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Celtics with a bad win over the Heat

Mar 20, 2014|

John and Kirk opened the show discussing the Celtics win last night over the Heat.

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You know yesterday our in -- or our show distraction if not digression. Was to invite our friends on the AT&T -- lines. Texting and where they thought Kirk. And Jerry were yesterday what their destination ones. A lot of fun with that in no particular order some of my favorites were. I don't know where those two kids are going. But I did pass the -- 95 in suburban city in the backseat with smiles on their may have a sort of like that when another one which I edited said. I think they're going to dispose of body. And the winner -- bowl -- but I believe was there making flowers in a bed and breakfast in Provincetown which was the winner now as like look around today. And by the -- Dickerson asked. Are they back tomorrow our -- and Kirk back tomorrow as well I guess it depends. How it goes in that bed and breakfast apparently not that well postponing didn't go over well if you're not watching mess and but you can picture me looking over at Manhattan's. And DC eight. Minute hand is not sitting in his state and now look over Jerry seat. In Manhattan apparently had been killed throws an accurate -- you had to get exactly what that -- a year Jeremy is not and you're sitting in -- chair that's right that is a frightening purple things of why you know that's eggs I -- and it goes this way it's clockwork so -- you don't want -- black workers like clockwork. Clockwise clockwise CN it's like clockwork it is likely yes exactly like I was Dickerson and -- -- little bit the start. We invited him back today and in it in that in in a true commitment to this program. It in a true commitment to this program right -- should be sitting in your seat right now I would even sit Audi it's that might -- prediction here and I think you'll agree that move one closer to the big. And closer to it that close I wanted. Yeah. And we invited him because we understood it didn't go that well with -- injuries killed Jerry's so we're gonna invite here. In any troop commitment to the program. Dickerson said. I'd like to but I'm flying to Vegas at 8 o'clock -- -- a couple -- middle shelf. And he said no PPL. Tonight a theater come way. Like it is going to be tired how well he was going to be until he turned us down may be gets the airport early. 1112 hour course or I -- -- yeah it would have to be the case however are a bit but if I am flight 370 Dickerson. What I call now and it is it is MIA he has MI disappeared from the radar and and nobody knows where he was yesterday morning at 6 o'clock. Make it my business. Would be here today my understanding is that you know -- sources all over the if you do is that he is both wanted and desired by the powers that be round. I've heard that. Bomb. With a -- With a reservation that he shows up for work how that that's not a reason well as Jerry told you in our little primer with you on a rookie orientation -- remember this 90% of this job is. Showing show up. I am so yeah. Well yeah well that's -- -- -- but -- do it brought some energy we had a good time -- -- the first hours yeah how big of a doubt that yeah so so without we -- your -- appreciated since employed. And invite accuracy begins to reset outlined the biggest vehicle well -- parent scenario but economy. We were nothing if not anything about by grossing on this program I digress with the first text of the day -- -- spot but wait that's Jerry. Is that it oh. At all so he's not debt. While it's it's it's professionally dapper Richard detective and looked over at the beginning -- idea this text just came in. Good morning honey. The baby is sleeping good. Except her skin is -- She keeps pushing off the blanket. I hope you're feeling better I love you why. I guess what is the kiss -- -- injured and MW. AH. Watt yes let's go to the baby. Babies -- is cold and she keeps pushing off the blanket. I've baby's sleeping bears interest in this freezing cold behind us with -- each sector hospitals if there's air -- -- you know they're sleeping there's a lot of golf shot up it's just let them go straight man. I watched something last night. On the Celtics telecast. But it's simply for the life of me. Cannot understand I've tried you know me I consider other people's points of view I'm open minded you sure unless -- a reason. And -- and I will not in a million years have anybody explain this to -- Why it makes sense that was in my estimation and absolutely positively. Horrible weekend by the Celtics last night. I certainly understand. What Brad Stevens is trying to he's trying to get them to be better you're trying to develop this team. You're trying to find out who's in for the long haul and we can count on and not the rest of the way. Like you know will -- and be here and Dickerson not the right trying to figure out right I also understand that every one of those guys on the court. Are highly competitive young man men starting first and foremost with Ron Dennis -- famously told us you know a year or two ago. You can do anything Rondo wants to win including being the first one to the elevator when you're leaving a hotel. So like the fact that Rondo would have