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Could the Patriots really be showing interest in DeSean Jackson? Why?

Mar 19, 2014|

Micheal Holley, Dale Arnold and Barstool's Jerry Thornton talk Pats football, specifically why are there rumors of the Pats showing interest in the high priced DeSean Jackson?

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Patriots signed a free agent today. Calm down a crushing -- would say calm down. They signed Charlie -- bullet. Long snapper used to be with the cowboys. What does -- Charlie Hugo has come back if there aren't they wanna -- -- -- sitcom that place I had any Aiken like three weeks ago. Two weeks ago whatever one's just before the the calendar year started the football year. So I guess he just wants in competition at the long snapper percent of our all next February when the three of us are right on the duck boat. Celebrating the pitching at -- -- -- -- remember that this was the difference maker read this this Charlie there's little yes. -- shall -- all of the NFL's most people love NFL number one sport in America and by by a long march in my dialogue. How many many long snapper without -- 32 teams in the league how many launch snipers. Could June. Now rather than later to -- variants. I would say three is Zak DeOssie. It's at that that the two we just mention. And only because it's the DOT it if you is you know if you -- -- you know Sullivan's kid I would never come a long snapper for the brown who knows. Wants -- world champion Seahawks on efforts to. It's advocate in its. Goal its long snapper is get girls. You know if you're in a club in -- in Denver in the dead -- snapper for the Broncos -- but it probably say receive money Paxson used equity partners -- -- yet and yet what I would say you know -- game. Apart from -- Due to ticket policy my chip just keep going and and -- -- What this and he put a word of -- important and Orton gets a lot of snap. Tapper reports aren't that many marketers are coached him on -- five coach -- which. The great ones don't happen. That's the great when the -- remove snow angels got a good life. -- didn't do the snow Angel no one ever heard of him and you know what is its other claim to fame was his his family tree. He is a direct descendants misses a numbing mess up of king lea night is the one from the movie 300 yes. That that can reunite -- -- gotta be kidding me there's a lot of fiction and a movie but that 300 is a historical fact it. That's his real name is Lee and I just would have a -- that. And he's like that that -- it in a row or something and something like that that's it's a true story should have been in a movie that alone should get you girls in a club. And I believe have tried it and it's it's it's our Iowa. Well tonight it's what no you can't say my name is Jerry -- -- -- vehemently -- -- and I don't have the conversation I go back of excellent trip to make snow angels nine. Names at a minimum to try it out and help me I am Spartacus. I think that's because you know John Elway has has talked about it thinks about it ask the question about. Loading up in the arms race with the patriots. You know -- is John Jackson John -- and is gonna -- ever have a look at them they brought into markets where I love that signing of where. They they bring in Emanuel Sanders. Aqib Talib and David Barry they've been very active. In free agency making some nice citing the fact that it. They lost Eric -- to -- And even things like a problem for the Broncos. Have primaries Tom yeah. Sanders going to be great with them and they have you know Julius Thomas. A pretty good. So if you look at what the Broncos are doing and now the patriots. Are doing that thing. No nobody said they would do this we talked about this couple weeks ago. And that's who's just all speculation detectors were all over. Where -- you guys talking about our Revis camp but no nothing -- this is not coming here if the patriots don't know this. They are fiscally responsible. On and well there's always a mercenary and will go for every lap all right and yet on so now they have done. Well a lot of people said they wouldn't you bring it -- Browner. Bring in the fell. If I'm missing somebody I'm missing them assume a more. Maybe in their recent Julian -- Malia enjoy it and they'd bring back Julian settlement out of acutely that -- there and I expect. -- usually there's the question why you glitter but why are they. Is Bill Belichick doing what fans. Have been asking for something -- have been asking for for two years three years loading up is Bill Belichick thinking about the Brady window. Is -- saying forget this forget about. You know just making these nice subtle moves in having. Managing the lower third of the roster we're going for right now the but he has done it before. -- just in the middle years not care about the Brady window I mean once Randy must -- ask group that that you know -- -- He was burned and he was a little. Maybe it will thrown up by that -- Thomas. We do it 2007 it worked. Didn't win the Super Bowl but with