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Jerry Thornton vs Borges in a Patriots twitter battle, plus several NFL teams propose rules changes

Mar 19, 2014|

We go blow by blow through the Ron Borges vs Jerry Thornton twitter beef with Jerry himself, and speak on some of the rule changes being proposed by different NFL teams this off-season.

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The chief John. You sick. -- goal scoring list. Jack Edwards with the call last night on NASA and for -- again -- game winning goal. He's a four game winning goals this month by the way one quick text then we'll get to the story here. Dexter says there's one thing I can't stand about -- -- about Hamilton. What are people gonna stop calling him -- He's not eight years old anymore so it's time to stop with the -- crap about -- you know that greatest defenseman in Bruins history Bob -- agrees with him. -- -- -- it was a hockey when was the last time anybody referred to mr. or is rob everybody nauert Bob. As there was -- talking about what Jack talking about the 556 goal. From again. Heard a clip from quote talking about it -- what was nickname going to be waiting for waiting for a you know -- really it's really neat area at least that's what they do it hockey -- he bought me whatever. You you can only my shot -- Lee Hamilton's first name if you're gonna mock Bobby yours does -- About a way what you're gonna get beat up in this town anyway but we're fellas this -- brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99%. Of all Americans everything possible to mr. -- Please please please come -- OK good to back up last week. After the patriots lost the key to -- My theory was that Ron Borges was somewhere trying to carry out this the patriot anti patriots -- hide that he's been conducting since. Really Belichick set foot in plots are. It's still a product of that old school Boston media where it was an upside down pyramid with them on the top and people like that the coaches the athletes on the bottom. -- can't accept that it's that that it's been flipped itself. I wrote something in the morning after the the Darrell Revis signing I said. -- pull -- this like a put on Twitter Belichick pulls up the biggest coup of his career. And somewhere Wragge pointed Ron Borges is waking up on a tear stained pillow and able to face the world. Well it's settled there for a week in he just got back to me this morning saying. Are equal. What -- is that losing two straight AFC titles by double digits or not winning a Super Bowl since the film was confiscated. So I just came back we wrote that he did all right. -- -- -- said that to me like yeah there's no jousting at that point in it there's no there's no joust and that but did that. First retaliation to your which didn't seem too bad he felt pretty confident you know put it simply don't have it once. Take on the patriots which is -- that they're cheap. You know craft is -- and a serfdom down there and keep in the -- peasants like you know and in filth and squalor. And I've done my end of this but the teeth. It certainly. These poor and downtrodden players well. I'm again I responded with cobalt that he got derailed Revis for a miniscule -- the best defender in the NFL. And by the way he wasn't even a free agent he got to lose -- team for nothing while. At that point I was driving in here so I really couldn't engage him because. Eight kids don't text and I know it's it's a complete state can relate -- are deployed all over a couple times and -- backward -- By the time I -- idea. The bar -- readers and while at times they seem like lowest common denominator to -- and I take my fair share of abuse from them. Just unloaded their weapons on him and then through the empty guns at them they -- just. Eviscerate him on Twitter and he is pretty much just gone back in and -- he can he popped up he felt the wrath of -- the nation who god bless them. Win one of us gets attacked. Buyers back you never want to mess again it would a war with one of us because it -- like the interests -- -- in in game thrown at least in the dragon's. Hit. That's out today and borders right now maybe in a bunker somewhere I don't know I'd love to talk to all the opus in our he would relish this hard and I was bit. I'm did it look look at how. I got a call he had an army behind it exactly I I kept it to a certain level bullet for him to a dead -- What it was disappointed about it I have to think is he wanted to write about to leave. Being shipped out of town because Belichick is so heartless. You know he would have taken that same article that he's heard about Richard Seymour about Logan Mankins about Welker about Wilfork a boat you know whomever. And just inserted two -- name in the -- -- the plan all along was to get. Darrell Revis in a brilliant move and the very next day he had a column saying how this wasn't a very good -- it wasn't nearly as good as you think it is. They they got swindled on this deal