that qualifies in our list. I could think of of the the the iconic photo of Michael Jordan. -- the trophy and crying out after is our father which is pretty famous I mean yes that's an iconic championship moment but -- -- but it was after the championship you know. But there's a lot of candidates through giving guys and other I don't know if that's. -- limit techsters ended it with the discussions over. Jim Craig we the American flag around the field. Ninety and a -- lasted you know I mean that that might be the iconic moment of my sports life. Yeah last up to be -- -- to be yet stuffed at the top finger -- Boston perspective. For people that grew up. Without red the Red Sox when he championship. And -- ball striking out -- strikeout there at the end of -- four. World Series win over the whatever the happening I didn't strike -- out it was a ground -- -- all our ground ball right up when you have all backed -- panic you know what I think of like the first Red Sox Edgar -- yeah I I think of like fall just pumping both this in everyone's sort of just in unison. Celebrating that to me was. For some it repeal would grow up watching Boston sports what's futility of the Red Sox over the years back to -- ranks up there. Texas' YA -- what's great picture not a championship game there was championship and another one tiger hugging your dad at the masters. -- Ali standing over a list and in Lewiston Maine. That's when their approach he told everything you know get up -- beer but. There's another. How about and that has no Boston connection. What is it's one of the more intriguing. Endings ever seen. To a Super Bowl Tennessee and the programs. Now one yard short one yard that was Kevin Dyson yes. And he just with -- shallow you ran the route through shallow Steve McNair during the fall through early. And it was Mike Jones I think it was injured linebacker Mike -- and I got to bear got. -- Joseph open field tackle a great tackle the one yard line in the game is over to. Reports I mean oracle people put recently -- Ignoring. That what chip to -- out bottle NC state Hillary that's another 3.2 sisters and that it should be some -- Couldn't believe it. -- Right now with -- -- -- due to injuries or scorer was tragically cut short many corners being cut short due to injuries over the years so whose career that was cut short would you like to have seen a full career out of him. I did that in mind when bias. We never got it never got its represented. Such promise for the next generation of Celtics and Reggie Lewis on that list but when you drafted. He was supposed to be the guy that help transition Boston from the Larry Bird Robert archer in the next and offices circumstances were so bizarre but his. His passing I think that was the ones. The one for me career cut short -- -- Bo Jackson. Even if what could he have been down you think about it now. The best running back in the league whoever you -- it as a safe Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson MVP a couple of years ago. Not just a great. -- -- back. But times that Adrian Peterson is on -- -- Adrian Peterson and the vikings are on TV. I have the opportunity to watch the game back and watch every single -- Adrian Peterson and I don't. But what Bo Jackson. Every time he touched the ball I wanted to see now -- -- -- -- -- there was always a chance that something unbelievable was gonna happen so I suppose you. I was surprised about Bo Jackson and I realize this like a police don't look at something with him he still is a baseball. It was not good like dogs aren't you the one time all star I think you like led the league in strikeouts that season he keep his numbers are. That didn't get -- it -- well they're seated at the plate I I and and at the risk of playing into tight hearing and sticking with hockey on TV a couple of hockey it's. One as Marc Savard. If that career hadn't been ended tragically short I'd like to see with the Bruins would be like Marc Savard in the prime of his career with the -- form. And this one's personal Burmese and I freely admit that but Travis Roy yet or second to his College Hockey career in his career and that's that's probably the one -- stick out from his. Steve Buckley weighing in saying that Tony thing. Gale -- Gale Sayers is another one. Texas -- Barry Sanders for the win but we already knew we saw what that was gonna become we hit it. It was there. Received very Sanders he could've kept playing but. -- -- -- hall of Famer and when he walked away everybody's knowledge and -- agreement boxing one Salvador Sanchez program. Now know all great great -- -- avenue between two or something like that yeah great. You've got to be boxing got a lot of boxing. Cover -- I covered by him I'm a frequent visitor days are you they love me in the -- our deficit I have nothing to do boxing