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Four at Four - "Orr at Four" Happy Birthday Bobby Orr Edition - 3/20/14

Mar 20, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around the 66th birthday of one of Boston's greatest... #4 Bobby Orr.

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What's -- called today and today only. It becomes or at four. Or four brought you -- see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage why not let's see beyond manager technology. And by integrity windows and doors the reason -- or four today as. It is the incomparable Bobby yours 66. Birthday. And I saw I am probably a month or so ago. He doesn't look at day or 46 bill he's still got that youthful look about him that it is number 466 birthday coming up first time he's on play. The very I never thought I'd ever -- some -- so the first time you saw on TV was. Well how in the mid seventies. You know early seventies when he was. Leading -- the Bruins to Stanley Cup championships than our starters saw him he was already established here. Yeah I don't know if it was that I saw its first game and I'll throw and I don't -- and it was before my time I'd I'd anticipated hits his arrival excited when he was fifteen. Makes kind dividend and and actually sponsored his junior team. And they knew exactly what they were -- signed him originally -- -- fifteen years old and then he joined the pro sports when he was. Legally able to do so the debate team and they said from the first day he stepped on the knife he was the best -- Best player in the community stepped on the -- everybody else to -- what it means that the guy. So when you saw him. First time some place to say I wanna -- Bobby -- got -- -- -- skate like that you know what ideas we have a little feature on on the Bruins pregame show on on the when we do the hourlong pregame show on big bad Bruins live. We have a feature called this week in Bruins history. And we look at highlights from this this particular -- we go back and we go back a long way. It's my favorite part of the pre game it's the feature that we all of the most and every time and or highlight comes up. Everybody around the studio. Looked right at -- he can't help it. You see in the -- -- from one end of the ice to the other sip it through everybody. Bullet in the back of the net and even now is that the greatest highlight NHL history. Well well well hold on it's funny that the that may come off pilots started out or at. -- that's right you know it's or forward on our governments -- favored Chicago Blackhawk Bobby or the next few write in your -- Right in your -- As everyone knows Bobby Orr is number four there's been some very good number force in Boston sports so after Bobby or who was the best number of -- Guys I think after Bobby yours is a distant second. I think it got to go with the -- yet on how you almost have to speak Bobbie or out of the all out of it every horse or one -- undisputed yeah notably its unanimous. Even even the baseball writers association of America -- they -- unanimous we've never unanimous before him for favorite -- will do it. For Bobby -- but I think number two Adam Vinatieri. Lining up. 48 yards away. Scores tied seventeenth. I don't write down the middle. First championship. Super Bowl championship -- -- -- I can't argue with that. You know of all the numbers the Celtics have retired. Up in the rafters seems like don't have that -- a third of the numbers and they're what they're not really been a great number forced out not the greatest of report on -- really haven't overlooked it through the list Sherman Douglas a true story. Followed up maybe. By the icons known as David Wesley OK and Tony but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it was one. Yeah. No I don't wanna hear our. Now there's not available for the Celtics. Won as Walter brown. 200. Think for all ES he was not get -- your day job to put the minute after the Celtics don't let it clarified that game's its -- games record heat generating a before he drafted me for this. And it -- don't give attending had Christian now we know and number four -- bad I didn't even realize that Nate Robinson when he won amber for about 901950. Major League Baseball MVP. Jackie -- I'd I'd even take one step further the Red Sox have retired -- For -- -- I mean Adam Vinatieri is great hall of Famer in my goal and thrown it over that it's your hand and his number retired numbers retired -- that. It you won't notice dale. The most senior member in this book right now but you can't tell me one signature moment. Joker no way before the courts I. Mean I can't tell you the signature moment babe Ruth's career either but I don't ever cared about it out there are what do Wrigley for an evening gravy is through that back in your