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Vince Wilfork vs the Patriots: We're waiting.

Mar 18, 2014|

Still waiting on an answer for the big lineman, which puts a stain on an otherwise successful off-season.

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Nobody gets bigger kick out of duty and I. Say that. Pittsburgh Steelers of jokes. Always funny and it says that's all I -- Christian you're funny I take that on the road you can't have a judo. Yes any problem I thought. But I hole I kinda you know bribe them and so it -- -- next week dinner -- -- -- -- happened to -- Sure her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- talking to a -- expert talking to a I was wondering if if we. I don't know if I'd done some really exist why is -- based on one always that you tweet last night. And I led lighting to join us for a beer and you're ignored and on the -- Plaxo. -- -- and I haven't talked don't breached its black jet black. The game and they want it on purpose. On purpose. You skipped the part where yet despite winning a conference call when you know let's not skip -- already know camp Bob. No that's not true. And I want to -- -- and yet had these secret meetings have been left out of these meetings over the past 100000 in June that it was my first until I showed up which showed. On -- on all I had a previous meetings already setup therefore -- could not make it and I pulled Benjamin. I said ban -- I know we did these things make sure I get the notice next time I'll be on the call. That's true story next. And the Twitter thing I'm working on I'm working on the my my reason for sitting in the car up for a half an -- report him injured. My interiors. Of our best stuff but we talked in the back room for the show starts. Like -- -- out -- make sure that doesn't happen. Control situation. So -- still play a much I'm waiting for motorists I have no one on Tuesday the parking lot yeah. These are their cards assessment of the -- he Rondo at a better yeah. I elected president thanks Rondo -- -- Rondo -- -- before playoff game. Just decides that he was there couldn't bother -- when -- -- with teammates and that's how -- and that's where he said. I not wanna talk to you guys -- what did you wanna do it is. Take -- convert really funny conversation. That was natural organic. And at the reproduces once we start with the the conversation we also thought was funny or not I like there's -- a little earlier. That's been -- so that we are talking about based on our conversation which we can't even talk about on there. Okay. Because I think about questioned recommend to my -- -- -- -- -- a lot of -- -- you think about we can't talk -- it's true. PGA we PG thirteen and a bit ago. Historic. Very briefly just -- it as a comical scene. In Tampa right now Red Sox yankees -- grapefruit league game they had to stop the game because they've had an infestation of bees. Red Sox throughout the field. And also these -- come flying in the left field corner and and just took over the -- left field in the bullpen area and all the players went sprinting picks -- the game. David yeah ESPN who's doing the game today had to go to the studio because the game stopped as they -- latest of any bees on the therapies that took over. I mean it like lots of bees like thousand you can see them on the screen there so maybe it's duke this big boobies -- -- I think you're postpone that press. I I think they're trying to kill. Always don't want to be upset about is can somewhat it's going to be great at about he'll be. Kind of by the way to exercise good memory textures that you sound like Chris Canty. Story like. Quote I wrapped up and ward at a hospital. -- they did an IV and I'm not the whole thing about I. That. Other sort of guy went oh okay. Followed I am not late I'm never -- if anything I'm frantic upset about half an hour early for him. So he's app hourly sit in the around half an hour early. That the -- stadium column -- You wanna you also known as -- Ridiculous statement to a hero -- figure out what's -- percent -- drama the -- together. Don't go your view at all yet have you ever is the first then. Well we've never be at the -- Cleveland the on the Canadian soldiers -- flag across Lake Erie and come over and invade the ballpark when they used to play on the lake front probably Progressive Field but. This Israeli and usual especially in the spot where it's located a lot of people about it in that area. Yet RB over 101000 fans here today. And the -- are delaying the game. You know in and as we said the grounds crew. They're try to confront him with the spray but. They're not getting too close to -- either. Would you. Number one time the nationally franchise in Boston went for the Braves to the these that didn't last too long -- back and I don't I don't. Aren't an issue here alone throw our map for how my homeowner we have a lot of these. Guard against those wasps nest that tend to form regularly but they have to be more than bugs because. You wouldn't see. The