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DeSean Jackson to the Patriots?

Mar 19, 2014|

Greg Dickerson and Dino opened the show discussing the rumored trade of DeSean Jackson to the Patriots.

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We the kings of digression here Iowa digress off the top based on the fact that are open dealt. -- and soundly with the bees. I think I just heard the overnight guys say -- -- -- on the year in his segment called good thing bad thing from my voice situation had no idea what's going on. -- -- -- -- -- A guy friend Caroline should be up to date -- an idea what's it's like smokey about an. OC and you lost me a trinity -- -- -- -- -- guy actually took a stance. During his. Thing or bad thing. And and said you thought it was a good thing they stop play and didn't allow the bees attacked my car all -- So be careful trying to defend that doubles anyway. I am it's a member of the three from Dennis and Callahan is so truly committed to this program that he will be here today. The answer you know. Neither neither the -- it will Manningham. All or forehead Gerri is here today but who answered the bell to join me in the studio. My friend Greg -- and you know how you'd feel great I know Jerry's. Gone somewhere where -- it was not all that. Kirk would not be that should what should you use up about on the eighteenth AT&T -- 3797. All morning long. If they can if they can hope the best destination. Where men hand and Jerry art they -- to get well I'm just I'm just asking I'm just throw out there. And 88 vintage. Dennis and Callahan future could be prize -- -- you -- -- to vintage has been approved -- up. The what are you guys at Fenway Park now that -- outlet exactly now want. With all due respect I think I've got a nickname where we should point out that there's some lineage here Greg Dickerson is the son of Angie and Eric Decker jet which heading to Denver and has combination. -- have a nickname for. -- 370. Flight 37 out you kind of got -- operator got a our mission on the up on the basketball broadcast I missed your anger takes on sports Portugal where the -- -- I'm here with you the power but that's not what else -- home that's call it this way you know. And when you love lost your first job way way back in Kansas City he just -- you've said yourself. -- -- Where that guy was here to Syria say. This guy has got a TV show or this guy is on there and I'm not. I think about that every single day low of enterprise no bitterness here don't know what's it like Michael every morning what I get up. And right. There's got to dress like this yeah at that T shirt that is not a puppy mills the knows about Google buys him but I do not put on a nice and dialect I used to. I think the myself. Jerry Tang Wei has a job. Every -- I think full time job in his business and I don't what have I done wrong in my my eyes off you might be the last. Consider this a -- road to redemption thank -- race start of something they start of something. There's a bunch of stuff we talk about today. First and foremost before you put your head on the poll tonight people. You gotta go to law inside baseball poverty -- has a great great -- will discuss this not right now but we will at a certain point. And the headline reads to repeat as World Series champs a little luck is needed and he goes through. Chapter in for and -- as only Perdue chicken due and list some recounts the queries. I've got seven reasons that -- -- of the Red Sox don't repeat as World Series champions and he goes through the last. And thirteen years I believe in fact. They're going to match the record if the Sox don't repeat this year. It will be a World Series record of fourteen consecutive years. Without a repeat champion. Equaling the drought from 1979. 1992. So it would divert Purdue she -- and it it's it's good stuff and by the way it translates to all sports oh yeah absolutely NBA NHL. NFL is just not Major League Baseball -- this is what Purdue used is the best among the best. Secondly. Are we watching something that is historic. With the Boston Bruins while they haven't gotten to the fourteen game winning streak which I believe is the longest in franchise history earlier ten. I would suggest you look what we're watching is historic in nature with these guys. Was that well just in terms of their production in terms of how they're playing in terms of the fact that they have in their last ten game winning streak outscored their opponents forty to fifteen. No this surprises I you -- -- aren't that surprised that they -- that they are this -- -- I knew they were good I didn't discredit an amateur whether it's sustainable or not I'm not trying to be Debbie -- this point I can't imagine them. Playing much better than they're playing right now on this ten game winning streak please do not tell me you gonna throw -- if peaking too. Earlier this just. It's -- it's the middle of Duarte. -- a little -- lose a couple of games because you want to peak in May Milan which each raised his hand the other day in and I hope not peaking -- it's their mines its eighth spot. The end and they remained. Celtics over the years it's in the great mid eighties Celtics. They peaked in peak and -- and never did come off but I think there's still time for this 2013. 