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Heath Evans, NFL Network: The Impact of Revis and Browner on the Patriots Defense

Mar 20, 2014|

Heath Evans of the NFL Network joins Mut and Lou to talk how Revis and Browner impact the Patriots defense, the Vince Wilfork Situation, and the arms race between Denver and New England

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Heath Evans played for the pats and states and other organizations and -- not the joint this year a lot of talk about what the patriots have done. He's Christiane the NFL network you join us now how are you. Well I have good are you guys. Darrelle Revis the patriot -- -- -- left field today. I think -- field. Well Ed Brennan broader note these are predicting. There but he you know we'll talk about -- it and you're not only set about arms race you know we. The Broncos -- the patriot but I think not only did you know. Bill and the boys put together a recipe to further frustrate me banning. But they've also kind of put together a recipe if you give it will work back and happy note that in LP. That handles the best at all these young guns quarterback's read by running around obligated it has been a huge debate. The I want to get your thoughts on Vince the first -- wanna talk about just just the approach itself like. And I was a lot of talk here right rumblings -- Tampa Bay was possibly could trade Revis and it seemed like keep pipe dream where were you before me and we surprised that they actually got the player. Well I mean you look at would be the contract situation -- that the money and everything else I've been. Pretty much -- it and he. Acre Arctic at all that you thought man that you work at a trade maybe work out of new deal Revis you got a call for. Possibilities and I thought. Okay you'll keep the league the last two AFC championship game he's bowed -- injury. You know bursts. Steve Smith of the Carolina game we got -- capital -- and so. They at all in the money that other teams well I'll probably think you know. And then when you have -- Denver. You know all -- -- on who derail it like. My hand -- sitting down to real couple -- -- with Tampa gains from spot something bill of this guy so. I'm glad he's there. To further my spot on how does not only beat -- did what they do well there -- -- young got. To block on orders. You know you free yourself well maybe think about this all option is don't -- game these quarterbacks are more on the run and base they basically outnumber you on the east side of the ball roll out -- you brilliant -- a true true man to man orders. Your numbers game for these young quarterbacks. You can commit so what -- keeping these quarterbacks in the pocket or they can't beat you mean they are. So the world. They're never going to be from the pocket so I think this is brilliant all the way around a lot of ways. For these two starting that especially derail. But there in the NFC south amid the -- you and I covered those games a lot you know bowl and the NFL network and he called some of those games is Revis that much better -- -- -- we -- -- the best quarterback in football. What are the differences patriot fans will notice if there is major differences eat -- your mind between the upgrade from Revis from to -- Problem but -- -- target that you just to meet you what role he played the best quarterbacks they don't even try. -- cute you you look for respect to a crawl will be you know you look at them and you know he -- it will work you know there's just certain teams like command. They're just not even gonna try certain scheme because you're just not a war. -- -- relative that same type of player out there on the corner and in -- it would be. These players you don't get one or -- target or course of a sixty minute game could be you know. What did Mary Thomas you know in in patent honestly I can't wait to see the match up. When that comes -- comes to show. I belittle the the army aren't great blacks and try to target beat he would tactic. So I think that is the true -- of reality Darrelle Revis is helping that we saw him. And I knew it was on to -- -- you watch it grow even in his own systems of aggression on the equipment to beat the guy gotta help your help here in. Use these ridiculous wanted to -- RE double Brandon Browner as well we all of the size press covered. But is he is he all of that that you're talking about to shut down guys is you adjusted good number two or how how highly do you think of this -- Amazing you wrote in Lebanon Lebanese and Republican leader read a novel want it. It is I mean I think that's probably not picky you probably cover any guys' age while we all sorts. All -- robber. It two and a half to reach second Seattle -- what they ask him to do about their conduct that we speak of it until. I'll you know -- -- Greek debt every single game you know branded him derail it appeared complete man to man coverage well seek. Bill is gonna act even derail played more of the dome that I think he's got a lot better last year started -- quarter quarterbacks started. Bait receivers to run the wrong route and see this -- the intelligence that derailed so I expect -- rest -- and derail the really. Kind of grow out of the box -- the same time we'll -- build greater debt. Never put players in position they can't succeed and so I'm excited to see you at the different -- mentality. The -- dreamed up could you go back to Rex Ryan would derail there was what freedom because of what he create it and I know bill they will bear that alongside Matt Patricia. I'm curious stuck and Heath Evans a former patriot now the NFL network one of our favorites when you. What invest that much in these two guys immediately be the first to base and -- done. The patriots have free agency heat were Revis and Browner. Is that -- in your mind that Bill Belichick act. Sort of changing his ways and and recognize that the NFL is changing and that the passing game has become. The big thing -- that he needs these type quarterbacks for his defense to be successful. Yeah I just think you know -- always change -- -- get content you know what IE. Opted to leave for New Orleans -- -- -- -- we -- -- -- -- towards and the idea and they're getting bigger bat so. Why would you ever have 27 on the field that are Rob Gronkowski and it's stupid it's still. You know he's always kind of move live in -- time Bennett had it occur. I figured that that. I have a school who build beautiful -- and read she started but you know I think his doctor just -- -- mean -- we have. Two different styles of quarterbacks we have to be -- the -- -- that we have to be given RG three in this kind of circle that. They get a aren't aware of these guys then. So you got a -- recover significantly will be outside. What about men in there to keep these guys in the box to make him beat you with their -- in their eyes of -- -- But do you have the -- -- bit. OK you got ability -- rush but you still need lock down corner so I've -- it sure it is is just what Seattle put on the map which used. You better be young and fast they'd better have some quarter's record cover or report records -- you have our beat you to the quarterback Adam and get a