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Will Grady Sizemore be a part of the Opening Day roster?

Mar 18, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss Sox OF Grady Sizemore and the difficult decision John Farrell will have to make when it comes to the Opening Day roster.

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And the pitches hit deep to left backed by the wall this one's gonna catch some green it -- off the wall wrapped up by. And -- more there with a pop up slide running very well that double. Took Grady Sizemore is three for four today he has eight hits now into what they want spring training at bats as he drives one hopper left field wall. Let's start their today shall we Butler 937 WEEI lot to -- about LB studio next Powell talked patriots. While his Vince Wilfork thing we mentioned yesterday. There is a -- reason why they don't do something here -- -- soon they're done in free agency in terms of big names that might signal they're done. There's not a Vince decision here very soon that will come your way a couple of hours from now but you heard -- their Joker state talked about a he he did not say the most. I'll say is prophetic but maybe the best way to sum up Grady Sizemore Karl Ravitch. I gets that distinction after what he said on the ESPN. Telecast yesterday quote for -- has taken from a couple Red Sox fans on Twitter. Who were tweeting about the Red Sox game yesterday. -- said Grady Sizemore is the story of the day he is quickly becoming. The story of the spring. When he said that he didn't mean Red Sox but -- I agree he met baseball spring training OK and I listen I'm as skeptical. As anybody nobody is glass half empty is me for God's sakes I get up and it's. And as a threat of rain on the red -- sucks yeah but you are. At times emotional reaction -- -- but at eight but reactionary to something I see it is good and just all -- -- -- just once in awhile I've I admit that I admit that I get overly emotional overreaction or to twice today. So I it was hard for me to get excited can deal with that we'd seen from Grady Sizemore was oh I don't know. Years of injury hit back to 2008 the my reaction going into the year when a couple weeks ago we opened the show talking about size warts like blitzes. This is way too early. To be talking about -- sides and it was. Will we discussed a couple weeks ago it was more of on the line you know not much going on spring training and number -- just making annual layer of the possibility. It long shot. -- possibility in what it could mean. You know with what thirteen games to go. And end game happy to be ESPN last night yesterday or modern day in the -- that he did have not just offensively but defensively. It is now. Becoming real discussion. And it should be because of a couple things first of all it starts with the way he's playing. And this is a guy that. Yesterday the place in the feel like try to get you see that the highlight eventually exceed afterwards later on legit. Crashing into the wanted to -- all match was. You know legit and walk away with a -- from it obviously does not there was no hesitation. And it never is with him he just pop right out. I mean guy and he said he my guess is having you use comically when you play within their Cleveland. He's Islamic plays like that -- united athletic. Freakish death protocols in the win type player when I talked to him down a -- Myers. -- SE where he was -- I've seen in awhile and obviously hasn't been in uniform. In a while. Yeah that was one thing you said securely I don't know how to slow down. You know you know I don't know how to knuckle there and go all out that obese up there will be challenging for me and and for them because of the don't wanna slow me down -- that I can't play like that you know that. And -- throw so yesterday. If you're wondering you know is this guy what's on his body how's it feel any used to impeach Clinton into walls. And it come back -- really cared about it was like a wakeup call it will it go and slowed down because completely out diving for a ball left center again in the -- yet. You know. There's just that's how we place. It's it's like Shane Victorino -- -- -- of their ballots in the wall left and right hurt his rib and this guy's back is bothered his ribs bother bullets do Eagles running into law again the next day it's just some guys that. It's that's how they play and that's -- two level. And that's what you've seen in in glimpses here this year from at the plate. It's also been pretty refreshing he's eight for 21 now I I. I hesitate to quote any spring training -- But a guy coming off a monster layoff like this is stepping in MBA for 21. With only one strikeout. See a lot of pitches when he's gotten the plate showing plate discipline. And having at bats and is a great Colbern hitting coach wanted to hitting coach -- Victor Rodriguez saying he's getting better every single at bat it's fine tuning things. And it's not just the -- that