ground crew so worried about getting closer. Tentative ground pretty near the very kind of -- -- beer. The only way blocked their players are drunk I'm looking down on one knee watching him. I was I -- still they have like they have like a little Hannah -- they had these guys -- -- -- -- of -- -- -- Is that yet the bullpen is out of our sight line. The -- attractive picture. Now feels so I heard. You're textures there's that jokes are dropping and go to Shaw's ticket not a lot. Lot of the day right respect for the day in nicely done nicely done nicely done. Well. -- you play by play. It would be -- over. So there is would be over the news coverage what's -- The guys -- the cans of raider star now running away and their running guys and all that and it's a soft obese. The last one I've ever had like a loss meant all out like that idea and it takes some bravery. To do to make a commitment to come up there with that candidate this can't go home people are like. Thirty thirty puts dream of you blocks killer really just once you hit it meant all try to get. Adequate and other come right active. Well comical to watch these guys would cancel rate or whatever it is I mean there aren't a thousand bees and they're trying to spray the one -- walk and. A text -- says gives home a whole new meaning to be phrase let's go do you -- Notably the it. We're really about the rules are here we did -- a couple of that was my fault I mean I saw this thing over your shoulder and it was just -- -- -- Let me ask you this news that your graduate earlier today in the happening -- -- Yemeni news. No news. Don't know news earlier they're adding on to the stadium other Dugard there doodle that is brought him to do a lot of social life meant not necessarily seats. Just you know I think. Executive offices you know you know -- as a -- -- -- public sectors they're building out just a little bit like that mean just for the players go -- So lot of construction on the. While I was thinking about Vince Wilfork news because we're all on the Wilfork watched. At least I am. And had a -- pick it about this -- on a daily basis what's gonna happen events and the more I think about it. The more I am on senses -- I think that is. 100%. Right. In the dispute I think he's 100% right -- comes down to business. If this does it take emotions out of it -- look again he's got an emotional case to. But business lines. What to -- well look like all we wanted to do was play by -- I don't RU QB Ben took -- you leave and -- -- a no no you don't talk like you do it and as it is and I'd say a simple question I'd say I'd say it ends. Did you honestly think he wanted to play the contract no I didn't. I didn't honestly think I was gonna -- the contractor. The dale Anderson Richardson or Bill Belichick Robert Kraft right understand what you think. But. If you don't wanna pay me seven million dollars a year in other words if you want a lower my salary you want me to take a pay cut. Paid me less than the -- -- -- can -- Are there -- really gonna be out there for 657075. Plays a game. National with a 315 pounders. -- gonna come here for his automatic extra point he's -- make more -- in the front understands business. I mean I feel like and get more money elsewhere is good business for you. Don't believe in my building it's good business for me because I do believe -- somebody's got to pay me more than four million dollars a year. You're gonna -- -- Little -- four million dollars five million dollars. It and here it is going to be it's going to be a lot higher than your figure. See I thought about it last night also and this morning a little bit and -- you know out of my thought process one I think -- score. On to deal -- from not to be screwed in this situation. I think is gonna take some patent and pride swallowing attempts on his part. And we don't just think that's slim and none those -- well it's I don't know -- -- is because the bump and it's. And listen to -- it's already out there he has to come out at a press conference and said hey I wanna be released somebody leaked it somebody who we obviously talk to. Has -- and information on this. Rob Revis signs they're asking and take a pay cut. He's very close to mr. Kraft. You know Myra Kraft dies and he's he's in their duties he's part of that in a long discussion. Emotional discussion about her and her impact on him and it's so it's it's family it's it it seems like it's real family. So if you've all got to come out a and instead disorder wars on the street but that's what you want to happen to have you need to go to mister Kraft directly. Need to knock on distorted -- up not me not go to you Unita column serve and you say listen to -- -- solid. I have done a lot for this organization I thought we are better friends I thought we had a and understand I thought I meant more to you count and then also -- out all up -- that I normally richer mix and are resulting you're just -- -- -- -- point -- business -- French got a point now now and if if if that's not what he wants