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Brandon Spikes, Aqib Talib, and the Patriots injury reports

Mar 19, 2014|

Mut and Lou discuss the recent statements from Brandon Spikes and Aqib Talib on how the Patriots handle their injury reports.

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What's on our among blue 937 WEEI. From Matt in New Hampshire he put his name to it's -- maybe he's right about this. We talked about a fifty million dollar purchase price for Tom Brady's mansion and LA. The stayed put -- to water and 4579. Dollars and 42 cents per month. You end up paying 73 point seven million. 33 point seven million in interest would hate to see with the property taxes are on that bad ways so Matt New Hampshire says just over -- -- a thousand dollars a month. And you're paying a lot in interest so there we go about it it makes sense to. Put more cash down and just 10% got forty purchase like slowed me forty yup. Get a 110 -- -- you know with 300 range tool for a lot of people seem to be an attitude at 220 range. On this guy says Bankrate dot com mortgage calculator doesn't -- more than ten million dollars yesterday got that expensive to figure you'll ask how much. The payments are a -- -- cash. I had for Brady's house in LA for sale we were questionable with a thirty year fixed -- -- price beyond that. -- Brandon Spikes. Is making the rounds he signed his deal in buffalo he had a great tweet. When he signed with buffalo -- thanks the patriot fans it's been real it's been fun. Put it has been real fun ha -- -- he went on buffalo radio yesterday that John Murphy show on WGR in buffalo. And talked about a lot of things and he talked about you he was asked about his injury. Was asked about being placed on the -- are at the end of the season this is cut number two. Joey queer Brandon Spikes talking on the John Murphy show yesterday. Well positioned -- from you know related to currency. You know it was you know our. XP game that I need to address had we not know buyer noted when or spoke like. That was just across reporting. You know that's up and go there and you know awful little Catholic league if you -- Medal events in the -- it is what it is and decides to -- to work Angola and have no -- -- culture around. So Brandon Spikes going on IER was all about the injury. Do we already know that. And we already know that inning missed practice was the first time and it was one of these things -- -- we discussed into the white why would you we. And I didn't agree with. -- put money IR. Over the live in they're here and in that it was more than that we already knew that. -- -- it was OK maybe you don't need him against Indianapolis. But you know and maybe even not against Denver but if he got to the Super Bowl ready played gay team like Seattle or team like San frantic and run the football. That's when you might need him why would you put him -- -- why wouldn't you just give in the next couple weeks off the game three weeks opt for the suitable if you get there. Soul who was a little fishy when it it put money IR. We all knew that it wasn't. Just a body injury right. I addicts from all the reports we got to the end absolutely once. You know what he says it is what it it as a red flag to me would be. It's how things go fair. Terje has that in his mind a sign that all right so here is injury. Was that all injury related -- and happy place and I are just because the injury or some other things. Is is he saying that the patriots. Used the injury row reserved for things other than injury. C saying the patriots are shady with the way to use BI are teaching the patriots are. -- eighty when it comes to what they talk about the injuries because what he brings up the league's. Situation. It has nothing to do it by -- I don't think acutely that are placed on IR. Aqib Talib is referenced European by spikes -- -- depleted to -- Talib. Said something. At a different. From spikes he said the patriots have their way of reporting stuff. This is in this press conference for Denver last week but I haven't had a hip problems since Tampa Talib said. The injury I had it was actually Kwan injury was reported and hip injury. But that's how they do things almost exactly to the same phrase. That spiked shoes. Out that's how they do things there. And so. Timmy it's two different things spikes had an issue. Believe. Believes the issue it sounds like is that he has one report as a -- it's been awhile since he -- had a hip injury. And as he feel like the patriots did something says something different to affect his value Ed -- ESP it was asked the question. If the league might start looking in his base of these comments these players. Well it's certainly an issue that's important to the NFL enough. Accuracy of the injury report suffer a variety of reasons but including competitive purposes. And also removes the fact that the patriots under their belt -- then regarded as one of the most secretive organizations. In the NFL. This -- ending this year with them previous flu which is why Belichick now typically. That's down every single player who has improved physical ailment whatsoever. I'll and that's mocking that -- into reporting process and protocols. -- improvement that we. It is always one of the longest in the NFL and Belichick typically. Goods being removed insight into the help of his players in fact as you remember remember Chris I've it was a quite last season Oregon where Tom Brady had. Hey Indian jewelry the patriots downplay the significance of there were photographs and indicated the hand was quite swollen. And that may be the patriots weren't quite as forthcoming about that as they should have them. So -- speculate a league you cares about the stuff for accuracy they care about -- for gambling. If they care about the injury report because they want the game to be gambled on they recognize the people who gamble on games. Watch their games a gambling dollar equals -- a pair of eyes on their game or games that day. That's what Garrett he's very few maybe some of the professionals very small few of the pros. Have a disciplined about -- a game and not watch Allen Boston new Betts college basketball. You'll betting game in the -- to watch the game we'll check the scores until final couple minutes college hoops he's admitted that. But mostly your recreational battered Europe pool. European SC football. You're watching those games for those results. Little League has -- -- what I wanna get it right because they'll make sure the gambling a fantasy dollar