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Will The Red Sox Repeat as World Series Champions?

Mar 20, 2014|

Mut and Lou discuss the three reason why the Red Sox will and will not repeat as World Series Champions

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OG ready. He turns on the rubber attitude to home so. -- world champions. It's -- good thing. -- -- The World Series and eight years. The disease. The Red Sox are planning on -- around home plate. This Red Sox team helping to -- Boston. Despair of the marathon tragedy in April until they ultimate joy of World Series six months later. Well we are just right around the corner now from that team the defending World Series champs. Take in the field in Baltimore march 31 -- -- 937 WEEI. Your phone calls at 61777979837. AT&T decks on 37937. Other Red Sox got their game last night -- -- bees. Attacking anyone goes on us as a nice thing. The bees. Of these jokers -- that these rob Bradford. But Jake Peavy was the bee's knees. Pitched well. -- -- these comments afterwards or heart was gonna be buried. About show something this year and a swarm of bees there. To make a swarm of -- future for joked state. But it it does lead to some overall questions about this -- we Douglas team and a million different forms they get set to defend. Their World Series championship I think there are some really good reasons. This team is going to win another World Series title hell I would told a couple weeks ago. I think it's more likely this team is a dynasty. That they RE one and done. Are also some things that could. In our patriotic on this show derail them and cause them not to win a World Series. Well put that question before we get into some curious people think about their World Series wreak repeat chances and why they -- why they -- 617779. 7937. AT&T -- line. At 37937. Stay positive or start positive today. About three reasons why a -- I think will this team has a chance. To repeat and will repeat what another one of the reasons while. All the stuff about you know turn to page. Things like that I think that's one of the reasons. I'm not really concerned about that. One reasons -- -- do it again if they do. Is because of the way they approach to game -- that -- -- John Ferrell coaches with more importantly I look at this team you know we look at position players first. Gained in a position player that that's kinda one World Series known as a sort of fat and happy. It doesn't have something to prove that isn't playing for a contract it is a young player to -- to playing this game or a veteran with a deal like Pedroia. That your concern with -- up and give you an effort each and every day Pierzynski is on a new team that David Ross is gonna giving effort we Napoli got his contract. Be -- just it just sits on the joy yet young kids -- left side of the infield Satterfield left field. You're -- victory has got some issues here in spring training but the way he -- -- to -- Get off patent happy guy there I just -- good I don't have nothing -- -- I think that there there's enough guys out -- Jake Peavy singer rivers got me dead and buried it from 42 years old zone below -- two brought some -- Now I'll admit will see when the contracts extensions come out. And a runaway -- want it to give gave an extension that might be there -- two year deal last year to start the year. I picked it is is -- his ego whatever you wanna call to be the man. -- -- -- that's stuck and as I could just sit back and just say whatever I want a World Series of good he's already won his third one. John -- is the extension -- have that effect. May be but I doubt it. I think he wants you don't you want to go out there can be can be great but the problem with Lester and Lackey may be -- -- so much heat the previous year. That's my only concern would post a comment nuts and to have that attitude the covenants in a gay guys dog for years city. A Lackey got written for you now you love me whatever but it Lester you dog eat dog in the -- in the post season elements try to carry that hopefully that's not the opinion. But I just don't see it in this team. With their manager the way to go about their business. You complacent and just be happy that they won it just all there. Destroy all the balls up I agree with you and I call -- team DNA and I guess the for the people who didn't believe that chemistry. Could help the team win a year ago guys like Kirk many energies never ever ever want to give him. That the way team has built the way to go about their business can could lead to wins and lead to good vibes if you -- even that people don't believe in team DNA idea. This team from a championship team a year ago the the -- is they lost. Are significant in American contributions the country's defense Jacoby Ellsbury in center field Jarrod Saltalamacchia but -- of those three. There's not a real leader among them Stephen Drew was not a leader as far as I know. Jacoby Ellsbury was not a leader in that clubhouse and maybe Saltalamacchia maybe