the failure was -- that bad off -- old I rod boy. It's a -- texted yes it is. And utter failure because -- -- that is no play a miracle catch up -- guys. Forehead caused from the greatest season of all time so therefore the whole thing is though is -- 02007 a Bill Thomas were top form 2000 dated in 2009 no. But right now Bill Belichick who's doing what. No one predicted he would do although -- we -- difference though Michael and I was I was against signing Revis under. The conditions that -- was playing in Tampa. He was in sixteen million dollars a year I'm sorry as good as he has no position other -- quarterback. Justifies that kind of expenditure and these you know people say the cap is grapple -- -- it it it it matters. And they got him for his cap numbers like seven million this year so I think it's Belichick is is consistently do what he's always done. Would always doing dining in Denver is trading at a time bomb. That's gonna go off of that team and put that franchise in the cellar while he's off probably retired -- I Pebble Beach every guy behind me what what which moved they make. That is gonna put -- in some salary cap trouble well and there's just no way you can pay eight Manning that of the richest deal in the league like he's he's making I think it's maybe Flacco LeapFrog them a little bit but arm. Plus what they paid it the dipping wearable on the cowboys were paying him. Plus they broke that we all agree I think that they overpaid on Talib and we 26 million dollars out of it -- for a guy who is basically -- Porcelain doll could be a one year deal. The -- deal. Twelve years or 121000003 year it did make him walk away a year and a one year deal in Sanders is it is a Smart signing for them. This is just the change if it's on the Welker as well the issue -- is due was all back ended this year and that's I think. I'm surprised he's not cut by now I really looked at that like late mister Kraft says -- motherland always gone to call him mr. -- -- -- and I don't. I don't feel it on -- all of us uttering this for its -- They embarrass -- -- of -- -- with their crap yet you know I I called -- France's column boat -- this at all. Right exactly. A -- About Kraft adds that mr. practice -- what I'm surprised that they didn't at that I really think there -- again eventually find. That -- Pulled one of those moves like they pulled back in the late nineties where they broke the salary cap and Al Davis went to his grave saying that the owners should be suspended. For that for violating that it costs from -- first a draft pick in the third -- cost them a million dollars. We're gonna find Nicky cook the books on this whereas they still think Belichick is. Even adding these guys I think he's tackled coach Belichick I don't know or nor you can I'm Paul Branson is apparently a triple. A company which everybody ought to go with this and it. A problem. But I think he's staying in response to -- that he got Revis. To restructure that deal -- just. Broke my brain I can't believe that he has rivas -- -- respect is that is the toughest negotiator in the league -- -- -- he did to the jets. He would sign a deal -- them catch the bonus check. It'll wipe himself from the crowd of the contract and take -- -- -- and I'll hold -- out again next year and the jets took the cheese on that the recent. The back calls -- and running. Great -- up there are so you on the side of the ball beyond the rumors about John Jack but I -- -- -- that you'd think that greedy the to be role in the eat out the on a doubt they'll chew him out. Years. I'd seen it looked like Brady's arm strength to win all the little bit actors. That an accurate with deep ball as well -- How deep real looking for a mean if you're asking Tom Brady hit -- -- fifty yard post probably not going to be a great idea. -- shot Jackson had the second highest percentage in the NFL. Of passes that went twenty plus yards I mean yet Tom Brady can throw 2030 yards very accurately. Like I I just don't I didn't all that money. -- possibly spent. You would interpret -- receiver you know you know a bakery where the media at the speed that it is going to be able to get the all. You know our current someone you know where the speed down. OS not like you know first are writing a victory your your point is well taken. There there's no question that Brady's arm strength is not what it is and it is not what it was even in 2007 I made this point before. You go back and you watch the end of that game in that Super Bowl. He he'd. Have a go route for Randy Moss airs it out and actually was closer than it should have been near the sideline. You look at that ball that was they will -- that the rope. And I just haven't seen him do that much. Lately but one thing he does. He does do in this part of the offense. Taken shots or take three or four shots a game yet and -- you're talking about the difference of taking a shot with Matthew Slater like you saw in the Denver game the first time all year or a shot with. DeSean Jackson. Our John our little Qaeda if if he's on this team