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Michael Holley, Dale Arnold and Chris Mannix - Hour One

Mar 20, 2014|

In our first hour we talk about the two ends of Celtics fans, Rondo's leadership of this team, how to best tank to the team's advantage, Rondo and Brad Stevens relationship, and we get ready to talk to Grady Sizemore by talking about his Spring so far.

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Oh -- might some might call at the start of the NCAA basketball tournament but in my household it's the one week out of every right. -- -- TV on my cable system. Did you figure it out -- now I I I I know -- TBS is nowhere TNT is got CBS no problems there. If I asked to right now on your cable system Chris Maddux Sports Illustrated. What number is true TV couldn't possibly -- that's what Google's -- typing in TV channel and -- -- channel. I have no clue where true TV is on my system you know. -- It does anyone watch true OTB other than this what's on a terribly -- what's on your team is finally -- court stuff. I don't think I think it. But like I admit at -- god I am I ever watch are glad basketball on there. Like two weeks out of the year you finally Richard you forget the next fifty. I don't go near and after that will welcome in two up Thursday edition and as you heard Chris -- racquet sponsor Richard TV you know. It -- and as I have got out of dot com now that they are not locked out I said Watson not vice love though for TBS TNT and CBS but. Not so much for two bodies -- Sports Illustrated is in the house with Michael -- -- yours truly dale Arnold and I was watching last night. And the minute the game and it went in the studio cross the street -- from the garden. And that Kyle Draper in the game with you talked about what a great win it was for the Celtics I'm yelling at my TV. You guys are you guys are joined the chorus of lose every game is this what we're doing. You know what I thought last I got -- today Chris I am I am on board in item. On board on record I've said it pretty consistently. I -- want them to lose more often enough what the -- a lot of games they do but they -- get. But last night I -- last night did not bother me a bit. Are talking about in the morning. John and -- talking about you know -- -- bad job by the Celtics like at night the Celtics fans don't get that -- All right go out and cut at least you can be the voice of reason and there weren't because you wait a minute you take the voice of -- in response to all you can take one win out of every six or seven what are they lost fifteen of eighteen. At this point one win. Is not -- detonate your chances. Getting high pick in the draft are they gonna catch some of the god awful teams that are out there now of course not they're gonna wind up with a fifth or sixth worst record in basketball. But if you do that you're still gonna be right around the same range. Of getting to that top three which is where you wanted a problem -- without one loss he went from the fourth worst record in the NBA -- build up a plus ago the worst record but you know what look at the schedule coming up. Philadelphia is gonna throw two games that your plan against them yeah I mean it will flat out -- they they will literally. Kicked balls into the seats before they -- -- -- against you don't have to do that. They have they have been engineered to be this bad. Absolutely I I engineered this way I'd I'd never seen -- never seen -- more egregious example of front office tanking. What's gonna Philadelphia expect her roster -- for second round draft picks. You -- you want sad and I got through the -- and says there's not that going on this the biggest players -- players don't I agree with -- I don't go up -- trying to -- -- coaches. -- coaches are also GM's. I mean coaches milk injuries like epic Avery Bradley for example probably could have been back a little sooner than he wants I think eleven milk that little bit because that really need him out there. On the floor but by and large coaches and players are trying to win games if the problems of the -- were doing something similar Albion a lesser -- trade -- Jordan Crawford. Opera conditional pick they it was a great swap Courtney Lee a much better two way player of the Jerryd Bayless. They're doing in the world right Philadelphia's -- -- it argument that it didn't matter rats how better attic and they're only is generally tankers. Yeah but yeah I -- a look at that game last night for the Celtics. And I'm not didn't caught up and don't know whether I know who the Miami Heat cardinal with the Celtics are right now this is not some type of on the stalled -- reached for the glory days of their playoff matchups. But that was that kind they were if they were playing a good game Rondo had it going Avery Bradley was hitting his outside shot. At a to a degree where he's never we never has in his career a career night for Avery Bradley from the three point line it was a competitive game gonna take that one. My problem. Look I'm watching it I get caught up in it to an end. If I was there pressure and Charlotte and cheering for them. And you get caught up Benton especially when it's the heat without LeBron you wanna beat the heat for some reason and they just hate -- on the -- don't think. -- the way you walk our kids the way right now