salty had a a -- impact on the pitching staff but David Ross is still here. Like you that you loss of talent. Would you -- Pedroia Ortiz or. Even golds the leadership in the fabric of this team Lewis still there. And I don't think it's one of these. It's not to the point where they lost so much where that leadership won't be there -- 2014 is the way I feel about it. So he said the motivation for these guys I would just call Red Sox DNA. Would be right they're the top the list of why I. I think they will win a World Series again this year. The second one is right there -- a man I -- -- put it to focus one day. But the pitching depth -- this Red Sox team is Rican ridiculous. Okay every baseball magazine you pick up every preview you read. You know this weekend or next week in all the newspapers the web sites. All gonna say this and it seems obvious but dammit if any true. This pitching staff one through five. Has the potential to be the best one through five Major League Baseball the deepest and if there yet I say what best one through five and not 12 but one through five. Deepest in baseball and let's say. Jake Peavy goes to the DL. Okay would you bring up from AAA package fill in for couple weeks -- -- two or 34 options are guys who -- -- perhaps the month or two or three starts. And it's good -- It's talented deputy sets -- yesterday. That -- -- my surprise and if it ends up being true then this is really going to be true about the steam. To feel you brought might end up being the number two pitcher on the staff. Good but I think about that how many how many team is going to the -- send it over five pitcher. It's like could be could pick good pace like the number two earlier pitch like last year at times questions how long ago but don't agree at. The you know -- cab auto we've added you lost Dempster said OK we're good. With -- -- and add. -- wanna obviously they're really concerned with the depth. They wanna keep it that way to get young kids who took a big step lasted in my Alex is divorced at an outstanding year last year and that's reason why baseball America had a second. Minor league system and its -- double -- triple -- guys the cap porno you know Workman who was probably the first -- You know and then you kind of see what you have is Britain gonna be left in a reliever or starter in the big leagues. You know Alan Webster needs to take a jump confidence wise it that he Renato showed some promise. In any of Barnes and he had always you got a lot of arms. Down there don't agree I think it's the depth of the rotation I just want to five in the big leagues. But in a minor leagues that that is huge. No one is to go with the whole motivating I think with this team will be the young guys. The young kids perform at a high level and I include -- metal Brooks. You know -- -- Brooks swing and a hell out of the bat right now down defensively will -- How we as if he's average in swing the bat well that's a huge bonus get a guy in fifth sixth annual -- wherever it is with that kind of potential. It was in a Bogart's Rebecca had a potential we'll see what happens is that a field whether it's Grady Sizemore Jackie Bradley kind of Jackie she performs. Maybe instead of maybe -- right at some point -- out shakes out but the young guys. If the young guys can add to what the -- that they already have that's a huge bonus another reason why. If they live up to that hype they could be a better team in some ways offensively. I'll agree potential for growth of those players so I goes. That to also be the Big Three reasons why this team. You know wins a World Series this year it -- by your thoughts about why they repeated 6177797937. Public flip side of that. About three years about a might not win although first. David Ortiz isn't David Ortiz and he sat act out what stock -- spring training but he what two for 28 now in the spring so far. Say that carries over. And David Ortiz is not the ridiculous offensive -- he was a year ago. And the pressure at -- puts on Napoli. And middle Brooks and Bogart's other guys there. He carried this team at times that David Ortiz. What at this of the year you finally see regression. You try to replace Jacoby Ellsbury is very good offense reports there at the top of the lineup. Attic the middle the order has to be that group that picture up if Ortiz is a step back and goes to a month and six weeks where he's not David Ortiz. It is team's struggles to score runs and nobody picks up Ortiz. And our trading -- a little bit of at least feel it's a reminder from -- he is when he goes to for 28 with a week to go before opening. -- I know I would agree immediate that one pick up last year Wright hit one bad stretch. All that did Genesee article coincidence Paula what -- of that 120. Of the net -- consistent all year long. 30930 home run 203 RBIs 9590. Yes it the best production of anybody American -- four hole. He is the middle this line he's got to keep this -- -- together he drives a run city get some basic make pitchers work he he he put