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ESPN's Jeff Goodman previews the NCAA Tournament

Mar 20, 2014|

Goodman joins Dino and Kirk to look at the opening round of March Madness.

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It is the fourth and final hour Dennis without Callahan -- hand did something to -- those two kids went away yesterday. And only one came back to throw brightening only one came back I look at this morning your receipt. -- -- -- Well and -- make it that the jury seat and you will go up and cheer much more comfortable and -- -- higher up your play in the band. -- they have called. First chair clearer picture -- second your current merger clarinet where you. -- was for your saxophone. Shields and you Rhode -- pros trying done exactly what are your second sheriff's office ought to be it exactly. Really looking for this segment he knows more about what's happening today sixteen games what's happening tomorrow sixteen more games all of us combined have forgotten. He's our print from ESPN's Jeff Goodman a Boston native by the way hello Jeff how aria. I'm cured but you're -- -- -- -- somebody who might you know actually. These doggone and and and and now we -- never do that well have you put in your Warren -- billion dollar bracket yet. You know I don't know -- while I don't think you're eligible to have an Internet. Right let's get beyond -- paperwork that they are but you could be. You wouldn't even need milk the billion anyways that as a matter it's right I'm getting it up by my radio partner -- hand here as you may or may not know is a marathon runner and he makes the point and I would. It's what he does the leading does that by the anyway he makes the point that the night before the marathon he has a hard time sleeping because it is the excitement. Argue like that on the night before the NCAA tournament begins -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just want sleep you know it's been. Apart select coaching change usually just a long -- accused. I don't know but think about it you know and part of the problem is now we have dispersed four. Which really. It is garbage to me I but it kind of takes away. From the buildup of today. And you gamespot that the night before it. Or sixteen cute playing -- that you -- -- at -- used it barely got in tennis you are a lot I think Jane but like. I think I think it really cut -- I probably that out yet but -- that game last night -- -- feels like it could be any. Wednesday night in January or February and ESPN during the regular season just feels like any other game. The I don't like a personal level like that they expanded its I don't Paterno really did you anyway. Thought I would but -- important. I think again it it doesn't feel like I am not a pretty remote beach you went from. First port -- final four. A few years back which are Smart and so not by an. You know my sports analogy to that Jeff is it's it's it's sort of anti climactic before the gun goes off could be like the hundred yard dash. In the Olympic finals and they have two false starts and three guys you have to sit down because they got out of the box to suit it didn't start cleanly I guess is my point. Are your anger out there are. They hum overview question here and this is in terms of what's important and what is not in the National Hockey League when the playoffs arrive the accepted cliche is. A hot goaltender will get you through in Major League Baseball when you get to the post season it's the hot pitchers it's the the team that pitches the best will win. And then the NFL it's always the same thing quarterback play in this tournament Jeff Goodman what's the single skill set element. That every coach wants from his team to be successful. I'm intermediate report card. Through -- you know that's what usually win in this tournament big guys. There aren't a lot of them out there anyway output. There for me when I'm going to the bracket now I'm looking this looking at that after coaches really good point guard play. And the least the -- holes and that's why I was trying to fight not. -- look at Florida or Michigan State to him at all Michigan State's been. Banged up all year and not in any -- at this since December real. It's not just Tom Izzo comparable talents to everybody else and take your time it's every every day of the week. Why I still don't know what they're under course and you know keep up with their point guard he still struggled -- -- looks pretty accurate but his wrist bothered all year. -- -- -- -- -- your wonderful he missed the budget. So I think Michigan State it is 18 or one B along with groups or dictators. Who. Don't have any major weaknesses they've got a good point guards got it will -- in your book you know. In their capital warming and virtue of the team kept on the net and rejected yours in 2006 and seven with two Q Mellon or for -- go out. They might not ever got extra laps he's among their starting group and that also