are you serious with that for some reason -- I'm saying I mean date pretty injuries re out. But but if if that's the one you win if you lost the rest of the mighty fine with a trouble is when I look at the schedule. They're gonna win about four or five more so that's 45 not a bad -- 2012 -- or -- apartment. It's not a bad thing -- you can not instill a culture of losing. With these players if you start telling them it's 00 I don't know you I agree you can't do layers like the guy coaches can't do what you're expecting them to be the core of your team -- for Avery Bradley is gonna get a decent contract. The -- is for somebody you're expecting human Rondo to be together next -- -- old girl -- If you make it acceptable for them to lose right now. It's not going to be it's gonna. Backfired yet I was -- Philadelphia next year a lot of their guys are going to suffer because of the way they're playing right now because just how much. It just detonated his team to try to get that first Roberts guys. Which are Michael Carter waves for one because really got -- I think it'll back you see is frustration last night what some of the highlights you roll the ball into the air. Late in the game I got a technical pop throwing into the crowd. I think the frustration where these guys it's not a video game you can't just flip a switch there right. Do you these guys are your players are racing last year it's a different it's a different mindset and I think is going to be 888 penalty for the way they're playing right now. Are you look at the Celtics. Going forward. How many of the guys who are in this it's a culture of losing right now at the Celtics welded into bad but but but they have. But they're -- team with -- how many how many of these guys next year and the year after we're going to be -- cycles -- of course your court right now from. I don't know. I think nobody nodding -- Rondo. I don't erotic stories out I think the jury's out on that it's gonna make it we ought to see what Rondo looks like next year. When he's fully healthy he's playing with a -- that toppled on their -- I -- -- -- I -- -- but you wanna see a full season with -- and Brad Stevens. With him in that upcoming draft pick if it works out absolutely give him a contract extension. Nobody is a bigger fan of -- on Rondo and I am I think he's an elite point guard in this league. That when he's at his best. Is a top five player in this league not top five point guard at his best -- top five player. In the NBC don't give a guy like that away but you do wanna see what he looks like with some of these younger players. And what do we said we seen from dating before the rest the court these guys overall. Assets you -- natural tradable assets you could -- packaging soldier analytic for Kevin Love. If you get your hands on him down the road LaMarcus Aldridge if he's the guy -- target and so think that address that Rondo would have to be here to attract a guy like Kevin yes you still need. You have the one player already in place the -- -- a problem a couple of years ago. I think it's him. And I know that there's the guy who they would like Kevin Love what's it -- you know you got a point guard who I agree with a -- player in the NBA. You got the draft pick from this year who. But -- -- -- the top five I hope that's the case he's going to be a player I can see where this thing is is kind of on the verge of turning around. You know the other thing is. We're we're we're talking about this earlier we're talking about the patriots. And the Vince Wilfork situation and this Bob Kraft come in and -- to Bill Belichick. Hey I want you to do this it hasn't worked that way in the past where. Kraft is telling Belichick to do something personnel wise to Belichick doesn't wanna do but he does it for the owners on football. Or at least -- the patriots. That's not a factor. -- -- their interest in basketball. Which -- -- went out of his way. To -- rave about Rajon Rondo. How he likes Rondo. Not really appreciate Germany's happy that he's here and they've got a good relationship. I think it was a political move. I think it's one. He knows obviously the contract situation to I don't think we came down to it. It's happened before its capital for what they've tried to trade Rondo. And ownership of governors and now. You can't do. So it Rondo leads. I just don't. Don't assume leaving via trade there was one opportunity where I think everybody was on board -- that you can do it. But the other teams didn't agree that was when they had the opportunity to get Chris Paul. I just which I. Max contract is the Max contract guy now in Chris in your world today. He he's one of the top players in the league you'd that would mean Max contract I would put me in Max might be for 167 I give fifteen million a year. Over five years how much fifteen per year five I think you were. I think -- get. Somebody out there's gonna you before your contract which the Max for rent rates rather teams in someone's gonna give him all those dollars one team out there to the knicks. They will line up and gladly give -- rush on -- that money because Ronald Carmelo Anthony are clearly buddies. They can play well together dateline to be the first stimulant. Texas says -- a top five in the NBA pass that over here -- should I. At that time two years ago there