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Ty Law: Darrelle Revis is a special player, he's going to be dominant

Mar 18, 2014|

We talk about Darrelle Revis with his friend and mentor, former Patriot Ty Law.

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As we just sit here NFL live is on ESPN it's -- monitor over Michael's shoulder and they just one of did one of those instant Twitter poll things. You know which team has won the off season so far. And I'm up at these things matter elect but according to the folks who voted on Twitter on NFL live on ESP and the patriots -- the offseason so far. Which you feel better about self now -- over 35% of the vote. A trailer for about what two things. One this Hendrickson Christian for you came here right now. And too low -- -- of the special guests. We got a special guest on the line right now. One of the great all time patriots. Are off. Joins us time Michael -- Christian Fauria Dale Arnold whatsoever. Who don't vote -- pretty well. Now I I I didn't realize that. What Darrelle Revis go back -- was it was named Jack and -- a couple of times in -- interview yesterday did the conference call. Tell us about the relationship that you have -- Darrelle Revis. Always have its murdered her and that's always -- good. You know can we do we we read. Personal -- will want to aim high school. You know regular family than huge as a young puppies you know the -- 1000 approach you'll steal and in the pop Warner. And forcefully held later played long enough. Libya to play well more so rolled -- course -- Deal were known as one of our run embodies. Beckon now equipment so I've known him area. Signaled. That. You know what I heard you say something once I want to elaborate on -- you're talking about. People in the media like us who like me. We talk about guys playing corner we focus on interceptions and you said something about. Well how about guys who just play football. And you're talking about corners some corners who play on one side of field that's all they can do. And you have respect for guys who can who can match up anywhere right quarterback left quarterback slot is Darrelle Revis one of those guys -- how hard is it to be out of that -- Absolutely and you know I mean as I consider -- football player and that's what -- -- frustrate me about. You know media talking about. Corners -- with a special clear he's just not. -- cornerback Eric go without their blood to want status field and he kicks off this side is whatever. Where you put them. He's going to be -- -- on the lips whether mr. writes I would probably open slot. He's not been shot which tackles. That as a football player and my estimation in army so in order to talk about a player like derailed you change the state. They cornerback -- a football player. And there's not revealed the gore right obsolete when you compare people -- -- real when you compared the nom -- -- -- Which is not even close my -- to mention it as far as I'm concerned that articles. Well suited to apples comparison whether he was the bit because of back in the game. But attacking until the last few years. Did you not to mention a -- India -- -- had written on the spot to have debates but some town. Mediacom and immediate -- -- week. I don't know football. I think a little little little bit more than -- -- spit it deposition -- it would even polls -- who was a bit because of back. Probably because a player in the game over the last four years. Tied to -- talked to you before he signed here. All the time he doesn't have to taught me right before you sat people assume like I mean I heard people talk ball. Where with a -- swayed him. To come wars William not to come into English audience -- people to say I'll probably. We're totally not content while -- do it if anything LB recruit more let me clear to aironet. -- To make the best decision for themselves now by up to sort let -- on the door does hold out. He was with me you know down your order we're -- we do want to almost I think it would not. Is not optimistic on Wednesday. What he's doing and where we're music and the knowledge of our own so you know what our -- with him about. You know what -- this process maybe it has fought for which. I have access to him -- talked you know I'm the leader between must open to -- Now yet -- Darrelle Revis on one side nails again Brandon Browner comes over from Seattle but he have you paid attention to what Browner has been doing as far as his play and you know can you talk about at all if you happen periods to Alex how does that relate to what built residue on defense. I mean below one thing about coach Belichick he's. -- -- -- -- it's so you but you the last the -- he's -- them put. Match -- speakers to bear strict. It's not all all the players comment -- This beat Francis you know remain so Belichick you gonna used to derail what -- wanna put you'll hear from when the luck you'll never argued you know -- He's gonna use Brandon Browner certain situation I would be surprised if you see Brandon -- this. And played strong safety account covered on the big target that in the big ball. So gonna do some different things that's going to be fun what you in -- but I know from week to week. That out of Libya you -- pretty much know what the real. Which you know we're just got me you going to be of course he can be that strong they need to be restate he'll probably be a lap record. You'd never know so there's going to be a lot of on the watch. -- played on three championship teams and you just do. With the teams that you were on that somebody was gonna make a play whether it's going to be you knew it was going to be Rodney what it was going to be Bruschi. -- enough for you make of the talk about the game that I. Let's you know. After a tough luck Paul you're so get addicted to include a proposal we're gonna happen. Wondered did you is it and the patriots a lot of -- at the patriots have lacked that lately and that maybe that's why didn't win in 07. When it came down to it and win in 2011. It -- just know going into those games. That it was going to be you or somebody else is that just something that you felt. -- look what I know. This -- everybody was eager to make the play and I don't think the pollutants. We briefly -- They didn't have that saying rabbit and they humbled me to play that no work -- in -- of -- older tomato picked up my -- marker you know outlook. Don't try my band to mig media play and so we -- comp competition. Amongst each other. Within the within the system within the rules of the game not unheard of Arctic. What we brought here. Not try on the winners and you know what I'll do that you know it is so. When make them think alters things in item limit on when the kisses and -- You know me give give my. Best approach that we took to the game. You know sometimes Christina and you can relate. Does what it's like some battles intimate place you know Wimbledon -- you're used to be an uphill so are absolutely scared to make the play and they'll play this week. So ignore that you've made it up when his ball up because -- -- you won't do it because you're afraid of the double the rate of the pop and go. You can't be separate out there that it worked real reboot is afraid because -- -- -- to the -- He's gonna come -- they do Watergate yeah and that's with. But true cornerback in the true football player you can't be afraid the -- -- Especially when the game on the line you estate you're not gonna go oh well we were able to win those championships because we played. With apple we're trying to do as a defense. But no one was afraid to step well. And make a play or make mistakes. But thanks to take what you -- freight. Thanks for taking a few minutes I know you're time is tight this afternoon we appreciate to take a few minutes I hope we get a chance do it against him. Counsel I've been on the let's get to remember you know don't call me physically colleague Christiane comedy tomorrow like top. I accept this. Our program daycare. Funny -- likes to talk to 6177797937. To tell her whenever the AT&T text line is 37937. And those you'd like to join a -- one of those avenues feel freight. I was fund talked tile on give his opinions what is he like Darrelle Revis as a quarterback for the New England Patriots. It's not even Lopes. Not only the best defensive back is in the NFL. He'd think to -- Revis might beat the best defensive player in the and it now. There aren't more I would have to groups or Hamid at this point as far as what you can do as far as. Listen how good -- to leave make this -- A year and a half ago when he came over significantly better. When he left in the AFC champs to game two games in row. I'll go -- not and you put him that was what happened when he yeah it's pretty -- him I Welker. I don't know the whole game plan to end. Up. -- the most important person on a defense -- the world little late cause we got talked -- law and it was down well worth it welcome back just moments Sports Radio W media.

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