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Jim Irsay is in rough shape

Mar 18, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Colts owner's arrest yesterday. He has a troubled past.

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You know I have -- as before and I've even said it recently but wasn't yesterday yet another perfect sport stay in Boston think about this. Darrelle Revis makes it official at the patriots. The Bruins remain the hottest toughest best team in the National Hockey League with their ninth win in a -- The Celtics did what we want them to do they play competitively. They made it interesting it was not a bad game to watch and they ultimately lost that the yen five general. The Sox continue to be amazed by the astounding comeback. Grady Sizemore. I suppose if you wanna find anything negative you have to pick a net and say. The Sox might have a growing -- field controversy. Brewing or you're really wanna get negative you can -- a Carmel Indiana and really get bombed out. I was you know in the party -- in the seventies. I spilled more than you -- put -- that OK you know. That's really like this thing is though. That was Thursday in 2000 just trying to be negative. You have -- little -- -- that why can't we just in -- it I love. You of those talk -- calls her one week and -- tasty Chilean. Appreciate it. On the -- really 98 it's there and it's not just what the World Series guys just happy. I heard buck I think it dale this weekend said he said that we are spoilt by should sometimes that packets they don't championship it's that would rates. OK that's fine but these are the daily. Daily discussion. And conversation. Pashtun code making -- doesn't -- who doesn't it jerks. I just it's barely mentioned mr. positive and it was a rough day every day just came in this that. These are the gonna -- to a customer these Bruins one wicket off that yet. Red Sox awesome -- wickedly wicked awesome -- it's great -- more rate besides awesome. -- chemistry Red -- perfect. Don't go yeah Avis it's awesome that they are some other times. Other team's owners who get drunk and doing drugs not our -- right not -- was probably true you know yesterday proved you can lie your ass off on Twitter. He had had a drink in fifteen years what do we know it was stricken. We do yet where was that read a couple places. -- alcohol and test. I think he's probably an odd I'm not saying it has been an -- that I haven't read promise as well. Century was you know the the -- in the police in the right. Statement. Rest reported just minutes scripture pills that didn't match the prescriptions though on the bottles that's a problem pointed Kravitz lay it out and I think. He was he's facing additional charges that sure looks like. That's what I say I avoid that that's just go to shirt and as elsewhere in Qatar Saturday yeah we have -- vital boots that -- this year -- is at. I think he's going to -- -- phase a year but it is you know what he's a dead man he is a dead man -- I don't mean that literally. Which and why a little bit and you know why capital and probably won't ought not come -- and he's the picture -- But you know why he's in review real big trouble with. -- did though because they'll -- because there's no one on his side yeah he has no defenders you know he has no he has no. Support group here that's going to defendant know what in the media minute like guys like -- like them. They're not going to be thrown themselves in front of that I think the fact they -- like it is widening even tougher. Want this guy the guys who like to get help and figure out how does give them as the size of the fine if guys know that but I mean it one legal way to tell -- rebuilding the only defense will be he's sick as Kravitz right -- sick sick right that's the only defense what you heard all of you shows you know you'd. BP isn't on the hormones just consensus abuse and receive a topic. Where there's just no dissension no debate at all it's just like he's a dead man he's going to get the biggest fine. Since Leonard pose a big entity influence for gambling trucking magnate and a bigger than. -- the Belgians will Belichick was a half a million. I think it's not patriots were half a million dollars to 5050 -- final draft choice -- million dollars no I mean that's Belichick was 250. Yes I think you know about that and it has -- -- I don't really know I mean the president alliance boots and from month. I don't know what that does Wendy's and the owner. That's will impact full for the president to be suspended in the -- not through a well we don't grab it points up -- delegates authority raised three right hand man right so what is it that -- can't make appearances -- and we did charity stuff that take -- Twitter account away. Probably a good sedar at it. The office. If I have heard that I've heard that suggest that up. A bit -- that but it did this a month ago sayers that go pop the month ago. May be that -- spent maybe if the talk to before they spend 25 free agent thirty for maybe yeah I'm on the organizational. Out goes there at that point where it just seems doesn't matter you know he's worth one point five billions of that line means -- -- -- -- -- three times that amount of none of those went public in this some barrel -- -- suffering and and we got the video from the police station what he was