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Bob Kravitz on Jim Irsay's arrest

Mar 17, 2014|

Bob joined the show from Indianapolis to give the latest on the OUI arrest of Colts owner Jim Irsay.

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Welcome back 6777979837. Joining us on the AT&T text line our good friend from the Indianapolis Star the as the global columnist Bob Kravitz good morning Bob how Mario. As mobile OS mobile that it would you like like. That it didn't -- let me mole that's true that's true legendary. Legendary I don't like that better riddled. So the colts owner is in a little bit hot water how much hot 130 think he's in Bob. Well you know where where everything is still pretty murky. We're kind of in the fact gathering of phase in this whole thing he got pop. -- last night. Or I guess and OWY. He says he's told that people ideas he drank -- fifteen years and I've never seen -- drink. So but they got a part of possession of controlled substance. So. You know I'd I would bet the house that it you know painkillers or you know some kind of drug like -- This sadly I'm in no no great surprise anybody who's. That are on the -- for the last couple years. There is kind of -- sad inevitability. About this happening. So when the police report says controlled substance that would lose. Knock out or caught a world knock out like cocaine not -- -- it's more about oxy code -- -- to console like that. There that's my guess. I I feel a little weird about it just speculating but. You know given image in the past in the fact that he has been to rehab. 44 painkiller addiction. That would be you know just adding to two. You know that that would be my my educated guess but again it's pretty murky at this point. Do you have any idea Bob if how. How this unfolded -- hit someone something with his car that he get an accident that he was he speeding swerving what was he doing. I have no idea and again we you know we we do not have the police report yet all we got in a statement from. From my Hamilton county police. Is that he was stopped and and and they found. Controlled substance. You know. I'm sure they they had a reason for pulling him over maybe he was leaving. But there was there was nothing in the fall in the end what we've had. That's suggest that he ran into telephone pole or if somebody got forbid. But you know again where we're just kind of flying blind here. What do you mean when you say people around him the last couple of years will not be surprised. You know the last the last year and a half two years. He's lost an enormous amount of weight I asked him about it a couple of months ago I was concerned. And then also you know from a journalistic standpoint you know what else going on. And he said that nobody -- he he had hip replacement. And he had some back surgeries he's got all kinds of problems with the fact you know you dispute over like an eighty year old commander in the course of the season. And he says that he lost the weight. On doctor's orders in order to keep some of the strain off of his back. In office here so but you know there were times. Where you know. He. Had difficulty like me right now apparently. You know saying what he wanted to say he just seemed rattled at times. It's a weird story you know you used -- these things and thinking. Having trouble but how do you reported you know but as I as I've told some people. You know up until he gets arrested. Which again -- sort of inevitable. -- until. He goes out Republican acts you know they truly erratic manner. How do you go about what you know writing that story you know it's kind of like the steroid field you have your suspicions. But that is only so much you can do without without -- facts. Is that a real organizational concern that the guy at the top of the latter is in this kind of places the guy you just describe the last couple years. You know I haven't talked with -- -- sinner or realistically I know that. People inside the building are concerned and have been concerns for -- for for some time now. But you know how that effects the organization what I'll be curious about is how Roger Goodell. When when the smoke clears. You know he went after hacker and -- Russell and some of the guys. You know with the Denver Broncos. I think that. If you hold your. You're in your front office people and your owners to a higher standard. So it wouldn't surprise me at all as you know if if he gets popped in some way shape reform by by Roger Goodell and I think that he probably should. Well what needs to happen here's -- needs to do a public may have called book. Have reached out to him already. And and we'll get some help because this is. You know addiction is a lifelong struggle and a I have the you know just attitude she would get that sound like he's the -- or bite you in the -- again. He's our friend -- knows Bob Kravitz from the Indianapolis Star Bob thanks for the time this morning appreciate information. -- Collected on the road pay a Boris say good bye to NASA and and -- to join us on the at the site the Red Sox are halfway done with spring training make sure you never miss a game. Download the Red Sox schedule directly on your favorite desktop web or mobile counter program at NASA dot com slash schedule. Portland final hour DNC straight ahead.

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