which -- okay somehow we turn that positive in to a negative as well. Or yet dialogue yesterday what -- time -- -- now listen. I just said he's not the best defensive back in football. He's the best defensive. Player the album artist -- of full disclosure you know Ty law and Darrelle Revis are from the same hometown went to the same high school at different times obviously -- much older than Darrelle Revis but. They have a relationship their families. I know each other. And -- Revis is a 24 -- -- was 24. That -- been somewhat of a mentor to -- -- and -- -- uncle Sean Gilbert have been pals since they were right is so those of that that disclaimers. But with that said. -- tie. Is very critical a defensive defensive backs. And he'll tell you whether a guy can -- or not it's not just our laws saying that the real reason is. Is one of the best quarterbacks -- apartment that universally accepted. I'll see how be a bad move. If you move on from if you just look at the moves face to face. So you've got to -- -- hear it in you've got the key to leave here. You're telling me you can move on from one guy. To leave and had the better player. Is still not totally disrupt your salary cap structure. It would -- even polls or who was a bit because of back. Probably because a player in the game over the last four years. However to one of the patriots beat writers in this city. It it's a negative because he's not worried about what the cap implications come in 2015. So certainly Ron Borges at the thirteen years of criticizing the patriots for not obtaining the right players for not spending money. Is worried about how many craft box of the gonna have to give up and 2015 minute. Just read like what one of Armenians said to -- how -- suspended for stealing other people's work hash tag fraud. I didn't go there. I'm using Mario goes by I don't register as you pass on the opportunity and I'm ready yeah. He really does so well look and I'm glad you held -- -- trying to get the history of a very thing and now now thank you for for the little details like that it Michael's point -- like. The good fight I -- that wasn't enough blood on the isolate the audit to show that somebody pulled his lateral pre shared game a couple of -- so basically he brought a knife to gunfight. -- -- -- -- You know I'm just I'm just the guy trying to get along with everybody. That's pretty much -- apparently not I Fastenal 677757937. Is telephone number. AT&T -- -- 37937. It's dale and Christian and -- Thornton and Michael here on Sports Radio WE yeah. Turner they play dirty trick on you when they turn the Mike on Dominick it's important event this whole thing well and has great console -- hand position when you're catch in the foot all -- -- She you to kids going out the parking lot later and have a catch flawless. Tomorrow we're talking about tomorrow Norwalk were watching the portals. Work out like portals like morals from you see happen every -- -- they're diagnosing every throw it. Understated or tweeting about every throw all -- on all hit the ground cellphone app and just think it's such a joke like it's so contrived it's so its grip did. If you can't. Complete every pass with receivers who've who've you been throwing to for the past two months when you're playing against air can it be that is it as I said it all for us. -- you include don't we can complete and Jerry Jeff's. And I don't guzzle it down -- you so much -- a few minutes a job or job Al Thornton -- or you can play here you. You can actually -- past this problem at least definitely it would it would look great but you can do it so. I didn't reporter had his pro day maybe a week ago he looked terrible and endorse scripted. Balls -- hit the ground -- right overthrown guys like crazy. I mean and what's led to John demands no conversation about in would you take a document though under team if you're -- Houston GO the first pick. Would you know mortgage rely if you're bill Bryant for -- -- -- -- Yeah I know you're now might not mean dale I know you wouldn't hear -- Are you gonna hand him the keys to a billion dollar vehicle yet -- and as -- -- they -- the billion dollar in his home state that here -- -- at him. It exit is definitely like a future train wreck ahead with with that guy wasn't true there and I think there's a future IR stint in I mean that. -- is AE is a and an injury waiting to happen a guy as big and strong it's RG three is already having these issues you can't. When your first instinct is to pull the ball down and Ron and your his size. Your future is not long in the NFL anymore. I think that's -- -- when jewel Jaworski came out his criticism I was a little over the top floor hyperbole and violently that went income in the first three rounds. I think that was a bit much but his point was. With a guy like that means watching what three or four games and saw some plays that he was able to make some throws he was able to make in the SEC. That you can not make in the NFL and