2014 Celtic team yet there's still -- out fourteen games that -- I hope they can still pick next month I don't know just the opposite I hope they haven't bought out yet. I haven't bottomed out as much balloons -- AM I'm watching sacramental Washington -- -- like. I got back oh Mo up after him over the Celtics in the in the run for the fourth worst record in the NBA at least to me that was not a West Coast in the Houston for Dallas was one that -- Have you slept. Not much this which are socialists while I have no social affording them an epic approach like well to -- have. Well I'm not whatsoever I have a socialite but one or not go to bed but the -- -- the -- for fuel on the game and I don't watch all all I -- I've watched bits and pieces are used to getting up on the used to go to -- you know how old ones. Back in the day when you -- the -- morning show right. I'm used to go to bed at 121231. O'clock against his -- head to -- old wake up at 4:30 in the morning I'm not a thing I want to discuss eons and I can tell you who we nominated for this award will see if you can come up with. We have we have cited the fact that there are numerous Boston athletes. Lived on a 180 Interpublic Group public relations perception. And I'm talking about gently from. Good or bad Roger Clemens it's the popular list. And -- also got guys who committed crimes -- top the list. I think -- -- I did not near or at the top the list. More trick that's been just yet they don't -- be going over the -- and wait on that -- think about that far but more difficult to identify mr. Dickerson is the rare athlete who has done -- 180 in his public relations perception. From bad and good it's a much more difficult road. Now -- -- -- somebody right now we nominated somebody about 23 weeks ago I didn't think we -- come up with any anybody better I've come up with somebody better. -- second Boston athlete. Was gone from. Bad two good complete 180 and is now embraced and drawn to the bosom of Boston sportsman's. Intrigue and yeah very much the attendees say -- that yet -- intrigues me yeah yeah yeah I've also say that I -- are more interested in the shot Jackson and I am. Phil Jackson. And and I don't know -- the battle expert will defer to you won this but does James -- think pay and -- Jackson so much we expert but I don't have a job Heredia British aren't that. Yeah what you're on a no fault of your. A year not to be the coach not to be the general manager not to be scouting not to be reviewing tape not putting the draft together but to be in this. Figurehead like like the would have that figure it is on the front of the Rolls Royce for twelve million dollars. Is this the guy that's going to magically because he's Phil Jackson because he's won eleven championships NC coach and two -- a player. Fix this thing. There's no guarantee put. Think about it this way. You know a little bit about James Dolan wouldn't James Dolan right what he is perceived as. As an anger as. These yes thank you very much news as someone who used to work for a company that was owned by Jimmy Dolan everybody walks on eggshells all around him. Right now beef at the face of the New York -- is Jimmy -- well until yesterday. Out the face of the New York Knicks franchise. It's Phil Jackson already the knicks have taken a step Ford and I've taken a step way beyond where they were. A week ago already and I asked much to everybody's surprise dole Wednesday yesterday when asked is he ready to defer and hand over some of -- ultimate power -- always wielded in the organization. He said not only happy to be grateful to. Now easier said than done you know it's very difficult to change the of them spots on the leopard here but James Dolan as he was introducing Phil Jackson yesterday. The way that I that I managed is that you know I try to empower. The people underneath me every we have planned for the year org are longer term plans we agree on it this video agree on the goal. And the ones with the strategy. -- with the checkbook right right and so so beyond that I think that you know it's. It's really all fills up fills call I think. We have shown that -- and write checks and aren't try and win and I probably a little more dismayed that checks -- produce more winning. Now mr. Dickerson. Jericho Angelo have that kind of power when he was with the knicks needed. Donnie Walsh. Have that power with the next I don't think you know today saying that this represents a sea change in the way he's going to allow things to be done with the New York because I think if you're got. Donnie will got a loft public takes that job and number years ago -- -- -- one stuff but Dolan is still the figure head and I don't think that. Michelangelo. Or. Or Walsh needed to have final -- needed to have the ultimate power yes if your Phil Jackson. I come in unless the last person comes to me I'm not taken -- taken this job unless I make the final say analysts I. Make the final decision. And that would be on draft choices that will be an act -- predictions that would be on. Wouldn't you think he would be more coaching up more valuable coaching and actually having a hands on deal I understand his age. Even said I'm to blame the coach I'm too old to play anymore this is a something that I was intrigued with a couple of years ago did two years of rehab. Not Percy -- -- back in Ian and -- And and got the gets to come -- and some former fashion I just the Phil Jackson in this as this entities is going to be. That much of a difference maker game changer and -- ethnic problem. You know may be free agents may