stay -- I almost don't care about that part. What would concern me is a patriots fan is that you have two players leaving the organization. And in some way shape perform saying had a patriots. Twist what the injuries are. So it does it ever get to a point where. -- a -- look at this or teams struggle league -- the players -- -- the league with say it will -- go to wiggled. I'll knock it out might injury. Are reported on correctly. And it could affect me on my next deal could affect music free agent after that I mean that's my only concern would spike says something like this. When he says yet how they deal went to leave says. Verbatim in his press conference last week that's just how but the patriots do. Well does that have a negative effect -- other players. And made it -- their concern if I got an await word. The patriots might try to affect -- market. As a free agent by treating my injury something different than it is -- hiding an injury or spitting at a certain way. That that would be the only concern I have about this now the spikes. Of course wasn't about injury but the attitude around a team we know that. Right that's sort of saying you know and even the pro football talk actually tweeted utterly and look for right now within a picture of the key to leave businesses. I think it was the headlines and look for but it was the hip isn't. So excited to Kwon as a pitcher and sit on the bench. With a wrapping around. -- left leg and a high and left leg in and around his waist. That -- -- wrapped around behind you left leg and then it goes around your waist that's. The -- groin I mean that's I mean that's not a -- that's either a growing and I've never had hip injury get rapped on it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Either just -- a quad itself to get some compression on when you see wraparound the high leg and around that waste. That's not -- That's a groin. Or hip port Everett might be horrible. -- knows who knows right but having Brandon Spikes thing is that no surprise though the committee and I don't think. What when he went on the IR Lotta people said there's more to with an injury here -- easily just keep this guy in and in rest them but there was reports of him. Missing practice early to practice remember the whole thing with the shoveling. You know the pitcher of the snow a kick out of my driveway or whatever whatever else made and you didn't. It wasn't the first times are here reports on afterwards. That probably had more to do with today I'm shocked anybody yet just we're the. -- guy sort of set the same way it's a different things. Both guys said it is that's the way the patriots do things there. It -- the idea that. Yup in their minor injuries art or the web pages represent a major port might not be -- what tap on the scene in the case of believe. His argument that it wasn't hip in the picture he tweeted out at -- Maloney seemed to make it seem like. It wasn't just squad it was it was there or something else they're given away at things wrapped. Or in the case of Brandon Spikes. I thought spikes is aging K now. In the days afterwards and had a comment about that -- sentences it's it's better for say is better for -- parties. -- they move on from -- But it to have two players after the fact they take not a shot at the organization but that's just sort of matter of factly how they do things there. -- found that interest -- and a sure spikes -- motivated me Brandon Spikes. Was a a a good play here but as he said yeah he didn't -- It was fun it was real but it was a real -- Yeah we have cut number three Joey a brand spikes here may I ace he's well do admit that. You cut number three the talk in the John Murphy showed that he wasn't always happy year. Colin there have been bush you know there's no rom program. -- You know put it place by first class organization. To be a false sense they're great and problems. You know I'll complain about over and mr. -- you know he's just phenomenal man you know look at him you know -- Omaha fire. I'll never forget him politics you know put him up on alert citizens found full restores some animal law. -- moves on but not without kind of a jab there at the patriots -- can he can help buffalo is how we talked about the loss -- -- to pad this year. And obviously. Vince Wilfork appears to be a loss it has no resolution their but it feels like that guy is. Not gonna get -- restructured to be released in Dane Fletcher was one of the linebackers they lost year. And of course the other one Brandon Spikes it would spikes was good stopping the run. There was they were better on this team. I mean he was able to fill hole in a violent manner that shots from running games down. And -- it is a a running back deter guys -- want to go through that offensive line because -- Brandon Spikes waiting for them. Donta hightower I guess given his size and his strength. Is expected to take on more good actress is likely darkest opera and play a role in that's the thing with the patriots finally guy. That kind of do one thing well all whatever might be -- put him in that situation go and do as much possible. Vicious hits you know running backs -- -- the performance -- all is no question about it that he could have helped you would have liked of Edinburgh for depth. But it's obvious that it it became more than. You know how can this -- help us again you don't. -- are the guys in the union post season and -- far ago. Thought we don't know wasn't everything to do with the injury. There's more to it and we owner of the days are numbered a surprised by anybody. But he's no longer here or US support system went to the guy's going to play for buffalo pepper Johnson left the organization he was CA Connie -- wrote this. As a sponsor for Brandon Spikes somebody that's always mentoring spikes along the way somebody who had his back. And -- when he left the writing was on the wall in the NBA and it's free agency the patriots don't make him any offer whatsoever Jeff how a lot of -- leading up to it. On and yesterday talked in the number of the show in buffalo saying it wasn't just dial -- -- three out all the fine. I'm await the patriots do things are robs its one skip Nixon Samir calls -- while Roberts one on. They got it all right -- let it bought you don't need to worry a ball players stop. Concerns. -- -- the patriots that happened there are injuries it's represented because. If the patriots are back doing that which I don't doubt at that aren't any injury. Or actually protecting Matt Light air. From being