sometimes it is sometimes occasionally. The and. And finally to indulge myself and dale we want to know who the best. Four horsemen -- and -- -- tail -- you Michael take that tire shake this one right here. Best of the four horsemen would wreck with Larry my question now questions nature boy and -- -- as I was. Looking him up today my source raw information will be greeted. One day apart February 25. For Ric Flair carrier's February 26. But he definitely be a couple -- and even many many years what the last time Rick Butler was in a match it was somewhat recently. Like he was fighting -- still -- he's still going on here so I still out there doing all the worse member of the four horsemen by far and I don't even count this one by the way Dan. Because it doesn't really count Tony -- Was actually technically part of the four horsemen Fareed very -- treated Paul room up Paul remind me I'm sorry if that result gonna say Lex -- would be my other. They should never have been in the -- of sandbags bandwagon that -- wind up with a very underrated member of the forwards. I think -- about -- -- Michael's Steve mongo McMichael and all I got about -- is there that like thirty members of the poor sportsman bulletins that I have every -- and now my parents are vicious. We've not glad you did he's a great Twitter follow. There -- fellow four horsemen and Anderson with a pair of scissors he deserved it. Suspicious had. Until until -- the basketball player Kevin where last year Sid Vicious at the worst injury I've ever seen. The list Austin into an amendment fight for a couple months -- asked but Sid Vicious. Snapped his laid out in a ring in -- you've never quite this annually wrestled for like twenty years after he broke. A lot like Texas like Texas -- -- -- that at every -- and another. I saw three people texting and about careers cut short Tim Tebow that. I'm dot. Com I provide out come off -- -- art why that track mr. bill ballot tragically cut short violently that takes six seconds to get the ball out there who says Robert Edwards with the beach and stop at the government to. I mean it is -- shorter. That's it says Tibet and these question answer about Bobby York it's a secure they are it would -- it's -- or or any number war. Number yellow or all got to catch up come on now awaiting getting to Sidney -- grief. Questions in there one of the great number four -- of all time. -- -- -- -- a mockery femme. It's been Ogilvy. And no one over four we can go through all the all before you know it's great that stuff but never an apple -- Callahan has a scary memory. For numbers that players wore me like a weird. In Rain Man kind of single. Say this would have been perfect and love see beyond as a sponsor we could have a co sponsors sponsor cosponsored by. The for worse -- What we think I'll made it 6177797. ID 378 TT -- line is 37937. Red backed the call to review. Momentarily Sports Radio WE yeah. Not to -- our offices much like your office. Which means that Michael and crystal ball overlooking that that television over there as Harvard is in the process of eliminating. Cincinnati. Enjoy your final days -- -- writes. I mean all the sense in the world come -- down and remove. All right. All right well placed on south street got got a good program here at harper. These these -- every year well a couple here that ticker stepped down alleys in the process of Qichen Cincinnati's behind two. So happy for our aren't happy for two years in a row with a big -- in this you feel upset. -- came into this tournament. A good team. Same -- better team and want to -- to Mexico Tommy worker jumping around I thought he looked -- the business option in letter and number angled and nice and -- accused that's our. Does that storm of course glad that something good is finally happening these Harvard kids that -- are against it like I think about it the idea cast the tough -- -- if it's not basketball is gonna do -- a Harvard degree and get too much asked for aren't. -- that's why I shall point university rocket science over harper. President of the United States like this it's an addict kids all slumped over that you got it back to the car Washington now -- -- my goal when my degree here agree -- -- are you talking about animated degree well I don't know they change the programs with Bob Huggins was there but. Bob Huggins with the Cincinnati. Other it was a 0% I -- I want guys graduated maybe it hasn't tired of that one year eating low like 0% body is what it was zero there was always law. Bob Huggins leaving goal at the OK like we know you can't play it again -- it's just -- them you know come to the team their cattle like glorified manager. -- -- travel with that you can watch basketball. You'll help our our -- prophetic graduation rate you just like today. I'm here to coach basketball school. That's