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All Quiet on the Wilfork-Watch

Mar 17, 2014|

We're still waiting for an answer, or a comment, or something out of the Patriots or Wilfork's camp. The Patriots continue to sign players and the questions on Wilfork remain.

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Just afraid Fauria is gonna start and some rule I'm sure he's a brain. -- worth and not worth the dancing -- letters. Fist pumping. Up if you -- people -- -- you have to rely on. -- you asked for this obviously wasn't -- choice knock down drag down -- up. This ball and you'll -- -- just really not that mental and I'm not. I putted up like that math rip right to fix the no literally. It got it when you go to a club. Really dance you Audrey -- left and just hold your hand up or not and yeah. Well that maybe you might point to yourself like all the powers over here apart over here that it he really that. -- thought that it don't know don't really dance got one move. -- Everything you met a girl at a club where are -- better and I can't think because -- can't goers I think at the -- -- -- -- started a while ago the bar -- you know odorless it's what you do get the rose -- club and rose colored girls man you don't go to -- Wrote that the club onto. The road and I'm still working on the party's over here the party I. -- Bad guy or political. Willow yeah. -- I I and I get the rose man -- a couple of -- You got her body you've given to the rows and -- man. -- -- answered -- sharp -- to move into Americans going to be able to talk he's going to be you. Some particular attention to you buyer rose buyer rose had a drink. The -- Man I hate the -- because. Let's just say I just need to -- and I'm just talking to work just briefly casually I had no attention whatsoever ever happened in my life -- okay -- let this is totally not viable auto biographical. Know this is just. In general okay. So -- you either way you look like a jerk okay. You're gonna sit here it comes as random got -- -- they would like to buy your lovely lady erodes yes if he's. Yeah I don't know I don't know buried and rose is like 350. It's like ten -- So if you buy it. Your beetle of some answers to the -- your suit a little bit too much you don't you're -- dirt that has -- -- got a guy why. I'm never gonna see you again like she could -- when I got that -- just only Bob hero on the ticket buyers Aldridge got -- everybody. That's what happens -- Ireland that spot like on the line respectful. By. I mean it way way too many -- already -- -- the -- moral. I doesn't look like others. -- -- -- Who -- -- the club you know he's got -- in the corner he's lawful wallflower I am observing everything -- To re. I'm gonna be opponents. Try to. It's I take that guy out a cop -- that pay our apartment and I hit. I don't -- their. Never. Felt that oh yeah body. Guys that you really good with respect pride out and -- -- -- -- it's like unique and Michael Holley show it might like that you are. I -- they fail -- -- that imminent strike and I -- I don't actually. I know I just. -- -- -- Friday and equipment yet I don't like raw data about Michael Ollie says the process on you -- So it's it is is this we talk about a -- and we -- we do we can dial no -- like his yes vote him Lori what do you do on the weekends. The public to street and other content. Oh no no date night the one of the RE a five I don't. Try to let it certainly there and tell us every other partners with the guy who asked the -- By. -- I'd like. We are taught I told you I would -- in this week period the -- of tried to press when you need to find activities or activities. Okay it takes them work. It takes some time. Get a -- on skis at an early age hopeful about -- there for the second grade there they can do it there on the bonding Euro allied -- exactly beat up. Front -- tell us just hope we have somebody to drive you home you know I don't know at all about them. And we don't ski. We're too busy hockey I think Scotland grown up and I have a feeling most patriots fans feel better today than they did a week ago guess that a fair statement. Even as we speak the the patriots have had have been forced by the NFL apparently to admit they signed Darrell Revis. They and wanna admit that if that in half to an even right now. Darrell Revis had a conference call with the media at 145 Brandon Browner at 2 o'clock it's like direct you got fifteen minutes man make -- good -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are you feel good about it except for one thing. All. Except for one thing you need another mental health that I'm feeling good about every noise -- are you feeling good about the Vince Wilfork situation. I'm not always a duck walk want all want to know I'll tell you exactly why -- am earliest because I'm convinced I don't. You're convinced that he's well I think he's going to be here. On the line I think -- -- that. And in the same way -- Julian Edelman was going to be here and I think the initial emotion of the moment Vince. Said whatever he said. Here here's what I think. If Vince said to the patriots. Released. It be said that. Bill would either do -- and he do right away. As a favorite events because of his long service let him get out there in the free agent market and make his money before the money dries up. Or casino on -- now. No I'm not gonna release. I I think that it if in fact Vince asked for his release last week it would have been done that day. I don't think so. I don't think bill and in four he knows this better and anybody Bill Belichick is that you don't Belichick ever give you one favor or depart from. What -- you. Create a bit of all hooked up well. They'll look back drop -- now yeah. We're going to direct hit all of the -- -- and I'll blow your battle. -- -- straight up sucker -- can you write neglect to write about but don't Belichick's record do anybody any favors so. Even though I'm sure he appreciates that service that that Vince Wilfork has put in here -- the patriots and thinks events is one of the better players he's got the opportunity to coach. He's gonna do anything for -- he's gonna do what's best for the patriots now. -- at first I thought was events taking things way to personally being two cents and I could see that I thought that was proud man. And the Kennedy is. Vince Wilfork. Learning. In his time at Foxboro he has learned. To think like Bill Belichick and think like Robert Kraft. I mean there was some foreshadowing. That showtime piece that he did it would Bianca were placed -- is out -- talk about business to business move so. What -- saying okay. This is what you wanna do it's good business for you -- -- business for me. Is to be released. And to make up the money somewhere else probably buffalo pepper Johnson moment. Brandon Spikes. How or somewhere else or Texans Billy O'Brien I didn't go somewhere else to get my money all business. Yeah I think it more likely that would have been set was now now I'm not interest to -- on the deal. Examine our -- don't know I don't know I'm not blaming him not knocking him I'm saying now public that the ball -- didn't. At that point bill Belichick's court he's either got eleven point six million dollar salary cap number and a seven point five million dollar salary. Or a lot of golf. Those -- my two options right. I guess that is look at it different when I look at it it's -- -- out of all the guys. It would have been junior and 2004 browser 2004 so he missed the Laura loyal Malloy incident. So he was here for. Richard Seymour. Yeah Ty Warren. Zipper a lot of guys who had Ortiz -- makes you go out of line. The guys who are Smart enough. To grant the grants okay to separate. What they're trying to sell you as. Almost like a college atmosphere what they're trying to sell you is that back college mentality it's for the school. -- and we love you. -- mean everything's great that we want to stay here by the way I want to take less money. Bomb that issue with that it is he's a perfect position because. He has leverage all the levers as well he -- the -- make more money. He he he if he if he doesn't want to I'm not positive about that -- got it up what are what are your