wobbly -- the video from the so Brian fields well well maybe that is close. Yeah but don't say. I'm sorry but. I guess I -- boy you wanna -- that to let the year he sounds to companies so the biggest revelation the biggest. Shocking item in both these pieces and Everett from bubble Dan Wetzel and Jim Graham of Bob Kravitz. He was driving a Toyota Highlander regular guy -- Abbas I think that is somebody else is part of this image is Kravitz roads and everybody wants to consider himself a man of the people -- you never give -- -- -- I could see him drive and maybe -- erotic. Note he he would do triumphantly -- may -- -- seen driving a Cadillac. You know American made right American made it indicates that and that's why the gas which read we did this just gets mister Olympia nobody would listen I know. Ottawa against like Cadillac -- that -- to -- -- which points on the front of the eloquence he thinks but with the please report doesn't have. -- -- They'll -- to assist numerous field sobriety test yes you know which means he could come back from a hundred and that is knows that kind of thing. Is -- more going to be more details. Public to hear and you know and then I guess that -- blown to a strong are not only knows that don't know that either -- -- that you know refuse. The Nazis did not read that. I don't Kravitz writes our friend from the Indianapolis Star who joined us yesterday here's the lead in -- twisted way. Jim -- friends have been praying with us today have been praying for the day when he'd reach rock bottom. And before to come to terms of a drug problem he's battle for some time. He's a sick sick man one source told me he desperately. Needs help. And then he skips over some of the tails and he says the colts have been cleaning up Irsay is -- or years -- -- Nobody in Indianapolis supplies debt. I mean and he looked so so whose name and rights to sound so surprised. This is way quarrel with a little bit with in the storm you know. Injuries leaving. He's 54. You meant you looked at him he looks like this he looks like he's he looks and -- yes 7075. Get rid of that coat heaters on top this looks at the problems and deaths that was in his shirt with. He went from what to 4165. Or sixty does that happen just from pop went -- different -- -- -- drinks right. When I mean grow up and drink what cocaine has to be all right. Popular prescription pills and of them -- -- -- huge appetite you're doing now outnumber them out and about having all right thing to be eating soak. In right you have like Parker says you don't eat. -- there is going to be -- and mean it doesn't make -- and when you go skinny either Mitchell all Mitchell -- is seen as -- point though. But he says that Hannah Storm you try to be it advances the peace more -- which is probably true. He says this disease can you in its five trillion enough and yet we're a little time. Is that true well Katrina well seeing people beat that disease the government can do -- you can do these -- and -- But I mean hell have the people you know you'll -- -- yes. Are -- right the corrective they couldn't handle it they quit just to art and -- -- a lot of that to let him know a lot of them were doing well. I hope I do this year including minutes and academia hundred call -- -- -- on -- -- like. Yeah. I'd be surprised -- that takes away your bottom as part you do. This rockaholics -- activity -- happiness. In yourself at -- That are -- and l.'s developmental that he is gone. Let me do that ugly pose some of those Hollywood. Area Jack lemon yeah Robert Downey junior as Hollywood guys that would go to. May AA meetings by invitation only yet he had connections they go to meetings with famous and there's Nick -- it's supply side alcoholic. That's the most of our business but don't you know -- that we do and and in the meeting Tuesday yeah. I mean there's some success or says a lot I look at George Bush George W. Bush. From from -- from drug and alcohol to -- not that that's that's sort of talk about politics not -- -- getting so yeah -- -- we think again I feel real bad -- -- he definitely looks like that land is it guys happy with him but his. The press forced to have to -- 33 years. Internet pictures of him in -- Halloween costume which as a -- freeze official and has -- take with a couple -- -- -- -- eyes -- you know like half closed and no we leave but it's Halloween party -- up to that -- -- had a drink in fifteen -- that you're right -- news line here's -- with had a storm from 2012 so not that long ago he's much heavier and and believe I tell you. As bad or crazy or is I don't give a crap. As he sounds in this interview would you agree he looks much worst may sound so bad he looks looks like a guy who's been doing morning radio show four point if you could it looked up he honestly looks like low bullet that was funny man and the keys to our today analysts is fine. This project let's -- to -- relate to easily -- and in fairness. Well how -- that your son and a -- dice is he's doing his own thing dual cup I happened yesterday and this -- of the record. You yes that's. Can't meeting with the boss. Consultant. I'm not says it was discussed and -- and we really needs to get those things did you ask for the meeting or did he invite you -- Americans details. It's like -- piece -- The most important guy so -- think -- has but the status will