looking at a size -- -- 510. I would -- -- yet he's he's not six -- he said he was -- XP you didn't he didn't so you look at some of these guys didn't accurately when Michael hold. And it can erupt here. The taking water break in like -- -- -- I can't make sure you guys yeah. Why are presented today at a lot little -- Michael Vick was a six feet tall -- a great area had. I that was one year but generally Michael Vick as fast as he is as dynamic. As he has or has he was. It takes a hit he's -- he's gonna miss some time RG three. Already first year taking -- hit you gonna miss some time. So Johnny -- out you cannot play that way knives and people are comparing him to Ben Roethlisberger and Brett Favre. The big giant Intel parasitic Roethlisberger six I. Here's a different sort of sixty per day and robbery he's -- he's not running downfield he's -- he's running -- there was Ferraro is right in America yeah -- -- and he's running to throw his breaking tackles in the pocket and Ebert -- cycle and up field so it's so if you if you draft a guy like that you draft him for the fact that he's exciting. And you know with the hope that if he can turn things around. But it's it's almost like it's -- the field on the craps -- play it looks like it looks like it should come up all the time but it never does. Yeah I have thought how many years in a row now we've been here and that -- the next generation -- quarterback is gonna look like it's going to be a running quarterbacks are gonna come into the league. And every time it happens one of those guys ends up and I are likely Michael Vick did like. Like RG three did and what is it what do we say now you're better off -- the pocket passes someone who consents print them. Pressure and get away from a -- isn't gonna try to win it with his life. -- the best of all though I would know what you say that. Aaron Rodgers is the best of both I don't get hurt this year to -- But if you look at when Aaron Rodgers and then won a Super Bowl and still one of the top five playoff games have ever seen live when he went to Atlanta. In the innings in the divisional round. And he was he was perfect he ran for one touchdown and threw for three or four others and they won the Super Bowl that year he did everything. It was me and he -- them a run. He ran but -- -- time he would run to escape the pressure and make he's just a beautiful pass isn't he one of those guys. That is the balance you understand he knows how to read he can pick you apart if you just days in the pocket but he's also a threat to out of pocket. That's that's that would be the ideal cornerback but but don't you think yeah I think there. Yeah those guys definitely and you you think you know diamond Zell would love to compare itself the Russell Wilson. And he's basin is just don't -- just Hartman -- and heat but Russell Wilson isn't tall guy opt out of taller guy. Russell Wilson is so far above and beyond. There and Jon -- though it's ridiculous -- -- Russell Wilson is not. Not trying to reach create plays he's trying to keep plays alive to roll the ball down field a little bit like Roethlisberger. -- but he's got a little more -- to -- he's got speed to break away. But diamonds out. This season blitz coming forget about the hot route later I'm going. Yeah one when guy when Michael was site about Aaron Rodgers I was gonna say that same thing about Russell Wilson how many third down conversions that he had in the Super Bowl where. They they put pressure on him and he rolled out and he kept his eyes of FISA -- a billion. I think Christiane it's a big plays too he he was he was the thing is he wasn't even that successful on third down. That was the big question Rick if you if you stop Seattle Seahawks some firsts a second down. Made him get him into third 637. Are you had a shot make sure you contain Russell Wilson can't -- Boy they still kept him in the pocket he still beat him so. Protectors -- what about what about Andrew Luck Andrew Luck is still he could be that. But he still makes a lot of mistakes stupid yes they really interceptions he's a Smart guy who makes a lot of stupid mistakes. It is mostly I play this one guy who went to Princeton and he was definitely the smartest guy in the room. But holy cow that he over think every single player that came into the into the every single play he made more mistakes. Because he was over thinking everything well I saw this happen and it factory of them on the player and -- thought maybe I should help tighten senator guard and none no. About a quick keep keep quoting bill politics do your job wherever that -- go right ahead we're glad -- -- just do you do -- you know years. Charles -- went to prison after. Out of fumble away. -- much lower voice than the one negative or it would -- Oz. I I just think that that for those people who who love the flash and sizzle. They're realistic -- of John -- yeah and am talks that are out there talking earlier in the day about when Doug Flutie