an option to volunteer. His lawyer basketball comes for we encourage our guys just come -- basketball practice at about. Just don't remiss in practice the vote taken any tests or anything well we had two finals in the NCAA tournament today to upsets. Date knocks off Ohio State Harvard is now beat Cincinnati how many people up to the billion dollar challenge not -- applicable. I'm sure there there Harvard there are some folks who were still alive but not much. Happy for those -- who's next excerpt from -- for Harvard and younger and get your. Your bracket in there. And -- a tough games admissions. Michigan State is that. Who would they get hit the spot a four for what was the -- Michigan State the forsee. Who. Can't be -- and -- in a bracket we gotta gotta gotta gotta bracket in her in about. It would be Michigan states or Delaware unable to execute well now. And I -- me just say this OK if Harvard beats Michigan State BC can't afford Tommy and I think there I thought Lance. If Harvard beat Michigan State they're no more Tommy am occur idea for the the folks of the night this is great I love it. Back to the -- to go at 6177797937. Chris is in Newbury port hey Chris Wright -- Korea. They outdoor match throughout -- Florida's great people there Carter all over this. Iconic moment. -- all -- -- they say like I didn't -- you know I know it's a great -- the great image. And it's a great story. When I cannot tell you exactly where was what I was doing. The Joseph Carter home run that jumps out that stands out to anymore but a -- -- -- Not igniting close it was the greatest game ever played probably know we've struck out that tenth ninth seventh game of the World Series so. Quickly I got like really poor pitching to me. Not one that struck -- unbelievable on this seventh in the seventeen mating game. If you get about quickly -- -- clear cut short. Jim Brown. -- -- -- Bostick. Market which. Are there they're all good once I mean and and we weren't trying to named every one obviously we were just trying to come up with with -- I mean color as the -- off that list I -- Actually yes Jim Brown no Cabrera was when you cut your own career short now you've decided that I'm Barry Sanders on an act. -- -- amen to retire from the and a and a fellow at the age of 29. Then spend the next forty years you know 45 years criticizing every professional athlete. It in every sport then I can't figure charisma Kutcher. And to the text or who says I only give that I've I've only given two final scores and I've ignored the other ones you're there have been two other final at Harvard well and I've I've INN -- because I like to tease you there have been two other final scores as well. Wisconsin. Slipped past American 7535. And up hit just nudged Colorado 77 of 48 Michael had that. I had Arianna aren't hot rod. I don't know coaches. I don't know one player on Colorado's -- at play. Once or twice this year don't play that Syracuse game. It's just guesswork it's just feel. The people win these bracket pools are popular dancing noted that was that the anyone might be the Smart ones the guys who actually want to ask. -- like set Davis ambassador's question before about how many times he's even finish in the top fifty in is practical it's. Once or twice. -- of these guys that study this stuff -- every year because you have games like Dayton beating Ohio State and Harvard upsetting -- and it has and let's say that there's an office pool of the Celtics offices Dem and I at the wrist. You know you get the any -- all the scouts now if they make up brackets wouldn't you think they'd have an advantage over -- else. I mean wouldn't you think that they seem most of these teams are a lot of many problem matchups and if you're gonna sit down and study each individual match up and maybe you can have an edge but just by going to some of these games. And I identifying who's talented in -- mean it doesn't. OK okay sure haven't seen most of these teams play okay -- okay. Shore at Ohio State or per day sure -- -- Colorado for. Apart over that yeah so. With a -- and so. But I got to the championship for a moment it is going to be great championship match. And vs Wichita State. Wichita State's top draw get. Off -- can talking in the second round rock Taki. 88 or eight. Nine your arguments really deep -- to Jackie and I. Well I don't send Mike there a while Smith let's go with that let's go with the team. Had Graham Kevin Graham came out the Euro epic I think your program to pick the team that has lost the game yet this year. Talk let's go at the undefeated team. Wichita State persist here -- the national championship game final score 8178. In overtime. If you like money which costs that the trouble is that race had to turn in their bracket tolerates you aren't too and anybody any favors and point. And