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Four at Four - Zen Master Edition - 3/18/14

Mar 18, 2014|

We tackle four topics all surrounding Phil Jackson assuming power for the NY Knicks.

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-- Lots of all of. -- I'm sure there's a theme here I'm just not getting -- horrors were both very patient every version okay. I don't know what it is all but there I don't know why -- we only -- -- I went -- I get away from all diary. Although it argued that I get an idea is like I did I categorizing. I notice now it's a zen thing. Right. I would -- all -- the water but don't. And I see. -- good picked up. The only broke. 44 brought to you by see beyond your technology ally you have a business to manage fine line islands he. Man made -- -- Technology. Since then things must be talking about young dad who must be talking about Phil Jackson and. The one and only zen master. Of his. Never gone out to slow. Progress you know -- to vote. Called yourself. And don't tell. Policy that would make you wanted to behalf I. Well Phil Jackson is -- the top dog for the New York Knicks as of now Phil will be the team president will not be coaching the team so. It's -- the greatest winner in the NBA. For the biggest fraud in the -- it. While it would be fraud. I I don't know I think I know the premise the premises here don't you know yet -- you got this got to win some championships with Michael Jordan is the centerpiece. They went to Los Angeles and got Winston championship with Kobe Bryant is -- answer and Jack you know show me what you do when you go to the New York Knicks now on when -- there. Well I think that it that's part of the -- the other thing is that. -- got he did get to pick Michael Jordan he was an assistant online Doug -- staff and he was just the right place right time but he did pick after that district. Shaq and Kobe I don't think he's a fraud. Think he's very fortunate that he's very -- that he's very fortunate that they. All. Great coaches. Are great players like if I had to say this bill closer to being a an all time great that he is a product -- all time great. I'm -- I don't to a Jack. Now I'll win here Ramirez follows rings you got to know what you're doing right you -- Just just because you have great players doesn't necessarily mean you can win championships multiple championships. Dealing with great players had big egos. Publicly is harder her been dealing whereas. Average players would no ego. Just try to buy into your system or it's hard to get a budget started throughout her own way of thinking and a pretty much selfish by rule to buy it here is and. -- don't get don't get me wrong -- read our back is the greatest coach in the history of the NBA. But the system that was in place one read was running the Celtics. Made it easier for him to keep the band together over those years that wasn't the same system that -- had to deal with when he was coaching in Chicago and LA. I mean and again I'm not taking any -- from read our greatest coach in the history NBA he did have a few little advantages coach thank. Well definitely we have eight straight championships you know have to worry about you don't have to worry about -- nobody -- -- Nikki where Tony Blair also going somewhere have a record. Anything built -- and market will have very little money somewhere. Yeah I think with. With Phil. It's that he does he he he did pick the lakers. So yes that's a negative. Here's a couple positives for Phil Jackson -- Shaq and Kobe were in place. Would del Harris and did not get voted out at a got swept out of the playoffs. And it got a job from Doug Collins because dated Doug Collins had -- Doug Collins have Michael Jordan to had a horse grip and he did win a championship. So there's something about the zen zen master that you get -- -- -- the knicks are clearly now in rebuild mode the Celtics are in the way that they weren't before. It's clear now out now it's clear. The Celtics. While we've known have been -- vote for -- this Phil Jackson's presence in New York make you nervous as the Celtics. I don't know yet I know coach. As far as I know he's not coaching these kids. I don't know I built a team I think if your your player. I mean this is basically he's got to figure he's Pete Pat Riley -- Pat -- though. It Pat Riley have to say did in the Big Three to come down to Miami. That money and location probably had a lot to do with -- also but. I don't think it hurts if a guy like Pat Riley York. Filter through checks. Come knocking at your door but it does Carmelo Anthony you stay. Do you wanna stay out of question. Better question -- Phil Jackson went Carmelo and the federal probably not that does that make you nervous yes. Unquestionably. Absolutely. Yes. Pat -- like it was all it was a -- anyway with LeBron James and Chris Bosh. And they're doing way they decided a couple of you know a couple of years before the decision that can play together but it hurt when you sit down. And you talk a Pat Riley and says are in a coach -- Quote -- -- the I want championships here this what I should have won in New York. But it isn't what I could -- it does make a shot this is what I can do for you LeBron. You're gonna play the magic role in my eyes yeah that's what Dwyane Wade got to do that's what Chris Bosh is going to be Dr. Phil Jackson. You sit down with the freeagent freeagent if you started thinking about New York. This is my seventh ranked in arbor but the story when he and this is my nine point you know I never thought we would win that