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Darrelle Revis is a Patriot

Mar 18, 2014|

The guys reacted to the introduction of Darrelle Revis to the Patriots yesterday afternoon.

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For me is all about winning you know is this really about win. You know I felt like doing what was the best place in the best -- when you I'm just trying to take it out there right now and take -- one step at a time. You know I've been welcomed there. Would open norms by everybody in the and we -- pages organization. So I felt like a metal in. It's kind of funny fish but I do feel -- home in an it was great people here. Mr. Kravis it is a great guy and -- Belichick you know May Day is said to me would open norms and long this. You know I'm just -- so -- in. Just enjoy those women. You know it is part of a great. Team. I assume is trying to soak it all in. In you know doing the patriot way and the pitcher ways it is when -- this -- concerned about is his winning games. -- -- -- -- -- -- So we are going to chronologically. Chronicle yesterday as yet again perfect Boston sports day early in the day I guess the first thing that happened was. Darrelle Revis officially in the full. Now that he and Belichick make up about. What do you -- -- larger battery disgrace and I talked about a surprises and who call -- the jerk -- Caldwell got rejected turn one on sports. Drug policy with gronkowski and work associate -- I like all right we just sort of picture to what were some that we should start to. I'll hook -- stuff I mean obviously. -- Talented it's the local old stuff -- is it really awesome. Seattle. -- Bruins. -- pot I mean raging SEC -- it's one more Celtics. Correct. Lottery. Tax. Addicts. Aegs aegs. -- part of the Comcast -- well friend. A friend. Stole the way for -- it looks. At the store was -- So do you think bill has forgiven Revis yeah yes I was ever that has ever and I don't know what's he supposed to take that vote. You know Bill Belichick when you play for the jets yeah that's the way it works I mean. Well you think if Rex Ryan the chance that Wes Welker whose team -- and he made on -- probably not. Mean it's business in Belichick understands that better than anyone. And -- understands mean. I think this is some truth to him choosing year because. He liked the action he liked the rivalry you know what he's competitive to try to play the jets twice a year looks forward to that I think he felt. Ordered just lost or forgotten enough that he wants to win tired of losing and I. Am a realist he probably another choices like Denver San Francisco and and oh. You know placed phone calls we get that 26 teams I believe I believe. Every team checked it and sites of the work good teams GAAP measurements including. Against the jets average teams. Like the jets in the chose the patriots because of the action he. Also mentioned animal where I heard this or redness that coming here and going to training camp -- they had them like two or three days. But the patriots and Tampa together but he saw the way things were done professionally and accurately it's cynically and efficiently. And liked the way he ran the ship talk about Belichick and he said it was a little embarrassing -- was fetching water if you call it straight she Ingraham host. He he lost all respect for his guys channel still on the street know he's he's the patrons organizations don't what. It's off. The office -- -- Rucker from bill does the is he bought. What she is what does anybody do in your organization what does would dog Barney Adams to do what is what does he have a position yes. I don't consult. He's actually been officially named to the staff yet. I don't I think he's done that without the -- -- -- brown now. Just yet he's around. This thing and around yes I just don't like he's like he's about his ex fighter as good -- to to get paid. Pay attention what cappuccinos against editor -- -- its patent stories make copies since. -- so -- -- great coach coach failed. Coach it's just hang in a row Foxboro all quality control system that's our report for you -- well regular call when you slide back -- you've got to start sub -- -- -- -- here. Drive so what it's like everybody's job similar. And dog around Belichick likes the dogs like -- it's like Scalia gave when we won't be crap from Germany and currency next we have six of there's an interesting so she I don't Lombardi in the room somewhere down -- to -- You -- -- You know they don't have rules that just around -- pretty cool picture -- -- walk around on Seton Toby -- thoughts at you could finish you can go to you can go to bass. That's percent of its next mission -- -- it is pretty cool place here's. Here's field -- espn.com. I don't -- about. That Jessica gets what into the NFL network broadcast of Saturday on you'll work out at the -- -- -- online. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick we shall communicate. With former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coaching good for an great piano yen the patriots designated blocks. Our our understanding of the situation is this she -- -- continue to be paid by the Buccaneers are three more years as a son who graduate high school in 2015. Rather than uprooting his family -- his son's finally your high school she -- current plan is to stay in Tampa and not. Initially work in the NFL this season. What does that mean. Does that mean you won't be close to the game likely know easily trusted voice for Belichick. Was evidenced by the appearance in Indianapolis much like Belichick stating contact the bombarded Lombardi was out of football he can continue to do so -- -- she on. -- it would bring value the pats staff. If you were added don't count on it. This season. Protecting his money that is proposed sure. No checks close friends while fallen. Do you really the statement yeah I'll go. Out to the football coaches crime that you take a year off chance it was sent could go to high school who Belichick. When asked. You know or is it easier shot I don't is that if -- you got screwed