the average the gaudy average it's the idea that -- two year layoff. He's eight for 21 that shocked the hell does not even it's not even the numbers you know the eight for 21 because he could be -- -- could be four for 21. You know four hits four balls drop by the guys catching dive employees whatever it is it's spring training I don't look at spring training numbers you'll look at the at bats. You know in in spring training you don't mind lining out all over the field. That you could be one for you first fifteen. And you get line out all the the field that's a good spring training. -- big -- in -- -- regular season starts you don't want that to get the lakers out of the way to couple broken bat singles is about numbers. When spring training it's about good at bats to -- seeing pitchers have a good swings -- at two strikes filed off some pitches to strike out that's okay. Really it's just about equality. At -- quality contact in can't be helpful for fall with. For broken bat single to get jammed each and every time that not exactly great day. Might look good when everybody -- next -- paper written -- and spring training. It's more about the approach. The fact he's swinging the bat well as far as numbers go that's one thing but when you see him he doesn't look lost he doesn't look got its missed two years. He looks like -- -- control his at bats you know his -- scene pitches he's getting deep he's worked in account he's barrel in baseball it's it's. He doesn't he skipped a beat the forget about the numbers the -- looks all I think that's what really impressed. Well and we had a Jonny Gomes quotes from last week it was John morose he for fox sports got Gomes pulled aside based CC looks like the guy that. I remember. And yesterday at the same sort of thing -- AJ -- and others in the Red Sox clubhouse all saying. It is looks like Grady Sizemore and one player -- picky but his name to it but holds one of the reporters. He looked like a fifteen million dollar player out there. So you've seen these -- -- -- it was that if a -- David Ortiz -- -- 1520 million dollars next year. -- a course rob Bradford writes the story hearkens back to. The glory year and that would be and they were glory years plural but the last of the glory years for Grady Sizemore just 2008. The last year he says he was healthy. 268. 33 home runs ninety RBIs. 157. Games that year. Was an all star was tenth in the MVP voting gold glove silver slugger. And hopper Jack any of those things for Grady Sizemore but is plains spring training. Has allowed people in and around the Red Sox now to start referencing that year as the last year side and days. Forever and that's why you know you can talk about the potential that he hasn't. And the player that he was. You know from the beginning in this by no means is so well done I mean the risk is gone in this still -- you still -- be careful with them. But the thing is that when you missed two years. Oh it's not like you come back. I think it would -- player. And you have some serious injury to your body in nearly 23 years old -- backing a point 26 X three years off. The timing of the sport itself might take awhile but you're still young you -- 31 year result. It was not 35. Is now 37. Try to do this thing again is 31. So they're taken a year off. The basically the last injury he had 2012. September of 2012 was that second micro fracture surgery on his frightening. -- missing all thirteen. Having that offseason to be okay now strength in rehab the rest of the entire body because that the list. Of things he's head. Is is unbelievable open down his body. He's still young. And now it's about getting back into playing shape and so -- camp he's looked like he said in normal camp. Really coming Dustin Pedroia supreme on today's -- -- -- third day off. There's an -- maybe a play three in a row maybe -- well as well but so far spent and it's been a normal camper Grady Sizemore. It's been normal camp and it's it's he gets in other tests -- normal here this week he's not gonna play today the Yankees and Red Sox will play. I'm at 1 o'clock. You know -- the second time in spring training he's played two consent like this I think is the third. Because I think one day UN played a minor league game the following day. Wasn't a big league game but for Grady Sizemore it was actually being on the field again five innings so it was. So it's actually maybe the third time the question is is. You know the first time you look back to back it was you -- seven innings and they get to a Pat's apartment 33 innings so and got him off the field. So the next time you -- it was the seven innings and in five innings in a minor league game of the start bumping this thing up. Say OK well maybe you play Wednesday play in -- and nine. We go eight babysit last thinks will be whatever you go to nine and then you come back and play another game four at bats. One -- routes like. This might be too much and I can't always except pushed it and