no intention no desire to play crappy to get a better draft flat so I'm I'm excusing. Exonerating the coach and the staff and the organization and Danny and all of the players and the -- all those people. Wanting to and trying to win. What I don't understand Kirk -- can explain this to. I was seeing. Grown men and women the way I will also excused the kids off to understand yes the Celtics Jersey -- Rondo jerseys and jump up and down. Watching grown men people who have season tickets west in their for many many years and we will probably guests seated next year and the year after and the year after that. Jumping up and down as if it's the seventh game of the NBA finals and the Celtics just won it at what a great. Win. This one's the other thing about the slash thanks I was watching the game toward the same exact thought they would show. The crowd chanting defense or whatever cheer and they scored -- not -- after 141516. Whatever I get. Watching guys who I know or like me are my age. Who know it's like when the Celtics suck yes and no the difference between potentially a third pick in the seventh pick in this -- to be the difference between. At that time all star in a boss that's right cheering on and on and obviously win the scheme that is not meaningless it's meaningful because they want meaningful. Apple's absolutely apple now is part of it I wonder. You caught up in the moment at the game have few drinks -- your body gets yelled LeBron is on the bench -- -- on eagle when you're driving home these say. You know that probably actually since I got wrapped up in the actual -- I wonder if those season ticket holders that we sought cheering yesterday when watching from their couch and away game right. And that same kind of emotion right -- you may be caught up in the moment you may be caught up in the environment. But in the big picture especially -- season ticket holders are who are barely in it for the long haul. Look at this and now realized that the Celtics with this horrible wind. Over the Miami Heat yesterday went from the fourth pick in the NBA draft you were able to be held today ping pong balls notwithstanding. The sixth pick in the NBA draft now that is not meaning less that's meaning -- I would say this and and and this certainly qualifies as hyperbole. I'm not suggesting that anywhere in the top three or four college players in college right now there is a Larry Bird. But did Larry Bird make a difference when he came here to Boston. Was very qualitative. Difference of course there what I went 61 exactly what the we re emphasize I'm not suggesting Larry Bird is out there waiting he's not he's not right. But somebody very very very good he has short could take this team from what we got -- 23 wins. With thirteen to play. And the other thing about the way they closed this game out the way they. Didn't fold down the stretch gives these competitive young basketball players. Reason to play harder the next game the next game the next game after that. So my expectations for them to be stuck at 22 and they are no longer are there 23. Now with thirteen to play I believe that's the thirteenth place. Are probably gonna get collect. 26. They might ask them and that's going to be he had no chance the first three picks are gone you're not gonna catch Orlando Philadelphia obviously walking down those teams are -- with 23 game that track that's over -- and again that the real question is now. You hold off the Detroit can you hold up the Sacramento can hold off the new world does right now. You know you could pick seventh in the strap of the seventh worst record heading into the lottery -- -- -- committed some impossible and it's just. Again I a week criticizing enough for for for not taking enough for the players you can't do anything about. I'm watching that game last night and I keep looking at what point they show the guy who. Was almost like me and the nemesis that's probably. The year two different than me he looks like he didn't. -- -- can you probably grew up watching the same thing -- he knew his likening it Duncan. And they stuck for ten years he knows knows they get the 73 pick in this -- It's gonna change as the traffic -- they're not gonna get that guy. They're not gonna get Parker the marketing that we get not to get checked out the turnaround you know those chances -- belt of the seventy pick next year the seventeenth eighteenth pick in the draft next year. Rondo plays a full year healthy sellinger is better Olympic is better. Green is better there academy deposition again. Here is Bret Stephens after the game I understand where he's coming from this is the coach who has been charged with developing this basketball team and he was happy with the victory. Guys are playing fairly hard through all that you know -- would -- two time defending champions that they were missing a fairly good player. Just qualify that but I thought we played our -- Plato -- played Bill Horn sounds I don't have much question about that. Yep they've played the horn sounds fine -- he's refer reciting we've learned that Stephens you're pretty good coach I think union gas I think if you watched them night in night out given what they have they play hard all the time they've been fine -- doubled the sixers have done they haven't given up in the throne and then. But