based on a couple of results today you have to -- in our neighbors anyway atlas the Allen some cell phone Alan I don't. -- And he got to explain to him to a -- radio how will go with another -- on this constantly Tony -- And I don't guides -- -- are -- I'm very good and I came on late and I I just -- the end of that poppy are. In. Hampshire and about look colonial I Serena the other day. And they've got a picture frame. You know quality picture of the call it says that significant of the opera for. So apparently for what there's pictures says. Court Bobby or not -- forced scores people get it goaltender looked terrible name is is also aware that unprofor. And at the fourth goals scored by the Bruins in the fourth period the overtime period. Well first follow there's -- a goaltender on the planet who wears number four. A lot of Laura's been tossed around -- not okay. -- I I I can tell you that -- that partisan true I don't know about the rest of the stuff you act on their but. There was no goaltender wearing number four. I'd have to check the rest of the stuff what and then the four with the war we are on you know world go to now. I don't think that the actually. Cattle lost -- there when he was. Yeah I was distrust of -- I was trying to follow the idea the whole thing couldn't. And quite you know what I thought it was gonna say what at this arena in La Colonia and -- and you believe it or not there's of an autographed picture of Bobby Orr scoring at all. If you live in New England in you don't own an autographed picture of Bobby Orr scoring the -- you haven't tried. -- my question silence them everywhere and it's my question about that being the greatest highlight. In NHL history. -- -- score they they actually did a the NHL did up one of these you know big survey things MasterCard credit and it was voted. That the best Golan NHL -- stroke. I guess that's a major talking about the number one any -- pilots that that's out there. That's it that goal that moment. You relieve gas even the most casual fan they've heard of that moment. Yeah I mean -- and it was voted as such so you know -- I don't think there's any. Any question what what's the what's will be a contender but what's what's calls. Well there was. I mean you can and I don't think the NHL included these but a -- the only school against the Russians would be on the iconic tell senator you're you're -- -- NHL zealot -- HOX amount. There -- other. I mean there. -- hate to say it but there was. He'll -- goal against the Bruins Stanley Cup Playoffs -- I'd rather forget but I mean there have been some great -- but that one knees and shoulders everybody would say that that's the iconic goal. Make great moment and a great -- it you can have a debate about what was greater at the moment or the picture. The picture and -- and the back story to the picture is that the guy who had that spot. And has little stool there and you know that there's a hole in the -- some and at a spot. He got up and left and went to another place. And that the time and a photographer who took the picture sat down in this guy's spot. And it is camera back -- and got the letter written you know at the most famous picture and hockey history you know. And in the only reason he was there again it is because the guy who had that spot got up and like the -- and why do you I don't know I don't know the answer that. Emergency. This -- to the Clinton switched up a little bit. Shake my legs are here you know a story that guy traffic and got it for I have really got to go to the bathroom here. -- the moral of the story don't leave don't give up your spot Johns on the cellphone Rajon. And I guys don't today are you going out. Find out why your original photograph of the original -- to copy may it would follow my bit to the pick -- married in it was a choice between the prodigy and Bobby -- -- While it may be picked Jesus a migrant -- -- well is I would -- that night that brought the market not. I sat in the when -- Think that you know and play our first game against Toronto they want them -- not -- at -- the second period for a Kennedy aide Bobby -- a -- and not tomorrow. Kennedy went to the penalty box that they had to broke the glass out and try to do it quickly back to keep their allotted him. And the plate like crazy but Portland and the not that night and I comment -- -- and I've never forgot that night. Well I and and got bloody -- apart from that night that I didn't and it was at quail -- knocked him cold. What people forget about that thing is that they played the two teams played each other not long thereafter and Bobby Orr fought. And by all accounts did very well not Bob yours not a big man -- -- our enemies have. Pretty undersized you know I'm not -- was an undersized you know great skating defenseman. Was tough they'll be could fight. Any