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Jack Edwards: Tremendous defensive effort has keyed this Bruins 10 game win streak

Mar 19, 2014|

We talk pucks with Jack Edwards, live from Denver, Colorado.

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Let's plot to -- on cherries in Denver Colorado already I believe they actually travel to Denver after the game last night. The -- voice of the Boston Bruins on NASA and Jack Edwards joins us Jack brought you -- nor epic power equipment lord and Taylor's men's department. And for 95 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Hello Jack how are. Are imperfect bill and indeed we are at mile high city it's a brilliant day here cloudless -- even the front range with the -- -- snow pack up there it's. It's a classic there are early spring Denver -- it's cool but I swore. Annette now you just heard Jack give you that the -- the nicest weather forecaster ever heard right. Now when you do in this business when you do when teens today. You know you'll put the mics on an -- -- -- -- -- you give us a little audio check you're so we can check the levels and an immediately Jack says. -- outlined against the blue gray October sky or horsemen rode again it's dramatic or other neighbors were. -- I. Mean he doesn't give you the 12312. Jackets -- profiles it back at the fact that you say in this game with the weather report out there site about Clarence it's -- the four horsemen. I can say it is one of the people in the studio here -- for you went to school. Out there and Boulder, Colorado we know Colorado is known for legalize her -- Wow that had you taken -- plus -- that's what I wanted to argue that it. -- -- -- -- you know like put Blake is she gonna Google search Detroit in Denver annexing it pops up is like your Google map with all these spots where you can buy it for reached. And you know like Hillary but noticed this morning at the well you can't buy it for -- -- that -- either. You can you can buy it at but anyway you. You're flying in here and and you look. Slightly in the north of Denver cedars -- four or eight. Itself. I -- they're burning the Midnight Oil that are some else going on over there and let you know whatever. It's rocky mountain high. Yep I I got I wanna look back Christian at each story that Christians all the other. -- story he's got a hundred of -- you know that we I got some criticism early on -- -- you'll be hard at it it'll bid will be stunning for you to believe that I got criticized by. People in text -- Twitter. I get criticized for being eight A Bruins want. I I always backed up management and the manager meaning coach in this case and and why don't you criticize them and I and I said. Give me some that. But -- and realize they're all yeah they get local power label has let it -- on natural while. I guess people have short memories they'll I don't remember when your -- like salt and and here's the link -- it keep it restated result all her. Herschel that he will -- one integral role. You know and they won you ought confidential -- but the one thing that pattern on an estate. Really -- that tremendous defense commitment nine games and rolled out they haven't allowed a goal against in the first period. And you know they they find a way to get it done -- article that spurred some content comes with -- cannot answer they had with the shorthanded goal light. -- -- -- and sometimes they just crushed the team under their weight and that the -- collapses in the third period. No we're talking about great teams and in great streaks it starts to you get to nit picking season you have to find something. That that may concern you down the road cannot think about the regular season. When a team is is is winning ten in -- -- like the Bruins have you thinking about the post season so if you look at the Bruins and you match them up against likely opponents whether it is Tampa. Whether it's Pittsburgh where they're fortunate Chicago's Saint Louis Anaheim. What is it that you see from the Bruins that that needs to get better. They've got to stop this penchant for giving out you break aways you're really could -- on -- would stretch passes. That's been the one real light during this winning streak. I I don't really know there's a common -- to it other than they're just losing tracker guys are making sloppy changes quite. There is something that they are trusting and and perhaps a bit of a blessing in disguise because the court this team is the same as the core of the team in the 20111000. Twelve following the Stanley Cup on. Well they have that we refer to open a channel walk past stretched or there what were they -- -- I want to warm water. The court that sort you know 24 internally at 21 wins in those 24 games. And and they torture beating teams the way they are now they're beating teams like six the -- -- and not think and -- are -- or people. And and that she's so let's not get real swap he had a flat spots. And get the feeling that having gone through that and having gone flat at the likes of virtual on and -- and Chile and you know even David -- she's changed attitude -- additional responsibilities out you know this what are. They're not to let that happen are always looking for some way to improve even though they have one general. Jack don't talk about you know a lot of discussion has been about the teams from the west and how heavy they are and how how difficult would be for the Bruins to match it was some of those teams. Chicago Saint Louis -- LA Colorado. I know dale brings out a -- that -- -- what -- fifteen for fifteen foreign for a good Indian Wells -- and what is what kind of challenge to those western teams in those western in the Western Conference bring to the Bruins. You know it was as simple assists at least. From my viewpoint that California trip with a broad technical Anaheim LA San Jose one's shock treatment and it woke them up because. Anaheim played a much heavier much faster -- -- the Bruins were used to playing. And -- LA basically to keep them -- all my wants and when they came out of that LA in the are shaking their heads that if the state. You know that support to be argued and they out must costs. So they -- -- still they they played a tremendous pressure and they really sort changed. The the outlook of their seat and so approached. Since that brought a really physical style. And I. I have a feeling and you know it they'll have talked about this off camera that that whoever emerges from the last. He's got to minus at least two really good players is -- The conference is so deep that purchased them beat the Arctic -- that for the first three rounds and and you cannot bulk or lose quality players when you're out into the