that I doubt that what happened but having interest -- It is noteworthy. They're Desean Jackson's on this team Tom Brady's gonna hit him with a couple of two or three shots again. And by the way for via text or who sadly I think crashed their car into addiction -- did we get. Did we just get DeSean Jackson know -- there there's a report from Macias and in Philadelphia. Saying that a couple of teams have made inquiries about the possibility of acquiring DeSean Jackson won as the patriots won as the 49ers. You think about the connection -- it it always comes back to give them the body network here Chip Kelly. Coach in Philadelphia bodies with Bill Belichick act used to come up here and and attend training camp not. Necessarily when he was the head coach of the Eagles although they they practiced here as well right. What what were they one of the teams that came up and they and they practice together for a week they've got a relationship with -- each other. If the Eagles were of mind -- apparently the word out Philadelphia's they are of a mind to trade DeSean Jackson. Maybe the patriots have an inside track. All in Bill Belichick is going all about -- -- -- and textures are some suggestions for you. Cardinal belch. Does that work Ricardo Billiton. Archbishops -- rules -- the original. How about his royal is royal Belichick has room hi will. Just go right to saint. -- because of the saint you you had two of achieved I think three miracles is is is that the ruling and he's way past act. I got absolutely just 2001. 2008 beat Matt Cassel beat McCain gun offense in the when he was -- the target and are -- to throw reportedly had a title of a man absolutely. Got -- Revis deal might might end up count as one of them. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. Well get right active dreaming about DeSean Jackson just moments Sports Radio WEEI. We had this discussion with Fauria. Couple of days ago I forget exactly what dale was. And we are talking about you know what's Tom Brady gonna do when he some item. -- we -- though there's going to be a politician there you know and and Fauria said he could seem adopting 888 John Elway kind of role. With the patriots in a kind of a president. Not just a figurehead -- is not a figure at Denver either. Did you see a story about Tom and Gisele. Selling the place an ally in Brent went. They put it on the market for fifteen million dollars apparently I mean it took forever to build at the one of the house with a moat in the gym in the bridge and -- and all that stuff. And according to the TMZ report it's because the other build on this big place in Brookline. And that this is going to be their permanent base from now that that Boston is it. Okay -- so does that make you does that make you think that. He's staying here or you just amazed that somebody can spend all that I'll go to -- and it felt it was like -- -- just an exercise went to see if it would happen. Okay we had an -- we architects command all of these workers. Thomas tell your point of thinking about the future yeah right it makes me it it makes me wonder about I -- glad he's not here to hear this. Point might have been right. I mean may be Tom Brady's thinking about when the playing career is over. You know whenever that is three for five years down the road put -- whatever number on one. That may be their party discussed the possibility of he's not there to here -- you could still snows -- A resource strong today pretty boring if warrior but. Okay that that the other side of it is there -- a lot of athletes. Who have come to town from various parts of thousands of various parts of the country but various parts of North America. Bobby your hockey players love living in Boston when they're done Bobby or up ray -- -- Jim Rice. There are a lot of people who have come here no ties previously. In New England. Play in new England and it just becomes a list those. Patriots some like the seventy's that is still kick around Steve Grogan and Steve Nelson whatever it's it's throw all the irony guess maybe it's the same thing Andre -- on it he doesn't get. Much criticism around here nor should. But about the only criticism you ever got to Brady the last number of years west. You know he he wasn't getting network out parking space anymore because the season -- Anthony's going to Brent lotteries Kona coast Rica are. Or you know he's not here the whole offseason. It's sort of sounds like he's thanked him. Maybe not this year but from now on he's going to be here all time. I -- I wrote this very thing on arsenal today about this this very story that here's a guy that. Has been criticized to be in a pretty boy and Gisele as the you'll go a little football and all this other stuff and he's gone Hollywood on us. But you know what when push comes to shove what are they -- -- settling down. Here in embossed with our crappy weather and our penal corrupt politicians and our tropical whatever. They're leaving paradise is Xanadu with a moat around it to come. We've been here -- you know -- -- -- Boston people