because -- -- -- things -- stupid enough to just keep going. Tonight we are that was save me so fast that was it for us and actually -- -- Actual duels. -- -- -- Here's the thing with greater than or any we're talking about -- a couple weeks back you already so Sizemore is healthy and -- starts in a field. If Grady says -- help he's the best offered you have. Date period you know it and if he's healthy and any kind of what he'd looked like in the past which would showing right now -- be the most productive offered you have. But you can't get ahead yourself. This is still if if the Red Sox. Ever get that point I do believe -- down if that shook your time early on camp I do believe the plan was almost to extend this guy a little bit. Maybe not be ready for opening day of extend him into April. And let him get his legs underneath and this wasn't about April opening day. You know it doesn't matter. You know we put goals on opening day Carl Crawford political opening day and casino -- Tommy John surgery -- -- whatever was in the elbow shut him down everything was bothering him. We don't wanna put goals on anything opening day means nothing. You wanna get this guy back and healthy. I think it originally it was no timetables. If he's ready in May he's ready in May -- and it also be a they still have to be careful as good he looks if they ever feel like they are rushing this kid. You know into playing more days in the should the nets and they need to slow it down again regardless of the opening -- round a corner or not well. I'm based on the assumption that he in the next thirteen days he proves the cut. He's gonna play back to back Wednesday Thursday I would assume -- -- creek we have wrong the next step after that would be. Back to back to back and actually play in three games in a row will -- be me UB. If -- goes Wednesday Thursday he goes like you know 89 innings and goes -- gives you seven fall. They need a day off and then he may be a three hero who knows maybe he goes three now. And deductible back to back but I would rule out that one trip I think that against the Phillies. Show up and show me you can take the field the next day. Almost like -- shall -- third day. You play two games back to back come -- the next day -- like you're gonna play well again and give me three innings give me two at bats and at leadoff spot. You know just get your body can you give your body prepared for third day in a row. In Angola -- a couple of bats and then we each week we -- you know give the next day off. I would be shocked at all if given how good he's looked. If I know the same back to back -- -- Thursday he doesn't play on Friday gives you a show me appearance receiving his body you think they're. Enough time is so there's thirteen games let -- perjury is not gonna play peso had their comedic twelve games and thirteen days left in spring training essentially as a paper Sizemore. Is that enough time to prove it either wake has right now it feels like he's contract to play and be your opening day center fielder. But the season does start two weeks from yesterday. So is there enough time to figure that out I -- that that's that's my only question about any of this. Because I think the Red Sox will do exactly what you just that there's any setback even half. 880s some judge of a setback. They'll be cautious with him and I understand sit there isn't. Why wouldn't be your opening day center fielder I just I wouldn't see a reason why because you'll AP's if -- -- a -- between now march 31. It just being overly cautious with them I would say it's not worth seeking -- just as likely get hurt -- pocket managing him. They could be -- on the Red Sox opening day roster. Yup I don't see what the benefit would be if he hits every single one of these markers and it comes have a -- between now march 31. What's the benefit if there's no setback. So starting richer polite. Like he goes down their guardian manageable little bit may go to -- Bailey junior plays for two weeks and. Because once the bell rings you play. And you know. Plans how many times have we seen plans just shredded. Ripped up over the first plan was Michael. We're spring training Michael barely run few years back. It that bad -- was a back injury year of the growing effort it would a lot more desperate training Rico and even jaw again and even a jock and they -- -- was gonna play this guy. You know couple days a -- in the day off an April poll of 45 days off general it was may. And he had again day off yet are we to make played every game at the inning alive because it up to a bad start. You know you have a plan of Grady Sizemore. To and we -- we got to play this guy want the a three days tops and then day off. And you start off one and 20 in Grady steal five for twelve. With a couple bombs -- election. A play in game four. We are we at the fifth days off an open game for. You know -- you lose that next you know he set up to a six and you find yourself playing very