be Kevin low voltage accident say yeah he's keeping Carmelo I'd like to go there and -- on doubles you have Phil Jackson. The players think that the president has got it sits up in the IB ivory tower. Is going to be the reason they go to a particular just I. I think it helps in combination of vogue with a with a number of things having obviously number one and number two for players in the NBA yup it's money. And it's a chance to win and location. And a location to me is is number I never bought into the hole you did two players don't wanna come up Austin is too cold. That rather go to Arizona that rather go to Southern California don't mind it at all. If you think Milwaukee's weather and Minnesota's weather is just as interesting to. Kevin Love all McDonnell Rondo as as Miami or -- of. I don't want plays a factor plays a factor but not as much as well for -- report pop star's -- guys who are. 262728. Getting into their free agent year where their. On restricted free agency better around the league for five or six years those guys wanna cashier and and they won't want a chance to win a look at a guy like Al Jefferson. Yeah -- to Charlotte, North Carolina and not. -- It's lousy and their and just barely making it into the playoffs this year not a not a great free agent destination. OJ -- went to Milwaukee. Is Milwaukee great destination for free agents. Why did -- go there not to win but what they're for the money to meet if your Boston Celtics -- title back in with -- Celtics reference. If you got the money if you got a chance to win and guys will come play for you and that's where Phil Jackson I think. Helps the knicks and helps the knicks organization trust me. I am not naive enough to think location and warm weather and glamour trumps money for the opportunity to win. Will say this adding New York for being a cold weather place might have a bit of -- lower that may be Philadelphia freedom Boston might help absolutely yeah it's guys look at all of a sudden. They're driving down Broadway and they say that's may go out there and that giant endorsement helps promote their endorsement and they're non basketball property I said. I'm not nearly as interested in Phil Jackson even though we just started with him. As Miami and the Shawn Jackson. Have you been sitting back here in your your Barca lounge or watch with the patriots have done in this week plus of free agency get any idea. What got into Bill Belichick and and the patriot organization in terms of one out and do when stuff I mean doesn't surprise you we we posed the question. On the eve of free agency are the patriots going to do anything big and notable and -- God Jerry because wishful thinking is yes I think they are. Acidic -- -- hand at the damn thing to do they always do a surprise -- do very avert a little like trading down out the first round of the third round for bunch of other picks. I said probably not at -- as I said it depends on what your definition of big -- -- talk -- release splashy I don't think so they have been one. That's out there and just thank about a week ago everybody was destroying -- this football team because. And I don't think that. And she just started what two hours ago for our panic I doubt that it reached panic for twenty -- Jerry's Jerry it was just one knots. Everything is not done in day one I think if you've seen with the patriots have done. In years past they don't necessarily all make -- In the first day or the first couple of hours. You bring up a guy like DeSean Jackson. I still look still look I see this story and I think about it as much as I would love to have DeSean Jackson here. I think this is too much for the great patriot based on what we've already seen in the last couple weeks haven't beat too much money in a ten million dollars. I think is a road block is much is. Boy what he helped Tom Brady blow with Tom pretty low to have this guy at his disposal he's not taking a pay cut its ten point 25 most -- is a bit on top of that. Just the other thing he has is is this guy such a primadonna such a diva and we've seen I mean they brought. -- Brady and they brought Aaron Hernandez and they they they don't seem to be adverse to bringing. High maintenance people and this organization anymore so maybe that's not as big a factor as it as it once was. But don't have to ask yourself the question. On the heels of his greatest season ever and in fact after one year of his 51 million dollar new deal. He had career highs last season with 82 receptions thirteen 132 yards and matched his career high with nine touchdown receptions there's any question in mind it doesn't mind. Why is Kelly -- a guy like this on his team well why not mean is it more than the finances or maybe it is what. The things that you hear a lot of people in Philadelphia when it comes to Chip Kelly is. Chip Kelly's. Team first and does not necessarily like the medium attitude that many guys in the diva attitude. A certain players specifically wide receivers and I think if you're Chip Kelly. Based on your offense and I think that there is this belief around the league and certainly in Philadelphia about Chip Kelly is. I can take I can take you likened take John got a second take perk many Hannity was that nobody here to the right to -- I can get 8900 yards on those guys I can get. 7075. Receptions and pay him half the amount. Because therein my offense Falwell might offer -- to money -- welcome to my