just their regular folks just just like us you know -- I think this winter convinced him to. -- you don't just got to stay here. This winter I did this so invigorating -- raising our kids love it it's great edges -- out there shovel on the lot while he's fired at the snow blower and stuff. I'm guessing that probably didn't happen a whole lot but. I found it interesting debate as you've said sanity is the perfect description they build this this dream Alice in Brentwood. And I don't believe they've they've been you know full time occupants of it all of it -- at all full time. But I think they've only had this place for a year to now less than less than a year. I that the plastic is still on the coach you know yet that's probably got it at a at a publicist fifteen million a month I'm trying to do the math how much would that be a month. I mean if I put down 10% I heard I heard earlier today Maloney was asking this question. And -- was asking if you if you had a fifty million dollars if you bought fifty million dollar house and you put ten million. So -- borrowing forty OK okay thirty year fixed. The best guess that a real -- -- gave him on on the text line was about 260000. Dollars a month confers. I don't early medical insurance and taxes by the way Ali I edit the beta PMI. There. You know do we see our pick -- like normal full let this be real if your interest in a million dollar house. -- Tony deeper sit out I have sort of -- out that are accurate to say -- it's fifty million. It will be duplicated on. One thing did you want. Don't think we will you include college with the plastic I -- it and we will one million. I look I don't know what he's gonna do when he's done. But I found it interesting right afterward talked in a Fauria and he suggested eight John Elway like roll with the with the patriots going forward. That I'm written he's gonna live here year round apparently. Are as much year round -- I mean I know they have -- the places poster Rican these other places but. And -- you you talk about the the future and I think the future really is is. Is in sight. The did the near future is insight for Bill Belichick in the got to be realistic. It be great. Effort Tom Brady to play into his forties like he says he wants to do and so might reach that writing about this with that one of the Denver guys these so I am Tom Brady -- That north to play into his forties and keeps himself an excellent physical condition -- above a lot of great. But anything over forties opponents you cannot. You cannot plan and not think that you know Tom Brady's can be the patriots quarterback he's 4142 years old can't. You gotta think like this could be the last year or. He's he's two or three years from the end of his career and I think. Bill Belichick as acting accordingly. If he disappointed in in Dobson is he disappointed in boys probably not. But if you if you if you think -- brand to -- can help you right now and it DeSean Jackson can help you right now why not of -- can redshirt. But I'm trying to win another championship very quickly while I have this guy on my side Michael's -- -- -- -- -- I don't have great. -- Michael Michael Miller young fearless. A little bit cute. I applaud what -- -- -- -- -- beanie went three years let me eighty. -- -- Now -- there there's a difference between he's got three years left maybe and done. Bought three I think I think three years it's fair I think three years is about getting -- done now it's reasonable to expect that there. Party he'll be 37 and August and August and will he played took 3940 sure. Well. At least you and I believe we can't really. It was. You have to -- -- -- to adopt certain did not alert. I bet you didn't does not end its like -- players who are left up a guy on the team. You know guys are Tom Brady less than me he played. Can stand them on the sidelines while Peyton Manning put together two drives of seven and a half minutes that that scored touchdowns. That the problem with the patriots last year wasn't the offense the offense was good enough to get them to a Super Bowl they couldn't get teams off the field. Now the offense could stand to be improved there's no question about eight they'd brought in three rookies who couldn't finish the season. And by the end of the year he's throwing until like five foot nine inch white guy slot receivers. You don't. It in Matthew Slater fifty yards of field and surprise he's not connect them on. But to put that loss on Brady and say that he you look like Bledsoe it is worse is just crazy talk. When you walked in and news is the guy -- like. I thought you know it's Anthony tot he tried so hard -- enter yeah I mean I think you can probably tell them their street. I. And a -- cosponsor of this not a problem for either you I want to I -- -- in Ramallah I was at the piece that's like that's right -- where in the purple it. Six what 777. I'd seven ID 37 text like 37937. It's Dale Arnold Michael -- Terry Horton Sports Radio WEEI. Fourth and final hour Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Michael Holley -- Thornton from bar stool sports is here as well by the way. -- the previous caller last hour -- just looked it up just for the sake of accuracy here. The patriots final game last year playoff game they lost 26 to sixteen against the Denver Broncos but Tom Brady was 24 for 38 completion percentage of 63 point 16%. 