got a cure all the landscape has changed with talk about. When I look at America trying to figure out. For all out first thoughts this Celtics beat the heat last night delicate when we always I always agree Jeff that we get Texas -- -- to call us. Not for saying this altitude -- for winning games and yelling these stupid fans. Because the guy out the back up -- the most actively get him any resign now. And he's the best part in the term of the best player college basketball. Is Wiggins a -- Kansas to win. All selfish because I -- see -- play more games in my crazy for thinking I want the Celtics to lose every single game that means a 2% better chance of getting this guy. I don't know you're you're right on the money like this is actually what loot everything. Every single game and have the best chance of getting letters and -- Whether it's support or -- whether it's oil and he's in a note that a three -- as of this. This draft class. There's really not a lot of separation between the reader urged skipper players into their key now its oil and beat woods. The favorite to go number one up until a few weeks ago. He's seven order from Cameroon -- really really skilled. He can score in the post he can block shots he's going to plant for about three years so he's extremely you know it upside it and that's what Libya as well. But he had a back injury and not gonna play this week -- talked -- Bill -- yesterday. He's not playing this week that -- -- mediators slight chance. -- some miracle he went in their second game there hopefully get a sweet sixteen but -- it's terrific. Bart Parker secure computer literate got a lot in the he just sports it's kind of what you're Carmel at -- -- and that's what GOP -- -- the -- -- and eighteen and seven very unique -- for ten or twelve years. And you got awakens well I was a little -- on. Not part but I wanted to temper the expectations because it's not -- Who plays hard in place -- intensity all the talk. It is it is -- is the minutes he's a great athlete he's warm he looks the part he's just not a killer. But -- say this the first. Burton he's been you know. Be great one game and many in this -- -- you know he'd be invisible for much of the next game. Over the last three weeks he's turned it on a lot of that is because he's played without him so go to the three products is not like you wanna lose because frankly. Know what's what's being you know winning. -- -- Make the fans in the stands happy for an hour to. -- -- -- -- -- and let let me ask you look at your crystal ball and I'm not sure I thought I knew the answer when you -- we're discussing MB. But five years from now let's take the injury element out of -- Jeff Goodman who of those three will be the most productive NBA star. I can answer honestly like I played with myself all year and go back and work. You know MB to seven border right. And -- plates are. What I don't think you should be spots you know that whatever rewards -- so important to strap that I -- like you know -- neighbors watched bird or somebody like that -- -- not going to be good player but. We can do outside as the hot -- he ever gets it. It -- spectacular incident. He's going to be tremendous. It's not QB you know your group Rudy -- somebody like that. Where -- Parker and closer to be Carvell -- you know what right right war. I think the in and -- the competition wasn't great. But the wigand's I saw against West Virginia is the best college basketball player I've seen this year were frustrate me to write about that Jeff is. Why does -- -- -- you know that that that that is the one thing that scares -- about -- The game after that I think he would not Portuguese it's correct correct. So that old saying is it's you don't know you're getting out of anger wins -- I don't think he's ever going to be killer but but again you know. You know to -- Parker. To meet this -- inspector Bart workers say they're into what you just roll the dice. Indeed thrown -- -- -- because of a back injury but I think it's gonna really depend on. The doctors when they look it is back. Prior to the drop battle out of the -- beware of the -- deal. We're talking with -- ESPN's Jeff Goodman and -- bomb ordering him of the 4512. Matchups VCU Stephen F Austin. Cincinnati Harvard. Oklahoma North Dakota State. And Saint Louis NC state which do you think has the biggest chance of pulled a 512 upset that we see every year. -- go to Tuesday. You know they get us and -- -- award he's probably a lottery pick up people probably solve -- not against Xavier he -- about 25. Prolific scorer not a great shooter put into place got to cap it all -- or -- door -- -- Six -- coming up the page. At Brewster academy to underscore. I'm not -- and Lou I'm I'm not buy and -- and it's like an elite leader in it locker teams ended up getting sick and permanent. But hey -- it's really. You know they struggled down the stretch. There really didn't -- -- -- -- this year odds against you stick it to me you know