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Michael Barkann on DeSean Jackson and the Patriots

Mar 19, 2014|

Our friend Michael Barkann of CSN Philly joined the show to discuss the DeSean Jackson situation with the Eagles. He said that it was obvious that for the right price Jackson will be moved.

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It is always so much fun -- to talk with Michael -- and from Comcast sports net in Philadelphia also host the Mike and -- show that we should do it more often. Michael joins us on the AT&T hotline Marky Marky -- argument for an. Good morning and are well you don't Michael -- they elect count I had her come on a -- -- I'm going to be there. Go to war on 1 at 8 o'clock and so are you go to Greece. Hey I said that I said earlier idea I check we check that your Twitter accounts and photographs and it's of W hosting various events -- will give you credit for this. I'm trying to say this is euphemistically as possible. You aren't spending any money on Grecian formula. No knowledge not a -- -- -- -- but it's all that. Money to save Grecian formula that -- -- I have -- air that there are pure color. -- to be amended you're you're you're going out at trial litigant happen organically Mike. -- -- Bob Barker are. Literate Shawn Jackson overview does it make any sense when the Eagles to let him go and the niners or the patriots erratically to snatch this guy. I think I think it makes sense for the Eagles it. -- they wanna do because they restart Jeremy backwards coming up. Is second ACL. That we side and Riley Cooper. You know the bureau's Riley Cooper I thought he should have been done what -- -- -- -- last summer never should have been brought back. But he decided to -- five game really started a common result. -- who took it more than serviceable receiver. -- had his best. He had his best season of his career 82 catches. And he is he's brought you really. Great -- -- he's got speed it's on match really in the NFL. But he's -- And other issues you know and and -- -- -- -- here and you -- partly a benched him because. He was it was late or or meeting city you've been told about being late from you and that might not seem to be a lot but after -- heads up. For awhile I guess he read belt that he needs to do that which -- Kelly I think it's it's. You know. It's not that can be operated necessarily that Chip Kelly see this on -- and if he can -- guys. Like -- like Cooper who can catch the ball. 51 yards downfield and and still can be great yards after catch he doesn't -- huge big play. -- necessarily. In that offense and when you combine that with this home be broken in 200000. Dollars in items being stolen. It's semi automatic weapons being found and also a big game you know they bury the lead the patriots. I've seen that a good thing report now not that degree and so it took Robert Rubin I don't unclear because -- barbaric where -- Less right under our nose CSN new England and I -- but you know they've disarmed. You know he's he's most rap. Year that the -- parents house and I -- -- -- -- parts. To me all right matured into vehicles -- So the resigning of Maclin and Riley Cooper aside what percentage out of a hundred would you say. His high maintenance diva attitude and issues that that them. A Chip Kelly sees plays in two of them not wanting him. Is that the. 54 I had a great question JD and I'd say I'd say forty. I say about it but even even at this point by Robert -- right Chip Kelly is all about football and -- -- -- all about it and he's good he's had we went to palm work outs that this week with Calvin prior. And and other players who worked Florida State to watch guys work out easy into what players. Who do the same way I am sure you heard about. There's protein shakes in -- regiment that he that you don't want the players did to get quick and everybody got a record not necessarily the players. A lot of media and certainly the bear it like it is guys gonna bring in protein shake and sleep regiment and bigger programs will all look at what they want to -- bosses urged Europe. And don't let them anymore like OK it was much. So it -- guys are a 100% on the same page where they've got a -- duke I think. -- gets closer and take it being great but you know will will see you later that we reported on America get sports that. Last night Erica reported to has said that the Eagles are actively making offers or DeSean Jackson. And it you're actively making offers or I don't know how much difference it is between shopping. So you know that's where we are. What what are some of those offers what do you think the what do you think the best -- can get for DeSean Jackson is well I know last year is Greg yeah. I'm Michael I know like I know alleged. Here they they wanted to be a receipt vocal protesters well they wanted to sector round pick. Reportedly it would settle for a third and ten and maybe you know another player or third round pick by god still has speed. He has been relatively healthy you'd be if you were called couple years ago both erupted from Atlantic you're in the game patient -- that both were carted off the field. And so on to go wild comeback from that -- suffered a concussion. You also. -- clear on the team two years ago or go to -- contract. And and Bennett that he did that would have a contract. But since