thought Pat -- and all reports was -- a great job again. Now you said yesterday. About -- the team that Bobby your played for OK we were talking yesterday you said at the Bruins are the best team in hockey. I won ten straight games and with all respect to. The -- the Pittsburgh Penguins of our respect -- Saint Louis Chicago. Anaheim. San Jose you like the Bruins and I thought. I was argue for Saint Louis -- watch the which really essentially part of the first period in the entire third period night game. -- what a let down. You see in that game action -- while I call it and kind of thought Chicago they have lost the first sporting idol. That look like that the that the gap in math although the McCain injury is is very concerning for two to three weeks. He's going to be so they say yeah but. I got out here McGuire I didn't -- are very lowest class that since it appears work in between the benches right. And Patrick king -- on you know the hockey teams closed down information. So Pierre -- Patrick Kane that. Who's already been in touch with the agent resourceful who's already talked to Patrick came. And Patrick and and Pierre McGuire has got its holiday they told Patrick he's going to be up for two weeks. He had the information for anybody if he starts texting these text in the -- of text in the agent whose -- talk to the player. That uprising like that stuff -- that for Pierre a -- that's good -- reporting yeah. -- you saw that last night dale. And I was asking him before that to project but -- census the most recent the recent thing that we've seen. Chicago's Saint Louis. Do you imagine those teams matching up with the pro you saw Chicago last year other good Rihanna. What what would be different in your opinion about. Just the match. And the result can be anything hailed -- the Bruins could -- six last year Chicago did they deserve but what what do you think matchup wise would be different about. Blackhawks Bruins in 24 team as opposed to last. I just think that that the Bruins are deeper offensively upfront. With three legitimate scoring lines and as I said what happens is that third scoring line which is Soderbergh Ericsson and Kelly. That line gets the third defense pair for the Chicago Blackhawks. And Chicago's got a good defense but their first defense pair is gonna take on the -- each -- cheat. Again -- nets' second defense there is gonna have to worry about Bergeron and marsh and and and Riley Smith so all of a sudden that third line. It's that third defense pair. And that's where I think the problem lies for the Chicago Blackhawks and and for anybody who plays the Bruins in the playoffs that's with a gonna have an issue. -- to life let's say they cancel each other let's say -- our best line in your best line in this hour. But that third line the Bruins have clearly the best third line going in hockey right now. And that could be the difference -- only series. 6177797937. -- telephone number wreck back to the calls what you would just a couple of minutes Sports Radio WEEI. I wanna be depressing a little more patriots fans will especially Michael -- -- he says he does have a being -- out there. A football being key that he's been kind of root for and evidently year your text messages and phone calls to bill Belichick's -- have not yielded fruit here. Well and I think he has to pick up first I met him I think you start with that top of uncle had to pick up the phone. Well evidently are finally I've I don't know how you do it wouldn't call somebody. And have conversations with them and it is different but my experience called a person picks up that you talk. But they don't. Pick up to Hart has heart so to -- straight to voicemail and don't go straight to voicemail left a benefit out of it too. It doesn't know but you always know they don't know how to press I don't know how do you guys like the two and a half brings and I just got the -- To do whatever that situation where. You see somebody like maybe you're the game. Idea there's dale. And dale is sitting in like a third grow. And Armon liked the second section in the tenth row and I can see him like it's Hamlet at the phone you know where you stand. I'm not -- and ordered all credit data that is -- -- -- anyway that that out of me and NBA summer league or afterward it was. General manager I'm not after the -- -- company recently -- -- I think -- -- yeah I was impressed at Oakland -- -- and I was calling. So I'm sitting across the way. And -- call my texted him at Texans hey you around later and I saw optic phone out of his pocket look at it open -- So I don't know I know several events like these text back -- I saw you do that set up. Swap it's only words if you do that with a girl as a hit I text and a girl that she did back in the pot or -- looks -- her friend like Steve are. Our on our air