was a point when Rondo is playing like a top five NBA player. He was a -- he was accept it was. -- them in BP about year one of those and Adam you it was I won't say -- at -- point and I wanna say at one point I did and in maybe tailed off maybe something happened. I remember -- Up commitment to -- -- Rajon Rondo is going by and I -- at one point he wants it one point one voice data and -- How does that count like at one. There's certain guys and we can play like that for 25 let me ask you are going to fight but access token token DeMarcus Cousins the FBI -- went on -- -- -- -- -- gave a jackass but yet he's a talented jacket -- -- -- durability what. The only -- Jack you're not and I'm. I love about each year in people in Boston criticize Rondo is personality she'll be one great player but doesn't behave like Chris Paul. Nearly try to get Crist -- Blake perpetrated -- but he -- one town to meet. Every player has their -- -- are you sicker -- especially the great players out Iran it was any different than any other stars that route there. Well how about the captain thing about the captain who. Does not. Does not travel with the team I caught up with that that probably of course I'm proud I busted out of that was amateurish. And whether -- permission do it or not your team is reeling or wasn't it obvious he didn't have permission I mean they salary but I came out later that they backhanded -- talked about -- and set up Obama of going anywhere yet they made it clear without throwing -- completely under the bus that yeah we talked about it. And what was left unsaid was we told we didn't want him to deal they did anyway. Yeah -- had a problem with that. He should have done but when your leader this team you go with the team no matter to plane or not. But how takers don't care all that much about personality wouldn't talk about talking about a player and what his skills are but -- a -- fan too so. Oh I do think he's high maintenance I do think he's very stubborn at times. You've got to say 34 or five time for him to accept it because he's got to figure out where you come from gets it right away he doesn't accept it that way exactly such hot -- the personality out of it. If I wanna make -- top five player and a league or top five MVP type. I need more consistency from I'm not doubt which you stand what I would I don't see is. Night in night out basis because. Ticket yet the ability to do it offensively. And it's certainly -- the jump shooter but offensively to be -- into the game defensively -- Before -- got hurt we waiting to see which games were on national TV because that we know Rondell chill up and and you were shot and I'm not even make it a joke here. You know games were on national TV he was crippled up. Not on national TV maybe not some but how many point guards this -- -- point guard is the most important position the NBA it's. It's what's center was in the ninety and this NCAA tournament as well yeah exact same thing. Point guards when this tournament -- point guards when Indian point guards were in the NB how many point guards route there but you would take over round. At 28 years old. For the next five years. A report cards for the next five years Chris Paul Chris Paul needed top list up Russell is a question to me I don't know but it Russell around. It's a good debate with Tony Parker a little bit older home for the next five years now. Right now you'd -- Saying you may be. How about how about carrier. May be but he's regressed this year. Yeah he's in the next he's right there with them. Diaries right there he's also you know we talk about personalities -- exactly guy they're all -- maintenance Kevin Garnett I mean it's every loves Kevin Garnett big time leader in all these things are true. But he's I mean it's guides him. But in the in terms of in terms of doing that you can be high maintenance guy but if you are eighteen be could be high maintenance and team first. You don't run ST first. I don't I don't think he is always team personal I don't know. And without going over each item. On his on his rap sheet. I didn't -- sit in his car in the parking lot out of playoff game for example there's that went. There's not destroying the the TV during the video special water bottle he was trying to was being held accountable for. A play that he didn't make -- brought in and there are some some things here -- -- you know times you know pouting on the practice floor and you know kind of disappearing for -- and coming back. You know that you just -- stuff. I don't think it's behaviors exclusive Toronto I think all these stars act like that from all of them. The large majority of the -- rant. Now they -- and I thought well it one of the rare -- Russell Westbrook does OJ does it to the top five. Rondo is -- top five guys so for him to be a top five to be treated that way and be paid that way. I'm I'm looking for. I'm looking for securities. Yeah I'm. For him to be that that unique. That consistent. Unique talent now last night he had post on dale in the office don't -- Let the past he had last night. -- as well before I can you wait for the replace some what is on my own DVR and go back. Must've watched it Barbara six times he set an up and he's waiting for. The play develop and he sees. Jeff Green the corner of his -- Jeff Green cutting to