the other one. -- indoor acute. I think Steven Altman won about 2720. In general -- vote five or you're gonna Brad Underwood who really coached. And it got a point you got to I think your handle these years you know -- he that's where they just about you know -- keeps. -- pars Wichita State. Now I've been the one god and like I wouldn't even the abominable and see. And I know not they are defeated I get it but they've beaten three teams all year. Played -- -- -- in which it's like. It looked like meat plant Scalabrine is in and more of what every day and he went every game right you beat me thirty straight arms. But he beat me you know what what what -- -- that we -- it by beating me he's working to remember once he. -- That's popular with a repeat of what seems to work even close remotely -- lead to some of these other teams. I think thirteen haven't hit that I don't think they -- number one's really. But I will say -- a look at they're very Celtic great backcourt while -- presently. I'm going to be there. So on them in Milwaukee Dominic dropped to Saint Louis -- -- wanna see that union. Which starts they'll hopefully Kentucky I think we're told went that one but I don't think figure out boot. So you are not among the legion of fans who thinks they win the first game and get knocked off by Kentucky because I think Kentucky seems to be a very flawed and disjointed basketball team. Yeah I -- -- -- Kentucky and and it got really good talent we know that opportunity to tell every putt. Here's what in the Kentucky news they don't play together as a team aren't so obvious internal -- -- to look it it is probably all year. But they play with no -- no -- -- And and you can also you can make a case for the fact that not a single player matching. Has gotten better today who's better today. Significantly better than they were when -- start and I don't harper countered because you're taking over -- young kids. And you only have a lot of free months but. Nobody by the group an important reason is that point guard cumulative arson whose greatest double what part Merck chairman of the year by a lot of recruiting services. This is an accurate it is not a point guard are great you're not a great doubt please your spot -- strap or consult him there. Into -- lane and their approach at all. So I think again getting back to what I have started. Point guard play is -- The success and look at some of the breaking -- water at all lately you've been last year who would go -- repeat C terrific point or. And originally but great player in the league but he -- -- Kemba Walker. -- you can go down a list of guys that want it already be felt was really during college when Carolina won it. I just think you Vietnamese equality point. Hey Jeff good -- if not Wichita State who is the most overrated team in this tournament and on the flip side who do you think -- the most under rated team in the tournament. I would say it's your -- by eating. You -- -- about seeding in terms of re sure. You know I'm not by him. Virginia I'm just not in the Melbourne see that part of the problem is unsolvable earlier in the year and then -- 4030. To Wisconsin at all it's a kick it up -- I'm but he played well I know -- -- you know being a water QC. -- and Tony Bennett's back of the -- but I'm just not buying them and as far as. You know the lower seat that you're teams that are foresee it ever respect in the Love Boat commission and state little right well missing is such that they're banged up. Global it took awhile you don't you know the first -- a year. They had to learn to play without agency even -- -- defensively. Users see who was kind of a -- -- under the leadership point guard. Jen was a real protector that -- -- that figure that out a little bit but I -- go to gain New Mexico at a seventy -- a lot -- Q if it is boat and -- MB we can. I think you backstroke with -- -- -- the -- -- goes to see. So BC a couple of years ago plex and Ivy League coach after good turn and run he fails was a disaster no getting around that. And I -- hear reports that they're going to -- a guy from the Ivy League locally now maybe. To be the next coach Amaker to DC to meet on surface seems to make sense when you start digging. I don't know -- a perfect fit. It's adult. You're -- right -- without which it's a you know annuity crappy excuse. I don't get tipped its hand so I'm not sure the other stuff how much troopers too -- yet I haven't been I haven't. Are dug -- too -- but you know what I will it still would all the people that are that are saying well they should never part out here. Now that I I disagree with the program is going down -- they've got under 500 block yours obscure. The problem is they are not to be coached and recruited I do requires. And -- look -- -- great got high character. That you guys in the Libya and the right handers in the where each UCL players. If you need to recruit and -- personal. He can recruit. At Harvard that are very good job now