some fear into the pitchers. I would agree David Ortiz now literally about the given. I'm -- because the given his injuries we all know that idea rash of injuries so we yet you leave that -- up that's the obvious what people Texan injuries in Judea and injuries -- -- But you -- that -- up looking the other one would just being. A little bit reluctant aside it still get a little bit of that luck rent randomness kind of thing of of whether beat -- games whether or BO eleven comeback wins whether it -- get that a post season with a quote the post season run. It is that first round change at all if will Myers hasn't missed that ball. -- -- A David Ortiz Grand Slam now would consider that -- demands that -- before. There's still the most amazing. Vision that I have pictures that I have -- the post season -- what the World Series talk -- home run. Is the calmness in which David Ortiz rounded the bases in the ninth inning in a Grand Slam to win it. There was no chest pump and Victorino there was no arms in the issue Leo Jonny Gomes he calmly ran around the bases. With a feeling of what the hell did you expect me to do. That's up that don't always stick with me. But still you got to the playoffs does that does that whole series change that I go to the World Series abilities at the grisly. Public get that situation and it's that they were tees up two outs bases loaded in the bottom of the order woman books. That happened the there is there is a little bit locked there is obliterated and it's what you get the post season. And that's another reason why teams don't repeat. What can I can add any scientific study of what you just said I'd -- this conversation notices of Africa it was called when -- was doing the -- public league group called -- -- forget what it's that for. But if if knew we were here he would cite this as well. The folks over that ago the -- did a study called under serving champion examining variants in the post season it looked from. 1995. Or 2013. He is 95 that was the year baseball expanded and and they said what sport is the worst. At predicting and having their regular season success translate to post seen success. By far there and I'll read directly from Harvard study now -- Our analysis revealed that Major League Baseball most consistently produces champions. That are most differed from the regular season performance. It is remarkable just how bad the MLB playoffs really all car. Owing to the light of its water at 62 game season one might think that regular season performance would actually be a pretty fair indicator. Better for example in the NFL. But -- fact only three times during their study did the best team from the regular season. End up winning the World Series they compared to all for sports and more often than not the other three regular season winner won a World Series in baseball. Only happened three times in 952013. And they also point out that baseball can lay claim to be least deserving post season winner. And they got a bunch of the 2012 giants. Who weren't very good they want. VO three Marlins who rallied behind a wild card spot and who violate that he still baseball. The 06 cardinals. They point out is the worst champion in this metric. On basically should have been in the playoffs anyway and they get up and and win. 83 of 78. September when they went twelve to seventeen. But the study writes for whatever reason the gods are smiling down at Saint Louis they pulled off three huge upsets -- an epic seven gamer against the Mets in the NLCS. The -- at all. So as -- moved to October the time whenever -- talks about clutch and buries baseball players are. Never underestimate the power baseball to produce truly appalling victors. So they they did a study this and said in baseball can't predict wetter so the Bill Brandt Ayers soup randomness of the B. Always says that maybe it's because he listed as the wind and it just could be its habit right. Right now and finally the third reason Aniston injuries always. You eligible while he's a major networks are no -- the reason whether rumble in my list of of why the win while they won't win. Is again the young players. Now on the flip -- don't perform. You know you -- let -- left side of the infield you know we don't know what's gonna put Jackie Bradley. And Grady Sizemore but the left -- that we know what's gonna happen now. But I did Bogut is a short woman Brooks is a third. We all believes in a Bogart's is gonna be a great player but -- questions out about what metal box thought people expected -- great years is a lot of potential there. What do they don't like what what what a world doesn't play well. Is your third baseman anywhere. On this team that the reds and a minor leagues and that there is a brand Snyder brought Paul job at a rare Rebecca that same group again. You know in a ball that's a great player and L last year. You stay injury free. You know and last year it was you know third base woman lost -- is a performance. In you'll say -- injury -- ripping affecting her