I mean they're in in the pissed now if they want the the 73 pick this year Dino in the draft and -- done. What a horrible them meaningless with a wasted season -- Com what would you agree the Bret Stephens a very serious man. It seems that he doesn't seem very plate full -- behind the scenes very funny Leah is a -- -- lamp shade head scratching my head off like a -- talked to discuss what to expect at laughter. Avery Bradley is a serious players well again I excuse I certainly understand why these competitive young men are out there trying to win basketball games now. On the heels of beating the Miami Heat. Avery Bradley turned his attention to the rest of the season and what his feelings playing alongside Rondo now but their injuries are a thing of the past as in store. You know we get a chance now to finish the less I think their teens fourteen games off. Playing with each other and gone out there and show what we can do we know that he's capable of doing that he's our leader he's our. Star players. You know we. We always look to get the ball in his hands as you know he's gonna make the right players. I'm -- Gary Washburn. On basketball in the Boston Globe today I know we said the million times the writers columnists don't write the headlines. But they do take a 88888. Nugget that kernel of truth. Or even a word from the the text of the column news and headlines. And they say meaningless game that's in quotations meaningless game. Has significance. And here's what Washburn says this is not his leave the paragraph number two the Celtics are in rebuilding mode. And they have found the fortitude. To compete and beat. The heat twice this season including Wednesday's 10196 victory that brought eight playoff atmosphere. To the TD garden. It was because it was the people got extra Jack tried I think that's Ray Allen absolutely that's a factor are so that -- -- Up -- goes on to say and those who believe the Celtics should lose every one of their remaining games off thirteen. Is potentially to potentially improve their draft position. Don't understand the importance of occasional. Victory. Even for a franchise whose focus has shifted to development. On the contrary Gary I completely understand. The importance. In my estimation being negative importance of an occasional victory with thirteen or last night's. Game started fourteen games to play this is very meaningful this is not something that was a good important this was a bad important. Even most ardent supporters of the Celtics tanking. Would embrace a victory over the heat. Sorry Gary don't speak for me -- I am one of the ardent supporters of the celtics' thinking I do not support a victory over the heat. An audience with something like this while the victory it was meaningless in the big picture would disagree or Jerry. The Celtics are still playing 333 ball it was significant for the team's momentum. And confidence. Afraid it was significant to win at least one of these close games down the stretch and walk away having accomplished. Something so what -- accomplished so nothing so well -- it out though they've actually accomplished scoring up -- correct but I would say the Washburn. Did -- matter does spurs beat for the got Duncan that they lost in the -- general that affect their momentum and strategy the next year no it did not learn how to win once had a really good play good players but you what happens if you bring a franchise guy and I think we -- -- Parker could be franchise guys. If you bring them and trust me the fact the last seventeen -- Nick if they think of the sixers get -- wigand's next year it's gonna matter that they lost 22 -- -- -- Well the -- -- they may have more problems than that but momentum moment for team it's 2346. Your point. A good when the Celtics are gonna feel any better or worse about himself next year a year from now a year for one last night because they won last night however in their next game or 23 or four. Are they going to feel better about themselves and maybe that's terrible -- apps a terrible thing I. We're not a -- at Texas seems like it's it's 5050 I don't -- I I don't and I I'm dying to hear from people who can convince me. Other than the emotional enjoyment of seeing Ray Allen and am in the Miami Heat without LeBron James. Lose to the Celtics at home beyond the emotional enjoyment of of that visceral feeling what is good about capitalist. What is good. I think -- that you bring up a good point is if you're watching the game at home you're -- -- thinking if you're in the building. The music's playing people are jumping down up screaming the -- girls and Jumbotron you get you get caught up would you get caught up in -- -- public advocate cup. Larger -- I -- woodpeckers that said yesterday. He's basically said the coach who care about that he said that's that's the point you don't you don't care about -- don't we we -- posted a jump up and down. -- -- Rooting for or against team we're rooting for drama. Yes we're rooting for interesting things to happen right in rooting for Kenny -- to be you address yes we are rooting for we'll show on Jackson. Did you hear right to share right in the -- that's why I like ever criticized Gorman and Hines guys in the post game shows -- -- the -- again at this boast of their their -- for the do they really feel that