honestly it's harder problem for -- recruited -- even it's been harper is fighting. Other academic institutions for players there's a small pool. And you can tell harbor you can choke back and you've been coaches. Plated suit you better toward its all of Michigan the highest level he's done a great job and if you'll. A guy that I've mentioned already that I think should be ditched. And would be -- -- -- the candidate -- Syracuse coach -- -- -- -- He he played -- He's still -- next go to -- whenever they have retires. But I think he's a guy who's extremely. What he. To the northeast. Chew the prep school -- he can recruit. It's got a lot of support among people that matter. In the area -- sports. If you coaches people that have. Your roots with the players -- that you -- -- the best players of all let me into the -- players of moderate year. -- lap whether the murky Brothers Eric and -- certainly Ludwig her figure are starting pitching -- Shelton started to sort. -- Yang restoring and I wrote in keep those that all -- and -- much opted to be able to do that. But it bay times retirement is sooner rather than later why would this guy if indeed his they'd lock to be his replacement. Leave there and come to Boston College. Glad you got that question to -- that this particular blog that you're absolutely right and let him. What you do is if you're Brad being it is that some marketers with the bill whoever -- the dog is if you got to file that you -- Ten million dollar and particularly within the first or others. To get up and -- -- from my sources. They tell me that Mike -- and -- signed that deal wallet that he doesn't know how much longer can bear arms bill. It could be another 56 years and he's ready to -- -- Speaking of Syracuse any feeling for which of these schizophrenic Syracuse teams we might see in this tournament. The good ones of the -- Yeah I think YouTube Google I think it would really tiger. You know their -- I've got a lot of minutes in the shooter Trevor who immediately start at -- a little bit of power and salute that stretched from wall. I'd like them because. The one thing it would -- it keeps it. Other than that crazy lunatic -- on record against duke he's pretty even you know he really did he -- even keel. And again two point purple -- would tolerance. They have some pros. You know Jeremy Graham and actually get prayer will probably be interviewed team -- got a shooter Trevor and they just don't have a lot of I think -- suited to -- wrap that up in Syracuse when Republicans. And and probably get to where they end up playing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who's gonna be the player or the team that America embraces your money that we knew nothing about on Thursday morning whose Florida Gulf Coast this year. Who's the player. I don't know I mean like those those are always talk -- the -- -- we never -- you know -- out. But -- -- a -- of kids that can really play that are under the radar. You know -- super regional -- yet also repeat. Point guard he's gonna play against Doug are great and everybody's watching. I think of people up and upset and by the way -- that it also -- Kerala it is all the -- -- -- told us right. I think it was called southwestern Louisiana north northwest Louisiana back in the -- obviously patent really cute. I think he's got that in -- captivate the -- you a little bit of people off the upset. There's. -- matchup is is global engagement. Manhattan street but warmer little bull (%expletive) in the match you know they got -- regarding or team. On -- that's one certainly watched. Could Mercer pull up the -- student who may -- -- there are so many you know ridiculous don't seem competently executed. I've got to watch. No match it was seen in his state there's a kid on the accuracy Utley looks like -- -- 757. Well able get out. We'll get chatting here on this you mention global in a reverse -- perverse kind of away. Mike that fourth seed slap in the face be a good thing for little -- in the long run. Sure I mean again and boarded B two -- they're gonna have to play of Saint Louis or and -- state. It in in their next game and then look at Wichita market I mean he. It's not like that listen people that had all -- opposite about the scene this year. Don't worry about it it is very minimal difference. This year is such that -- the best human character dornin. They're they're not imposing by any means and one of the -- -- twelve teams to win -- -- You can't decide between Florida or Michigan State at this point -- Gold -- Florida I'm going with Gloria Allred because you know what I watch -- -- -- -- today and all of my colleagues that alternate Michigan State. I'm not I'm not Obama -- or. Jeff Goodman ES PM thanks for the information point five minutes a good stuff we really appreciated enjoy the enjoy the term my friend. I thought. -- with Dennis Kelly and Dennis and minute hand AT&T hotline will be.

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