then he's been he's been amazing on the -- he also returns. Once kick off a little while but certainly parts -- wan games which which is what recurrence. So he's still I think he's still got it and we had a poll that but I I exports and it was simply should be. -- Charlotte -- and at what percent said yes and 40% said no which showed a polarizing -- of the past week ago. But there's no question that he still has it coming off a great season one of the fastest receivers in the league by a person having Eagles are delusional they -- get a second or third round pick for this guy. I mean his contract -- ten million dollars this year thirty million over the next three. He is a great player but you can get five players for that much so again the I have a hard time believing that they can they get like a third round pick for the sky but what's the -- at what's legal salary -- it. I started or at least that they're like what he reaped what he -- here in the great can but he's still old ballplayer and he was just the global player he's got a global superstitions. Which it would never and so. You know it made it big they would -- on is. -- you deductible on the side I would want -- coach -- to see you think he was in the ball and also there was an interception. And then think he went he went back to the ball. And -- I'm sure that that was about it all the time locker room there's no big deal but it played out during the game on national TV so it. Whoa you know. So. I I think he's still on the part of his career and and it's whether or not the other stuff will come in the place and I think by the Eagles are concerned that well. -- said that there about 2.5 million -- the -- they got plenty of space if they trade this on Jackson hose still count six million against their cap. In dead money and also have to carried -- money dude could you see Eagles being willing to do that. You know what I think. That that's a great point but I I still think that it figured they could do it. Because they say money big time you're more moderate again -- Burton's statement from buffalo that went into war. Everyone was screaming got to get him the best might be the best guy available -- pretty -- -- they -- elements that they got Malcolm Jenkins. Well outdoors and he was the lowest aid of any city he's. Maybe they would say you know what we save money and -- will will take a bit money and should get -- -- I I will be somewhat surprised if they traded sharp. But you know what -- threat state maybe that's what happened. We're talk with Michael Barkin Comcast sports net in Philadelphia. Has two part question has this gone. Around the bend in terms of if they can't get what they need for him and he comes back. He's going to be even more of a problem in the locker room and the second part is. Is he liked by his teammates -- -- or -- Saturday Terry Glenn. No I don't I don't think Leonard and -- good and I think he's like been up by his teammates I really do I become. That this has not gone around the band I know that he has been out there. Group you know sources say that those close to -- on today. That there's Da'Sean wants to know the deal is it has occurred. That you know has got that pat on the head slumped should tell your I would look at GM. Everything's going to be okay Sean you're going to be back you know is fine. They haven't sold right respect chipped Elliott an actual awards dinner last Friday night. Yeah this project is -- -- -- state. He's Maclin and beyond Cooper noted though he's behind -- Maclin issue Australian guys right global leader of the opening and he joked about it but he did not -- -- any serious way that the sharp objects and look what he restored report all right Michael -- at that rate by out. We we wrap it up with this I need the details of the break and what kind of stuff was stolen and is the problem that. When cops came and they fumble kind of weapons is that is that the gist of the story. There are reports are that because. Two semi automatic weapons are also reports that there were 450000. Dollars worth of cash. That was stolen later it was reported that. It was can't that was stolen that there were items that total in hundreds of thousands of dollars I don't know what those items work. But but good to me it's about the -- He's yeah he's into the rap culture all people -- -- -- like rap music. And it has -- has a label themselves. And I think all that makes it a little upset aren't settled on the eagles' side of it is as one might expect so. I think it's like enough in the locker room and they realize what you do but I don't know that they need all that well for what their profits will -- Yeah I think -- solve the money situation he's the guy who stole all the money from Ed Reed and took it to a thousand Philadelphia maybe that's without cascade -- I think you could be right. You're art department. Called -- -- comedian -- have been that -- Michael -- always a pleasure talking with the thanks for carving out a few minutes for us this morning we appreciated note chart and so -- -- -- a dark suited me Michael -- Comcast sports net and the Mike and -- show in Philadelphia 6177797937. Will wrap up our hour with -- -- in Boston Globe. With John and Cambridge Michael on the car and Margaret in Charlton when we come back.

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