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Four at Four - Patriots Hypothetical Edition - 3/19/14

Mar 19, 2014|

We tackle four topics that all revolve around the Patriots off-season, and now rumors of interest in DeSean Jackson.

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As we do for a four. Fourth -- you might see beyond your technology ally. You have a business to manage why not let's see beyond manage your technology. And by integrity windows and doors they just played their iPad and I don't -- there are no and I are gonna but to get it is a pretty. There's a favor for four Perino what the -- mr. Rate him -- I mean I don't know -- this -- One of the songs and play with the Packers score. For a particular author senator went crazy train and wanna play that Bon Jovi songs -- north -- Christians on it would -- -- was -- ha -- yeah. I job again this is that the job just keeps on -- for you look at your partner like how. Funny like -- not funny anymore but oh it's still little note I don't expect these joke that's buddy Gardner. That fact that but I let's kick it off. Other patrons are filled a lot of needs so far this off -- offseason -- revamp the secondary with Revis and Browner and he's retained element abroad and bring him out in 2007. Hillary camp the team that bringing in moss Welker and Adalius Thomas so on the surface. Which offseason retooling has been better 2007. -- 2014. Like this yet the Oscars this is -- up -- playing reality does have a party and our senate brick -- It's on paper. Adalius Thomas had a great year for Baltimore. Randy Moss was Randy -- And must welcome your thoughts -- I don't I don't think we had a clue what west -- wise and really that he was a good player against the patriots and in three years -- Miami at a hundred catches with the patriots he was kidnapped by things you look but I -- -- played against him and watching him and seeing why this guy -- -- -- keep getting open. That's an it was weird because he was the only guys getting opened -- some pretty good defenses and this is a guy that we -- -- watch out for this guy he could be an issue and he was so there's a hint that he could be he could fit into that slot role. The other -- and you get Revis. Yet Browner he got the fell we're probably his best game against the pacers from the played Carolina in Carolina on the phantom. Know call. So -- paper this looks better this looks. To me I think it's better just because. What you're trying to do defensively which -- trying to do is. I get to the point where what we saw on a super ball what we -- the Super Bowl we were all blown away by. They've been doing it all year the Seahawks had but and we saw them go against the Broncos the unstoppable Broncos the patriots have struggled to even touch. Peyton Manning the Seahawks come out there with their vaunted defense and they made it look easy so. For the patriots to get you know bump and run a physical corner who can act out what went up really -- very well. Browner not so much she's just the guy who just got them all you I think that's the that point is made we are trying to. Take it to another level defense. I can I also suggest that he's not done yet. I can I mean -- I -- and there are other moves yet to make here. I mean there's one that's being talked about Philadelphia that could just make patriots fans that up and take notice I just think he's not done. So I I I'm gonna say this went to. -- I think more to come. Out may be that they won't perform quite as well as we saw those other guys do but yeah I'd say this one as well. -- Michael the pats abroad and -- -- minibus was a pipe dream player for the pats. Aged girls have been rumored to be in talks -- the Eagles to deal for -- -- Jackson. So of the players that are on the trading block in still in free agency who would you most like to see the patriots bring to Foxboro. Jared Allen thank you thanks for government. What -- Allen. You know. I was with you couple days ago but the more I hear about this on Jackson Morrissey and more I think about the popularly excited I do regular cited I picked it. Probably just because I think it could be a possibility. Before before the reassigning outsiders say no way. You start looking at the connection with bill and chip Kelly's and how those two guys are related now. Chip came out here and study would build build build picked his brain and we have the patriots go out there in the practice -- to Eagles during the pre season. I think dad is definitely doable situation I would obviously have to restructure his contract. But I think that's to be a possibility now do they need another passenger yesterday at linebacker yes -- they need a safety. Yes yes. But man that would that would that would be a little bit -- seven ask if they brought him. Finally have a fast guy a super fast guy I don't act you're past whose whose attorney. Jackson is a tiny guy tiny -- a person but thought it was bigger midget skinny then. Not big -- and there are not a big iPhone guy Rivera. -- -- yeah that it Jackson is cut. More red flags than the Beijing country club right now not police the which is his contract and you asking him to restructure otherwise it's just no way he fits here. -- did they find like tons of guns in this house yeah did you think the patriots are real anxious to be going down that path yet exists. There why column for the -- that why why did yeah -- know that it registered got asked about that though loaded up fired at it how right bulls -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am not a big blow -- Yeah maybe the moment I I would bet you and and I'm I think come being conservative. 75%. Of the players on the patriots roster -- at least one -- And it venom being conservative. A -- did a study about that not mean you're probably close to being right yeah did you ever have one. A shotgun. When you play or not I had a shocker for -- trip somebody I've never been hunting before I had by the soccer and I do go honey -- -- and I sold to food to somebody but he -- you have to say that you are you aware of -- -- -- -- to nightclubs here estimates that you thought wrong guys we talk of your apartment and not let me listen you know you know guys have a it's it would surprise I don't know. It's all I just because museum. Yes. I don't. No let's again ask your renders your illicit a man have a driver all -- at all he didn't know I had he's gone back here. I mean. Yeah I did it just doesn't surprise. Me if it is it the social status of the guys -- -- the NFL where they come from. You know may be. But I know there's certain certain guys that you know that's what they do with the guys want for protection some guys just like go to the shooting range. Belichick's offensive draft picks have mostly been publicity mostly. It appears is that Belichick -- -- -- -- going to drop his hands and he's leaving the room -- Should Belichick bring in an offensive consultant. At the draft. Which should go toward your first of whoever is what is your view the supremacy advise role attorneys had -- And it's offensive draft picks have been box lake. They would third in the league and points last year -- one point away from -- second in the lead it in points I mean. Steven Ridley didn't just like come -- and a basket down the denial and I mean. That's the whole offensive line -- -- the ball mark it. Markets Canada I mean that that that hole up in his filled with traffic now granted. So the rookie receivers last year none of them were able to finish the season but -- we ready to have the one year decide that that hole. Reboot of the the receive uncle was a complete failure and start over again from from scratch. He's got me thinking about both mr. Ridley every. It that it could -- most if you're isn't saying the league in rushing the year before last he had 12100 yards who found him. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now Campbell I don't know that his reference in the right now prison bottom line -- -- to help not only is there it's going to be up quite a while I don't really and organizer of record borders -- let -- know. -- and I -- I don't know I don't know I just play a game I didn't not okay -- various religious. OK I did not -- to -- the Catholic which could -- a lot of things all the odds and everything and noble. -- -- Tyler from watching the ten commandments every state is still -- try to remember I -- leave the actresses but I couldn't Aaliyah who. What are nameless I don't think he needs it consultant for the draft. But I think it is very fair to say. That at at receiver. And in the secondary. And a consultant is just not gonna happen spurs blog that's that's -- But there has been a struggle. In the draft. At finding a finding good fits for that position over the years but a lot of capital spent on on corners and safeties and receivers. And not a lot of hits that he had a fair to say so maybe you are. Maybe you allowed yourself to. His cannot think about what you're doing business the way your value and in position may be relaxed some of the standards. I I don't think you need to go so far to bring somebody from now outside your relationship I think about it what are we doing here why aren't why didn't Taylor Price provided Chad Jackson fit. You know why why are we bringing in some receivers compared to questions about either one of these guys. I don't get stops and neither Tompkins a voice. They've got all questions about those goggles off first off -- I think it's way too early they were all her at some point time during the year they were thrust into starting roles that they would shouldn't have been in. Topic is what's your number one receiver you got -- double left to right the very first game against buffalo after playing great the entire pre season. -- got her voice the all made plays. Give him another year from scratch. Reset. And now and then let's judge -- next year. Randle felt by the way to the conference call with the media today the new patriots wide receiver said he talked to his former LSU teammate Steven Ridley. -- and -- -- said he said he talked -- -- after he signed with the patriots. He just kept saying the word sacrifice. Thought that read don't learn you know if you think about how many of those catches you're gonna get to make over the course of the season plays of impact statement may be trial and. I'm assuming he's not thinking about human sacrifice straight although I would I would point out that's -- check if it would help us win but. Also cargoes in Hernandez with second and fourth round draft picks it would get to the premise that he does not draft I just think the bus raid on receivers is through the roof. Legal why isn't hard position at -- knicks don't. Yes I I will happily as politically about it and we don't quite a few -- try to defend Chad Jackson to us here I don't know began and he was -- -- The. The -- tech has gone through many phases and many offenses off seasons of retooling the pats which personnel decisions or decision of -- checks time with the patriots will. Or has haunted him the most. I mean it's pretty simple isn't it -- -- Aaron Hernandez and even on track I must push you -- do this not include that one's ability should -- that is the most RBIs I think. He's talking about young -- if if I'm not mistaken I think you're talking about. People who got away people like if he get Randy Moss. You you bring in Darrelle Revis QB you you lose a key to leave -- break and Danny Amendola is -- -- wide -- and evaluation and so great for him Danny Amendola you lose Wes Welker which is buyers. Let's walk. Battle -- the most that would haunt them amounts. I would think some have made a lot of it hasn't been a lot of terrible mistakes and you answer Drew Bledsoe. Now are gonna say lawyer Malloy. Mean I don't that he replaced Vinatieri did it better than I thought clinical area may be maybe if you wanna stay -- guest -- at least it did here and money I know he has the money but -- -- Arnold opportunities that I did have an honor he had an opportunity. 48 yards that magical number 48 yards and efforts giants' super ball what they do that a corner. If -- they went for a fourth and thirteen gonna have to koehlke while I was before he trusted. OK so maybe that's what it wasn't your rookie they're super -- workers are reluctant William -- second outing of the second or third look at what you're you should be able to do a Biden. You know what is not a bad -- but we don't know how much he's got left on -- -- he. Seem to be wearing down this year -- this time the concussion thing I don't think is going away from any time soon. I'm gonna say. Draft and Ras I Dowling. Is that was the 33 pick in the draft it was a de facto first round pick. You assume all night long when you'll hold on the first pick of the second round get taken a lot of offers a probably a lot of attractive office to get that pick. Anywhere with a guy who contributed zero like he he never saw the. When I was IR I think I -- -- if I was gonna go today it you know on -- non Aaron Hernandez choice -- -- Richards -- Of those commitments second choice based on how he left. And you know was still a superb -- -- still had a lot of football going on. Could be drizzle for but it -- become makes older. I'll morbid candidate's older I believe so deal that says it's a mitigating -- someone got that I'd still rather have seen more than its older I have is that the choice in the they didn't right now you'll hear. Right now it plays not playing out so but but during the course of you know. In play last year but the five years before that he had rather at Seymour. I think you would have found an offensive lineman. That Dante Scarnecchia would have you know left tackle what would have made -- silk purse out of a south here you have a left you know taken over were. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- wife loves -- absolutely right that was there. -- good -- I'm not. I bet he'd met that happy to hear. Now you got to go all right. Amid the road Jack slapped him in the back of the head -- by right over there anyway via outlook Mac just couple minutes right spectacles -- -- still here Michael Holley still here Sports Radio W media.

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