way. Or they just compelled because they are they're getting -- Celtics paycheck to after the game state. Great somebody said great was held Draper. He -- most great great win for the Boston Celtics. That means this you think that I don't think so now -- I don't think you know individual he's driving home his car he thinks that was great Memphis. I do think these guys feel like they have to deal that it's propaganda. It's yeah. Yeah -- play again and they understand the reality of the situation right while it was fun to watch -- supposedly they are your invested in the team. In the overall picture this is not good not terrible terrible past Brodeur and you know I'm on how it. How it turns out for them and maybe that maybe this year they have the sixth worst record they get the first maybe. They just turn around but that's a player like that. You plan to lose every single game to Milwaukee's -- -- Phillies doing its early and those two game losing streak to the lakers are due to the lakers or do I know I would -- the rise to the lakers and you taught. One only a game. Going forward somehow I think in the next thirteen I feel like the public should win 23 right I must feel like because not taxable now their game -- definitely obviously. Orlando Philadelphia Milwaukee forget it. I think the lakers and you are tough to catch deserves to lose like as governor asses beat last night and if Rondo keeps playing in keeps playing like this they're doing games I know it's a tough games left at that underwent some of these games. I guess. You know I'm being the cynic here that maybe they looked at this game and said I -- and back to back game -- didn't play at last union of right this one. But that -- Maybe may be thought this is the Miami Heat. Even with -- on Rondo we're gonna lose this basketball and they didn't I'm not sure it's an even trade in fact it's not an even trade take LeBron out and put. Rondo in to have it make up the difference between these two basketball teams but that was the reality of the situation last night bright yet -- asked Gary Washburn. We'd rather have the second pick in the draft and some bad momentum heading in the next year where the seventh pick in the draft and terrific moment adding texture. Probably take the second via -- let me look at the rest of the schedule and got. You got Brooklyn. It's Friday Friday threat appears. Not almost there you're right it's away yet there then you have. Back to back with Toronto next Wednesday and Friday. -- -- Back to back home and away it was Chicago on the thirtieth and the 31. Mean I'm done say and win loss win loss and loss last night was supposed to be a loss and an easy laws. So Brooklyn Toronto Toronto Chicago Chicago. Washington Philly of building on the seventh. I'm -- on the fourth of April Detroit there's them. I'm a -- gonna tell you that what they're gonna do they're gonna beat Philly. -- a score around there and -- only way they're gonna beat Detroit is at home. -- and on Detroit's on the road. Again yeah out and you finished with Atlanta Charlotte Cleveland. Again ago and wash -- -- at minimum. Or Italy six point six and that gets you the right outlook through this real crux of Utah's 22 wins we'll get to 26 -- lakers know. That's to Sacramento -- 24 -- rate. -- to schedule looks like that I don't know. Then at three teams in the east obviously and ended their -- one point six we look at past Detroit. If you beat coach Wright it's three games you'd probably by the way you play Cleveland on the twelfth of April and Cleveland has won only 26. You meet theoretically. If if Rondo catches fire all kind of content from this win last night be on fire. And be out of the top ten. Out off that be tough on fire by the ways like four and -- really what it three they're a great quality that these teams are playing. Right up by the -- that's that it of the sixth or seventh worst record which. We are trying of the worst record is complete failure. And I'm I'm you know people Texan but he -- at the top. Players' fault not Stevens know it's just. It from one of these years in the ambience is the one of these years I am dying to talk to people. Who think I wish disagreement I knew it and now we are about the slot I don't know operation of the contrary we need somebody explain to us. What is possibly be gained a short term confidence reader next basketball game against the Brooklyn nets with last night's victory. 61777. Point 790 three's seventh. Jerry has been killed if not literally. Professionally. It's we don't expect to see him -- I don't want them back you know I haven't talked to review. Doctor Adams had inherited an oh I don't have an a minus Mike Daniels I don't know what's going on. Any show that station it feels like it is like a complete fox yeah. It's strange that where sort of the want show like that everybody gets along past which is almost impossible impossible in this sort of on the smoothness. Yet. -- explained UH story that people don't understand. And I've seen people being incredulous. And gasping and saying I don't understand what's going on to do. With the string quarterback of England patriots. We'll take your full cost of Richard Franklin and boy I hope Richard can explain why Kirk and I are wrong about this --

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