face like yeah I did tell you right now I don't I -- god I can't you are Michael and -- understand what Joseph Cronin did that he got like five minutes. Does it go. Mean you don't wanna go with what chops and when he or number four for the reds probably. -- -- Yes we are Michael Bobby Orr has the stature at the garden celebrating its famous Stanley Cup winning gold vs saint Louis blues in 1970. There have been many iconic images from championships in all sports which image from a championship game is the most iconic. -- and I have something to meet the electrify that or statute and people honest yes it's nothing more annoying than what people hang off that's Netflix some respect please you got a point here people I mean I I don't mind people who want to get their pictures taken by a hell I've done that. But there are people climb all over which is the. Fingers and it I don't know the stats now shortly gave it out when they had the had the press conference in body was there speaking about it but how heavy is that. It's fine as I don't own any offers you don't try to graffiti or anything -- -- head of the stature of heard it. -- -- -- -- Scientists should c'mon -- -- me is disrespect aren't now what I -- on up to a championship moment. I got it a committee and the text or -- you -- it we think alike and may -- the same -- from before my. -- -- Joseph Carter. Walk -- I mean one call a walk off home run to win the World Series. I don't want to jump out on home they've only thing that would have better it was in game seven I believe that was gained six. But you're at home. You'll hit the home run to win the World Series action reverend Joseph Carter at second base. It's jumping up jumping up and down like little kids. Text -- wants to say when Brandi Chastain took her shirt off but I'm not sure that that qualifies in our list. I can think of that the iconic photo of Michael Jordan. -- the trophy and crying out after is our father which is pretty famous I mean yes that's an iconic championship moment but it but it was after the championship you know. But there's a lot of candidates through giving guys -- -- -- this. Our way to -- techsters candidate who is -- discussions over. Jim Craig with the American flag around the field. 98 -- -- lasted you know I mean that that might be the iconic moment of my sports life. Yeah us up to be asked -- to be yet stopped at the top of the -- Boston perspective. For people that grew up. Without red the Red Sox when he championship. And -- ball striking out -- strike out there at the end of the 04. World Series win over the whatever the happening within striking out it was a ground -- -- all our ground ball incredibly at all back but handed aren't you know what I think of like the first Red Sox Edgar -- yeah I I think of like fall just pumping both -- -- everyone's sort of just in unison. Celebrating that to me was. For some way of appeal to grow up watching Boston sports what's futility of the Red Sox over the years that to be ranks up there. Texas' YA -- what's great picture on a championship game there wasn't championship and another one tiger hugging your dad at the masters. To do and Ali standing over listen. In Lewiston Maine act that's when urban -- he told everything you know get up -- beer but. There's another. How about -- it has no Boston connection. What is it's one of the more intriguing. And things I've ever seen. To a Super Bowl Tennessee and the programs. Now one yard short want to -- that was Kevin Dyson yes. And he just it was too shallow he ran the route to a shallow Steve McNair threw the ball through early. And it was Mike Jones I think it was entered the linebacker Mike job. I got to barely got a my Joseph open field tackle a great tackle the one yard line in the game is over. -- -- -- I mean oracle people put recently -- Ignoring. -- even that was chip to -- out bottle in these data rate that's another Grand Prix. Point two sisters and that it should be sent. Couldn't believe. It. Right now with -- Due to injuries or scorer was tragically cut short many corners have been cut short due to injuries over the years. So whose career that was cut short would you like to have seen a full career out of him. And a timeline. Len Bias. Easily as we never got never got it got its represented. Such promise for the next generation of Celtics and Reggie Lewis on that list as well but when you drafted. He was supposed to be the guy that -- transition Boston from the Larry Bird Robert archer -- the next and offices circumstances were so bizarre but his. His passing I think that was the ones that. The one for me career cut short I would -- Bo Jackson. Even if what could he have been down you think about it now. The best running back in the league where we think it as a safe Adrian Peterson