Ali gays because you try to win ball games and he's playing at a high level. He knows it. The thing is you know it's hard so hard not to be down there and and whispered of people talking to people see was as it is it like it's -- -- say I don't at all there's enough time for him to prove that he is healthy enough. To be on this roster every day you know what does it take what is John -- have to see. This you have to -- three full games. It's -- feels the next day. That before he got to play 45 days a week or five days a week. This roster implications. Of big time -- get to coming up here you know me if you can play five days a week. -- What does it means that three days on day off. -- play three days like that B six and seven days -- get away with that is that what he has to show you. So if you're here in that physically he's fine. You know and really mentally it's like this guy's not even rehabbing his attacks to point out he's no longer rehabbing he's -- training if he's really at that point. And yes he should be -- it absolutely should be ready. You give me two full games -- shall we on the third day eventually before results and done with thirteen games to go give me three games in a row spring training. -- should be ready. Which would mean a lot of things have made him an opening day center field in my opinion it would mean the Red Sox -- decision and visiting with their roster if the Red Sox jumped from the training staff. In the back of their mind ever feel the talking degrading all or talking to -- to whoever it is decision makers ever feel that the word you know rushing greedy back. Is in there that any -- I don't agree with you -- not a boat April it march 31. It's not. This is opening day's big for us one -- Up big for them mean it means a lot its opening day about having the player plays much. Possible this year is more important. Let's come back in and get your thoughts and Grady Sizemore start here which you have merit Satterfield would be more cautious with him and start the triple -- gave Jackie Bradley junior. An opportunity 61777979837. Is your phone number 617. 77979378. PP text line is 37937. Nick kfar wrote about one of the options here. Last publics of the Red Sox if Sizemore. Does make the opening day roster on the keys not that the one thing right Sox cannot do. Even if Sizemore makes his opening day roster will talk about that with your phone calls next Sports Radio WEEI. Drive to left center failed back those -- -- the -- -- -- separate -- it -- pick not top man. That ball is not very I was slicing away probably Grady Sizemore was having an absolutely sensational -- you know. -- hard to his right. To go full -- I'd rather hit the ground and I came straight up and fired a strike there are rare in the kind of spot. He'll let him pitch right there pitching he puts very good swings on pitches. In its. Maybe a little bit of -- flashback to. How good Grady was for -- years. Joker -- on a called a John Ferrell -- big day for Grady Sizemore yesterday. Start with the big club -- -- start of a AAA and nurse -- along 61777979837. AT&T text line. At 379837. Barring any hiccup on start -- Satterfield opening day against Baltimore in Baltimore. Eyes the way and approach a text on the eighteenth -- text while of this war. Hi hi it's baseball texture says. Not asking him to play football or basketball baseball. Is not that strenuous the Textron at 379370. OK OEU must say that that's fine but it is that it is a grind. Baseball I can't speak to like Lou can but baseball is every day for six month Umar media Grady Sizemore. Has not played at a high level since 2008. This is not your normal run of the -- 31 year old CU going to be. You've got to be careful when it comes to Sizemore there's an everyday grind to baseball and to compare the football basketball wouldn't do that. But it's a different on every day grind when it comes to base. -- the issue with -- let's just every day. Every -- -- problem that they would do with Grady and obviously the guy doesn't know anything as far as criticized Wie is what he's been through. The strange thing Booker and you look at it going into 2008. He played 382 consecutive games. -- there was vacated span of you know -- a couple of seasons to at least play every single day. It happened in April that you sprain an ankle missed a game so that streak broke. Now. It's starting 2009. Okay he plays in the World Baseball Classic. He leads the classic early because growing in Texas for probably a stupid which you know how much I love the world baseball classy guys just -- -- not ready for. Three plays that you -- the -- -- in his groin injury all year long come September is the issues with his left elbow. Indians are out of it they shut it down you surgery his left elbow in a week after -- -- left double he has sports hernia surgery on on on the growing that. You've dealt with all year long so that's the first situation. Offseason on nine left elbow surgery sport turn. 