gonna be so desperate. Who play so physically and and just -- -- the Taylor did it at that that they were gonna have Friday night against Colorado 9 o'clock start eastern China. Colorado does not play that physical style Colorado will take. The perimeter if you give it to them and they'll keep the perimeter and their defense is so cute they're not terribly physical -- what. Haven't got these guys on video or look at -- watching them play and what effect tonight for additional videos study. That might this Colorado team like he's the fastest in the league in and that he -- In my eyes. Is the fastest player on the planet right now -- which does not much on -- in this and possibly that seem so it'll be a real good challenge for. I jackets -- Thornton. Are still sports -- it is nice to meet Joseph and I I I just want to establish my credentials as a confirmed. Bruins paint hatter. So pardon me if this is this question is. You know ignorant or whatever but. Cool and he should I worry about as a as a match up for the Bruins who who they just -- should I be worried about most. -- Pittsburg you know -- -- it's a two horse race and there's always a possibility that matter on -- stands and it didn't just as incredible stretching. A white got a couple scenes at the Rangers aren't as good as. -- really that the dangers from Pittsburg the Bruins at that stretch of miserable totally chilling -- or they just couldn't get it done. When they were down a man in Pittsburg got just awesome talent and finishing ability. On the power play in Duluth -- them the act has beat you on the on the range for the advocates he scored last night or Crosby's line. That you hope that their approach and Pittsburg and then. I think there's. Has bigger gap with. Between second third place in the eastern -- there is between third and eleven so you know it's so it's a two horse race. And and Pittsburg gotta be respected. Not feared the respect that and if the bronze plate away they're capable planes and they get the kind of performances that are that they should get out of guys and and they stay healthy. We should do what can that are parlance that -- -- -- Eastern Conference while. You know Jack -- and yesterday that Jarome Iginla is always smiling every time -- and the guys smiling so. Maybe this hasn't come from him but I wonder if you heard it from someone whether it to brick or one of the assistant coaches. Why has Jarome Iginla here works so well in the drama demo we saw in the playoffs with Pittsburgh. Look like a completely different player any theories on that. It's that's better on this team Michael that's an interesting observation that you make -- he's he's so happy he's such an organic that with the wrong. That's burgers are you really hot and these are oriented team and it's not taking anything away from Crocker more and more brilliant player. But that's the way that he is oriented and everybody else's there to complement those guys that couple that with the but it's it's a situation where. She had to play a style that wasn't necessarily playing it straight when you put limits each on the left. And he's -- on the right. And you got the guy in manipulate time and space is called anybody since Einstein discover that you could. You're in David -- Yeah you know or rabbit acquire such ridiculous. As a catalyst. -- and since its first -- with Calgary and now I openly had a man crush on the guy about a decade and so thrilled that it brought it to get to see him or every single day he's just a natural fit that's why. He seems to be happier here and I think yet. It's not his family's here is children are here they're playing youth hockey in this area. Up here McGwire talked about this on Monday when NBC had the game I am convinced Jack that the Bruins will signed Jarome -- to a contract extension. Are there no doubt I mean at this is that flickered like a guy who's on his last go around you know who does this. You know workers. It's it's the final curtain call I don't think so this is -- -- still. In the prime of his career it looks as if he's got a real shot at scored thirty goals this season and you know he's knocking people backwards it's the -- I don't see signs that well you know he's on the way down and end this news. A limited equality that that the brought to all out there each he makes. Cory you better he makes which -- better and you know what symbiotic it all works together or. Final observation. And the more I watch him especially as he's gotten healthier the more I've come to this realization. That -- Ericsson. Is Patrice Bergeron light. He always in the right place he always does the right thing -- he's not flashy. He's got that clutch gene in them that Patrice Bergeron has -- beginning to think that what they've done is found themselves another Patrice Bergeron. Yeah you know it's the -- a light is that it is pretty interesting description he's got terrific hands he's got great imagination local. -- passes that he makes in traffic. It's amazing how accurate -- is with the -- in a really chaotic situation and he'll let all of that announced in a word you know he he he. A lot of the other night he went right back -- the -- about eight seconds later and and that's what you -- -- you know you want you guys. We got back compete level like about a this and that Louis -- in this know that the -- thing about it is. It's almost an accidental byproduct. Of the long time off during the concussions. He's starting to play his best hockey right now in late march and not a really good sign. -- says that Jack Edwards has dropped the best OnStar reference I've ever heard. You -- get up and look at you workflow. Got a little marijuana there and I'm trying to daughter's five I don't interrupt the man let him go Michael might might favorite Texas the guys -- Jack has such as soothing voice and it does you you might wanna consider inside job do unlike. Daily affirmation tapes or something. If you think if you think I got to -- reports are my old man he's that guy I ask them what it's an idea how such a good reports that. -- tickets to paper. I don't know. -- we don't be afraid it and don't spare the Scott Jeter if you really want to -- a little. Little to Ed -- Jack it's always fun to talk hockey with the I'll talk to you up Friday night in Denver. You bet they'll go to -- care it's Jack Edwards I brought you by an Arctic power equipment lord and Taylor's men's department and 495 Chrysler Jeep dodge program. Very quick break we'll get right back to the calls we -- 6177797937. As the telephone number a Jerry Norton is here. Christian Fauria is here Michael -- easier I'm Dale Arnold Sports Radio W media.

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