Adrian Peterson. MVP a couple of years ago. Not just a great. Ferocious back. But the times that Adrian Peterson is on -- eight Adrian Peterson and the vikings are on TV. I have the opportunity to watch the game back and watch every single -- of Adrian Peterson and I don't. But what Bo Jackson. Every time he touched the ball I wanted to see how would -- -- -- there was always a chance that something unbelievable was gonna happen so I suppose you. I was surprised about Bo Jackson and I realized this like a police don't look at -- of him he still is a baseball. It was not good I guess I'll start the onetime all star I think -- like led the league in strikeouts that season he keep his numbers are bad. That didn't get -- it pays well today irritated at the plate I I and and at the risk of playing -- that -- hearing and sticking with hockey I'll give -- a couple of hockey it's. One as Marc Savard. If that career hadn't been ended tragically short I'd like to see with the Bruins would be like to Marc Savard in the prime of his career with the -- form. And that's one's personal Burmese and I freely admit that but Travis Roy yet or second to his College Hockey career in his career and -- -- probably the one it would stick out from his. Steve Buckley weighing in saying that Tony's -- -- -- You'll see here is another one. But Texas is Barry Sanders for the win but we already knew we saw what that was gonna become we hit it. It was there. There's a very Sanders he could've kept playing but. I was a hall of Famer and when he walked away everybody's knowledge of this agreement boxing one Salvador Sanchez remember them. Now know all great great -- -- avenue between two or something like that yeah great -- out of boxing got a lot of boxing. Covered -- I covered by him I'm a frequent visitor of Vegas are you they love me in the Vega our deficit has nothing to do boxing sometimes it is something. And finally to indulge myself and dale we want to know who the best. Four horsemen -- and adamant that tail -- you Michael take a tire shake this one right here. Best of the four horsemen -- with Larry my question now questions nature boy and you know I -- as I was. Looking him up today my source raw information would have rated. One day apart February 25. -- where -- players February 26 and but he's going to be a couple met at an even many many years what is the last time Rick Fuller was in a match it was somewhat recently. Like he was fighting at least pilgrimage he still -- out here so I still out there doing all the worse member of the four horsemen by far and I don't even count this one by the way Dan. Because it doesn't really count Tony -- Was actually technically part of the four horsemen Fareed very pre treated I'm Paul room up Paul remind me and I'm sorry if I'm not gonna say Lex -- would be my other. They should never have been in the form of sandbags bandwagon or that the very wind up with a very underrated member of the four -- I think what about among -- Michael's Steve mongo McMichael and all I got about -- it to us there at like thirty members of the par sportsman bulletins that I have every match and now -- -- Sid Vicious. We've not I'm glad you did he's a great Twitter follow. Artists our fellow four horsemen and Anderson with a pair of scissors he deserved it. -- issues had. Until until -- the basketball player Kevin where last year Sid Vicious at the worst injury I've ever seen. The list Austin into an -- fight for a couple months -- -- but Sid Vicious. Snapped his -- in a ring and -- He was never quite this annually wrestled for like twenty years after he broke it. A lot but at Texas politics you can line. Up at that at every -- and another. I saw three people texting and about careers cut short -- Tim Tebow. Come on I. Come on come on out come off of our natural actor Bill Belichick tragically cut short violently that takes six seconds to get the ball out there who says Robert Edwards with the beach and stop at the government to. I mean it is shorter. That's it says -- -- these question answer about Bobby York it's a secure they are -- -- -- extra work or any number war. Number or -- got to catch up come on now that would give me sit in my grief. Questions in there one of the great number fours of all time -- -- fan and mockery of been a locally. No 14 we go through all the all before you know it's great that stuff and -- an -- -- Callahan has a scary memory. -- numbers that players -- me like a weird. In Rain Man kind of single. City this would have been perfect in -- beyond as a sponsor with the colts are sponsored co sponsored by. The for worse -- We think made it 6177797. ID 378 TT tech line is 37937. Right back to the calls have you. Momentarily Sports Radio W media.

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