be. A but tell us not talked about now -- of the record yet it would suck all the -- a blog I asked them what happens the -- you agree that compare. Hot hot hot hot hot I. I that's a joke -- Bertram. All right personal here's -- what -- or 2012. He sounds much better that he looks. It is. For those of us who have to face it. The most -- critical crossroad of your life I don't care how tough you are his disease. Is five trillion an old technical knock out every time where you and addicted to painkillers and alcohol. Yeah I mean for me one IE I had. You hurt my back in those sort of things it was primarily painkillers but. I was -- in the party lane in the seventies. I spilled more than you drank putting them up Hedo. That's really like this thing is though what was the turning point for you. At some point you know when you fought this thing in this case you're so much is BG so much you get to the point we say okay. That's it I'm -- white flags going up. Somehow I don't I disagree that he's probably spilled more than had a strength. That's probably yeah yeah I mean literally that's probably true but he -- -- out of it and that in any -- we'll watch and you know when when when it was a turning point when you were. In the party line users in a row of -- -- I'll put myself that you -- to imagine -- a billion dollars. And like one six. I don't know how the back an -- 1015 went OK fifty years ago when he weasel what prior to the divorce Youkilis and it was what forty looks at. You have a billion dollars you own -- team owned Peyton Manning. You get no real job I mean you get used to delegate from yeah driving around to whatever charity events and parties and functions. Is there any like thing that's has gone too far here I mean most of bed and must he's like a acting like a prince and elect. Prince Charles -- the power broker to he helped build Lucas Oil Stadium. He helped at the -- like an -- there with a hammer and nail this is -- he pushed them. It's a great some ski didn't get paid enough that he what the party -- -- -- is is all -- as a big booster to right right. Crazy. So it's in the interest blood it's me there's nothing to keep him. Responsible. In -- mean. Other than rested mean it was DF to get up in the morning I'm totally so you have to. Answer to anybody they have today a noble what you did have to do the answer to the question is could tell. Works for yes I yes as -- points -- corrected -- works for him to answer to the other owners I guess that's a good that he actually has to answer to his. Public image -- It's probably already been you know. Slam yet that was -- yesterday that this is kind of charming and I just fell off the wagon now you know what -- I need help -- -- don't go away for a month or two and he should go to new horizons and it is organized into applause when -- sit down in the -- right -- I was turned his life yet again right yeah he cries and where you being cynical -- Do you think he can do it. -- Yes but some guy forever no fairness other some guys that just and -- -- -- one of them some guys just. Market and he looks like one of the guys who's just not going to do ought to Philip Seymour Hoffman also was telling people he hadn't been doing drugs or alcohol -- that's definitely our number. In the in the in the community. Panel thinks -- every day's column for you. -- since I've had my last drink yes. Which was shot a shot I haven't ironically it was probably the same bars -- I Indianapolis -- -- did you guys not connect that week. It great upset and it's my social director got a worse they went out there and spends time spent time at Sonoma aren't there yet it's definitely launches that are you know over the years. It launches its build an early in the early game generally never hired a driver I don't let us. Guess he would -- OK -- now what this -- -- the most at the -- program in place I guess applies to the owners' right. Any player he's got a billion dollar I understand that aside -- -- the money to do it privately but there's a players up program in place that it anonymously you call this number they give you -- -- Says when your -- call this will come and get you. By the way the league and your team will find out that you were drunk argue were at what time we brought to halt right just so you do the right thing now. He could had a card as well but he has a billion sick. Think that. I mean how much does that drive locally in Town Car us 75000. A year. A full time guys drive our. Everywhere I would want to compete for our viewers trial. We won that to the to sit in the back with your iPad. -- not you it's -- it's a suburban with that attack and -- Suburban town where we now with a driver summer -- at the windows down to find he's got a probably at a garage full place I -- on Saturday morning goal draft so it's. -- panic at that as a problem higher in the full time for him I understand that sank from if you said oops it was a -- -- -- I'm trying to. Get leg and personally right now would turn it down. We -- time for sure. As opposed to what struck yourself you know what I would do that to innocence and get a cent in morning wanna drive. Awarding more likely is that -- probably not a budget so we're still trying to be cool. -- -- -- -- -- Richard Hatch when he was here. We -- it's on the say that we hit a driver like Lincoln town right -- -- -- and -- gets the back and read the paper. That's true that and we like started Evan and Alex to -- with that Ron Ron. And Andy could sit back and read the paper talk on the phone when ever get the iPad. You know that that would be worthwhile for this job -- be Good Friday yes yes the model that they. You know that that's how they wouldn't let us park in the nearby garage at the wrong car that's a mismanaged displeased with the -- Richard that like -- of three year deal yet. An -- to driver. And he was in Rhode Island come up every morning Grubman. Reality television show that one. You want but he was that know me and I liked that we liked was the day that I called you from Nova Scotia when he won the first one last time I watch survivor. I think so yeah just Nova Scotia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the Celtic lodge in Nova Scotia and Richard Hatch one in my just one it was a couple of days of -- texting kids on a different colleges can't always bash is had a connection you believe that crap Jerry. A it was good guys -- in the Q we in the call you. You were you -- sure it wasn't. No trouble with -- taxes. He's making his fats on run five miles breakfast loaded nobody out in front for. We -- only that but he was a good dude it's him in the in the men's room and did you know grateful. Good humor and cheer and eyes wide open that to that too but you know mostly. You he's in you know I mean it was an event. That in guys and why. Anyway Irsay is dead Dead Man -- and it looks it looks the part out. Why -- you -- -- if he -- to -- and literally day if he keeps this up look up looks like -- -- -- right now right I don't think you when he goes first checkup. -- doctor says everything's great. It -- a Jumbo scene -- asked him about. Say the game to drive -- great purpose to steal letter but but Ed but you mentioned that service that time we call yes it -- surprise me that no one uses it because I do you know. It's my guess no one's ever called the number because. See the video -- -- of videos and god bless you know. Cameras and we have all these things in the old days of Henry Melton via. One of the top free agents still on the market. I can't believe we still on the market strange. -- that video of -- by eating a bar owner in the kidney. Like right here in the -- in trouble because the Burroughs. Claiming his kidneys get damaged. But he's got a Christmas -- on the senate on it he'd be at its is that all of its December. When that the video just came out for whatever reason from the pop art surveillance. And they shut them off disease wasted -- you know huge strapping guys playing for the bears. They try to kick him out he just won't go in and of Clayton and the bar owners went below him and he's on top of them biting them in the back. And then on top of that tell me this doesn't. Resonate is -- says. I'm a millionaire -- bunch -- white trash. That our guys the bouncers in the car owner you're a bunch of poor white trash and I'm a millionaire. -- said I'm a millionaire and your bunch of whatever and words. That he would ever work again in and a well known but this. I guess he gets discipline by the league knows touch is a free agent the timing yet on and -- -- right at Foxboro today and that guy that's gotten it yet time and that's stats would be my advice to any potential freeze. Don't go blatant guys in the kidney or call them or white trash. Just as you're about to hit the market. I saw someone rating and the second best. Freeagent still behind Jared Allen and somewhere they'll. Of course always do but doesn't have to -- find and or suspend a short. And it's on video the clock and it won't even. Hair what did -- feels compelled to do Irsay but Kenny -- -- Credit into these crazy things in video editing. No -- hasn't done anything bad the last year and a half a mile long no that's true yet turn as well I think he's definitely an absolutely we've spoken to speed limit. This year I'll probably -- out and win important. For Dina has got more trouble prologue this guy last year. Yes hello or ask again stop in Florida yes the floor policy it's and with a lawyer. -- He -- be patient I'll get exactly it's got to worry me a little bit all of this talk brings up the strange strange and odd story. Which we will tell you when we come back that this book that plane because they still looking for -- place. At forty -- This. At -- center court according to a out of it's it is yet between elected attribute. That's right there she -- she found it she found let's agree that -- great -- osteoporosis a couple years according what was up there on stage exit. -- how is it possible that. Kurt Cobain looks better record number 0000. -- my joke was much much with my Japan -- you -- so he's notre sold. I've experienced it. It it hit home to me go right into what leaders and getting out of the forehands go look -- wanna go but you know what he's doing mornings we got that -- the 110 million on the scrap. It looked like a and just take us to be strange strange story about what should make sure you get this name correctly. I'm John -- Eat eat and and -- -- jury about him this weekend John -- You know who I am -- that. Josh Beckett same old sable Ellsbury same old same old size or not so much we'll be right that sit on Obama white flags going up.

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