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The future of Vince Wilfork

Mar 17, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Patriots busy weekend in free agency and addressed the future of Vince Wilfork.

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day three questions for my colleagues and excuse me here in the studio out one for Kirk and two for Jerry and I start with you. Sure yeah book reports are you're one question is simple did you miss me Friday yes. He didn't -- and did Saturday and he used the people watch all the time it -- too for you. All misty did not want to do commit -- not there will be missed are we all required to Wear green today. Drink excessively. Act ridiculous and celebrate your Irish heritage -- Certain well I know you'd -- access any of it since Monday it right it put it yes I'm I'm I'm glad property and he got his green yeah I'll try divide had that's what I would warn that yeah yeah I didn't have in the public. Long sleeve to show off the twins. Guidance sons I was gonna. I love the shirt might Tommy boy's shirt right -- a pup -- comedies of all time. But. Haven't that's that's a nice milk it's -- when -- asked you a good thing where should agree a hole. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pants on really green corduroy pants have ever -- green pants I agree or street. Or aren't -- second question to Jerry do you wanna apologize. Now. And say you're wrong about -- and Bianca Wilfork. And what deal art police said would be their response -- reaction was right on the money. No I do not capsule in 604. You -- you know we guy I I don't understand why why would explain it to me. Because what I said was true they -- to react badly they were going to not feel respected they were going to get. Pissed off they -- along the and other pissed off. Her release saw what that's the only thing you can do if you think that offers not fair. You have won its recourse if you're a player US for release actually is culturally actually don't ask -- we should just don't accept their Robert counteroffer. A -- you know they had you know we didn't do that and beat -- we. How -- know they can do how we don't know is another option how'd you know what if that if you hit the wall right to be -- the negotiations all you can do as a player. Is turned down what they offer -- And forced them to -- issue. That's business and you know there's emotion here I'm sure is a lot of emotion I mean you may be right you may not be how do you know how do you know I think they I think there's a match we talked to a -- -- from natural human emotion going -- -- Bedard writes about you heard. Guys talking about this week and what they -- you know. Out Ron Borges trying to get that story and I assume he will at some point he has yet you have not yet we have not heard accurate outraged. No that's not true and it is a release is you don't really asked for at least he just turned down their offer right now my point Asia adding until. Whatever happens happens release then you'll hear from beyond the knows he has to. Flaw here in -- turned down their offer. As a player you're under contract so he's just gonna. He's as far as he's concerned he's gonna be at camp right he's going to be an OT days he's under contract. You say and it released me just say I got a contract on the redo. It. Why do we assume that's not what he's done what do you think they're not outraged. We just don't know I just I know I think he understands this is business yes I think that's I mean obviously he's disappointed but. Again he never thought he was gonna play this contract out on the season dummy. I think vehicle -- the -- last week I disagree. He knew -- lot -- -- eyes and knew he would be upset she would be what they abide by being disrespect it or not. -- getting all their money all the money even in 2000 and I believe was he worked his ass off to get. And he's -- -- did you think he dumped about a truck load of money in rivas. Probably didn't help the pacers and that's to me is childish of -- player in the NFL opens childish yes well I don't know the you know you don't know. I do think I I think you might. View this as business this is an NFL he knew he was never gonna play on the last UST degree. Know that I do I yet at that I'd I'd he would agree ever -- at the other day that there are some guys when they sign this deal some guy's arm against talked about he didn't think that. Guys some guys think the when he signed that deal. You know -- going to be good enough that it just still be worth that money but two years ago coming off an all pro year I'm sure we'll get to keep -- -- -- think's gonna play -- the country help and. I -- Vince -- is different I think Vince thinks he's special. To disorganization to his -- special owner you -- more special than Revis or the markets where these. These future hall of fame and felt more special as say long. Term member of the New England Patriots who thought he had carved out a niche in this community news in niche in this organization and he and she believes he should -- -- -- that's silly he watched it happen -- You know he watched it happen and -- law and what's happened any number of players he knew. That this is how works fell heavily just watch it happen Revis and where and that I think he thinks within the patriots. World he's higher up yeah yeah home then well Miguel -- I'm against them Welker yes he's a -- you better start. -- -- -- -- -- -- second best player ever because only Brady would in that -- like it I think you make it are always Brady gets treated its special -- anemic an argument he's second best. Whole life natured guy of the Belichick -- shore. That's not true you don't hall of fame I mean you -- -- -- make that case I mean hoping to start his crew with the patriots and started his career appropriate yet you obviously seem better but I mean it's most definitely better as a player when I -- he's -- -- they will probably not but what probably the Seymour went for the money. Clearly into pork and rice -- -- -- for the -- -- how many times he's seen the business of football -- I -- that what makes you think he thought. That it wasn't going to be happening him and that cap number eleven point five. Do you think you always look at that said I'm not gonna play a no no I don't either I don't guys I give more credit than that you guys -- -- and I and you should know I think I think he has high. -- confidence it's maybe too much. That's sure I think the misses is a factor too that you think he's delusional and I think it was your nosed player -- -- -- -- -- -- on him and echoes over and over