was. You know dazzling people in these parts when he was the quarterback of the patriots and folks would call here all the time. And say you've got to just let dogs call his own place you don't need an offensive coordinator let doesn't do what ever he wants and they actually thought. That in the National Football League that was the way to win just just hand the -- the gotten into signal collectively. Hey Arnold probably all of his hands in -- -- you don't legislators and their bread and butter police I barely used to do this back in the backyard of my end of the -- this way he -- -- -- 1965. Or 1970. Yeah a lot of guys tell you call all plays. Its profits -- coordinator would tell you what's gonna happen. You know fifteen seconds of -- live Mike and they can tell you what to expect and then they turn in my Crawford Nader did make it harder. What what would make an article I don't play. No no they almost make it harder with that was the microphone and in all the plays and all the different adjustments. It would be great producer -- run two minute offense where you really have maybe ten plays -- three different adjustments and just keep keep that offense all the field. It's easy for the -- to live a block on the same guys every time -- Easy for the defense throughout. And is that the is that the drawback -- if you are your new two minute offense. And you only have written and Bill Belichick does that all the time after -- -- -- Norton. You know he just got little kids got rejected the filters quiver there would admit to -- totally straight now are an awful total -- -- out of that bishop -- Good boys and him and juicy granted we got to do. Have you guys sitting -- I don't know about it. Belichick has all the time the two minute recently placed accurate college when he plays out here at three or four plays to calling so that's the case. So much for. I disguising this disguising that from an office stands him to play at the defense knows what's coming as an easier for both in this seizure formal minutes I don't know I just got why. Mean it's. Us and it's easy the best time actually the lower playbook to go when it's the pre season annual we have so what to do and and that in the pre season. Durn campus they give you that playbook that is looks like a phone book can they give you -- and you learn that whole playbook. In two weeks and then the the pre season starts and give your new playbook. Which is tiny and thin. And doesn't have a lot of pages and and I have not even a quarter. Of your -- -- there. And you know what plays there's only ten a bomb on for the second down and there's ten passes the first and second down many -- third down an extra yards any of goal line but surely it. So if you look at a player and he can't mentally get up pre season game. I yeah never going to get a regular season game. I'm given out -- still hold out hope that Ochocinco will figure it out eventually -- -- -- -- -- still working on weekends and we're in catches in like eighteen games. I always wonder how guys -- good receivers all the receivers can come here and not be successful it would not. They can be successful but there are there issue for not being successful is they don't award lineup. Like. Right awarded goal you just got to care as an up did you not want to get your playbook and Joey Galloway Chad Ochocinco. I mean do you do you not care right and I just it doesn't make sense. And you see a guy like Deion Branch after being gone for a couple years comes back in he's tell and other people weird that -- we have to stand guidance is never forgot it exactly as Chicago -- weird random -- collection of receivers have thrived in this offense and then guys -- -- good. Could jump. Jump out of the building. Just could never figure it out and and Ochocinco is the patron saint of a Democrat. The competition committee committee is meeting in the National Football League right now bill Belichick's New England Patriots. Have made three proposals. To the competition committee. They have proposed extending. The cross bars on the goal posts by five feet Chatham -- that that's been Chatham wheel house for awhile. They have recommended. And the jokes write themselves -- for you here. Putting cameras on all of the boundary lines you know for her instant analysis of did he break the plane of the goal line or not and the patriots have proposed moving PA tees back to the 25 -- like I love it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now extending the the up rights it to seem so self evident does -- I mean how can that he'd be a question. We've had several of those this year patriots had that one where it won't work I did it go over the up brighter was sorry -- Mariah ours -- And by a point now the one that I think's gonna get the biggest beef theories is moving the PA tees back to the five Y I just think that the the hockey. The football purist or an -- on on on -- that's he would do that let I it's better than those who say get