to do. OK or he says listen because the other options like -- eat your -- what you don't want to happen as you don't want them to hold on do you till August. You don't want them what everybody spent their money and Oakland Raiders don't have 45 million dollars on the cabinet nobleman disband. You're kind of -- a bad situation because they hold all the caller so that your option if you wanted to get nasty -- it down and dirty you're gonna lose. -- just didn't ask I don't know I'll say August opt out foreshadowing -- forced -- -- like how is -- gonna play -- would -- him what are my options what what I do. OK based on where I'm Matt right now with the money that deal mean. What's the ball started rolling down the court's okay now what should I do but I let it die out let me ask your question. Does Robert -- take that mean. Yes because he beat yet because isn't he then. Interceding with the general managers and hit you can't do it appeared appear Robert -- that is who worked. A certain way for a number of years in some of your personal favorites. Have been released. Or trade. You know you're in love Drew Bledsoe and Drew Bledsoe traded lawyer -- release Adam -- Adam Vinatieri raptors. My guys in the Kennedy and let -- guys -- all there's -- -- is how this war is just straight BS and you just such artistic. It's constructed BS relationship. Dominic Casey on both sides of the cheek it's real if it's real right it's so it took care why -- did it it was that he should not cross the line in May get that personal. So my point is obviously only rated their personal banks both of them both of them both go to you in your usually another owner in the NFL. That acts that way you mean to tell me or a lot of -- Jerry Jones Arthur Blank embryonic Arthur Blank it's gonna come on the field -- area. Aren't really Michael Vick on a Michael Vick gets a way of play and he's right or hate him Michael I don't really ought to feel these guys. Let's face it a lot of these guys are -- voice. They have a lot of money. And and I am envious battle and am envious that they have a lot of money -- -- -- that they are able to. Own team's go to the games just that they're in their insiders it is well paid. Very rich. Billionaire. Insiders. So a lot of them -- duke it calls for the players but it's coming. Because Robert Kraft as an owner in Vince Wilfork the player. They can never be close because one day this relationship may end poorly at the the business the the on -- relationship. I think -- -- -- it's -- situation I disagree with you completely be simpler because he doesn't get involved with that stuff. I don't know I thank Robert Kraft can be friends with Vince Wilfork. And and can beat him love him as a man and love him as a football player. And know that. Eventually this may end because I'm not involved with that and the -- -- and I don't get involved of that and event. And and Vince and I -- I -- yet but not your discussions got to be would build allocate. So out of of some of the players but he was think there would kind of have the same kind report counts wag. That big task because. Tedy Bruschi. Would he be that guy. AL I even with the stroke and you know there's questions about maybe I'm just getting cut he finally gets an agent because now I really -- do some serious issues that's right. OK so becomes more serious but. It and they -- -- cut Teddy. OK if they need to are trying to way to get their money back. But when I think about it like it any if I'm I'm talking about him. And I wanna stay here. I wanna respect to my relationship with with mr. crap that there is there is an emotional relation with him I want on that. And I wanna try to do the right thing I don't wanna get screwed Compaq and realize that they pretty much hold all the cards. They listened to we do this the right way he'd give me my money do this and Nazis he would say it that way or if you don't want to can you release me now. Release he now. Weakened to part ways -- I'm still gonna come back give my red jacket. When the time comes like not -- other guys they'd leave but let me go now so I -- Find another team that has some money so -- give the money I think government -- the market will pay he'll get what he needs now he won't -- it. In July he woke it is not what he can't play. What -- and I I know you said yesterday that you know this isn't that big a deal not around ivory but that's -- well what if what if what do frightened out today for instance he couldn't pass a physical. Would need to take one here they know exactly what they're dealing with their re having with him he's rehabbing with them they -- I mean let's say the dolphins were interest. Well it couldn't pass physical sign a contract with the dolphins but it sign a waiver. Of some kind of look we know you got an Achilles thing here but we're gonna sign anyway I just don't know that he could squat get a job today. -- that ticket is a good question I thought about the salon. And that does this -- book has anything left. And go back and forth in the answer come up with this yes. Because we keep saying this about Belichick. He looks a business. It's not personal -- It's business. What you thought Vince Wilfork didn't play. And cut a long time ago. Think there was any doubt in his mind about his ability. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's let's suppose this is a possibility coast. -- Bill Belichick feels that there's a pretty good chance that Vince Wilfork as Vince Wilfork probably -- is not a possibility. This hate cut restructured thing is this the equivalent of the Troy Brown farewell tour a year. -- 'cause Vince has meant so much to disorganization. So much so much to Robert -- so much to the patriots in New England. We don't think he's got a whole lot left but we're willing to bring him back for one more year at that you know. Good money not what you gotta make good money as our farewell tour like they -- with program. -- Troy Brown is make a lot less money I don't know notre I don't know what the number was in 2007. -- he pretty much was on the was on the traveling team but didn't play -- serious -- -- and of course I don't story show. You can afford to do that which were brown learned a great leaders of the great all time patriots mr. pitcher. Even when you connect into that category but that's still too much money for farewell farewell -- rupiah bitter well thank you very much. Farewell tour for Vince Wilfork yeah and four million dollars or -- -- think you're playing. That's just it's irresponsible. Young guy on the roster make it that much money you don't think he has anything left I think Bill Belichick believes there's something left with Vince Wilfork. I won't work not what Vince Wilfork used to be. That that Vince Wilfork probably doesn't exist anymore maybe now and he stayed at his sides without injury. He'll be he'll be a good NFL player he can help busts but he's never going to be that guy. Think about just from the players perspective a couple of things one we always give the patriots credit for. Just being cold and detached in doing objective business. Perhaps even though Vince Wilfork is a very sensitive sensitive guy perhaps he has learned his lesson. Watching the patriots do business. And he says are. And on the emotional or fly out to handle sometimes but just the business move -- learned from them. -- the on the same thing that they do. I feel like it was to have respect for crap every respect for Belichick but. I want but I want the money now and I want them to let me go on you think about it from -- and I go to doctor cannot talking to a place. Yeah you tell me this is right around players think of -- this -- you know it goes to those conversations you guys haven't locker room sometimes -- totally irrational. They aren't the total national conversation. Are totally enable it in all we don't have conversation with you guys all the service pro pro athletes and so are different than that one I'd just think about things a little different. So if you're pro out of -- day. You say women. Token Kenny Britt a guy who's been arrested nine time I don't I've been arrested nine times. In his career they're talking to him about bringing him. They've signed Brandon Browner. Guys I'm going to be available for the first four games that depends seventeen million dollars. Aggregate derail -- great player. Do you know anything about the -- that -- An up or armored yet -- paid him guaranteed money and then next year. If they decide to bring them back which they would pay -- 25 million dollars for anything. This is what I helped build and got a break and if god those guys are hurt Vincent tallied I don't. Guys aren't hurt I've done everything I'm supposed to do. I got around Burton community service award I've done everything. I've been brought to this franchise the putted good soldier. I have I have sacrificed. My natural way of playing like this University of Miami I've sacrificed my way of playing. To help out the patriots and they can offer me a pay cut released me I can't stand -- We got a lot of stuff and talk about the -- course of the afternoon including exists in the patriot situation we'll talk about Phil Jackson taking over as the grand typical boss of the New York Knicks will talk about the Bruins. And their nine game winning streak that they'll put on the line tonight New Jersey against the devils. And we'll talk some baseball as well with you including. The dilemma and output written out in those terms the dilemma that Grady Sizemore has given that the Red Sox to have to figure out. We'll get into a lot of stuff when you in just few minutes Dale Arnold Christian -- that guy over there is Michael Holley. Sports Radio WEEI. I love him. -- -- is. -- off the charts were so -- -- -- relationship. With this organization. Bob Kraft. Does that make your job to safer for. Because -- it's a mutual you know it's not enough on this it's a business to business. It involves you. Sister has at Butler family well but why don't -- and that's what a welcome back to four day in detail why don't we think. He doesn't think his business because he asked were released because we're so used to players. Popping off we're used to be let's call it the the David Ortiz reaction to everything. Being very emotional. About business decisions so we assume when a player is asking for his release. That guy doesn't understand the business aspect of what I am not in a short I don't know I have talked events tried to I have talked events. I'm not sure if he has emotional. 