jury does -- -- leverage come out of this crime but to vomit on a coach. And and I'm looking at an Achilles injury and I am looking at his position. He's got a tight -- a tailback now linebacker. In the -- -- in the worst case scenario he's jamming. The senator and his ball into his right respond to a lot. He's a large man he takes a lot of space. He will not beat him but it is much everybody leading to believe -- okay. I disagree with the on the Allen and you know football much better now and again it's on the likeable. You don't know what my point is like this. Back up. -- that's been sick. And hurt and that it wounds were right yeah yeah exactly. -- -- -- -- -- I think supplemented -- but here's the army we're talking about a guy whose 350. Pounds now and I am and I'm by the weight. I'm maybe I'm MB on the shy side deal and and you know had Achilles tendon surgery -- have pulled Achilles have a slight and had surgery rate. Ruptured Achilles tendon ruptured Achilles -- Pitcher I don't think he could pass a physical today the team wanted to sign I don't -- to pass physical dips they are able to human. -- back as we know that's not ready yet. -- B I remembered during the season. When Wilfork went down mail went down. Revis is out after that New Orleans game. That did the topics that are flying around with Coolidge who can you. Blake who can not afford to lose and it was three Wilfork. And it was between. Toll and said Revis but -- Marty getting myself into the corner -- I lost to leaving your Ocalan now widest I think that upgraded its assets like that happen definitely I think so so way it's it's early or like. -- it's funny like these guys signed these contracts. And they sign on all are sold out some of the contracts are with the knowledge that the last year. It's just so ridiculous of of a captain so so much money and they should did and they noted gonna happen renegotiated. But at the time comes of it every ghost either player doesn't wanna do it. A pro for whatever reason and now they're feeling slighted I think bits -- case. He signed a contract. I have no problem with them. Not only to take your heart completely out of it when you get the problem is when you're too emotionally invested in its hallmark. It's business it's all -- is business for the patriots in this business for Wilfork I think that is why. -- force released but in terms of what it what it is all business and you know what bill does he lets -- let's -- sit there and regulate any and in August now. Then it's all business content and gotten up and any -- through the power. Play a game. -- every what you set up without there is no way Bill Belichick Thursday. -- you wanna be released and I hadn't thought of that. It's already know he's behind everybody has heard that the first time I've heard of this if you do making a public that you've got to be released so if you think it's gonna happen tomorrow. It is never eat eat you will never operate like that. Whether it's events will work whether it's toward -- proximate to Tedy Bruschi some of -- favorite. It's it's gonna he's got to move on when he's ready to move on but I think what's clear now. Between the patriots and Broncos some witnesses patriots colts. Just you know Peyton Manning changed. Addresses. The same thing or 20062007006. Patriots colts meet. Patriots lose that come back with a vengeance in 2007 Randy Moss Wes Welker Ellis Thomas. Is there any doubt right now the Bill Belichick is listening to you guys out here. You guys most of you talking about the Brady window and talking about the sense of urgency and you know what awaits the prime years of Tom Brady's career. -- -- I'm not sure we are listening you estimate -- -- that why else because we because. Earlier in the week when along with you I did not it. I was elected he would talk with a beeper going off. I wasn't I felt like regardless of how. Obvious it was that that's what needed to happen I still thought something else was going to happen. Eight they were going to all the sides reported Q visa -- east of the guys he'd get these are the deeds. These are the guys that are available gossip that Revis all my got to be great. Well it's never gonna happen we've found a way to make it -- they've they've reside why it happened. Why did it -- why did happen yes tell you what happened desperation. The road's gone earlier that you were there -- -- I think it was 88 and disguise what time of smartest football man on the planet likely. Looked around the NFL and said. After quarterback secondary is the most important position on the team now and cornerback is the -- single second most important position and we weren't good enough. So how to we -- -- we get better. Now a feeling he had this this Revis thing percolating for a little longer than we might believe. That there was something going on you know well if you know if he gets cut loose. It just they just seem to happen I couldn't agree with you more of course CBS. Just look at the look at the information here. You had his former coach. Dan Shaughnessy columns stooge Greg she got a government Belichick's cute. But he's a record guy who was coaching Tampa then there'd been good business down between Greg -- and Bill Belichick. So you've got his former coach who can tell you what was it like coat and last year what you like and meeting rooms. How far from the Darrelle Revis and have my own opinions don't have motivated but. How far is he from the Darrelle Revis we saw in his prime minister in his day 20092010. When they were bouncing from the playoffs that 10. Jason like the general manager. Who were well it's clear idea so what do you do with the Jason what are what are your phone calls like post calling. You have inside information. And there's no doubt in my mind that he had. That he had this plan and the thought OK if if something happens if if Jason might start to get some action. One Darrelle Revis before he's released. Call. -- it not he's going to be released and reckons I can go to work on. What it will take this and. And I and I'll I'll get even more conspiratorial for the -- the combine and sit up and -- sweeteners -- check in and all those guys and she -- -- sit with them. And and I I just envisioned a scenario where she got us a look there Darrelle Revis is texted me. -- -- he said he's gonna ask if -- just be released data motto be traded anywhere and I mean I could see yeah. Greg -- -- Darrelle Revis probably have some avenue of communication in the same way Bill Belichick in many of his players have some avenue of communication. I think I think Bill Belichick could have been told flat out. Can be released. You know -- biblical. -- was here you know to like to leave him that much easier and so we've got it all right you know I also think there's some urgency going on here with the patriots. Win what Aaron Hernandez. Had a situation last year teaching centers and got a big situation when -- still and he still dealing with. We all thought that maybe this is gonna change the way the patriots do business. Could they have known some things. Before communal some things of Florida will it change your scouting system what did they know when did they know that's that's -- question we all had run up. Our law didn't change anything not much with the patron Aaron Hernandez. Is the baseline. So appear via the patriots. Here player for the patriots what are essentially saying is yet to play football on doping Erin Burnett and don't. If you're not Erin Burnett yankees you've got about that bit about Aaron Hernandez will be at that picture wait out the window. About it Kenny -- money am shocked and being talked to right now and now Brandon Browner Browner suspended four for four games. Come on and posada was just the broccoli Michael a look at -- go to. Will you guys are happy about. -- happy about it. Because it's nice to say when Christian Fauria is on the team in the got the no three championships in four years and you're their -- -- Is that equates out to a personal I don't know but you're an effort to know ships. So I -- medalist at at that. -- -- it at that time it's great to. BA champion Indians say we have nice guys you could try guys high character