are. No -- we heard a Rodney Harrison talked -- -- Vince Wilfork situation he is that it's coincidence that the day after Revis signed Vince is asked for his release do you. Do you think it's he's he's offended -- to take less money or extended while leaks -- all and sign Revis what is your take on the whole Vince Wilfork situation. Well enough and older although it would you use. He's excuse you have -- doubt that these. One of the best he may have a point where it all but he's also got literally no value in news value. I mean you look at the numbers last year when he was an error compared to what he won't mean. Point alone are just ridiculous and nearly doubles and then you look at you are rushing a game I mean I think it's like 45 yards a game I mean. All I give the guy props now what the New England away -- the Big Three 130. Forty pops -- -- -- an acute injury. What they see it in his rehab and then. -- and what he's due this year I'm not sure what the contract situation wars but. This is what New England does that leave as players. We have to remove or. Our emotions from a and say hey what were the best thing to do and apply it happened to the owners of Woodward preacher coach would be attributed to inspect and that's -- -- got myself in 2008. There's more money on the table. From that statement and many other teams so I opted to pick the second best option of look into Super Bowl that just hasn't happened to law. Well we asked is does this final year of his deal to eleven point six and the captain it's a big number. Is at the patriot way is that the NFL way that this just happens across the league. Yet as well maybe it's it's I think you know that the patriot way and we can look back at all. The difference you know that there's been Deion Branch the Willie McGinest there's so but so would -- rate literally. How hold patriot named that. Built Super Bowl winning teams you know when that -- -- -- when your prices a little higher but you know their tapes the content they want for the need. You know Teddy Teddy Bruschi kinda set the example that a lot of players on those still going to be drug -- doing that but. And the guy won three Super Bowls and in today extort. A storybook career doing -- so you're right it is that -- the league demands certain things when you get a certain number look at it for the -- Well let's go back to that though I made is that the CBA the way it is on the patriots the bass players take -- -- pay cuts would get to a certain age -- more money out there. This historic couple weeks ago how the average age of the NFL player has gone down the way to see BA works now heat it's almost like. OK -- I'd rather draft a guy and payables first couple years to bring in a veteran as a guy went through the process yourself. It is very probable moving in your mind with the CPA that it does. That middle class of player that gets to his thirties is pushed out the door nowhere to land base in the way this thing works. Well I think it. Kind of seemed it seemed to -- in the way that we as players want that news -- set up -- more money. You know -- the better player now what you got hurt the door to establish yourself you know these all the guys would be kicked out or not -- -- even the signing -- Darrelle Revis for twelve years at the if you go back in the -- BBA with the patriots have been able or on the books or you -- -- better player so I think it seemed achievement and what they're a lot of these are you see something. Barry young an inspector like Seattle will you know they can radical popular way to -- -- at 800 in the draft and they picked it ought to step up in the fourth and fifth round but you know I think you still beat teams that believe they are recruited Obi takes over the use better and creators could you know you need those pieces. Probably her not being built the list to a -- shock treatment that you win championships. You know with. Old or more seasoned veteran players that are wives that are mentally tough the tough moment of the game so. The younger -- yet despite what Seattle was just able to do. I think -- chances to break and -- all operate mobile Marty. Significantly dropped. Great last month for me I noticed it's really all really matters is how you improve your own team but -- AFC it's New England it's Denver when you look at those two so far at this point you offseason. Is our new of the patriots still chase in Denver your mind. IE I don't think so mean obviously. See you look at the patriot significant so you look it -- last year they had significant. Bank. You know people make a big stink about Eric Decker leaving and -- well I just. I don't really see got to be Emanuel Sanders now you basically have 22 there in two body types. -- comes to big wide receivers Julius Thomas the tech wide receiver side -- -- You know with -- Sanders and let you know or shifty guy that trailer on a different route to. But I think you know you get rob back and it's obvious LP in the league and you get it back under contract those guys along. Last year probably when he was suitable on the middle literally I think. You know what it could it diverse Seattle's run game. And at what -- matchup issues that rob would call Seattle. Like the idea I think eight UPN. But also you know -- it just goes to all -- -- -- -- BP -- the firepower. The ability added. What element that -- -- we know -- Brady's going to be if I have one question I've been in this. And it literally it bugs me when I start thinking about the -- next year how do you police Dante Scarnecchia. That's all I'm not only -- He's probably the second greatest culture venerable print shop -- that the outlook that doctor brought to the table every single week. In the spirit of not only run game protection in the teaching ability that he had a -- on that it was spectacular like I've never seen before so. You know -- at times in the league and you got about maybe -- -- -- rock because of great. Mindset a great teacher and so when I walked out the door how much extra armed as bill up for now little one or how does that transition take place and is there a small drop all that may be you know. That you makes -- via a little less protective -- pocket which that could spell trouble. You mention that we sat down talked his Super Bowl on get shot on this out at all phenol so -- asking him of -- a blank question here but. Is Eric Winston the new NFL PA president much of a bad ass as he appears to be dropped an F bombs and -- bombs in his first press conference -- But -- -- I don't know. That little of -- that would surprise big could be as well. You know I'm not quite sure that the -- we want to take rappers or go a you know -- -- What will be I go there I'm ballots. When I support the created and I built that the majority they do they do well. -- what we obviously it. He's got the patriots -- -- the Broncos after this first the voice of the offseason he's a body -- Evans joins us whatever that we act we can track them down of course and now the NFL network as well he. Great stuff we appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon. That is great catching up when you got.

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