but still. It just the justice regarding the first year were big league season -- -- a bogus he's a superstar. -- -- playing great gets hurt. You know -- there's what scares me is that there is -- much depth at all. Behind guys and audits tied it with injuries but it could be performance. Left side of the infield I don't see any depth whatsoever. With this team. You know hopefully Grady Sizemore that a little better boats that are -- -- -- Downey leave at the Jackie Bradley doesn't perform. We eagle there. It we'd eagle there Cody brown -- -- I feel like there's some spots -- deep -- feel that deep catch of their deep. The first basic and do some things he's gonna play when 62. But there's some spots within lacked depth and it's where the youth is on this team that -- got a schedule -- 6177797937. Is the phone number eighteen tee -- line 37937. Sure you guys have your thoughts. Are on this Red Sox team why they would repeat. While they won't repeat as you get set to well look at this team but it Samir text here a second Chris and Boston among the phone calls but Lou 937 hi Chris. It was probably would summit AEA could get a pretty good job Elaine averaging out the Specter or me I think that cabinet. Incredibly -- leadoff hitter is underrated. -- we thought that I I felt like a lot adult buried did it today blocked. You know obviously -- unrealistic to bring him back so hi hey you know think that site more and and Bradley are huge. And so they're they're my big question marks and -- site more. And -- I mean at -- actually huge. But the other the other factor -- buckle. I don't watch it pretty close look at spring training at -- because I look at him I looked at -- become. I look at it at a guy who just wasn't right obviously -- of the year. And indeed you're gonna win in the post season that you guys said a lot of crap -- they immediately after dominant starters for irritation. -- Ethiopian right I think the Red Sox have a great shot at repeating. But he's not I don't know what the depth and cannot step up and and beat big -- at the end. Well first off these. You know he's been lights out you know for the team ethic he's going tonight's matter fact. See that game he's you know three appearances he's. He's an eight innings five hits one earned run in 05 strikeouts so unless he's basement very very good but here's the thing -- -- He told me to you know last year. You know when a pretty much came down the wire here was he when he atop two. -- you -- my immediate top to a -- Lester and Lackey. Were YouTube guns this thing they've got three options now in -- two out of three can stay healthy they've got a 12 punch no matter what order it is. Yeah -- I would agree but I I think -- -- little bit of an aberration I just I -- -- I always think you know. Dominant starters -- -- -- -- to repeat nobody was more approachable Lackey. And then relapse here but to me pure calorie content into opposed he would run that Lester last year year two top guys. I'm not I'm not confident that would be if you got. I'll be quite -- Still that laid. Out -- Wilbur. I mean. The idea at this. I agree it. I think they I think galactic -- exceptional -- -- I think maybe you don't feel a lack of a beginner under say it. I think will likely Buchholz got -- beat guys here. -- and that would if you go to expect regression from John Lackey I don't think that's entirely unfair Kristin thanks for your call audit. They did do last year basic without -- for the half last half of the season he saw mole in other policies he wrapped it up the game that's Darden in Saint Louis and maybe that's start. In Saint Louis change some things you maybe he's able to pitch through pain. A little bit more this year but the Red Sox want pitching through pain I don't know. Betty grow up to -- that start but. To loose point I mean it's it's black he's gonna regress find some up to step up could be -- -- brought. Could do propping the pitcher was for what fifteen starts last year fifteen consecutive quality starts. Could stretch that out and beat that pitcher now -- -- the that -- all the -- out couple days ago. Off -- you brought a few months ahead of where was slasher -- physical preparation and mental preparation could he give you a full season. That would help offset Freddie Lackey regression but you have to get three guys that -- Dick and pitched the top of the rotation postseason. Three. You know so if you do lose one of them used to you lost one last year in the Clay Buchholz. In all although what I do think that the league. Before he really went down that World Series he did give you some some games in a post season. If you remember he gave you five great innings in both starts in August Tampa and Detroit and sporadic gas. And it got a lot to do with it but there in missing time. But you get three guys you can turn to. -- only city in uptick from from the rotation for the beckoned in two brought. It's like I picked the rotation -- early -- com.

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