2010. He comes back -- 33 games micro fracture surgery left. Mrs. All of that year comes back you know misses part of 2011. Parts of April. -- on the DL right knee contusion July back on the DL had to get his knee scope right knee scope. Miss some time at 2011. Shortly after that after that scope that he -- field as the second. Sports hernia surgery. Now he's done for the year that he comes back in 2012. During spring training. As minor back surgery. In 2012. Misses the entire year in September. Of that year as micro fracture surgery on his right knee. -- talk about a guy from 2009. The 2012. Has surgery his left elbow. Back surgery. To sports hernia. And TM micro fracture surgery on both knees. So it's is not just anybody this is a guy whose body just fell apart for three years just completely fell apart after beam. The -- 382 consecutive games. Which isn't really done in the game of baseball anymore nobody plays -- 62 if they do there is a DH -- first baseman or you know. It's a political the Iron Man when they play 11 seasonal -- sixty senate feel that that's a -- -- 82 consecutive games just bouncy well and that's why look. OK Nick Faldo has written about this and did the road were always baseball sites it is interest that Mike Carp -- interest and other players in the Red Sox roster. Even if Sizemore makes the opening day roster and Jackie Bradley you start tripling. The worst than the Red Sox could do. Is trade off one of the -- and self fielders it's the worst thing they can do because in the back of their mind. They have the plan for the contingency of your Grady Sizemore. Might hit one of those bombs you just talked about again. That's why it's if he's healthy any any the next two weeks is like the first two weeks your spring training. I take what I can get from -- noted that any moment based on his injury history. And it's not for L lack of trying -- get back this guy has taken a year off plus to make sure he's at this position. But there's a chance that he just gets hurt again. Any -- significant about a time. You can trade my car -- can't -- not the critic can't trade Gomes you have to send the young player you probably have a lot of hope for an Jackie Bradley junior. Back to -- to start the year. If you -- -- to carry six outfielders we get a carry two left fielder's victory you know. Grady Sizemore and Mike Carp can maybe play a little bit left. Started the year they get him a ball boy it's not a bad thing if you're the Boston Red Sox might be days where Sizemore sits in victory goes and Satterfield. And he got to work it left and right by the way. Chamber thrills not quite out of the woods yet but -- figure could be Jackie Bradley junior on the opening day roster -- chain victory know. Started the year on the DL help close that Doria -- comes in the camp. Any shut down early the strength in his core. He does that is -- thumb injuries in Carolina. You know he's got beat by beat up right now he's still he's only playing four games he's two for nine. It like you said I mean this world what's the state of of seeing Victor Reno. If these giant -- right fielder every day is the place Ener1 greedy old Lebanese days off -- goes back to rate field. Is a -- again on -- spring training yet able to get 1213 games left. So what's the state of Shane Victorino. You know is their chance that something happens with this guy Indy start you with both Grady end Jackie because shades not ready to go. You know when you -- vote sending Jackie Bradley down I think idea you'd like to have both these guys roster but that is the issue. I don't do at least at the trading Mike Carp. Tell me what you -- -- we can't get much. I wouldn't I don't think it's worth but what the what you would get in return for trading away your depth -- I'll feel like Major League outfield depth knowing that Sizemore. Has a chance to get hurt. It doesn't make sense to flip that I would rather start the year Shane Victorino on the DL. And -- Jackie Bradley junior year. Sizemore and economic Gomes on the roster that the reason why an address -- -- victory knows healthy human one both of monitors because you still want ticket player. You know it which if you're about to make this movements egregious starting center fielder Jack he's AAA. You have to know for shore -- and give -- 340s general. And by that I mean day off and another three -- four so you're talking about playing six games in 78 days yeah you need to know that. You know and and will they have enough time to figure that out lawsuit 61777979837. Your phone number to your calls dance and made it. Talking about Grady Sizemore but eluded him. Why are you guys that I won again. Great self rule you play you know -- will he tell them that he's written any need to break. If it's minor -- no I don't think you will but I think he's been to enough. That at this your -- he knows his body. Did I think that he. He knows -- series of maybe what's not you know the normal aches and pains that