guys within three out of four. You talk like that. We have one in ten years in the fans stark pointed out yeah the winds are nice Nancy -- AFC east banners are nice but we want some Super Bowl. People talked less and less about the patriot way and it's just go get that guy and I don't care if he was suspended. For four games last year and before games this year. He probably got screwed Kinney plays a big receives a big corner six -- to what -- Well take quick break we'll do more about the patriots the acquisitions what's next 'cause I still think. Especially at the linebacker position and maybe look and trying to upgrade a little bit. -- get into that as well I'll talk a little Bruins is the afternoon goes on Bruins looking for their ninth straight win tonight at the TD garden. Against the Minnesota Wild I'll ask Michael whether or not that looked like a tank job in the lot final five point seven seconds last night -- it's me I gotta admit. And all that as we go on here it's Dale Arnold along with Christian -- but Michael -- the guy who steers the ship -- Sports Radio W the. Well you know first cellphone. Page. What is your question. -- those who basically. About just when it. -- -- -- -- -- And so it is rightfully. Or. A situation that is. I apologize for the audio quality was conference call the Darrelle Revis had with the media about 45 minutes ago when you get a whole bunch folks on their in the quality in -- Kennedy grades but you heard what Darrelle Revis had to say the patriots new quarterback. Look at that that. He he weighed his options and he chose the patriots because he wants to win. -- -- options other options -- Denver. Apartment add to my guess -- the a lot of options I mean you'd you gotta think that there be some folks out and brought the coming in jets wanted him back. I don't know I don't think yeah China and alien but I mean -- Carty said he. -- compare Rex wanted to back but you know he has as the thing with the general manager. I called him a liar. Days and -- that general manager I thought it was little. Overrated and that's why he traded them so overpaid -- and I don't know I don't know if that was good reform but you're right a lot of suitors for two revelry. Mean you're others that we heard about who wanted him on in fact teams that were willing to trade foreign Cleveland and Oakland. I mean this was before Justin Tuck went to Oakland now may be was less attract them I'm not venture is an attractive at all dollar are going. -- And I could pick this Al outline. But I don't but let's -- -- problem they had a crap load of money -- you know to play -- than their and their candidate to their credit but. Here's the thing with three receive just kinda. Ease kind of news that at this point in his life and his career that. Okay he already made a ton of money but Dennehy he'd. Renegotiated. Couple times and it was never really happened was content they've they've they did some mop the temper or you knew when he went there they were not going to win. That that was that was the that was a bad situation regardless of how good he was gonna play he was gonna win anything. So but he gets released while you -- realize OK when he is important to me money still is -- by give little bit baggy -- the money want. But you just knew it was a go to get a go to a dog keeper bunch of money. -- a blow the jets on what he told he said in the conference call that actually Denver contacted him first. So they were. Interest and enough to make the call he's at 26 teams contact. So I mean I guess he had some options on and probably a little somewhat of -- See I just think this one was in the bag. I think that the it tick -- -- our buddy bill Goldberg that's 'cause it's fixed ago. I got a feeling that this would spend percolate on the back burner for awhile and that then that this is where he was going all along. Came together pretty quickly didn't mean I. Thank you bill Goldberg think about when he was released. It was released and then he was on the flight we solve -- at Logan. Well enough to Photoshop one that evidently there were other there -- real and sell it it was a matter of a couple of hours before the deal was done. Oh yes and had to be discussed before. I was just gonna say but now what's next because they've lost two linebackers to a pretty good linebackers Brandon Spikes and Darren Fletcher. Where were good if not great players for this team. -- Perhaps I -- I like -- -- I like Darren Fletcher it Dane Fletcher. They're they're like Darren Fletcher had an attack and I'm not try to make it sound like I think disguised it up mobile player obviously he's not. But are you are you confident that the guys who. Our sit in the background are going to be able to step in place here on I think they need help linebacker. I don't think they're gonna get a pass catching tight end in free agency -- that's going to be drafting thing. They're evidently they think they still -- some wide receivers Jason a bots -- here Kenny Britt. Was either here yesterday -- coming in there was another when I read there's another name of another wide receiver who's either made the visit already or is about to. And don't bring guys in here without you know some interest and they. Apparently wanna add at least one more wide receiver. Yeah hey it's. And now look don't be okay was I couldn't figure. -- dole adult men on the fell. Look at those guys going to be here for a while you have the young guys who have still not sure about still unsure about -- and I'm not sure -- boys Hopkins. Those guys are not let me sleep at night so. But I would really like. I mean so look bells got is going into its fifth year. So he's experienced he's considered a vet but he's not really established -- You know who's been through a lot of still like to see a 910 year guy receiver guy and older guy amid tort type guy. That he had me he took place and what Ozzie Smith have been that guy for half. I you know might my -- I don't know that's why -- brought -- -- no not his personality I know he was rumored to kind of be in the mix here but now. I think it now would be initial thought. Bad James Jones. From. Promote Green Bay year he's not a lot brings up a yes but just -- to -- a guy you don't necessarily -- it. But -- element I love -- blows work I don't know how much of a mentor he is -- -- -- -- talk at all much teaching he can do. Because he cares too much to do any should about -- about what he's doing -- doesn't seem like these are real. Talkative you know raw rock guys. Kate -- employees Chicago brawl there's no -- so. Slater I mean that's that your guy -- easy -- -- in the media -- is but he's not really in the rotation. He played a little bit the last indices because they had no choice. But I would like see in how would like to see another another tidy and all the tied and then go draft -- young -- in the later. You know what they won't do and you know as they -- not simplify the offense the attack happened so I think they're bringing in all these guys very simply to see who can amount -- get -- And I can -- now when you -- fell you know some real money we don't you know adamant understands he often -- the -- is gonna have to understand the -- -- second. And lord knows we've seen others who have come in with pretty nice ticket to didn't figure it out making decent money out some guys. -- Dobson is the injury I think there's some concern about that. With -- Dolan you don't know -- injury concern. There's a talent concern. But still you don't really gain anything by releasing him. What he's the question voice is a question yeah so I think -- -- you know Tompkins multiple requests questions at the end although I think you -- bringing in guys. And Kenny Britt is not gonna cost that much he shouldn't guy's been arrested nine times. Since because -- it's it's getting into Italy where he had I know where you are techsters said you know with this sort of thing happened of Myra was still around. Would that guy. Have have floated through the system here wood or which he at some point or another set or husband. Robert -- you sure about this guy. Its workers here. -- Corey Dylan. -- they -- artillery -- Myra was still around I can't