the basket and he just had a little flick. Jeff Green for an easy basket we need to wind down does that. Once every. Three or four games you'll see something like pepper Rondo he dammit can't believe -- -- an accurate how to EC. You know you just trying to think of the mechanics of the play. There are times he's unbelievable what cinema in the playoffs. When he has when he goes in those -- Rondo the most transcendent. I mean just that those both those games he's got those games. Which goes off. One of the best players in the world. Why don't we see more off. It's a problem yet it didn't -- more consistency from but. -- I think we're just lumping him in to a group or take -- out of a group that exist where. All these players act like that were all these players have their problems you mention direct great Russell Westbrook has issues Chris Paul like I mentioned has -- issues I think Rondo. For most of the time is still a hugely valuable commodity for -- -- John Wall attacked John -- same issue you know that you know in terms of Ali point guards would you take right now. But the knicks are already has stunk up the joint the last two years like he's playing well this year but he's got to Max contract -- he deserved at that. He stunk up the -- and the other on the detectors have that thrown up there is similar. -- -- let's get our likened to Laker team. I played. That -- corporate -- will resonate just lost to Dayton they -- out my brackets broke up a now let's say this I thought the Ohio State it got fouled at the buzzer as he drove to the basket they didn't call it with -- Aircraft asked ourselves to be -- tomorrow. Sell a number eleven -- just beaten a number six I will say that's the back story this whole thing is Dayton. Ohio State won't play Dayton basketball and Dayton has always wanted to play Ohio State. They know what a huge draw would be in their home state -- it would be a huge deal for Dayton Ohio State won't play. This was their opportunity this was there one chance they can't back us now so this was like -- this was like the final four game for Peyton. Well couple things one and I told you this earlier. -- like Ohio State that like at some point shaving scandals company played so terribly so sloppy was awful it was awful basketball that's one to. For my bracket to survive. And he Dayton. Beat Syracuse. Quick. And I would. And I honestly I'd expect they'd get beat by about twenty in the next game you shouldn't be what in this game -- -- that that game one Notre Dame it was every that was their champions sloppy game various aircraft is senior right craft. He's done enough staff -- another guy that the I Texans haven't spoke out of the next on our years. Ed I don't think -- we don't really that the disagreement is not really the talent level of the potential of Rondo. Out there were on the same page there. It is his abilities are. Are at the top of the league at his position he's got the potential to reduce some incredible things some of these guys. -- the Texas are mentioning. Haven't done on the biggest stage right. I'm not gonna go to the championship can forget you can -- that and I'm not gonna blame. -- Irving's bad general manager against. In the past I'm not gonna play just because you're in a bad situation and you have a championship I'm not hold that against you but if you look at. Rondo in playoff games. What he has done not just in the finals but what he's done first round vs Derrick Rose a few years ago would know KG. -- what he's done against LeBron James in Britain James and Cleveland and Miami. It's clear. When the pressure's on he likes to likes the stage he likes the competition and they can thrive in that arms. Or Rondo hater that's with what you know how to -- this person at -- and -- -- as a Michael we'll tell you -- when we were talking a little more regularly we have been lately. I with the driver of the Rajon Rondo -- boss. I mean. I was on his bandwagon before there was a -- way and I love -- on Ron. I I disagree with you guys I -- there's no way in the world I would trade him. I wouldn't -- because I think what you were saying. -- got to change for next February I wouldn't he's the one untouchable lighthouse. With -- all the with -- all the problems with all of the issues that he's got. He's the one guy who helps you attract. And I don't know if you can even attract capital but you've got no chance without a guy like -- on -- right right he's the one guy who can maybe help. Asthmatics Sports Illustrated SI dot com is here. -- we will talk to Grady Sizemore. Who I think is making a real -- being the opening day center fielder for the Boston Red Sox he'll join us at the top of the hour. We've got some of the things and talk about as well we're gonna celebrate a birthday today we'll tell you about that as the afternoon goes on as well. It's Dale Arnold Michael Holley Chris -- Sports Radio W media. He got to the ball very quickly -- on that fortunately we got it he did a great job and made two huge floaters and those are two. Tough shots you know we talked earlier in the week about you know he's got such a diverse game that the more floaters and he can shoot and hit the better. You know he shot a man made two huge shots guys make shots I mean we're 927. Opinion of the first quarter. And we are down twelve and