50% chance he's emotional than the other side of it is some emotional at all. That he actually believes what he said in an interview and that this is an opportunity for him to make good business move because. He doesn't want to mess with this money may pay -- Anybody out there raise your hand you want to pay cut in Connecticut but what -- pickup for the betterment of the franchise or Letterman or of accompany the team nobody to ask again if anybody did yeah. The old hello where it don't matter -- that does say but you know so I think -- -- -- -- political -- And I think -- get money somewhere else. A little -- even if it's. A million dollars more in the patrons gonna pay me is still a million dollars more than the -- The same amount fair amount somewhere else and legally -- be more tests of the same. Does have the -- doesn't happen does not beat -- you're asking the question was I here's my question it is my theory on. You know players and owners and general managers and coaches whatever just the relationships. Questions to your general manager while and does so he's pulling these pull on all shots that he's he's he's let you know that you can actually. Keep the name of the show the juicy show -- Would you allow yourself knowing that he makes all the decisions. Were you allowed yourself to get close to him personally would you tell -- would you would you open up to him about life. But what's going on financial situation past history. Self self esteem issues would you open up to him knowing. That eventually to say six years ten years down the line. Relax a better word he would stab you in the back. -- can't think like that so yes. You -- but I'll take it but I don't know absolutely and should not. Have that kind of relationship with Bill Belichick. But he should -- their craft because. Bob Kraft isn't making those decisions -- Behind this. I'm rob you can hear it all on the strains all you can beat beat the no need to know what's going on I didn't know -- -- whatsoever I think it's it's it's practical deny ability here -- it. Be involved in those decisions and have a relationship with his players you -- become Jerry Jones -- that's the case and he's not Jerry Jones he's not. -- a comfortable place to be and when you only team. And these are well I have a bit of Abbott I can't do any -- situation am drowning here well lets them up like Garnett can't save your life. I'm right -- not -- left guard like. -- this thought I thought about this based on my own -- experience. For some teams I was on. No way bats like it would probably better justice to protect myself. OK I don't I don't wanna hate this guy when I leave I don't wanna like talk bad about him. And because of that I just. Stay away from them I don't wanna be friends of them. Because at some point time there is going to be a contract negotiation and I'll probably take it personal. I shouldn't. But I probably will. And the problem is with all the teams that I -- on. Carafe has been the most personal the most got it you would. Hang out where we got you would want to go to get a drink where. You it is he's but he's he's he's a good guy you want it going out to them why can't you. Because in my -- Know that I think what you keep confusing how he's not making the decision but it. The lifeguard believes idiots because the owners so he's got some that he has some pulls up and do with the yet I don't know he has the right to go to ballot check and say I don't care what it takes. Get Vince Wilfork on the -- yes but he doesn't. -- gloat he he hasn't. He doesn't do it because OK because he's hired a guy to run that part of the bulk of his business he got a lot of businesses he's tired gotta run that part of his business empire. And he says you know what. Do here it is. I'll give you the money you need argued the support you need you'll run. It's like going to international paper and telling added that the head of International Paper the planet they're on and I want this guy. -- outlook has got to be the manager quality control. That's fine that's fine but I think the lines get crossed and there's some confusion. A lot of guys. Can't tell the difference that's why. If you if you have a your friends with the girl it's the guy -- ends up like the girl a girl when they were just friends. Guys gifts that they get the signals prostate don't know how to putted dotted differentiate the two and you're talking attempt to friends and -- I. I. Always somehow I if we ever have a perspective it's our. Yeah I know you can't be president -- of the sex part always gets in the way. That's let's listen in so much and you're wrong embassy and like as a as a protection mode. As it just so I make sure that I don't get my -- anything cross some wires crossed on this negotiation. The last thing I want to do is is thinking this -- that it isn't a business because. The biggest issue is in college. It's raw raw all in this together nobody's getting paid everybody's on the same page is so you take that mentality. And you -- -- and a lot of time for some -- hammer that idea out of your head. You can't think like during college and it would -- for the team and let's talk about publicity he's going to be friends for life. There's nobody wants their star players to leave when your colleagues they all want you to stay that's like. Most guys who don't get arrested -- it roll off the team. Will always go back to their university they'll they'll always walk on the back it will always easy for you to go back -- -- I didn't want to leave. I would just different I I would suggest that the patriots have what I would consider to be the perfect donor. Guy like Jeremy Jacobs the accusation was always -- even -- who's on the team. He's not bald he's up there in buffalo -- -- down in Florida you know he ever comes to the game which isn't true but you know what the whole story line ones. Bob Kraft you know. This team matters too and as you said he's a guy who you wanna go have a beer with your player on his team you've seen him down on the sideline greeting guys as they come off the field. After warmup every Sunday you'll see him involved. The business side heat heat he's Smart enough to know. I can't be hauled in a stopwatch time and Tebucky Jones at Syracuse. I got football people who do that I'm -- game I'm going to be the supporter. I'm going to be the chief cheerleader in charge I'm gonna love you guys I want you guys I want you guys that succeed. But the football business end of -- I got people -- -- The other thing that you're back -- would you get close to somebody who is your your co worker in your Boston doesn't necessarily. Mean the analogies is pretty gear with. But I think you know dale is he -- coworker -- -- my boss. And and craft is a little different -- -- is the boss. We are thinking about your Vince Wilfork who is close to Belichick he has -- and who is close to craft. There are many in many guys that come into the league. At 2223 years old with that perspective. That one day seven years from now eight years from now this is gonna end poorly at 23. You're coming in like he did you come on to a Super Bowl team defending Super Bowl champ. Your first year you win another Super Bowl your first round pick. You you've got great teammates it's all about winning you don't. It's not even thinking about. The end of so I think it would be very natural. For a guy like that Baghdad's. Become close to the people around them because you think you're going to be. An all time patriot you think that you're gonna play your entire career with one franchise 124 point -- -- -- -- -- They don't your perspective you get you got that perspective after you left Seattle writes that you ask your bit around the NFL out. You'll leave Seattle after what happened years I've figured out there seven announcers gates says it's a seven year. You leave. Business go to New England. -- you see what happens you start as a free agent and then right after a second day after you happiest ending they drafted tighten up for you relive it -- oh it's they say okay. It's business but for dual -- like that that makes cents. For God's covenant through legal and a great team and it's it's only two game. I can't imagine he would say I'm a -- distance myself from somebody who appears to be very friendly and -- Yeah and I think. It it would it would it would be an asset for the team to have that player thinks that way. Because you always want to hometown discount I mean how many I -- Most GM's most owners. I mean do they all want it to be fair. To they want to make sure you get your money we don't get screwed it will pay too much you don't take enough. And I mean it always feels like you just if you're if you're younger. And you get sucked into that mentality that it is a college atmosphere. It is that it is do everything you can't for the team then you're hurting yourself. -- -- Will take a break we'll open the lines will bring you guys and we have not lost track of the fact that the your hockey team is 19 their own playing tonight. Will talk about them as well if you like 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T text line is. 37937. Christian Fauria is in the house he's the guy defending the players on this thing. On Dale Arnold in the house he's the guy defending Bob Kraft in this thing. And I -- Michael -- and house he's gone and that's how we've heard that's how we role this whole thing Sports Radio WEEI. You can't discern it taken out there right now and take it one step at a time and you know I've been welcomed there. Would