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Answer the Question - 3/18/14

Mar 18, 2014|

Mikey, Holley and Fauria take on all comers!

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You're locked into the WEI. Exports and if you -- dot com. It's time or answer the question generic answer the question is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. I answer the question is sponsored by JRS restoration specialist for your commercial project manager George great cereals relationship but he left and other. Rich builds he got an email is adding to that terrorists being. Just a phenomenal company visit -- or -- -- aaron's career opportunities. -- -- I think Alan were they are terrorists could work for Bristol short because I'm really good at planning and I'm really good would disasters. How much euphoria when we're from -- risk of severe that would filter. No I've not as part of the terrorists has come in handy for me play all they -- you used your services restoration ranks yeah yeah I just read. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yellowing of the questions. I realize that I'm not allowed to say anything anymore than it because it will be used against you at some point in time always you're just learning that now I thought you trust you -- -- owner of a team. -- -- -- -- -- -- Put -- later -- trust and interest. Next question what's up my -- I don't all but it was going to hear okay. Christian. Yes. -- -- do about it. -- public as well who is the greatest. Loss sportscaster. Of all seems to be after me. Present company excluded it was the greatest. Losses forced yesterday. Was rattled off. -- -- TV Talking Heads anyways yes sportscasters can be anybody beat her out regarding that Martin can -- -- well. -- well he's red up there. Wells. Johnny most. Could be on -- Will be from the staff of the century when he she should read. It because it. -- Dave O'Brien in the they -- all -- we have to acknowledge our great friend of the -- -- Barack and Edwards is on the list arsonists treasury list above sports Dale Arnold -- aren't gods heroes. The only got to do a four sport all album don't. Think smells funny. Next question aren't you can't really answer that because that's -- -- to what it is this is not too much opinions. Have you ever looked at Ford and your -- your arm of while driving. -- their driving they're not never while backing up. No I you know -- in -- aren't -- not reporters little. Tiny screen. C dude -- it's united. Okay. This you didn't need -- irony for yourself now I don't know the answer is yes after the -- -- appropriate yet now. Gonna explain this as much as -- ditches -- -- -- pervert. -- that does that nasty person but to music yeah I think I've done this before texas' door right now. I'm not I never -- the president had no intentions of -- are doing it in with the but yeah I ever before one game primarily people iPad and what you're looking email -- something some sort advertisement that team up yeah I remember I I press one button that took me to another button and out of here. Pure curiosity. I end up on red -- It -- -- I think you know I know of quick got the hottest of -- 100 public and reports are the all time and of course that do my research for the show right. Tissue when you read two days and -- -- in my car -- -- somebody walks by Google would really bad. Of course -- did you ever feel the best I can't driving. Is it. Just. Don't feel alone I've done that. Maybe you got married and make him do so. I'm glad to. And it. Before he had to say that I had no intention of -- Really. OK started. It's it's. Sopranos are breaking bad. Has had never seen breaking -- those grounds -- -- -- great event. Word -- that the leaders of up at any time and let's that you got to catch up you went to an order obviously that's what -- sopranos and watched for two years that I watched every episode on DB wants you to pretend I'm gonna eventually. You know my show is now shameless. -- on showtime. Analysts but picked out -- of -- organized house of cards got it -- -- -- would have had him and Kevin -- so yes. You've seen it and I'm about that halfway through the sentencing of phenomenal people raving about it starts off phenomenally. Slows down picks up again all time low audience it's very well worth it's. -- There's no one Don Cheadle. How awful -- chose him to other it's only half an hour show a lot Sony. And -- channel is age bracket should be donated premium you have to get up to turn the kids want to this stuff. It's on 8 lead at 9 o'clock at night for a Monday when they get a which we don't do it for. -- -- -- -- Our -- that really interesting about mrs. get rappers that are on this. Would you like to be really Smart. With social and happiness. Or not that Smart. With social poised and charisma. Wives who just wanted to. Wanna beat me to figure out or wanna beat dale McNamara I. Dale I know and I'll be. No you don't have much charisma I -- why is it either war. In this world most people can't have both Smart and us. All the -- Don't answer the question people -- boardwalk empire for shows. Have you watched it. Boss. Game of their homes that greatness and all the uses the wire. You still want to know homeland homeland homeland to shield and she didn't do it all went great for about five or -- -- -- -- the -- that. What happens. That does their fair idea of Jerusalem where -- round of connecting Europe where it has ever wonder why I don't watch each I work at night and I work my ass off at night six to ten can -- the left want to miss all the practice of course Korea and asked me. When you have a DVR that's a Judge Judy infinitely get dragged out of every every dragnet episode and. Next question at any of your side of that billion dollar March Madness giveaway contests. And we haven't we're -- right vascular questions about your mortgage stuff like that so what opportunities that question answer -- any answers editors. No not yet not yet billion dollars hopefuls have to go through. Just for this year chance that you made just five -- -- blind squirrel finds the corner that's just the way you're gonna get more spam off that. Well that's why did give them an alternate. Email address the don't use and -- -- know you won the billion you can on described all spent so much for you give them you're working known just. Are you know it's that nice very nice. Mike Adams Michael K out of this very serious journalists that's right. What are you got going on on the Mike. -- -- kind of cool again Michael all night while pretty strong as the ladies don't get an item especially where they called -- first priority. So when ladies calling from directly on the air. Anything else they get involved with the ladies well -- -- I can't delineate all that right now to ruin the show and this is it indeed a super -- business. It's nice breakthrough yet to be ready to answer for you wouldn't do on we're doing tomorrow. Tomorrow be back here these guys come in -- and I don't at a number of double my car as fast as possible and it's like to get my fourth grade girls basketball practice at seven. And you better DVR. Bruins doubles because you watched the game twice over Washington when you watch the last night's game twice. And now you have raised the bar and now. Pocket before we back tomorrow listen Mikey right now see.

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