277. Yards one touchdown no interceptions quarterback rating of 93 point nine. I would suggest he might not have shocked. Idea -- okay Tony -- against the bears that -- but that game changes. He hits Julian -- who is wide open he missed the cut down. I think it changes. The way -- the way you -- Peyton Manning marched up and down the field like a hot knife through butter you it and -- it changes and more public discussion. Hits Julie -- -- that weren't than it change much what gusting to whether it was a scoreless at that point. -- scoreless game believes. I might have been a feel bull so if you're down three -- -- are patriots or does that matter no more chance of stopping Peyton Manning and I do. Here's what I wrote that -- date is that because and so brilliant Harriman and stuff but. It was Brady gave to a quality start but Manning pitched a one hit complete game shutout. 800 that's fair 100 yards if he threw a completion in incompletion I don't remember. He never returned the ball over so Brady had to be perfect he was just. Really good and really good wasn't gonna get it done the way once -- went out that defense couldn't stop. I was just looking real quickly here -- I was hoping to find the numbers for. Because I am my memory of it is exactly the same as yours that it was just otherworldly. Alexy Peyton Manning 400 yards right thirty touched 32 for 43. 400 yards two touchdowns no interceptions. No hits no such thing was not -- you breathe the late portals didn't do that well and it got to happen if I saw a ball -- the products just before the water break out there what they were just there helpless. Doubt that there was a text here a while ago here on the eighteen to -- on everything possible said. You know he's pretty much unimpressed with the patriots offseason plan. All of the park goes out and have improved their offense the patriots are going out and proven that secondary and having the same office. Why I think it advocates and unfair tax. For both sides. Yes the Broncos. Make some moves to improve their defense bring into markets where love that starting from that that's my favorite signing up for that. Even more so -- Aqib Talib. And in Emanuel Sanders. Both teams and the Broncos. They improved defense and have Von Miller coming back. And -- -- and tried to hurt you if you don't try to bribe another urine collector he's going to be fine you know we'll probably play sixteen games on the other side. They have their second best I stand by with their second best -- -- player coming back with our respected the Marriott Thomas. All respect you know show on the radio. Julius Thomas Ryan Clady. Left franchise left tackle returning from injury and pimping for the patriot that -- you do have to factor ran some of the guys coming back even if you're skeptical. About -- If you're skeptical about Wilfork if he's still here and think he's he's going to be here I would call I maybe overdue and even appeared skeptical about Jerod -- You think about the offseason moves in those guys both teams have coming back to help clearly two best teams in the hands and. Tiger in Denver hasn't improved themselves Michael that they have had some losses though. Dominique register Marty's appeared Champ -- the where is Lee would you. The patriots have lost a total of Talib who we all agree they upgraded. It's Stephen Gregory who. In all -- have no beef with Steven Gray and I don't think any of us was going well there goes that the championship so. -- what I -- -- -- get another safety you know oh yes at that I would say for sure that's a priority and it. An attorney who might might might. Dream is that they did in the draft because -- I'm a draft -- guy -- shameless about that. -- is a guy he's out of Alabama so he knows the system he's fast he's got size he projects is the first round but I -- I -- him because his name is. Hot hot Clinton -- saw that other corner. Hot -- Clinton -- I have a steamer trunk filled with ninety's jokes that sitting in a useless -- that was certainly. We gonna totally natural personal steamer if I just thinking about that they've got all these blogs will right themselves so I -- for selfish reasons I want now we know that you were able to out scoop. The perversely got a fight on board I certainly got to -- -- -- third quarter that was today. Over the weekend. You -- -- -- chapter you've been about two or three hours two hours on deeper and I was in the back of a comedy club tweeting that they were very close to sign -- -- fell. And by the time I go to that at this stage. You know shaft woods was the -- chapter -- -- blown up yet there are -- to keep up so now you're telling me maybe -- secret source. Talking about ritual for what is your secret source -- Let's just say that it it it would breaking bad. I haven't OK it's there's a lawyer there is sleazy Laura who used this expression that I'm amused. He knows a guy that knows a guy you guys -- know how to sell math I know it added I know a guy who knows a guy who is saying that. Wilfork and the patriots. Have agreed it they they haven't finalized the deal they haven't put the. The you know of the finishing touches on it looks sub clauses or whatever but that he's not going -- they've agreed to a deal they've agreed to a restructuring that he stain yes it -- eject and. I I haven't pressed them for details whether or not this includes restructuring but I assume that that's part of it that he's not just coming back as is because they. Couldn't keep them at that at that cap number I think we all agree but. Look at what we know about this we've heard one report I'm sure was accurate but what we've heard the same sentence. Wilfork is asked them to release him. Since then we haven't heard anything from either side right there is no -- fired a shot in anger. You don't hear the patriots say in anything is no rumors out there. Wilfork has said nothing this isn't like you know by this point Ty Law was saying that Belichick -- is the only byline or whatever and. And by the way they still brought him back after that. Wilfork hasn't said anything beyond that hasn't said anything you know and I I think she's part of the equation I think so yes I think is the silence on this is deafening. I I will say and I mentioned this to Michael part of my reasoning and I don't know a guy who knows a guy. Bob Barr -- -- guy I don't know you and I don't ya so again you know a guy who knows a guy. So I you know I did make the point to Michael that I thought that if they were gonna do I guess they gonna release and they do it quickly. Not just as a -- to him eleven -- there and find a job. But also just for the wrong benefit because they've got things they like to do. Players that they'd like to bring in here and and the sooner you free up that salary cap money if that's what you gonna do. The better off you are up Pat Kirwan wrote a piece on now CBS sports dot com. In which he has broken down Jared Allen east east looked at it looked at the whole thing he thinks Jared Allen is worth and we'll get. A four year deal worth 36 million dollars or seven -- billion dollar. -- -- I hope you are and how -- -- 3232. He's on his third contract you know that the -- third contract in that's that's. Where a guy. It's it's -- the leader of the league deals and and meet besides -- a two year deal at most what years 36 for part time play seventy million got well I don't think that's that's the problem not that good and big he's a part time player -- -- dealing -- it is usually not a part time -- it it's -- nine million dollar a year average but seventeen million guaranteed. In fact up Pat Kirwan who we would talk to before -- -- pretty tight -- knows his stuff. He thinks that the Seahawks are still in on on bringing Jared Allen there you know he's the one guy I wanted to see him -- and after I saw the numbers -- can understand. Is a little higher than I thought he would get. One guy is Julius Peppers I went to he went in green Bay Area and wasn't a great year last year for peppers Alex thank him. After hearing Fauria talk about it for you played with them and Carolina briefly. That the motor is not always going. With peppers and there -- times the amount it just kind of -- a bit on the -- but like Albert pains were let's just -- but now. Not that that's I have worked with a flat out dog right he's just. Wolf RFK. At all. The worst kind of dog lazy dog but peppers is. Easy easy easy guided sometimes he's out -- he's playing. Take you know 1520. Snaps. You haven't heard from peppers and it just kind of shows in the -- does something get him if you look at. His career in Chicago -- think he wound up giving them over. Four years an average of about nine sacks this season. Played a lot. For me I would think you bring Julius Peppers to the right team. -- tournament to a specialist. Tournament to a third down guy in you don't allow him afloat a Jolie's. You're on the field one reason the quarterback but -- problem is he doesn't want to be paid like -- had a problem making it got a lot more money than I thought right. And also Michael patriots have never had that guy that just. Rush specialist every guy that they put on the outside is a guy does several things you know it. But on rare occasions Chandler Jones -- drop in the coverage but he's he's he's playing against the run he moves inside. And he'll blow the -- celebrates -- huge money to guys who do know from the pin -- -- back and go after the quarterback and I think peppers is that guy and he's he's never fit that it. I think they'd rather just bring back Andre Carter for another season and then spend a nickel on and quietly went peppers. 