that we had 60% of our shots wrest away that's why we won the game. Celtics head coach Bret Stephens after the win last night at home over the Miami Heat. I'd just real quickly here before we move back the Celtics. How many of you just lost the billion dollars -- -- lost the million I lost and so the billion dollars is gone yeah had a shot. One brief shining moment. You still in line for the million. No. You lost an alien somewhere at some times at 2:30 Pacific and our very first game that ends in the NCAA tournament Richard Albert and there are -- -- -- -- checked up laughing. Sorry robot for the first time in my life. Actually felt like I had a chance. To get a billion dollars it's well it I think getting a billion dollars would be great but actually thinking. That you could do it there's a means for you like you can see that there's a vision for you. You know all this you -- -- these documents. And you could win a billion dollars. I guess somebody said that to me other than those Internet scams are closer I get those all the all the palmetto usually from -- Namibian prints or -- -- Allen could you please. Could you please responses. I've done that every time I mean it sooner or later the one -- gonna -- it right. -- for the story once this on CNN about a woman that enters although sweepstakes like -- every supermarket sweepstakes in every single. If you win anything she wins. Significant amount of time Jessica's -- 200 -- twenty. Our total economy with a 20% are underway and come away with something I had to go to spell out some information. We just had this discussion off the year we came out of the break with a Brad Stevens cut. About the kind of job he's done this year I have to admit I wondered about the college guy that rock rock college I come from Butler. -- transition to the NBA we've seen other guys try to do it and bail. I don't think he's failed. I don't think you spelled it I think she is a legitimate NBA head coach I was. Analysts are skeptical of him my guess per say but I was uncertain about what he was going to be because there really was no precedence. For what Brad Stevens was doing to go back to. Like the late seventies when Dick vitality Dickey V went from. The university of Detroit the Detroit Pistons and work out so -- didn't work out well and also be small college guys. With no way to be experienced before that the Dick Mata was -- what from Weaver state to was the mavericks and a bunch of other teams and yet success. I'm doing but but Brad Stevens was -- was kind of uncharted territory over the last thirty years but his ability to. Keep his composure on the silence at all times to obviously get through these guys and most importantly to have them playing this hard this late in the season. That's a testament to what kind of coach he is and always going to be in the future. You know another thing Chris. It we've kind of glossed it over. The guy who replaced Doc Rivers yeah so. It's not like replacing -- are backed by any stretch but. Well Donna great populist accessible very very good coach here I'll popular popular with his players turn out to be popular with the fans to. After the the eighteen game losing streak turned around bringing in KG and ray and what we're hearing -- those guys to Paul. It is really felt like Doc Rivers with the right guy for this team we heard a lot about that -- -- any relationship. So he came into that and I know they're different hitter batting. But it that that whole thing that shadow could have could have swallowed them up -- -- and hasn't. If you were Brad Stevens. Would it bother you last week when the story comes out that -- in rouge -- contact all the time. The NBA now that would that would bug me if I ever if I was Rajon Rondo said coach in the seventies that kind of stuff didn't happen eighties that didn't happen nowadays social media girls night out coaches ex ex players. I find out we are at and I don't think there's anything on toward going on I don't mean that. But. You know how it is it if in in the NHL for instance when Patrick -- at the the bench battle in the -- -- you don't know what Boudreau was mad about because -- -- one of his players. That he was yelling it gets slapped sit on the end of the bench there and what Boudreau with -- -- don't talk to my players. Don't say anything in my players and Eddie was mad and I don't blame -- by the way. I could see where an NBA coach who's coaching. An NBA player if this here's -- -- what if we thought LeBron -- Mike Brown wearing communication everywhere it would that be a little weird IP. -- -- pretty I find that very. Others say what was there -- two things one Doc Rivers is probably thinking to himself. Didn't talk that got this much when I was actually Atlanta is actually listening to me now that show. How would bet the -- Doc Rivers news. -- John Rondo is venting about Brad Stevens. Doc Rivers would give him perspective about how to deal with Stevens is probably good for Stevens. There Rondo was talking to. How much you really think they're talking I mean ducks got his own team to you think he's spending like every Tuesday and Thursday on the phone with Raj on Rondo. I had I didn't expect out of like it made it sound like they've been communicating all season long and and you're right it's not a daily thing here. Or anything