rid of the point after -- completely. And as Peter King pointed out Monday Morning Quarterback. The success rate is like 99%. On Ph.D. we Arizona dry we had extra. We had a a special teams coach and his thing was we had to be 100%. On on updated -- there more than any other option but you can't miss the PAT if you miss the PT. Then it's just -- it was him he could happen. So moving it back. I love it I listen it's almost like OK either you move back point five yards or got the option. To go for two army you've picked your pick your poison I I think you're giving the team some choices some more choices he would bring some more. -- schematic. You know ingenuity into the game pool I like it. The ending game. The word of the day for now to say cinematic you don't know that it is not fairly static agent Miller I'm not -- slow on the bell the man they're all stunned and I look forward. Yeah. No wires now just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Opel models if you guys -- in Carl's on the cellphone Carl. Best buy. I mean it you're on the -- I was going comment. I'm so -- that Eric and I got hurt the best social ball on the point out earning more vibrant anyway. That I would go. On about the same report -- who want. Or elect to go 41 football small creek field position that. Yeah I would do we have to change Internet in the rule book you just have to enact it. Make the characters. You a rock at all. I don't food. I don't think so boy don't we don't need to turned into a survivor challenge you know it really you -- be blind. Hole a little bit and a whole book value can still legally through you guys well now. Why not just say we're gonna change the format support after a unique allowed you to -- it -- I don't really. Traditional you know all -- are preparing. There's I like bill Belichick's proposal better -- is back it up. You know -- -- and and look even from moving back to 25 they're gonna hit 985%. Of Norwalk are now very well. 43 or thirty of 42 yard Yahoo! -- now that's not a gimme. Best article I've putted and now -- gonna take it. Could take it from what do what do you think. The proposal I think Belichick has said this you score a touchdown it's seven points if you wanna go for too you can -- you don't. Gain an extra point so it's -- eight. Point score or you lose one so it's six. Just have not checked proposal but I've heard it I believe it's a -- -- a year ago cellblock at the the point being that you'd dot. Wasting everyone's time line and up eleven guys for something that we on the it was automatic. And the way it is now in the NFL it's you get a touchdown then they review it's a stand around waiting then they've kind of for the extra kick. The extra point. That you go to commercial. Of the kick off which is a touchback that you go to -- -- it's like ten minutes between plays Norton Norton knows Belichick and I heard -- expert at that house. -- -- Maybe to sit around having an hour. Technically I wasn't Michael and I don't know but I prepared I don't go to throw a little bit in case might parole officer is listening I wasn't on his property not on the property right is within earshot and out on the ground I understand is a restraining order says nobody is he -- -- By the way the the Dexter who I guess is also a statistician says 43 yard field goals in the NFL made with 85% accuracy. So at least there's a question that question it's gonna be made much more often than not but. At least there's there's you know November December flop harder -- -- and all that make it fifteen yards but something that makes it. You know opinion is not enough 45 yards. Get your head a little bit there's some doubt. There's some doubt there -- so. You know the way it is now there's no doubt whatsoever on others saying the and it the patriots have proposed but then the extra point line of scrimmage. So that's not the point where they're gonna kick it from so that is making -- a 42 yarder right yet they're not saying put the ball down at the 25. They're saying snapped the ball from the 25. As I read this that's the the line of scrimmage right where they snap but from. Yeah I don't honestly know that so it's a 42 yarder which according to our statisticians. Making -- I would continue to affirm that -- anything the Internet in the forties. Don't just being in a situation where you need that forty something yard Google to win the game and your cannot. You're looking at the goal post courts this isn't this isn't against this -- I don't know a lot of things that go wrong. Here -- -- how would you go for go for too where you back to go for two from 25 extra points from the 25. I think he's gonna go for two Illini down below just like you do now. Like it there is a proposal by techsters renamed the drop -- it up but I don't believe that's gonna flattering doubt that an -- probably. My. Jacket and trying to stocks Bruins hockey just implement its Sports Radio WEEI.

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