open norms by everybody in the pages organization. So I feel like a metal in. It's kind of funny feet but I do feel -- home in an it was great people here. Mr. Kravis it is a great -- -- Belichick community. Is said to -- would open norms in. Long this. You know I'm just I'm so go in and just enjoy. Darrelle Revis -- yet. Panel are gonna think of it I don't our pick -- a jet they bring this guy. All their arrogance again and they're -- -- to take your -- now the detectors -- -- how many times has Tom -- restructured. -- structure. Does not mean -- -- And I and I stress that would you was well because we're hearing this then you know I hear this has been asked and knees -- at best. I'd really like to know what's involved here -- what do you think what do you think will -- get asked my guess is and and I know Christian says this is a pay cut when I think it was. That you know you'll get all the money that you're owed but instead of getting it in one year. We're gonna spread it out over three so we can spread that cap hit out over three that's sort of think that's the kind of restructuring thing. And and much more complicated than that the Tom Brady is. That's a pay cut him. Because now you're asking me. To work for free. In a sense. Because that -- -- only needed one season gets seven million now -- three. Your cut myself if if they infecting you got every OK so for 20. Oh we'll get your money but it just got tack on another year. So you know attack on another here's another seven million dollars person. Or another -- even if it's another million attached to still pay cut. So -- pick but cannot play caller is released 6177797937. Johnson Cambridge Kate -- Who loved to -- -- that stayed together. It will take five money. And that my grandmother I love you -- will work. Not a patriot cinema. Do it I know I know John I know where I know where your loyalties are. I couldn't move forward is complete and totals that I leave the hall of Famer and easy. You put the fear. Did you feel playing world workflow. It's proclaimed republic you know the problem I have is. You know it's not beyond the check to be vindictive sent -- -- how it will work and it. You know not column tournament and to those options close to the question to pose for you guys that is you know. I don't and your craft such a complete hands off -- not find out portrait of him. In fact that they get their chart which explodes. Continue -- the future. With signing contracts without you know potential big good money and didn't -- years on the road -- step and. -- him and John just to -- clear I think that as the that CEO that the man who owns the company. It I I think he absolutely tells Bill Belichick what the budget numbers are as he does all of its other businesses. I don't think I Elena just been Dominique finished -- would not let me finish that sent tense. I don't think he ever gets involved and I want that -- -- I want that guy gone. Well above but I think you have loved the fact you don't -- the project is. You know one of them the toughest negotiators in league history. My question is little if -- -- -- -- -- -- -- commission -- kick started Activision particularly towards Wilfork. You wouldn't call put -- -- -- -- if you're gonna column can build great organization. Can't do you do the best chance collateral than other team do you think I could do. If it came to that but I don't think it John don't -- your benefits Bill Belichick to hold on offense wolf work. Longest possible the only other -- rise on addictive right because then he's got he's got work that he wants to do. Attempt to bring and other players who haven't helped the patriots and it doesn't help vets I don't think that would even I don't think that. I I agree with -- completely it doesn't it's bad business. If you if you wanted to be vindictive and dammit I'll show that Vince Wilfork -- -- do that -- -- hold -- until -- but -- by the -- -- I don't have that salary -- Money to play with the -- and sign other guys -- work on other things so it doesn't do him a bit ago and it makes no sense. -- A lot of Texas understand that they absolutely would take a pay cut if they are making seven million dollars and you know somebody. Stand right now instead of making seven million you make three and half performers and hit it to me if you're saying that I'm guessing. That right now you don't make seven million dollars innings in you think that that life. And I don't makes them about it but you think that that life isn't so grand that you would be willing to give away millions of dollars but if he had seven. So you start living like that in to become accustomed to. I think QB vary vary. Cantankerous. And somebody came up to you since then I don't want. No we take that away especially. For you -- Especially if you got to want to conduct a. Let's let's -- negligence or a final bad all around that there's usually they wanted to do who. Marks on the cell -- mark. Big government or -- they think they -- call Obama gave my biggest problem with -- whole thing is. You look at players who holed out that under contract they want a new contract. And everybody rips him. I mean the patriots keep him that contract -- so I think it's. I think the players association in stat than normal it's it's the only professional sports league. That I'm aware of any way that that allows that you know whatever struck she'd feel we can and that guy like you said Michael. You know you are taking a pay cut -- you -- a stretch that seven million out of two years you would expect that submarine and it's just it's just right. Well it probably players' association market that's where it comes down for you can speak to this since he was a member of that the players association has agreed to that this is all collectively bargained so owners whether owners and or general managers have found loopholes are found ways to make the system work for them. You can say that all day long but the players. In their representatives. Neared their leadership. Whether it was -- option off or or Dean Smith. The leadership has agreed to this so he can't -- -- got the players association say. This is happening. What they say yeah I know yeah well we agreed to this deal. It -- look -- a double standard to -- because I mean I can't think of specific type up my head but. You know in years past that the that we hold now who thinks he's -- more money. And everybody's written or use our contract if you play your strong appeal same thing property owners that it's just it's just not right. In my opinion a. Look I've always said that the -- to respect my Christian here at the national average and -- spread to three credit currently -- artists that don't disrespect but I makes him the National Football League players association she'll. Has always been a joke -- and has the most -- had I a wants thing now had the most ridiculous leadership. And and in my opinion they should have thrown him overboard you know thirty years ago -- It is you weird -- is it weird one year player rep and yours who's supposed to be speaking for you. And nobody trust them -- -- -- that -- meetings with the Gene Upshaw in the past allows playing mostly. Not with us anymore by. Nobody trusted him. That that the meetings all why did you keep allowed -- and embed the meetings always turn into like it increases and increases this quiz this week resistant. It was a where the -- about it -- -- -- they should be you know but ultimately it was like it was like we. The players were attacking him. And this guy that works for us -- we are so high it's well we're at odd it's it was a very weird situation. In a relationship with him as a you know leader of the players -- -- position. We have a text here and and we see these a lot and I and I -- I probably -- -- -- a cause I can't ask the text her word comes from. -- set Bob Kraft is a phony mr. nice guy. And I would do that comes from. Because I've heard coming with her before the whip and and I mean you know a much better than than I -- obviously and I know and you know a little bit. Certainly you know we've talked to him over the years at different times. I wonder where that comes from the phony mr. nice guys that. -- -- -- About it I don't want I -- -- -- up you would say that I have because dog it's a wonder why they say what they say it because. He's garnered just because if you are a lot of conflict that that's at all pure businessman. You are a -- bottom line businessmen. At times you wind up doing things that. Nice guys don't necessarily do and I did that Cuba for its treatment probably can't be me. 100%. Genuine earnest nice. India a top flight businessman. They don't always there are times that there aren't going -- enhances us right. But I but the fans who say he's a phony mr. nice guy they obviously think that that he he talks different gain -- acts I just wonder what they base. Well sometimes it does. Because because that's what it that's what it calls for mad sometimes. If he says look. I love this I love Drew Bledsoe like a -- I love Vince Wilfork like a son. -- Your organization. The people that you have put in charge. Are asking your son to take a pay cut or telling your son. You're going to buffalo war we're gonna cut you five days before the season or you're being traded to Seattle beat goes -- Mutually exclusive could still think of Drew Bledsoe and you said this earlier think think of Drew Bledsoe as the sun. But the guy who -- -- on the football operations set of. I gotta make a senate sponsor that's where I think the Texas are looking at our command it it is business. It's hard court -- -- maybe they're saying. Well if you're gonna be smiling like that all the time we can't make tough decisions -- don't think that's reality. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. A will talks to Grady Sizemore will talks in Boston Bruins and their win streak. Got a whole bunch of other things still on the table here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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