this tiger raise -- I guess I squint your face like view that guy told you about -- again welcoming -- bad guy that Michael coveted may be headed elsewhere. Michael expressed an and I agree about outlook -- patriots it Jared Allen. Jared Allen is making his second visit to Seattle a first ball -- -- the state to the second visit the NFL is pretty much over by then house hunting. Yeah I mean -- habitat that's for a second misery is the second is this to sign the piece of paper and go find -- -- -- live. There are reports at quarter of ESPN has reported that. They are finalizing the details on the contract will put Jared Allen on the Seattle Seahawks roster and the defending Super Bowl champions. A whole lot of help -- got themselves -- football. -- apparently about the great pickup for them want to see the patriots go out and get somebody. Somebody who's an established. Pass rusher. Jared Allen certainly is that. Hasn't had a bad season in a very long time if ever. This guy had a bad guys ever had a bad it is a bad season. He's got a worst teams at football but VS in the out Julius Peppers has had a bad season or two. And I thought he -- for the patriot but at that money. The money that he signed. Aren't for the Packers is a lot more than I thought it would talk or not god and an Allen has -- and we talked. Out yesterday where a Pat Kirwan. Writing a piece on CBS sports dot com theorized that he thought Jared Allen we get a four year deal for 36 million dollars. With what we -- eighteen point five million guaranteed or something. That really just taken out of the patriots price range anyway don't have that kind if if -- frightens pretty good at this stuff. As Seattle does have -- Panama exile they're stars are getting star money right now they will in two years but for right now gives us some flexibility. Did you guys hear he Heath Irwin on the station earlier -- -- Lou. And to hear knowledge you know create full disclosure you read most of us know this but if you don't know a former patriot. Evans -- that until I can -- he Posey are. It's not a patriot. I don't know I didn't thirty thoroughbreds are one off the golf. I think so Taylor won one tactic to get your right if he'd -- is a former patriots guard -- -- some witty and argue that -- not -- that was on the -- he went I don't know where he. But Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter he's not taking calls eat a lot of weapons. He obviously has. Great a great deal of respect for. The patriots weigh in Bill Belichick because he's dead if grown and -- had been there last year. He thinks they woman -- purple. Without peace without these additions that I very high on the addition of Darrelle Revis -- could you not -- going with Brandon productivity like that feels like these guys -- -- second -- can cover for 44 and a half seconds. And Brandon Browner. Two and a half to three seconds. So how that's gonna throw off other quarterback but he said that the patriots. He -- have moved past the Broncos. Now that's without -- the -- structure that they keep doing that and he's factoring in the return events which is a big big big yet. I -- not as optimistic. As he Evans. It is. I still think they need they need to make a couple more moves don't you think. I'd like to see them get some line backing helped. And and this is by the way I've already set I think I think Vince is coming back I think he's going to be here. I'd like -- get some help linebacker. Public -- and get some help at safety. And they obviously think they need some more help at wide receiver 'cause they keep creeps and -- wide receivers in and out I agree with them I think they do -- Butler. I think you got to get one more big body out there any Bret signed me up. Come on down come on down to the hole I saw in Europe for what -- of whatever you ought to bring. Noam -- who you know and bring no more. No more easy easy nights of sleep. You had your had your cellphone nearby if you will not be able to ignore this if you ignored this phone call Christmas they're Cullen back. Back. I say hello to the probation officer. If god has been arrested and nine times now my times fifty -- in the league. It's just unbelievable. Well he's misunderstood like yes he has he's misunderstood if if as you have pointed out the patriots are indeed all in that's an indication that -- -- all it's an arms race right now we got to get as much tout this John -- -- By the way Heath Irwin Taylor when nephew did play for the former Packers offensive line out. But I don't believe he was on today with -- Lou he might have been I -- animus that got I didn't hear him he's out there listening going to come on an item. For any reason 6177797937. AT&T -- -- 37937. It's dale and Michael and Chris Sports Radio WE yeah.

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