and over again I think you start the thing that's gonna. It's not a matter being delusional it's it's it's a matter of -- human nature your own human nature you could look again you can look well you can see more it's not -- on different. -- a standard in this community I I I have. Son Robert -- that while everybody likes Robert Kraft I mean he loves all recently cuts right. But apparently that didn't I think Vince spot -- what's different you. You don't check loading and -- -- again to human emotion in this time of year we get to -- Up close and personal reasons of the NFL correct he thought it was great player -- -- that getting. What why example he's Vince Wilfork. And help for after each game. He gives craft to kisses on page one -- -- from aircraft and cut it totally different market -- get cut but not as well only different notes -- talk about every bottle and get it yes yes that's -- everybody can get. I understand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK okay I want my original that they expect. I don't know what makes you think they kicked me that their right but of course they're not right right I do think they think that I think that you know. Thought is right when you think about it I think I think what you just said I. Mechanic I mean I agree I agree. A little little -- -- over there. Little her puppet that's the Kirk Hipolito would you. A decade. And Mecca with Rodney Harrison. To be your general manager of the New England Patriots. To could question that the thesis Monica. But he's a little emotion I'd like him as an analyst it is a little too emotional for my taste here is Rodney. On billions. I don't agree with the move basically because Vince Wilfork. He's been such a great pillar of that defense he's done everything you asked in the do he's been a productive player. He's been great the community he's never gotten in trouble. And do our agree with the move no I don't like to move that you come in you find somebody off the streets which you know nothing against Darrell Revis -- you pay them twelve million but yet you ask your captain. Your best player on defense to take a pay cut. There you -- Adult if you if what if Rodney Harrison feels that way about Indians I can only imagine well Bianca and Vince -- about well then what results. Let me ask you this what do you think if you think that took this to them by surprise in the ever. Appeal school warned. What do you think they thought was gonna happen. I think they thought that it was going to be the contract was going to be paid out and played out. Just the way it was side so they were as their ass off and fought tooth and nail. Get the money in 2010. And I think he thinks he deserves it and based on who he has. What he's done is resonate in this community on this team that he is or listen to better treatment. -- -- -- I'd say I've got to stop the blame at -- what do you. What you think you think that they should pay him seven of course not so you'd have no problem and cutting events. So you do have from -- the government's would you say. -- Outcrop. And so we all about -- and a sincere but the guy who's been in the NFL -- -- -- 10 -- to -- doesn't understand that you would say that's scorer who cares that's like sales from cares you know let's say. That's like me find a better deal elsewhere just like instead. That's life in the NFL OK so you thought this was going to be the one guy to play and to some huge cap I think -- thought he was the one guy. I don't think with -- As was said to him. During the years two to Kraft and Belichick the last that kind of -- and in the future but those that still matters people that stuff just gets past the naked did -- get that up. It was the association. That honest. Missing white -- impossible -- this is the stuff about it. This is because he's been around too long he's seen it happen to -- the reasons she feels that he's too Smart around too long he's too Smart. I think he's really Smart and Bianca is too and they know they know how works they never -- might be Smart. You I want to -- -- you think she still. I think she's Smart I I don't know if I -- I don't know either one amendment to eateries march to be very stupid I just don't know I'm assuming she's very Smart I don't know what she has she's very tough. That's where we are human. Nature comes into play so that he was a little cents. Do you think she she thought that Lebanon in a -- number. You think they thought it would be a problem on the -- now. No I don't which I think there's a big -- bits went. You think Vince when he saw that eleven point five when he looked at the charts and graphs I think he thought. I'm good -- a player play under that again a year and a half a year ago before the year ago today will for. Off an all pro year nobody's talking it. But absolutely they were. But in his -- it -- see -- we missed the point he knew that -- up. He just open that -- -- more than they offered. I'll betcha they might out of paid torn it up. And would have paid the money had he not gotten injured here's -- a little while ago and Bianca by the way on showtime discussing this very subject. Your relationship. With this organization and Bob Kraft. Does that make your job safer. And the car's tank now it's a mutual and not -- not an army and it's it's a business to business. -- It's up wanna apologize now you're talking a little -- I was driver line would draw that -- interview that. And her line Google blog about what she goes -- -- -- into the hole with an adult segment that they -- It talks Kraft Kraft talked about it love each other don't they re back into the procedure dirty cheap ones from Bob from exactly what exactly should. Yeah. Well in the group that. Don't think he logged I think I think I -- gotten to a contract it didn't want him to uphold this weekend I'm on a couple of -- on this. On yes beyond us they sit that you wanna talk a bit of an angry Vince. Fine but angry if it's as an angry because they. Tore up the content is -- It is angry because of the offer they gave him after the tore up or as they as they tore up. His current contract they said listen with -- in this up one assigned to a three year. Eleven million dollar deal with whatever six million guaranteed and Vincent once that's where he got angry thinks. He knew it was gonna get -- was gonna get torn up he knew we was gonna get a new deal for less money he just thought it wouldn't be this much less. We don't know that number I'd love to hear that Al Borges gets ahold of these these two. And get all we will the details -- panels open in Dubai and out yet you nurture them and always in spring two