remember about pains were. How they make any difference. Nine a figure on to something a little bit before to tolerate your cursory you're onto something that -- -- Lower lower your morals I guess just a little bit. You know to get the guys who want that I ever felt like. I think one guy that doesn't sound building you can't bring guy you don't know he's here to comply here's here's I think I think -- guys if you look at the history. Okay of of this team and guys who have come to this team. It's almost. You almost exhale when you when you did here because. For for the most part you're allowed to be yourself. They want you could be your he would want to be yourself but like you said there is that there is some some lies he don't crops. Okay and you'll feel better. With the rules from a guy you respect like a Bill Belichick you'll feel better ticket orders from a guy like Tom Brady guy who everybody respects. Even all the people decide. Drop mail you'll respect -- or evil force you to respect him. It's wolf for same type of mentality so. If you go from a team like Tennessee. If you cup from a team much since I like I -- came from -- with the raiders Randy Moss. You feel great. Because you go. They hit it. They do you understand. How to run organization would you bet on a budget teams that don't know how to do it right. And you get to a team that does that you feel better you won a standard line you want to stimulate you wanna. You you expected you like -- you enjoy coming to work. -- makes sense you wanna you wanna work for a functional organization but what do we make -- this week you sat here and told me game hole. Major story in the Disney land story where. It all you do bad you always talk to on digital and get that page and -- It's router out you told me that story tend to warn me. Not to get our Internet -- now don't get excited for Darrelle Revis now that they're not that there's Darrelle Revis. Now at -- Brandon Browner now that there's -- fell cattlemen's coming back. What do you make of this. Is this a change of but it was the change of philosophy. It is at a point. You know it's -- and also in the negative it all -- back. Said the other day they are not gonna give it to -- all I didn't think there were at their careers like the main reason I thought he was gonna try to break the bank. And it worked and he wasn't gonna buy it and they were gonna bunt and then they're gonna and a -- -- -- because of that and and -- had -- -- it. You're not the only person on the planet who city's total mercenary yeah Disco where the most money is what you're doing a great for and the patriots won't pay the most money. So here I thought here. The way you looked out it was -- and let's be honest we were surprised. We were surprised that that you look at the salary cap number you look at the one year for twelve million us salary cap number seven point five that's got to be surprising for most beat. And rising but I think what it is to me. Bill Belichick saying. I've done I've done everything I'm supposed to do I manage my money I've taken care of everything. I haven't been out here spend out -- an irresponsible have been reckless. -- so -- I needed to call a minute ago right now. He is doing exactly what a lot of people. -- this for two years three years. He's doing it now I think this is all about the moment urgency quarterback and meet -- Here and moss and Welker in here yeah wasn't there the -- similar pushed the ships to the middle of the table that's right. I mean it is so he's done it before every seven years at added I and -- seven -- they're rich daughter is doing and again. I get the money burning a hole in my I had to think it. Any show is and it's easier to spend your money when you don't you have a surplus on the you know and when you when you've done the right thing and being successful -- AFC champs of game. Years in a row. But what's been the missing piece like you know so you look at without. Is is he gonna change the office that much at all. Is I know -- an element dudes you're gonna see the same thing you're same -- -- everything about the defense similar -- the officers wearing me they would be in that. Alcoholic about this offseason was the defense I said watching at super ball I said you know what forget about -- Tom Brady more toys. Let's figure out how to stop some fox and yet you're talking about -- the -- gets into item in the draft. I would say go for defense event. Go for pass rusher in the draft man that I I'm not saying first round like that it's right and I think first round for it if it's possible you know sometimes. You know -- things start to look at these guys that look at college L linebackers or college defensive and and they start to invent guys. After the top ten top twelve. They need to pass rusher. And they start to stretch a little bit about target to the patriots are drafting 29. You really don't have a first round talent here but -- if that is there supposed to be a deep draft pick if he's there. I would do that they like to develop rookies on their own terms don't wanna put him in huge roles so. Imagine you have a talented rookie. Who is helping Ninkovich and Chandler Jones who both were on the field from a 100% of the snaps last year. Selects it's like to take those guys down to the eighties. And you hit -- you can work at a rookie. And it makes that is allowed to develop the rookie slowly. And it takes some of the Wear and tear off of Jones and anchor it. They got to get some line Packers on this team -- I mean Goldie. I wanna help this defense even more got Collins -- -- right here these are the guys you got right now you've got. Jamie Collins stable harness Chris White -- Gary Davis -- high tower. That's -- that's which got on the roster right now. Yeah I know you're -- I'm not ready to go to the NFL -- battle -- -- about linebacker about a so you have male high tower columns like that would be your mail and and I should've said man he's hurt so he's listed -- mails them the big east east Sudanese -- guys out and emails and every down guy. -- college we just -- calls could do towards the end of the season -- hope he can grow into it but you don't know what he's a senior guy didn't go to break -- -- the colt's younger against the Broncos not some yeah so. Yeah -- harness second year guy. Yeah you're gonna have to do it again. Just because it's a question I can live with Jamie Collins Jerod Mayo and Donta hightower is your three starting line today dropped miracles down again but after that and but the -- that your sub linebackers when -- talked about Chris White. -- ball -- mr. Gary Davis. So much yet but it did. Actually still a lot of things that are going to develop and you still have a draft which is late this year eBay it's meant -- may. Now. Part of you got time to work on your forty to steal the major how will I could run right now what was your forty what was your time economic hello I'd need to explain this for my fastest time. -- what what we're timed. Merrill. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- already got a puppet and elegantly my dad. If that's another question. Memo. But I guess there's the back story. We don't have time ago that's a. -- to work -- oh yeah -- it's great that. That's what 7779793. -- telephone number the AT&T tax line. 37937. We start today talking patriots you guys can tell us whether you think they've done a good job at this point what you want them to work on. We giving you some things that we think Bill Belichick is probably still searching for. 6177797937. As the telephone number Dale Arnold Christian Fauria of course Michael Holley rattled their Sports Radio WE yeah. You know weapons. Went. You know what. What what. You know we'll pick you apart. If you look at its track record. We win this war. Here you're out. You can play what. Again I think this you know right now this is great. I think. Quote said. So that's Darrelle Revis on a crappy conference call line and I'm thinking Ellis for media guys. But inaugurals probably wherever guerrillas and you know worry list in the offseason and think you might get put on a conference call. Until fifteen minutes after the conference call on the patriots. Tweet out a picture of Darrelle Revis in the locker room recruitment tool -- of the patriot. Eight. Months opponent really bad you've got a proper call police. I don't want to do with the press conference at -- the Broncos look forward to a solemn annual -- And then to market Denver Broncos just can't have enough mascot is all again the press conference. And the patriots the conference call it meets may eighteenth he loved it can grow prosper and that because of this or run. -- AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Maybe not Foxborough -- -- personal merit to rethink possible Buffy was an eighteenth -- My idea. He wasn't -- now a but I am I'm sitting here look at data and there's a picture of him. Revis gets a tour of his new digs at Gillette Stadium well that's great eighties there. Hope we can put on a conference call 'cause that the football media wouldn't -- made there waited Gillette Stadium to talk to derail Revis right. -- for us here. What was. 41. Text says whatever his height is that was his forty time. You know 64 -- -- -- At what point I was really fast in my life -- was 4574. Fast forward to the actual -- -- at -- by the way. Those are bad -- bad shoulder pad back of the -- And then or it was one of those I'm gonna -- all the not to perform. Well it. Did and I did it all the interviews with him but that -- -- -- -- ran my forty years ago which by the -- may or may not have been 39 ought not very important. Just saying you told me your position coaches that make it -- nine out sport I'd say it may have made out of habit. No no it brought it up but I know that and stayed at this point in my I've made me -- -- answer question fifteen minutes later. I ran at my -- today was 49. -- -- -- What were you drafted -- Dropped in the second round or 948. I worked out -- done anything though they'd looked at my game feel like it. We don't even -- imply. No I. Think -- -- two weeks ago as the Dodgers broad outlines. I am not about the bad idea. To hurt me because it. Want to out there wants a time out there you go this long explanation of why ransom. Adapting to select 49 but I like football. And I guess -- football I got my football. -- -- you'll you'll literally runs like I wanted to run and a straight line for forty yards from Peru and it makes it OK let's do it. There are some got a one -- the guys who run pass -- don't play that it drills that become by any your pro days. I mean it's. All it's all for show it's like I was just trying to how much can I impress these guys to forget about. Forget about it what I could actually do on the field -- more trot has more force on. OK could I adapted the coaching. Could I take direction that was what I was more focused on I'd want those guys the coaches that put it feels workouts I have to tell me to explain things twice. I I just felt like that was more important. As far as you know is there and you're gonna give me a knocked over another guy. There's -- will resist this in this in this guy's actually faster stronger. Maybe might have more upside -- He's smarter and I was just I thought that could help me in the future it for a long term then actual my speed which actually going to be in the case. You know and and because you contrast everything it's on Wiki. Ultimately that on Vince Wilfork Wikipedia page. It's as he ran a 458. Com -- no for no way did you watch any of the com mine yeah. At their -- now to any of it you know I I and Paris to tell you that I did it. Because as I'm sitting there watching you know 23 guys general run forty yard dash. And yes I would watch and it felt like a full. So the drills we're ready washed -- but the forty times what he sees some of these big guys running Aaron Dobson is a -- to tackle out of pit. All American what all these awards. He ran like -- 4647. He was he was he was so smooth if it out of scared. Because a band that large should not be killed abroad like a world class richter and that's what he was that we look like to me. -- David clouded a deepens that from South Carolina to everybody knows about that's ridiculous. So what you what you think about these numbers. Somehow believe or not this comes back events. It makes you. You think about -- the league and guys defensive tackle -- -- -- -- good news it was only fives early or Bob -- I'd. Do -- it tackles running four sixes and four -- Have linebackers. Running back home runs that 45460. All of these guys SP all over the field. Does it take away any of the big daddies or do you always in the -- Friday that no matter how fast the game. Well I mean it depends on what's what's your philosophy is on defense Amir what do you into every 34 defense he want that big nose tackle right there yeah I think you need big fatty. But it's funny because you look at the guys address -- Dotson is its business is a short you know period knock on him has got shorter arms he gets pushed around -- -- -- but he's really quick. He's very sudden kind of makes up. For his he is he makes up for his deficiencies by. You know excelling in other areas so it's so it's a plus plus or minus one. It depends on what to look at and -- are looking at Iowa's. But those guys -- that the traditional nose tackles are can be on the field for three downs Vince. Lately after he signed his contract was on the field a lot yet and try to open to support any. I pretended it filters and get a nose tackle but he wasn't even -- -- play but he wasn't just planned on top and -- guys it's it's first and second down and off the yet. Get him off field -- -- was it was acute tractor trailer Ted Washington guys that played here. Beverages huge guys that you really just want them to kind of clog up the middle. You don't don't any Buick it was fun when you watch some of the of -- seat to a three cuts -- is. You know like -- Watson -- huge. Amount -- a -- trailer came. He was huge but he was considered small considering what can Americans want Washington and Washington was fat and tall yeah it was polish -- -- -- people. You overlook about a guy who's they always there's one thing he never said a low -- it it it regardless of whether it was in the morning afternoon. Dead of night. Morton Morton and out at all I ever said or games like 4 o'clock afternoon ordered at all he would say. I told that story right there to secure that told that story now at Washington story. Gotten to a Michael Smith and he told me he would eat him. But I got another excellent. And express my -- this thing what does that. Say are you. And -- Michael Smith that -- decent sized man but. I'd be afraid I would be deathly afraid in the conversation credit goals just don't want your hands on 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. We'll talk about the Bruins as well as they go for win number nine in a -- tonight at the TD garden against the Minnesota Wild Dale Arnold Christian Fauria Michael -- Sports Radio W media. Congress -- you I'm aren't enough food chain. Yeah and locked down land. Our number two Michael -- had just Michael -- I don't know -- -- no -- I don't know what to call the -- -- not this not that old route. It's not a government. If you didn't let you can name your -- you -- have so if you're at you can name it anything you want it. Notably -- username. Our preferred. Not to username. Through all the shows and all the shows. -- -- -- that is that just the easy way to go to like a diary world and -- like old school where username of the show they had those I can remember there was an eight team. Are they too long long time ago -- knew me. -- aren't when I hear that debate the Arctic and his sister. I would no doubt about it. BT were that they -- I character from rock and I'm around -- -- men and yeah so we've they have -- -- this so this is the relay team bigger so you would be. Stuart Appleby animal. Yeah you've got to be animal rock till -- looks -- -- it looks like animal and a you know you can say yeah become summit better than a lot and plan comes together what you're saying earlier we're still in the office. My periodic bail out God's brought that up. Because if it Dale -- what she's not very happily married man long time for how long. The right there right now in Iraq. I did -- at you you'll be like dating web sites over fifty dot com like that -- mingled and you could pull it. That he has the trust factor. Him you know so women would trust him. About what he says so you decide and I'd really pretty. Hot hot hot. -- He's getting battered URL I just wanted -- followed me around on the weekends and -- body you know all hope that does not year old Alia. I -- it has been a ticket that -- Carlos mild mannered you know appropriate guys that uses a -- -- -- having a hard look at the state board is eighteen. Remember it's it's not it's just an object and we would it -- government. At that -- that -- detectors -- all about over your account. I thought I'd saw on. A lot of folks here come up with a name Michael OK ago that -- each local. Paula that if you want to juicy show. We need to -- notice he's he's nick it was his nickname back and we'd like really why are too. And ultimately. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- good job of your. Your work out. Like your like Cedric Maxwell and it's in napkin yeah W now Dillard's class of there being fool owns it in glob light entered ask. All -- paper I can remember -- to like about. Five. Respects. Him play -- for sixers all yeah. Off. And -- was that was just that's what a bit but you get a name like that sticks he gave me the name or alone time honored that my brother heard the call yet -- totally credit I would not nearly got. Absolutely if you do that have been used to roll through -- relatively well the one thing I'd do it drool but that remains to crack about. And it's out there now but I have not had these -- -- actually see people. Yeah yeah yeah that's the cute I want to it would -- that I did -- typical -- your -- no doubt about it or not. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it. We're. A guy hey put that help. Yeah. I don't like not view on what's good and I don't wasn't funny I was terrified. Of fighting outgrew it so the drooling in the nightmare. Well we'll have to worry that Qaeda really had -- -- issue. Yes at the risk of dragon inspected the stuff we normally do on the basket very simple question. And it's not yes or no but it's close to guests and do you keep Vince Wilfork. Or do you log time ago. Doubt that if you let him go obviously you've got some more money does that to play with salary cap my answer no it's not yes or no but it's close the -- keep on. Gonna cost to an eleven point six million dollar cap it because I'm -- assume Vince is not gonna acquiesce to -- For the sake of our discussion he's -- could take a pay cut to your choice series you keep on eleven point six million dollar cap -- you can afford it right now. It too much help with the -- if you do open to that ideal and. When are we ya gonna restructure at all. We just I've just added I don't ask don't we get a in my get a really about played -- might really get all our money. My -- get this year's salary based on base and workers and you know. And I'm not played at them on myself. -- role players out outlook at this question via the -- deal let him go. I keep. I keep on and you know I guess I'm a little. Best it emotionally and -- what he is I think the guys who do the right thing is -- much as he's been doing it. And I still think he has HI enormous upside I do I feel like. Whether the Achilles is gonna slow down for a week two weeks eventually. Come November. And December when you really need them. I think it's paid dividends I think that valued the money that you span is going to be worth as of right now unless they go out need to rapid deep but the tackle. Yup pretty much the same group of guys that start with last year -- Tommy Kelly. And you have -- -- -- played pretty well -- by the Apogee and events didn't play to his normal standards -- a guy well he played poorly actually it wasn't good. Was he was ago it was a himself. -- your attention is this this other injury it was bothering not even before now exactly Achilles you don't and you don't know when Achilles injury and it's just happens know I I just think that. Especially an older guy who has a way as -- people who people consider had a bad year coming off an injury. I think -- on on a free agent contract on your -- a year where you're you're going to be free to go across the world and go wanna go at your best your career. Michael eking it out about them. I think he got let go and he got let go because. That the restructuring is not gonna happen he's not gonna agree to it is already at that point and an -- Rodney Harrison talking about this got to think like. It is 48 you should know that got to think like these guys you gotta think the way anything. I've been here for a long time. I've been a captain of this team I've made some sacrifices to my game I've played in a way. That is beneficial to the team that doesn't necessarily help my stat that speaks to events entirely because he plays in a way that allows the linebackers -- that -- to get the glory themselves. So I've done everything they've asked and -- -- in now. When I'm down there gonna ask me for a pick -- it's just business but look at it from his perspective he will not take a pay cut. They want to do some business. With the money that they have already set in their heads okay Vince will take this which will allow us to go and get this character are not gonna happen so it's gonna move on. And it's probably best for both sides. Yeah I think were at the point now where. It's funny Brian Burke the general manager of the Calgary Flames -- the thing with a recently he was talking about when he's the general manager how does he approach a negotiation. He said he -- the way I approach it is if I have the hammer on and use. Because I know if you have the hammer your body -- that he said now contrary to what people believe I don't wanna scroll my guy on money. I just want it to be fair for both sides if I screw the guy on money 'cause I can I'm gonna have a guy who was unhappy he's not gonna perform. To his to his best capabilities he's not going to be happy employee so he's not going to be good employees is what it's trying to dive for a dollar. I wanna pay him fairly as much as I have to pay him and no more than that. And and in the same token that that guy's gonna wanna get as much as he can get when I look at Vince. I don't think he's going to be a happy employee here no I don't see a situation short of okay -- will just pay. Short of that I don't think he's going to be a happy guy here and I think. Week or seen it haven't you mean this is discount and off for Elway about -- -- -- are you know sort of thing from big analyzer for everything from vents which makes me wonder how happy does -- mean if if this report is out and Vince Wilfork in multiple. -- respected reporters. And doctor -- chapter Ian Rapoport. If if -- put not that he wants to be released and it's not true war they got something wrong. He's got he's got enough friends in the media he's got enough contacts we can put it out there. He and Bianca call here can put it out there anytime -- LaMont and -- apps that can say that's not true at all so. There is some truth to. A big advocates over now that the question is replete -- Just bring in the spring and minimums or just above minimum salary. Chart track guy. That's the arms expert Erica spring at the fact I think that occupies that was back I'll get blown. Glad to -- out what to do to go showed up at all the other I don't think it's state squared your favorite now for. I -- at a loaded up up up up. You do that I just. -- change sure defensive philosophy altogether become younger. Leaner and faster minority done it would. With spikes and spikes spikes the big. Strictly defensive -- Listen to what to 6260 fabric to seven ETW I wanna do a few people. Superb and I could and it couldn't cover all right but just good people so they moved up from spikes they move up from -- to they've replaced them whereas. You know your your traditional upfield rushing for three to. Well -- -- When you think about it if they do lose them yep Tommy Kelly and he becomes the Brokaw he's a starter. Piece the young guys. So basilica and it's court which puts -- -- you. Chris Jones oval