up but you've got -- you would you wanna collect their money and if you took a job would mean less money and equally agers pocket toys or 45 million probably. -- middle of the right Wear -- -- for the -- and alert out for you if you become an assistant knowing that money gets -- -- -- from Tampa. Yes yet and he probably tried to negotiate lump sum equation said -- You in. Orders decreased you know that wrecked. Though those glaciers that were earned everything right guy you know that work for everything you've got that some guy like Irsay amid the thick of obviously if that launch thanks in Braveheart as the Exxon. How did you wind up its -- -- just these royal family types who never worked today in the towel. People are like -- is the worst because he tries to pretend like he's not. Alec -- Springsteen's guitars and wears jeans pressures from you know justice and what we pitched it in between woods -- and you know he's not know if he actually had to make in his own. We would EB. Actually be in the same place Jeff Capel that it a it's an -- -- the -- -- -- going to be the drugs and the boos of the great equalizers here because if he weren't. Bob verses on them -- say would be. A loser right well he'd -- -- probably lose jobs I mean you know on the beat people write columns about -- But a wonderful guy used to Brighton Beach you know working it wherever get fired because he shows up drunk or drugged though. But could this work the other way on him now this is where Dan Wetzel writes reality is hitting Jim Irsay hard this morning. He needs serious assistance to get back contract he faces some daunting legal issues for felonies are not easy to escape. Especially with eight judicial system. That will be under a spotlight to not cut a powerful politically connected rich man a break doesn't -- have to take that same approach to him. Chart where I've got this guy a break except. All of them finding them what can you do. You mentioned draft picks they won't do that there were two of spike was a draft it was a yes that's a competitor on the field to -- integrity by the way Belichick was half a million bucks. The coach rose to fifty for the page via. I just looked at them but if you suspend them so why the ceremony right back. So it's hard to punish him he's -- -- million dollars. Is this word the -- Sean Payton did. And bounty gate now Elmo notes with stiff as a competitive advantage that's what he can't help injury. Risk. -- that to -- right I mean that's a competitive. Field on field wasn't this an injury risk him and his yeah islander Alaska we still don't know what he did -- hit anything I read one report he said he just stopped in the middle street. Like Tony La Russa yeah just stuck that little history. Nodded -- yeah I guess doesn't room overlooking -- lake. -- whose salary costs. And enjoying the view. Well here's we talked about this latest -- Kenny Britt was in town they sat and talked to they. Got passed almost little legal entanglement not. Maybe not but they brought him -- it's not a man and I don't think. Bought were up the Bob Kraft I don't think Kenny Britt would ever have touched down -- out would you agree that probably Belichick and in -- the the transgressions. Of some players have their -- could really tell the electorate. And been able writes today about their need on the defensive line because Vince wants is released via. And it is much and as Christian -- a -- well. Not good enough. The best -- out there is notre. Henry -- The best guy available said it's close to signing with the -- for all of us. The stuff happened in the 704. -- but it's different when it's on video. When you can see his drunken crazy lunatic right and when he's column. It's hard working -- report white trash people doubt -- to shore like is that poetry yes. But Mike I don't care what -- them on the wing right. You think they're not bringing in Henry Melton or look at the kick in the times is this is a bargains and value guy and he's painted right now he's. Bring him Brett I don't think so maybe -- -- players britches. That a lot of crazies to apply on the -- Clinton running for the cost they hate this guy is based in the real. Writers don't charge it long maybe maybe. You think he's too bad to scary for the patriots -- I had this conversation -- -- that we talked about this this you know where arguing your life thing and didn't get the right answers or the other thing probably more likely is Carolina's putting on a harder push may be that it lost all the wide receivers. Carolina needs -- more than the patriots do right. Yeah appropriate. And you're really good really talented. And you've had bad quarterbacks haven't really had that breakout season wouldn't plan -- -- just dream of as a one year deal with 25 and sure you get a one year deal economy you do your thing like like moss. And in make whatever. Score by two touchdowns in the playoffs. Back on the market would not be sure I could make I could close some people jump up and brits patriots this really. -- a really meant they sent guys but as for the phils he's gonna kill somebody could this car got. You know Iraq does it really matter I mean we we. Round here. People knowing them rooted for murder for we know that it is apparent that a mask and your skin doesn't matter the better question is able and I brought this -- would you want to sit down 1 o'clock on Sunday and not -- debate on the opposite if Aaron Hernandez -- I'm not guilty today just randomly yeah we all we was guilty picket sign in the played -- watch and root for great. And thoughts on -- jerseys. That's an -- rationalizations. What -- because. The car speed yes. It Andy Millman real tough for the only fans refer him the patriots the W watch the games and it's that's all matters. Ronald logically as we go through this perfect patriot umps aren't perfect Boston sports day yesterday that we dealt with them Revis got two sides more speed you were. Starting Red Sox center fielder Celtics lose in the -- win all the that's straight ahead the NC.

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