give his knees just -- both knees it's only baseball no big deal with as a sharp pain he's felt before. The F up and I think that he would. Okay oh well. I was wondering like you know he's the -- of the year off you'll see him rather than just all five months you don't. CDs and don't you think that little -- and benefits for the rest his body tool to actually. You know from plane to -- baseball probably -- he ate a lot of up. -- that whole body cute sweet pool so maybe maybe that as a benefit so. Yeah you would think you know but I'm looking at near his body. You know a 2012 again spring training it minor back surgery in play all year long and in September of that year micro fracture surgery frightening. So he had back surgery 2012. Animals office -- didn't do much woke up in September to micro fracture surgery and frightening. Took sitting down -- -- that rightly so but I had to point me he does in September. You know 2010 -- micro fracture took eleven months and get back on that field and play a big league game. In September 2012. He chose not to -- of the team at thirteen because appeal accused ready. Probably would've been ready by August September anyway. But you would think this offseason health wise. You know he was healthy enough to play a year removed from micro fracture surgery and had a healthier offseason the built so. This offseason he probably felt the best he's felt long time. All right one more question. Arm. -- on. Located article that I'm. Do you think that and I can't pick a better where you think fragile is audio architect of the plate so. I think he plays hard but everybody by different I don't think keys he is a big difference between having a you know. Brittle body of fragile body of one word at north they want to hear that a bottom. I think he plays -- he's a tough kid but yet everybody's by different. You know there's there's certainly had a -- just everybody's bottle body is different -- explainable there's a certain level of cup this to me. Glued to come back from two micro fracture micro fracture surgery like guys talk about having one. He had it done twice. And he worked his ass off to come back can be healthy for this year. If he -- I think he talked about this right when he -- that there were some teams that showed interest the end of last year he said rather than Russian -- sign for August September. I'm gonna take the entire year Rauf told -- going in. -- make sure I'm ready for 2014. And he appears to have done that in a -- detectors and and a Twitter. Seacoast patriot patriot brought his name up to Rocco Baldelli. I understand that it's and held -- center fielder hurt. -- bill is never close the player Grady Sizemore was in -- Ida -- but he never had those years that that Sizemore at the Major League level do you look at -- more as a baseball reference page. Three time all star. Three times MVP top twelve. In a four times MVP top 252 times gold glove a silver slugger -- always great. But before he ever got a chance after that rookie of the year third place -- came back in at least 22 years old you -- -- to eighty in the didn't play the entire 2005 season and was never. Ever the same player after he never had -- he showed a little glimpse of it. Sizemore for two or three years with consider one of the better outfielders if not the best center fielder in American league for awhile. -- -- of the dream a little bit -- why go -- talent on the same. Glimpses of what could have been you know you actually saw with Grady. Grady Sizemore. You know you falls into the category of you know Rob Gronkowski. Is he soft. Danny Amendola -- she saw that all people feel that he has I don't think years I think is tough just that sometimes bodies react differently. You know. Everybody's body's built differently -- you know I might have stronger ligaments in my -- my -- might bend a certain way and I can recover from it you might blow your ratio up. The vice Versa. Right my shoulder might whack some might might make do something -- -- my shoulder up as my sockets are shallow -- yours aren't amused everybody's body's at different. In the Grady Sizemore the -- been through a ton. Sergio in the elbow surgery and back to sports hernia is to Michael fractious surged on each knee and -- one and each Niemi just. He's been through a ton. And that's why as good as he looks right now they have to fight that. And they have the really determine is this real you know -- is this or is this because we can claim once every other day we're seeing it. Can we play him three or four days -- -- and still see it and keep them healthy. That's -- tomorrow and Thursday noon Friday becomes a very important days once again. Off for Grady Sizemore 61777979837. Your phone number eighteen tee -- line is 3793. Since start of a AAA and an instance where I gotta tell you I I was wrong about supplement comes to Stephen Drew we'll talk about that next Sports Radio WEEI.

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