Lotto. All those guys had significant stat snaps because they had to they were ready to go in their but they they were forced goal and then been derailed the play. You still need one other guy. Because -- -- -- crystals those guys got pushed around it would really came down to it they got pushed -- way too much can they spot bill yes gonna stop the gap. Any arrest yes. Should it be in there as much they were last year no. But the call 6177797937. Ralph's in Cranston -- Ralph I don't. It's a very good I agree with everything Michael -- checked Christian you don't. It's funny because the average -- he would like each popped the ball in the paper because collecting. He hasn't hasn't popped up in the paper. I don't Burrell tomorrow but don't tell us 08 he would not -- When he knocked it out of -- wasn't true. -- appellate trucks that are checked looks to punish people need to go to the point at. All in the paper say okay we don't really -- Check like staples sector all the modern outlook for march. Replay shown that you know you will adopt replacing Phillips if you want to what he can't -- -- and -- gonna release shall everywhere that split that money. And -- it doesn't take -- (%expletive) like that -- impression I totally disagree I don't deal making them the money they're offering. This -- this is the first vote last week was the first week in a nice four month long game of chicken that's what's gonna come down to both sides. Going at each other who was going to bully first who's gonna jump ball the sidewalk first that's what it's gonna come down to -- because you think. The pictures don't wanna lose them they wanna get it they wanna keep on certain bits wants to stay here. So. What's it gonna take days or a middle ground. So immediately -- neither side is willing to budge an okay new bull it doesn't really matter NS on the truck on AM group. The only guys are journalists. Oh. I think I think. We all we are all out the whole emotional part out of spiritual force relationship -- the patriots -- -- I mean we bought -- that the see episodes with. -- -- But -- like -- and and all that so I think it's full park actually his luck wrapped up by requesting a release. Because. You look at it didn't help this would be. This should be I'd argue that we're we're tapping into you keep with Vince Wilfork hit at age but with an injury like that. You can't help but think is this guy you think gonna be all play. He's just a week in -- Cooper and particularly care and how long it took for him to come back the -- -- bit. Go -- force against. The war and. You know I like to add that you bring up right. After you print a great point now about about banks. Input and out here. Because at the very least an -- to bring up this part but how we got the patriots off the hook. The patriots off the -- from a PR standpoint as well. We want let him go and yes let's say even saying a word just Wilfork doesn't say anything about this treatment you are assuming that he's happy. At the patriots picked up Browner and Revis to help them on defense and they picked up a couple of pieces on offense too. And you bids is one more popular players around here. Usually smiling. Well received in the community. In a -- -- -- it looks like the big bad heartless patriots moved on but now. He has said release me. He really don't let him off. Okay. Could be a factor it -- all okay. Sick pets OK 6177797937. Its telephone number eight TT -- minus 37937. A simple question would you let him go. Or do you wanna keep them and have him play here and -- that that run stopper in the middle of the line if you think he still capable of doing that we're talking about that. As we continue one will -- Bruins is well before the afternoon is out. Michael -- Dale Arnold Christian Fauria Sports Radio WEEI. Your relationship. -- this organization. Bob -- Does that make your job safer. Yeah I think. It's a mutual home. No not I mean this is a business and business. There. Is -- was it that this isn't always a business to the talking about you. And that we're battling. I mean you can say what you want you know you can you profess to understand. And then the minute they come to you Wednesday Christian. We like you -- to the statement we'd like you to pick of the -- make this. And only you know. Then it's no longer of this family when you when it benefits the other side. Well. That's assuming that's assuming it -- has taken personally -- are here. Clearly in Europe say this -- under Belichick knows on this pick and Vince's side in this I understand where he's come for a -- -- prints on it. If you've been here if you've been loyal to the organization for a long time and captain of the organization you've done a lot of things for the benefit of the team more than the benefit of yourself and paid. Even -- well so it's not like -- -- for free but you've done everything they've asked you to do and beyond and then when it comes to the final year contract. They ask you to take a pay cut I can understand why you would say. I'm not really feeling that. I'm not gonna get hurt feelings over it I've seen this happen before. -- I heard about lawyer Malloy I saw it happen -- Deion Branch I saw what Logan Mankins went through I don't wanna corporate Riley-Smith. And we'll still be president again but let me make my money. Somewhere else where where it's got. B seven million dollars we try to get close to seven million may be at its spot and happily with a base than a mile and a half two million performance incentives. And then you can take that seven and a half million dollars in Q freed up in the go get the players that you. The other part of this whole thing to be honest Libya and and this is where I kind of part company with -- a little bit. When you sign these deals you know you're not gonna see the end of them. I mean Jared Allen is one of the few people you can name in the National Football League warned all the money on his last contract. Generally speaking those last. Now last year to at the other end you're not get them. Vince is actually gotten a greater proportion of the money on his contract and most guys get NFL. He's made most of the money on this deal. And so that's where if it is businesses in -- -- -- in that interview and if they do understand that they also had understand. And eleven we're not gonna carry an eleven point six million dollar cap on the last year of your deal. I don't know that. But you -- I think they do don't you think they are. Sensitive about even if -- he's sitting there -- can't believe these bleep bleep did this in my. Weight of this. -- that. It's got to be -- you know Q never IIEU. And Ella and I didn't hear I think it is to get that bad emotional orbit or is it. I knew this -- was coming up I got eighteen million dollars guaranteed up for a I've made most of our money. Now. I wanna take. I got my my patriots. Assortment patriot apprenticeship. I'll watch Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft this over and over. I know how they roll so now -- take my. -- -- graduate degree now from from in patriots. I aimed at patriots business making. A deal making. Take it out in the open market. And money. That they won't -- except for the one thing well that the the pig in the poke here the Achilles injury. Either because candidates backlog of the bunkers are right now about it doesn't matter did you have sat silent lie -- -- but it's it's listen. Can't -- I remember him. Gang -- him at like four Achilles surgeries he tore bull the ball toward right -- lap wasn't a go to player before rehab now it was a -- these huge. Powerful like blowing -- -- she was way too powerful for his own good. You can -- cut -- this was like he recover from this and the team thirteen years ago. -- now it's eight years ago om. And like eight months. So. I just feel like you're you're can't use the Achilles injury. As a reason why you don't you don't sign. You can't I don't you know your misunderstanding my point the Achilles will prevent him from -- not the marketplace and make it up this money. I I don't know I have a hard time making this up 'cause of the injury situation I think that the dolphins are or Houston pick -- teams as -- advance. We'd -- to bring in here. But -- hole we gotta be available -- believe it or moderates. Yeah it would make more money on the open market than the patriots are offering in the restructure yes. Right absolutely. Maggert yeah -- probably trying to split it up I don't know all. Only he can make five million dollars. In -- Are you are sure. But them I mean I I think what they're talking about here is more like like you know fifteen million dollars over three years. Right if there's no guarantee there either via -- that person era. There's no guarantee money several. He can make more money all all you really got to think about is 2014. What the patriots -- 2014. What what anybody else -- in 2014 yards 151617. We know. And that's all funny money anyway. Our rich and cellphone rich I don't hey what's up guys going a little. Michael cinema then black wine guy and I kind of got as much as I also know the rules guy. You know the -- I ran -- man. Oh I'd I'd I don't know why guys Saturday night and a lot to do a lot of damage when. Well let -- sit you know I think both sides -- day you know say and that been. All that money all this money. Are we all hoping that folded like -- -- all I said was he got more of he got a greater proportion of his contract and most guys get the NFL. Right -- now again -- He's human life of the party stayed the light of the contract. Now all of the other side I think that. You know it will get done. They've gotten that vehicle -- you -- -- -- demand amid this Skype call moral life and they got it. So it's that not be before and I think Christian you're right it's gonna be what mark you know -- -- to pot stirring until -- but in the end. -- what could be a year and and I I think you want to retire here and I do think that they get that dark. -- says here you know that's a ridiculous thing to say -- the teams want the players to play out their contracts. No they don't want. No they absolutely don't want you to play out your contract. They stick these phony baloney on years of what the country right but I'm sick and -- big contract having take a look at the keep -- contract. Oh -- up 56 million dollar contract with the Denver Broncos really is is one year guaranteed at twelfth and a year from -- get rid of and pay twelve million dollars they don't. Not only do they not expect Aqib Talib to get to the and make all the money that they don't want him to. Because they can't afford to have him do only. Only time they really want you to play -- your entire contract in this goes back events. And maybe this is part of his irritation. -- rookie contract. He had -- signed a six year rookie contract that now bears where he's going to be -- six. Years. And I think about nine million out not even not even allowed anymore 06 years they don't watch -- In that contract in year three year for your if your if your player like -- You're if you're terrific player at play -- contract yeah -- -- not as a team friendly deal and will renegotiate when we have to. That's where they deviated from the norm with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. After making Logan Mankins and Vince Wilfork play out those -- deal make every you know make it playwright toll and then we'll take care -- All of a sudden for these two guys the two tied -- things that not you know what we're gonna -- I was up. We're gonna change how we do business here and I can see where Mankins and Vinson got to look at those two deals especially -- When I was playing Pro Bowl caliber in the third and fourth years of my rookie deal you've written and anything upn given me more money. And that's where I think -- Will borrow under his saddle on and has a right to. You think -- -- 6 -- sits next -- your rookie. And you -- six huge -- right. -- it's amazing. What do Ben Watson and outside of America it was six holes that I had an ultimatum open your addiction get your agent rob my. -- -- -- I think that's an odd year days they -- big on him on a six year contract. It's on -- -- on hi David. I got guys it's gonna beat by -- -- I'll tell you why -- should adjust -- contract. They would be I mean -- you know that the all of their contracts they were patently. A and that's flat out the contract so I believe in guilt. Now if that's really looked at. And I are self where it it has been an -- -- to one global in your way out also where. What depends on where it is. Well that -- well it depends on where Denver if there's Denver -- -- Seattle or Sampras Cisco. I mean you look at some of the you know -- green today. Yeah yeah look at some bare handful of teams are 678 teams. That are are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Yeah yeah and they wanted to and the money. Out of being God's justice as get a chance -- it doesn't. I'm in that button on the docket is what you really think -- Well yes. -- we don't know how we got to perform this year I mean he could turn out to allow LeBron yeah. Sound like you work reported team Dave you -- network really those teams have a chance to go to games. -- -- They don't they have a great chance I don't think don't we don't want Arnold event and economic -- We're like he helped Carolina may be -- And Eritrea through he actually lost on the receivers I don't know -- but. The jets and go and and all in which it. That's why all the -- on he would New England will say you'll get called out this -- C'mon man come on you know it's -- you talk about a guy also not like Darrelle Revis. Who has made all the money in the world but doesn't have a Super Bowl -- Got a Super Bowl very early that is -- has made some money. It's on now it could be the passion could be you know I -- -- on -- and -- actually could be player for good team. They have a chance to win the Super Bowl and that will pay him or could be. Eight MI it can be the raiders to be the jaguars aren't as wanna get the money then I think it's covenant. OK let's see -- -- had all -- very early in Benny had another one could -- a big part of that's -- for them to -- that. Yet outbreaks but I don't want it could have been a big part in it before that well -- -- market. Which game which went 07 or eleven however bunker. It's it out. I'll say this if the patriots really wanna make this a business if they really wanna play dirty pool. And hold on loan to help yeah. And it and it it and they cut him in August when it's going to be hard to find a job. -- it's hard for it's hard for him to find jobs at harper them they're playing that dirty pools -- dirty pool for them to right now I can I don't have as much ability and let's let's just play fantasy football here. Let's just say they -- like an outfit kinda. Held this kind of fantasy they'd like to bring. Jared Allen -- -- -- like to bring him and talked -- and they know full well it can take a couple of years probably 1112 million dollars like that. -- can and -- -- talked to him as long as Vince's under contract. So if they did wanna play just business and play that dirty pool and keep Vince tell August then do they proclaimed themselves from making other moves that could make this a better team. -- -- It screw themselves if they -- it's like. I don't think they wanna do that. I think that what they're they're probably have a couple of guys in mind. We wanna go after waiting in the waiting for the numbers -- waiting for. But a little a little filings market adjustment of Filene's Basement discount and then probably hopeful that. In a cooler heads will prevail. And that. Bianca excuse me not a not a liar canard McGwire. Well except the restructuring Bianca are even playing with Bianca rocket tells that you thought as an art McGwire do is a great agent. -- -- oh what's he do win it he says he says okay what he wanted to save them what else do -- okay I'll do that. She has said this to me very flat out. He takes orders. He takes orders because. That guy is worker program. Should -- should be nose gets twisted joke. Yeah it felt like every maker solid joke all hours but she's this she's working breaking up The Beatles did it. 6177797937. Its telephone number that Michael -- I'm Dale Arnold Christian Fauria over their Sports Radio W yeah.

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