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Jarome Iginla continues to lead the Bruins

Mar 19, 2014|

The guys discussed the Bruins 10 game win streak and the great play of Iginla.

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These next go. The chief John. -- -- -- goal scoring list. -- -- happened where a few guys who don't find cracks and different rising even as he would as thousands came and it's always nice to see senator players that. Don't get Norris for different their reasons and obviously he's been around for a long time and you know. It was a big goal he scored for us again tonight in the right now he's he's feeling that we just gotta keep going. So for all you purse patients textures to the AT&T text line and said Jerome again like Iowa as that brought you before that. All you Smart purse vacations replication applications means -- get -- understand. -- things out no I don't verification. At that Jarome Iginla is the other. 180. Degree turnaround from bad -- your exactly right I'm reading to you. From. A piece done by Sean on board. In Pittsburgh magazine it's their version of Boston magazine. Pittsburgh magazine or similar cities one electric style Pittsburgh now on the -- idol -- of it's an underrated city of -- but -- there on vacation. Along weaken their but it finally docked boats a duck boats there. Us or reading from Pittsburgh magazine and the date is march 28. 2013. So bout a year ago. Nearly 2 o'clock this morning six time all star Jarome Iginla captain in the Calgary Flames chose to come to Pittsburgh -- slew of other Stanley Cup contenders. You or earlier as the world was going to bed a deal with the Boston Bruins seemed to be a sure thing. Calgary sun columnist Eric Francis tweeted that it was simply too late to make such a monumental announcement. So both sides were waiting to -- press conference in the morning. All again had to do was waive his no trade clause and he would be a -- But he didn't. Again we're told -- general manager -- Easter he wanted to come to Pittsburgh. You -- all the outrage when that happened personal Peter surely gonna. Or Hamel or Pittsburgh we're out -- want to -- all the stuff and by about a I felt that awaits an audible and so it appears to rally -- rally in unity in a very rare a occurrence. -- got -- -- a press conference and so I thought we had a deal. I left the press box think we had a deal -- get a -- call back administered the smell a rat. And this is the way you do business and so -- GM's never criticize other mediums. And without mentioning the Easter or anybody else he made it very clear that he was disappointed in how this thing went down. That's sort of set the tone might. Way of thinking my my recollection. But a year ago now that's far short of the ball the anti again low ball rule that he chose Pittsburgh because -- update. At a better chance to win the Stanley Cup in the -- -- -- -- -- wait a year ago at this time when that happened win all that came out. Did you blame again. If -- Jimmy on the outside or fund -- again you look like a better choice I'm saying OK I had no ties the Boston I've got no ties -- Pittsburgh now I just wanna win a cup in the next three months or Pittsburgh LL two separate levels of the Boston Bruins. And their fans not got the last laugh. Pittsburg and -- it would did not. And the Bruins manhandled and just shut them down and now get it comes -- and he is the team leading 26 goal -- Com and a game winner last night after a slow start after a slow start check this out in the last ten games in this ten game winning streak and -- -- earlier this is historic. And it's not a store yet in terms of the length of winning streak which I believe. The franchise record is fourteen under ten. But in the last ten games. A gala. Has nine goals twelve points four assists and four game winners and -- plus nine. By the way this is a team if you want to game last night. That did not look like they were playing their. If game in seven days and the second in two nights 42 over New Jersey and as you heard Jack Edwards say a -- -- the beta 31. Highest Johnny Butte sick at 556. Goals which is only 25 on the all time list. That's pretty remarkable becomes a Boston route and -- -- -- now see a lot of him and heard about it read about this outreach that we did much about it. Captain and whatever at the NHL pass some gaps in Calgary every single night at 1030. -- the Sacramento. And and I didn't -- dollar if I can tell me who's next in the gutless. Cross hairs. Number 24 on the all time at the very famous name as somebody you'd have seen the law. He's got a single Cam -- no no not a grew -- he's at 556 he needs four to tie and five to pass this guy. -- -- -- Golf. Heritage correct a the flower are beautiful -- dialogue. Before I got to I would think that will flow will be a little higher up. Argued that body be higher up on the let's. If we sick and and we've looked at what gamblers on what this team is that I don't -- touched on it. Briefly at the start of the -- tell me you're not one of those knuckle heads up there who was concerned that this team is playing too well. At this point in time it's something worth -- and I'll why worst what I'm concerned about anything what what's -- of those accidents are not fat I. That's -- Julian is concerned or allude to its concern he expressed to expressed it he said. I hope we're not -- Tuesday. Now maybe that was just eighteen leader trying to kind of light a fire into the -- of his teammates that let's get complacent here we -- he said when they won nine general. Or -- the Russian. Pickett died tonight we gonna lose a couple of -- nobody's saying that claw and scratch me now I think the word is complacency. Here and they asked. Chara about this year McGuire asked -- -- about this pregame. And he said the became he has two things every night it's somebody different its contribution for -- four lines all four lines -- but we find different. Ways to win but it does that mean it's perfect there are ways to improve we've talked about this talk about -- -- and after the Boston Globe. -- check in that eighteen and OC's Brit it would com Kamal with a every Monday. I say you know is the coach happy because he just laughed and it's that. It's not happy in fact he's actually a little tougher on us when we win game because he doesn't want us to think. Are you what doesn't smell and he said he finds things and -- on -- and makes a big point out that he's as opposed to a loss will try to fix things that we did wrong. If he goes out of his way to the Brady talked about Belichick to make sure you don't get fat and happy and say hey we -- all figured out I think that's we're talking about. Complacency they can we can't be any better than this house that do you but do you get the sense. With the guys on this team and the leaders that they have on this team that they would get complacent -- laughs I don't see this I don't see this team. As being the type of team that what you get complacent Welch after winning this kind of street John Ferrell will tell you the same thing about the Boston Red Sox that winning last year -- not -- -- complacent this year we shall see whether he's telling the truth or is misguided. But now I don't see I just Izturis got this -- they were last bottle off the apple I'll say this I don't think the the that the guys in the bruins' dressing room are just -- -- We're pretty good we just got up you know the pucks on the guys who were gonna win. But I would also say the human nature plays into this kind of thing I know what does but just I mean. I don't get this there's not that's it's not that mentality of hockey players wraps in basketball perhaps in baseball media. On some of football but I don't get that. When it comes the hockey players that they get complete -- wide open their element they are probably more committed in the other three major sports but how times have we seen guys and this is different than winning. Deciding a big contract signed a big contract and have a major drop off in their production Gary time what logic to bring it brought up a star of the show a perfect example. Yeah well up but my point -- -- all of us go to outside front I don't personally I don't not to not to too bitter now. But you see guys all the time if they're playing for the contract. They are compelled to do absolutely everything in their power. Get that money and make an impression its final long term deal once that's done it like. Well that's pretty good knock it -- it's human nature. -- a bad person is not a character flaw it's human nature are right 61777. Point 7937. I man's not here meant -- not here. We put the call up or AT&T text line the best one can tell us. Where they think Jerry and Kirk are today and what they're doing. Will get a vintage -- Dennis and Callahan teacher and so -- -- -- out of a little bit out of a -- distort it's it. I'm not sure what their destination is. But I just passed them. On 95 they're sitting in the back seat of a suburban with a smile on -- hour two DN CR bimbo and Boston Globe joins us next.

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