layer isn't that what Bill Belichick has made a career of doing -- looking at the Tompkins and Dobson those kinds of people -- -- was -- got the money amount Hernandez from the start and got the money. But passing out looked at running backs and by and large dual position people who said I don't need to go get Larry FitzGerald I don't know need to get. -- Jerry Rice in Tuesday. I can do these kinds of guys at different kind of budget that's why posed the question what is going on down the money they're spending on these guys that don't really am. Obviously the window is closing on Brady and the more good weapons they can get around him and -- some defensive pieces the better it is. Better opportunity have to win a super bull but isn't that -- change. In philosophy I'm not really this is like midlife crisis for Belichick as a red Porsche. Assets. As has -- checked -- red porch I'm gonna -- it. That's why it. -- but I don't. Look at and say that it's not much different than what we've seen in certain years what was it lets Thomas was not outlets -- It was a Porsche that with eleven -- the same thing. He's gone out and got guys I've had this discussion. Offset in places like this report podcast were properties. Discussions on the radio well Belichick really opening things up now now the patriots are starting to spend. A couple of years we've seen this a number of times for the patriots have reached out and it looks like there. Miserly ways a -- that they're making the reach for certain player this is nothing new debit it might be the biggest. Interview I get to turn the ball the number player I did today they did with the -- is Thomas. They did Randy Moss but generally that's like a one shot deal with in that particular offseason. This is sort of across the board would be a bit surprised if they don't -- when Shawn Jackson. Forty niners are or -- is going to retain him but would you be a bit surprised they went out -- guts and sheer talent but acquired AAB. Plus. Relatively expensive defensive lineman or defensive and rush the passer and get -- -- of Chandler Jones I wouldn't be well I wouldn't be right now does that -- like their biggest need. Yeah yes I think that's another wide receiver off. It if you said to me Greg. I gave your choice you get the run the patriots for a day. The -- Jackson's available to west for a second round draft pick. Or Jared Allen is available to us for just. Marty in caps -- optic DeSean Jackson you what yet because like I look at this patriots wide receiver group by him. Unlike what is -- the on the defense. -- cattlemen nice -- fixing. Fly with a Patriots offense he works out well 105 catches for over a thousand yards and how much that was Tom Brady I still want. -- gained great price still want a top flight wide receiver -- looked at the wide receivers on this football team I give a collective yawn. They're fine for what they are but I don't think there's that true stole our. Game breaker I think you get more out of this football team if you were to get somebody like at the Shawn Jackson as opposed to getting somebody like -- Jared -- I'm. They don't -- -- -- ticked off that either one -- a while -- the one album I got my choice about -- my route and went after Jackson. We -- Bill Belichick might agree with you as points out to me if indeed they're kicking the tires on the -- Jackson -- appears to be the case. I don't know whether to bring him in her in here or not. But does -- tell you that may be billed as a little bit underwhelmed. With the Dobson. Other adoptions in the pumpkins and the -- argue all the work I am I got but I looked at that simple that was a year worth of growth that was a year getting on the same page Tom Brady they're gonna do the offseason stuff together and the Californian I catch a bomb. And these guys will come around and you will see this ascendancy you'll see a second year increase in productivity from these guys. That Bill Belichick is probably seen in practice -- probably understands that they they they they they weren't last year what they are going to be going forward. But doesn't have a little damper on that. That if if he's -- Consider spending and a quarter million bucks and Shawn Jackson. That's Ohio on Dobson pumpkins or boy off the matter maybe Tom Brady isn't so high and these guys I know we've heard Robert Kraft say. We don't answered Tom Brady Tom Brady doesn't run this franchise -- -- -- but maybe Tom Brady looks and says the bought Kraft and says to Bill Belichick you know. Nice guys but c'mon give me something -- work with out there are at 6177797937. We'll talk a lot more football. At the 7 o'clock -- between seven and nine man who writes football. Exclusively for the Boston Globe and -- will join us in studio. We'll check in with crazy Michael -- market. I don't -- like crazy as they the description yes yes I was actually fallen on Twitter MLS awesome pictures apart the put on his Twitter column a bark you make Republican events. And also -- goodness he's not using Grecian formula. Competitive and kept at it. He's not used in any error IOS era. -- -- distinguish them up one bestseller works at distinguished. And we welcome back and pizza new report and it's in Peabody and certainly ticker phone calls. And we will answer the question what is Tiger Woods doing these days that he never ever ever ever would have done in this past.

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