like that -- text message but but in a league where we think that that Doc Rivers has many considerable talents. But may be the primary talent he has is his ability to recruit free agent and recruit people. Jabil touchy about that a -- with the Celtics. So it's over John Rondo is not a free agent now but he might be any. -- -- you know maybe maybe -- that the problem is is just the the culture of Adams -- in the culture of the league right now but I'm in the culture of the league it just may be where we -- in sports. Where a lot of guys are are friendly with people on the other team and it's just the way it is mean. I don't let your problem with -- game you know hey hi hello and it is different now steepener. You know the story that came out a couple of weeks ago where Paul George says. I want LeBron to help work out of the brought the brought on the mentored me up directive before him. And it worked out to direct the brunt. Their work out together in the -- when we're autopsies and I don't have a problem due to her own and a half ago. Travel to Akron. Where we are now. Day dale where I agree with you in some sense and where it -- say that -- -- -- head coach of the clippers he's the director vast operation right he is the the buck stops with him. With the clippers and you're talking to a guy who could potentially be afraid you might -- the play peed on the road. I would wager that the Celtics made a big stink out of this if they went to the NBA and said. We don't want him talking to many more the NBA would say stop talking to the they would say we're gonna start monitoring this. Much closer than we actually are right now but probably that is. I don't think the south as -- alienate Rondo at this point and that's kind of making a mountain out of a mole hill. At right now when it's just not that they can -- I got stuck on the tummy in -- there's a story earlier this year which. Was it Noah. Recruiting Carmelo -- not enough Allen joking Noah went into the -- locker room and Kendrick Perkins. So Perkins like daylight you know -- in the locker room and a river there replica. When these polls and he has been in the poll who's right is -- no. Parker's right now but you know not with the culture of the league. And all the time. I I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or your buddies at 34 guys that team member is in new York and Rasheed Wallace was with the knicks came from the knicks' locker at the thunder locker room I was talking to Perkins. And -- than -- any problem that at the time electric yet. I've seen in and obviously sports are different and I understand actually hockey players who get together after games and hey how you deal and -- guys that. I've never seen a hockey player going to another team -- ever they wait out hall. -- and it in this day and age she text guys and am outside. And the other guy can I have never seen a player going to another another team's dressing and wants never once the price is right. It just I would and it's why earlier in the year when John toward zarrella was trying to get into the Calgary Flames locker dressing from. And I guess to inflict bodily harm on people I mean a he was being completely lacked would be you don't collision there you know go near. And it just it would happen now I don't know about baseball. Football it would never. You would never see a patriot. Gillette Stadium games over year down in the India Miami Dolphins locker room visiting with a guy used to play with -- never happen. I probably would hang out you go to the right area wait outside. -- the other outside. Baseball there is no way in the world David Ortiz -- into the yankees' clubhouse that now visit with a play it it just what. The NBA if that happens like you guys say you know that's ideal yeah it's the only sport where that's sort of thing goes. Now there are times there are times to do you do it before the game now and -- -- plot that's that's front but after the -- shore. I think it's harder there's -- if I remember that that thunder bulls game I think the bulls to the crap out of hundreds it would have been perkins' -- in the got to just beat him up individually. Coming into the locker room. -- -- and wasn't me he was going in the -- -- right out the end to play together again European inaudible so. You know in going human body. And -- perk. You know keep that the conscience. Of the Oklahoma City Thunder. All now that visiting players and locker room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Once told me after plane went boss in the first you were Perkins -- there and then the second year Atlanta Chanukah was back insist they'll Perkins up on the floors trash talking all time comes up -- -- How happening Kendrick Perkins to swim and I didn't you know -- his body become a different person. It was all about KG that's that's the stop they depart not from KG and use it Tuesday yet -- KG would it would will put that on anybody wonder how. I wonder if he's done that to the next. Because that was always the team the Celtics would say. Privately about the net that team has no sees that he has in the soul -- did but he has no identity. Of a case she's not playing well now. But one of the things he can't give you is. That a bit of self confidence a bit. A -- a way of approaching the GameStop has a little -- to. Snow in detector who says and I'm quoting now I seen pictures of Manning in the pats locker room with Brady. And I haven't I am I saw a picture of maybe what the -- refer to it was a picture of Peyton Manning. In the ravens' locker room. When the ravens went there when the ravens went to Denver when he won a Super Bowl yeah so -- after a -- divisional playoff they knock they knock off. Peyton and the Broncos. And I -- Ray Lewis is in there with his son. And Peyton Manning came by our government that picture yeah great picture remember that I. I I've never seen a picture of Brady and can -- match in Belichick's head exploding. If Peyton Manning came into the patriots locker and a Heidi Tom after a game. Now and there -- direct hit by shrapnel from that is from -- out here that is right up guy and he's Alley but he -- -- had been having you guys are all over Peyton Manning in the awe shucks you know coach Belichick after the sudden -- that's so much respect what over the patriot place -- Check out -- meet me on the -- obvious it was bass pro shop owners unbelievable year. 6177797937. -- telephone number. If you liked Texas many -- have 37937. -- the AT&T text -- top of the hour Grady Sizemore will join us talks baseball with him. We've begun with some basketball Chris manic Sports Illustrated and SI dot com somebody it's a text it's -- it wait a minute. -- is in the room. Are the touchdown twins there no another touchdown we aren't here today wrong man X -- Ron -- is not here either the Sports Radio WEEI. This are brought -- by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible 6177797937. As we go back to the calls me ask -- a very simple question. You graduated from BC yes. I don't know where you want to Heisman BC IBC -- -- W or double to the field. They're a master's degree or -- Tripoli couldn't get it to law school a car do you remember who your commencement speaker wants to know. Michael. Pittsburgh remembering I don't I really don't know I don't either. -- the commencement speaker is at Worcester technical high school. This year Worcester technical high school -- technical high school league commencement coming up obviously and made some -- President Barack Obama. Other pull that I did hold an Opel. They've made the announcement today earlier today. Press release from the school we are honored that President Obama. Has chosen to address the graduates of Worcester technical high school -- principles Sheila parity as a preeminent leader and advocate for career and technical education. The president work and commitment to promoting equality of opportunity for all will inspire the class of 2014. -- technical high school lands president Barack Obama as their commencement speaker I think those as a remember that I think -- remember if the president of the united they showed epitomizes. I don't I don't think you know ABC -- Yeah you guys have a commencement speaker for high school lottery remember that I don't remember that I don't think so the valedictorian. No yeah no we didn't have a commencement speaker at the -- towards the up and sent something here and all the things that valid. Our on the story they'll -- this Rocco Baldelli was -- I don't know where it has to do with the president's educational initiatives I. I have a feeling that the president chose them and not the other way around. And it and it has yet I am at the White House though put out a -- are released today. At Worcester tech is made outstanding headway in boosting its graduation rate implementing cutting it vocational programs. In ensuring that all of its students have the opportunities to succeed. So -- technical high school. Say it has techsters yet. You mentioned the president -- -- know what's coming so what Texas has no one else wanted to about one. If -- rate I thought that that he's. The only commencement -- -- eagle twister acolytes who appears on talent and then -- -- was to attack that Gallup and make it between two birds at western Jack couch that's the next -- up on the road trip. A couple dollars just. Called him to describe what happened in the secretary of education Arnie Duncan awesome known as the star of the slippery start games. He was just they're singing the praises to -- While. Colo. I don't I don't know how large the graduating classes Worcester tech can't beat up I'm guessing that. It's time for self feast for all with the president of the United States after this open is done. Better watch out we've taken herself with us that look commercial space them. Where. There's that -- -- a hot woman around for Michelle doesn't like Dallas or watch out. Our job very well I'm impressed I'm in western tech idol -- it's gotten and lands the president of the United States is their commencement speaker this year. It is pretty cool. Don't I'm psyched about our I got to and ulcers I'm psyched about nine minutes. I'm psyched about the guy going to be talking to. Grady Sizemore I didn't think. I didn't think we'd be at this point. They keep him in the Promos on the station we -- -- eleven days away from up from opening day a week and a half essentially from the start of the season. I thought the Grady Sizemore. Looks the would be over I do not think he would be in the running it would even be a conversation. About this guy as the starting center fielder