championship. -- most proud of that and and at places what do you coach in -- thing. No I'm not coaching the team. But I know I look at any I don't know playing you do you know you have won a championship yet and you know what it takes to you know -- there. I know what that will do for you as a player you absolutely have to be. A little fearful of a guy like that being in your division. -- three. It's a little -- -- you are the owner of a team it doesn't matter what sport it is that you need to -- general manager who also served as the coach. We talked about some player -- coaches and general manager isn't -- the dual -- so who would you hire. Scotty Bowman. Scotty Bowman -- -- I assume you're saying all time not -- -- now -- got we got -- got Jackson rightly felt uneasy. This -- I'd say Scotty Bowman over all of -- to -- that this them. Ahead. I'll tell a guy. -- out there Pat Riley. To me as far as Clijsters a player that I got to listen I want to be like him when I grow up slicked back hair Wear the nice suits. This cruiser and lots respect from everybody in the game the player of the coaches and as you name it I've done it. Fired -- that's who I'd wanna emulate. That's -- it. And run the answers these. 100 no I don't have a better answer about what it is great quotes that. I keep hearing about this -- that if the I don't feared after kick in the lakers asked again LA guy that would be ran our back. You read our back has everything you want. Edit an important battleground on OK he had played all about it think about it think about what read it. So read the easier. It may have been easier to -- about what he did as a coach. As an executive first move as an executive pro USC. I would go to this team. Okay who could follow me. -- think my best player. Yeah -- -- and I'll let president all your assistant coach. Here my coach Bill Russell will follow me read our back. Event as an executive. The the -- Daddy did the court that outsmarting people. Drafting Larry Bird waiting warm -- here. Walking out of the gym. Do you think it's got what this -- -- -- -- he walked out of the gym everybody thought was discussed that it liked what he saw with Dave Collins an -- army fit on a drought that. Audit on all the moves that he did it easy. It is our bad. Before GM slash executive decision makers in this town of all built their team into the champions. So you got to pick one who has the best general manager slash executive in the city of Boston right now. Right now is the -- fellas right now. That's different if if if you're gonna stress the right now part and got a different answer or okay what we're gonna what was your personal my first answer was going to be scoreboard. Bill bella -- got three championships everybody else got one. But you're saying right now today -- I'd say Peter Sharell yeah. His team looks the most ready. To win a championship in their league right now. See as far as all the moves. For right now I mean personally I -- he's got some good to know that's not the ones. Which rallies as far as a team that he's built the trades that he's done that he's been able to pull off at the right time to do himself a lot of death. On that team really set up nicely for another Stanley Cup prime. -- jump on board. We're talking about it you said scoreboard first time from a historical scoreboard over the scoreboard right now because I know there's one team in town. That can correctly call call itself the defending the other championship -- -- Went to. So how could you not always been if you say right now I think it's got to go to the jury. Well I mean I I I think I guess how little more a little more. Because sat around here on the ready for a you know Stanley Cup run so I mean they're still hampering the Red -- are still in spring training so right now. I mean I don't feel like the Russian government or you get you -- like the course I don't apply a I had my ball to finally your answer Christian and look at -- If it would have been sharing it here. Till 2012. 2012 essentially. Was. Big charity in doing the that dale thing that you talk about you know yesterday bringing out the -- and drop out of result matter differently -- -- bench Erickson was handcuffed for part of the 2012 season. But ownership they gave money to gave him and managers that he didn't want. So that manager creates a culture. That he couldn't control the charity could control and finally toward its first first real move was. Liberation its first move of liberation. With the victory. Crawford. In -- it. So -- I wonder how much credit to what about that Muster first first started the -- kind of first sign that OK maybe these handcuffs are gonna come off the right. But you think it's his first real manager -- traits for John Ferrell. I think about the free agents that he signed last year in Italy we gave him a pass somebody Valentine now what Ben's fault absolutely not. You've been -- to wanted to hire Bobby Brown I'd like to think not but he was general manager no way in hell. He hired a drop in that the regulators say they took the team from worst to first Abbott was also the GM of the team that was in work Everett who thinks said. I think Larry given all of -- -- retiree is out -- so I don't think so because you know. Larry Lucchino. Larry -- -- John Henry brought and Bobby Valentine there's no question that they wanted to -- -- McConnell notably the great high anyway. But it would have been better than Bobby Lee but it I did it isn't that. -- political answer that's it.

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