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Spring Training Report: Will Grady Sizemore make the Opening Day roster?

Mar 19, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Rob Bradford discuss the plan for Grady Sizemore over the next week and what it means for his chances to make the Opening Day roster.

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Welcome back to jetBlue park everybody my name is Mike the -- -- -- is always by Red Sox senior writer for WEEI dot com as well as the site editor. Rob Bradford. Rob the news today again Grady Sizemore. I had the opportunity to watch -- in the -- spring training game the -- -- Red Sox taking on the north Norfolk tides the AAA team of the Baltimore Orioles. Grady Sizemore three hits in his first three at bats he grounded out to second in the seventh inning he played seven innings didn't get a chance in the field. But it's what John Ferrell said before the game with the Pirates your jetBlue that I think was very interest. Yeah first Roy's the hardest working man this -- we know we're not go that far and you know that's not trading over the -- complex event covered the Major League game nobody in the players did not do that none of the coaches do that John Carlton to. But I -- John Farrell talked about what they expect agree Sizemore talked again about this being competition center field job. And how they're gonna amp up for next week and it's really trust him because he'll probably three days in a row -- on Saturday Sunday Monday. Probably play five days overall next week and that obviously ends up right into the regular season. So then we'll have a better idea they don't know he doesn't know what's gonna happen. He's open -- him and he's open to step being extended spring training. But this -- the be all end all opening day but I still think there is a really good opportunity a really good chance for him to be an opening roster. How important is -- formed to play three straight games he's John Carroll said the plan is right now out of place Saturday Sunday. And Monday after a day off on Friday. I think is important to be in that's the interesting thing tracks because you almost running out of time here has -- played five days next week. But are you gonna lean on that five days to say this guy can do it for an entire month. It's a tricky situation but if they feel like he can come out of those three days. Those five days in good shape like he has been every single day. Then maybe is worth the risk because if something does happen they always have Jackie Bradley signed him. Bright and you know if he does except some type of assignment to his extended spring training and Jackie Bradley junior no question does make the roster. That was some conversation on Tuesday but Wednesday it's becoming a little bit more clear that they are trying to ramp up are the Red Sox. Grady Sizemore to have him ready or at least have a decision made definitively next week let's talk about the Red Sox bullpen now rob. Craig Breslow he's the question mark as the possible third left hander in the bullpen the travel north. He will start to get into some action this weekend he's done some throwing on the side where he -- things stand with Craig Breslow -- he used to throw his first. Game on Monday and I gives you a week before opening day and I asked him do you think that you be ready for opening day he says yes I think so I don't know still thinks so. And I think it really is going to be dependent on how he feels in those games they're still knock in a Russian in this every you're talking about a week. Of -- in training getting ready. So he knows his body they have confidence in his opinion. So I think next week like Sizemore is going to be big for Greg Russell but there's still has a chance they'll be on the opening your roster. And John -- told us before the game here with the up Pirates that -- Breslow is not ready to go it will be the best available arm in the bullpen not necessarily. A left handed picture. Let's move on a one other subject to rob before we let you go and that is the status of -- Bogart's I think John Carroll had some interesting things to say. About how he's adapting defensively at shortstop and getting used to playing with Dustin Pedroia. Yes John throws talking earlier in camp about the amount information that's being bombarded with -- Bogart's in. And how that was a lot to take him and might effective offense that still might be the case. But tries you seem Bogart's played two great feet great hands you know he looks very calm and everything he does little things like. You feeling ground ball looking the first thing you go up the play that firing at the third. Little things keeping his -- composure. That's what has impressed me how he's able to slow down the game down here. Because you know as a rookie that's that's hard to do so I think -- very anchored in there Kurds and the whole goal here is to get him in the right frame of mind. Heading into opening day where he is playing with a lot of confidence which I think that's going in the right direction. All right the Red Sox play the Pirates -- they play in the night game and then they play another night game against the New York Yankees this sort of home and home with a day in between if you will on Thursday night here at jetBlue park and they play. In Clearwater against the Phillies on Friday and in late when the best outside Orlando against the Braves on Saturday it. He is rob Bradford I am Mike to try yeah. Here at jetBlue park in Fort Myers getting lots of love WEEI. Dot com.

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