for the rest. Let -- let me ask you this are you happy that he's in the position to win this and -- -- if -- but does -- mean Jackie Bradley -- yes I'm -- with that. Because criticized -- is a better player he's a ball you're right now heat if Grady Sizemore LP. And can play -- -- did you understand let's not healthy will be. But then who wins that Bennett -- -- -- junior if you can't hit you gonna put him up there about 189 for the out. Just open -- a daughter deteriorate I mean I. How many options the you don't have many but I tickets I think it's sort of pool party to believe that. Grady Sizemore in the last. 130 let's -- your web CM I was with you at the start of the season also at the start of of spring training. Exciting -- for 750000. Dollars he hasn't played in two years. I don't I really image would call it medics recall being skeptical I think is just. Intelligent you've -- you have to be very cautious. About putting a lot of trust. And in Grady Sizemore but if you -- to go go out and hit. But you know that's what the surprising part yet and then play in back to back games and not feel any effects. And not be worn down. Then you have to that you just have to go what's big you have to just take what's been given the right. Now I would Purdue this is how I would protect myself. I would insist on having Jackie Bradley junior somehow on the roster sari knowledge gotta you gotta have a hit it on its -- match. What do I eat it he may he may have to be a a bench player at times. I don't know it's a straight platoon because it doesn't work out that way. If you look at Grady Sizemore vs lefties in his career massacres you can't go left right and say okay. Jackie Bradley will play against lefties because we don't know what he isn't it it would don't know what he is as a hater right now. Also got options. Yes options but. And don't you got a plan everyday yes I want out there playing every single edit everything I hit yet. Whether it's -- -- there's -- my point is that if Grady Sizemore is healthy enough good enough to be your center fielder. I don't think Jackie Bradley junior as well served by. It into games to weaken Red Sox helped him batting practice that's he's much better -- plane ever -- they -- but it's not the greatest pitching in the world obviously right but he's got to learn how to hit. He can't keep coming up here about 200. You learn how to hit. -- -- -- -- -- Well at least at least play -- and -- market last year if you wanna create a schedule or Blair the cities where Jackie Bradley plays like. 40% of the games grace -- replace sixty at the centerpiece at the position. I can live without -- that's enough at bats from to get better at the Major League level but he's only get a plate once maybe twice per week I'd much rather sympathetic. And it pat can I give you something very very comfortable giving this argument this office. What if you wanna okay nobody better Michael and I -- right at a regular hours you know here's a selfish of you. I'm not as concerned. About Jackie Bradley development as I am protecting myself. Grady Sizemore injury that's fine just. Minutes away what I let McGrady -- -- -- service Grady Grady Sizemore maintenance of injury. We've been on the way out Grady Sizemore -- I wanna make sure the Grady Sizemore. Plays and I haven't played 425 games yet I want to play and 125 games of one of being able to. Very strategically. Very intelligently. And in those off days. Whether it's an actual opting for the team or I've just said OK that's enough for you you've played. Five games in an eight place. You played six games and and ten days or whatever it is. We want -- we wanted to give you a game off or a couple of games off an opening and a Major League caliber. Center fielder at least defensively chain victory you don't have no. Are you worked all -- -- are you are okay are you go back to our colleagues along with the dialogue. So victory in a ghost -- there goes to right Daniel -- Not that I'm a spot duty yet his body live with you. -- it on the yet come -- newspaper -- got better down the road than -- I don't I helped a lot better off with that and haven't Jackie Bradley junior -- here five days but now -- -- -- -- Grady Sizemore led to plated -- I don't. Sitting for five day but how can you believe the Jackie Bradley can get better. By sitting for most of the time. Just by being around major leaguers -- you know being around the coaches here I think he's much better served playing getting five at -- today. Donna Pataki and and if you need him for an extended stretch bring him back. I don't think he's we're in between. With Grady Sizemore missed -- -- so excited to talk to Iowa I want to know. You know what the schedule is what the plan is this is probably something that you talk about when they signed. And excited them it was a liar that's how you respond. Let's see how you deal with spring training and two games and -- three games in -- play seven innings play nine innings. And now -- Got by some of these milestones some of these markers. Now the next conversation is how you -- hardly got a hold up the entire season your first season two years. Well last plan going to be we'll ask him he'll join us next Grady Sizemore coming right up Sports Radio WEEI.

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