6177797937. Michaels in Dorchester Michael. Our super hornets. On each and I like to pick up at. I think got a they're struck they lament on the back. Much that -- not only Unita. To a blog let's get -- back. I'm like yeah it's -- he doesn't go out there I ought to get August off. -- -- and I that we got about I didn't. I didn't really need somebody thought about it -- I'm a little out. Hello Michael I agree the tide in spots very important and the question is -- -- about -- in free agency no thanks well but it giving you much guidance. Where do you stand on yet to ask yet it's -- question where do you stand on ground. Before you think about what you gonna do with the position you think ground. Has just been and they just been a guy who's run into a lot of bad luck in the last two years and you expect him to play 1415. Games. In 2014. And you probably don't spend the first round pick. We're -- second round pick on a tight end. If you think that they gras is never gonna be healthy and and -- we talk about the last week you said you'd think this is who he hit a guy out is going to be. He's got to be banged up for the rest of his career. If you think he's a darn it maybe you go -- spend the first the second round went on excited. We have a text -- who says you guys must have that Belichick lies defeated Stanley cool little wrong look up for yourself what -- loss said this has gotten so twisted around. I'm looking at an ESP yen. Column that was written by Stephen A Smith it was a QA written by Stephen A Smith. March 23 2004. And Stephen A Smith is talking to Ty Law he is Stephen A says you said he was a liar is that true and if so what did he lie about. -- all first of all he lied about the willingness to talk. And then after the -- understanding that we had the willingness to talk again so first he lied about that. Then he lied about my age as far as years on my contract as far as what we do around here. You say he's done that before what. I -- Rodney Harrison you know older than me you know Mike teammate I love on the depth the six year deal I was even willing to meet him half way. He said only a four year deal and I'm talking six to seven I said okay let's split down the middle let's go five he said he can't do that. Smith sub -- check in your eyes is a liar Ty Law yes. It is -- -- is. That's -- one texted zero thank thank thank now I don't have I can't find yet. And I believe it was the picture it was the week before that I'm looking for it. The Belichick lies to feed his family line. Yes that Boston Globe and I'm working on that one right now but. So David a Smith was what Mark Hughes and mark -- march 23 2004. And I go in March. 17 six Wednesday seventeenth eighteenth. -- -- -- I lost. It was a Saturday I remember it like yesterday in the Saturday paper. I'll find it I remember the actual date of the week yeah -- that your read that yet let's but tomorrow's working their -- commitment. They're. -- in Providence hey Craig I you don't get -- I was very. I am eight pop up actually operates from Philadelphia on business. Yet talked about Shawn Jackson -- the impact so. -- -- -- well first off. You know they're not. -- -- -- -- on -- knowing what I'm. -- what. You're got up. Well I have I have no I gags Craig I'm just reading the reports and reports are all over the place and there's something today that. Says that -- Chip Kelly told Jackson that he's not going anywhere as a report yesterday that the Eagles wanted at least the third round pick possibly more. Produced John Jackson and they were talking with the 49ers. The 49ers patriots -- interest it's gonna just it may be third round pick second round pick. Whatever it is but is to Shawn Jackson a guy who would work for the for the patriots. Yes. College do you think calm because oh OK I just wonder if he thought that it was too far gone has accountancy sometimes you do see enough -- there. Up -- about it you know at a team taken trade offers -- it it becomes like the point of no return but he can't bring this guy back -- I think that's. Which Kevin Mikhail faced with Kevin Garnett that he just couldn't. Bring him back after so actively shopping and I don't know that if Jackson's at that point yet it's really one report that two teams asked about. I'll believe I'll believe anything now obligated now after after Iraq operator agreements. Yet you -- does the John Jackson out there sure make -- happen further evidence that Michael Holley is a scary dude. March 18 it. 2004. -- law speaking on the James Brown radio show -- sporting news radio said quote. Coaches paid to lie sometimes because that's how he supports his family on who. I'd say that's fairly specific I was happy just to get those but the quote he got that that that time the police that that date where it. What we wearing that day and I sort of those guys to look at accumulate that you can tell me what day of the week it was like 3000 years ago Jerry I was wearing -- -- gap perfectly freak out now there's some real Rain Man is stuffit to pick up -- -- toothpicks can you count them. Excellent 77797. ID 37 -- Thornton's here Michael -- Dale Arnold Sports Radio WEEI.

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