targeted by by opponents. And it it to -- -- -- that it would have been here by her and it's what the time comes on the play at least patriot. He goes -- another organization. -- nothing more than a big goal and passing a physical that organization improving the net or that -- for that shoulder is fine. And if he's a good -- is important. And it come to terms I don't think is any reason why another. What we're hesitant to pick up another player. It you're probably right it's probably the most logical common sense thing. To say when it comes about this Robin appreciate the phone call. I just thought was -- to players in the aftermath made reference to. The way to patriots go about -- Maybe it's more about the way they felt like they were treated year. Young -- Brandon Spikes felt like he never got a -- a fair shoddy -- liked is is high like Boston like Providence. Like the front office for their football things maybe he didn't like him that's his way. Are sending one back at the patriots and Aqib Talib you -- -- we signed in Denver he -- Denver because they shorten the proper respect. -- a in a gave him what he wanted to -- -- free agency was putting American pop list today patriots not do that in a -- key to leave. Benoit may have over insert the key to even in a -- right I mean a medical is that our our past the long and it's you know. By where where is it where's the hip injury with treatment on mean all these things or get past the where's doctor visits on the hip they they see everything that's on there. Any I remember to -- to -- -- -- -- back some background and then when the patriots doing potentially not stories that are leaking last offseason and they sent that five and a half million dollar deal. The there was some rumblings. You know with the patriots. Detonated -- put the effort there was no actual work you know there's some question you have to keep please work ethic. That was the story was that just leaked out rep for free agency. You know who knows well maybe feels like they did it last year and it didn't help at all -- come right back again and again this year and I are talking about my hip. Because you doubled -- -- a guy a quad injury OK no big deal they hit made it different is -- got to talking about the hip got to talking about how three years in Iraq. They have got you worried about committing long term with a player. Number wasn't the year to have these are good soldier all the off the field stuff you're like OK he was good. There's concern about extending a player like -- because you figure is going to be good player for you for year to. And that if he's -- goal you know out of his mind it's gonna happen what's he's comfortable years 345 we've seen that before. -- you bring in a -- did he bring in a Randy Moss you extend the night get issues. But that wasn't even a big concern it was more about hip now's about helpless ball being on the field. So he's obviously going up on everybody in -- the one concern you should have long term as the hip was an issue. It was caught what are called direct patriot fans to take a look at they would get a second Jeff -- patriot to Opel in the Boston Herald there are at their website. He writes about a guy we we have not talked about I probably shouldn't talk about depth at defensive tackle that is Armond Armstead. Yeah he was projected the patriots had a as the third defensive tackle last year on the depth chart behind Vince Wilfork behind Tommy Kelly. Armstead is on pace to be ready for April when he first in the patriots begin their off season program. He's 65 he's 305 -- -- three sacks during his junior year 2010 he sat out the eleventh season I he sued the school. Because he had an issue. At USC and went to the CFL. Where he was terrific -- dodged -- get half dozen sacks were actually landing a deal with the patriots is seen as a pretty interesting pass rushing. Defensive tackle. And a bit of a project in them third on the depth chart -- their projected to start but. Well we start talking about a Vince does leave you guys I've talked about Kevin Williams or Pat Sims. I think it's fair to assume that they have Armond Armstead. On their list and he wasn't there at the end of the year. Some may look at bowl on -- they look at it's lingo they look at that Chris Jones and they add Armstead to that mix. Would you Tommy Kelly in planning ahead those fires deposition goes continue. Put him any any higher at NC fourth on the depth chart fourth fifth them depth chart its opponents strike if you get anything out of this player. We area. Another player a lot of ball last year. At a mysterious infection whatever land on the IR only -- NCAA things not gonna continue this guy gonna get better better with time the long you don't see him. The world's things little long res away longer is the way the more -- being a basing it off the their they projected last year to be. Third behind Kelly will -- in their depth chart. And Wilfork port here to -- get bumped up -- again be helpful on -- Jones. Selling out at all but I doodle that -- -- high hopes for before he had the infection midway through training camp just knock them out for the rest of the thing. Is there a lot of people -- on the team. Who were -- and Armond Armstead and felt like he could help help this team if he were healthy. And the reports are he is healthy right now and maybe it's going to be injury thing year in and year out by. And I was interested to bring him up. We double the defensive tackle that I don't think he's the savior you're right. -- you factored into that depth mix. What they might not have to while inside a eight top line defensive tackle what they maybe didn't do that begin your free agency either with the -- question marks because. They feel like that -- discovered them about -- the white -- somebody. I think it's still drafted offensive tackle or defensive end. They do have some some deeds that they can fill through the draft. Through free agency once they figure out the -- they by Jeff -- stories worthy chickened out. If you're pats fans today to remind yourself about who this guy is now highly they thought of him a year ago. 61777979837. That's the number text my eighteenth tee decks on 37937. Grady Sizemore set the play and a couple of games here how close is -- to all but solidifying a spot. On the Red Sox opening day roster we'll check -- and rob Bradford WEEI dot com he's in Fort Myers will do it next -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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