at spring training or may be someone else will maybe. Steve Burton deceased count them two that they sit down with him to -- -- you're somebody who has a relationship with Vince. About are meant to show could make them. -- -- in the -- to be on the show the former host and went back to Pacific northwest and all but that's -- -- -- that's it that's a multiple. But that's not the case not a -- -- heart that -- and contributor and that's again trip that's an investigative material that show. I can't keep my shows that no idea so maybe they could give him. Or he could get somebody could get him because I'd love to hear from them. I'll bet he thought the offer for the new three year deals going to be better. And it is and I wonder how much Vince and Bianca. Will be disappointed. When they test the market you -- given that opportunity to test the market. And see that they can actually make more money staying here staying in their house they moved the kids not get out of town and drive and work the same way he's always driven work this Newsweek here as we will be right in emotion will have taken over if we find out we go to Houston. Houston -- character human is that he has in need he knows obviously Billy O'Brien goes -- the coaching staff there. -- -- -- -- -- Romeo and I just got pro life actually breast fed cut five. -- Bradford he'll try to give. But if he goes to Houston buffalo that still doesn't make -- point. If he goes to Houston buffalo and then we find out which we will because it was close to smear campaign. The smear machine will get cranked up and we'll find out the offer was better. Elect Welker deal yeah offer was better he than there anyway. Anyway that's sweet that's we will be right what it takes more money than that -- more to your point that he is smarter than maybe we're giving him creditworthy could get more money than what the patriots offered him in this last renegotiation when does the. And when they do this I mean not in my timetables like I'm lost a lot of dates and times in Patrick's day. I think so today's the day I guess. That today's the day that he either gets -- either announcing new deal. Because I'm sure negotiations are over run well again exits is Smart he knows this is business. In the states he's not gonna say I'm not listening to you anymore I'm -- here. Let him do that right. So he still listing compatriots and he still considering their offer may be open and they'll sweep it'll it'll. But. If they caught him he goes elsewhere. He goes elsewhere does he still reserve the right to come back here. Maybe. They got I got -- how will it be storms on the role that the nose right promotion has taken over how much -- BJ -- sent four. One year and 46 with incentives to get the six I thought it was pretty rich right six and a half -- -- that one year four -- Obviously wolf works better but he's also older and -- him banged up. Well -- and -- and Bianca better get their negotiating. Hat and shoes on I'm reading Jeff -- who said the final season -- will forced five year. Forty million dollar contract includes seven and a half million base salary. A 400000 dollar workout bonus and a 200000 dollar -- bonus plus. The pro rated portion of its eighteen million dollar signing bonus coming for three point six million in -- money for the pats did what will four to account. Were eleven point six million -- this year after tearing his Achilles. We've negotiated ass off. Sort of see walked limped off the field he knew that this was inevitable I'm -- limped off I think you're thinking -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Feels -- more important to this organization and let's say he Tommy -- Sure sure you think he's been she's more important this organization man. Anybody else but perhaps mail on the defense declare subsequent -- to keep it floating -- forces right. That has some off three -- again that's ridiculous if it does but that doesn't mean it's not. So it'll affect what you would happen if he gets an offer from Houston and it's three years and thirteen million what's the patriots and the Pate was gonna get to the patriots offers. For years and thirteen million I think you're going east. So what then. Well and you know be right right Daniel seal the -- is right and you think he is right now. I don't understand why would because what you think it is the only thing could do was say. I'm not redo -- that's what he did at that only recourse we have only response to them. Offering whatever I managed to cut him he's forcing them to cut -- only recourse a player has in his situation correct. We don't know that is that's emotional. I think it is. And I do think that this chance that if the two offers the same states. Share pictures you'll hear all of that and we -- here. But usually in August at the free agent market usually -- I can order. Vincent Bianca did the use sports mouthpiece but some sort of sentiment from fans that's now nobody else he can block tomorrow right nobody would have been through this enough to death that the show works. And again people who say this is wrong with the did Vince my question do you want them do. I'm playing on the right Lebanon happened a cap and limit their options want them to be emotional like Rodney Harrison and say hey he's the capital defense -- it is funny that the thing that we respect the most about Belichick that they respect it. Let us bloodless. Cold. In this emotional system that's support. It just worked for years. That there are times of people think that he issued -- be that way in. And and a lot of character and in the big hug NC -- -- -- -- goal all the analog John Henry with David Ortiz would have been more inclined to do what you just said -- not torn Achilles -- finished the season and played strong but he played well. Not at 400 pound guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what -- open for. -- has -- -- they made him play in a secure rookie contract as a six year first round pick rookie contract. And then he signed this deal and is important point though they made him the highest paid defensive. Tackle interior defensive lineman ever -- Thomases that you've picked the wrong time you brought your board it's. I would argue that. If you could offer -- to a 45 or six years history -- and yours was born was one of them I'm guessing that -- you ask -- team like the -- 1774. Not that ignited a bad idea of people notice that I -- 45 now I meant like what is the number 4550. Million. His career yet. When -- about NFL lineman that's a pretty good career. Pretty. Lucrative NFL career Tommy -- just lacked at least make it less than a million bucks. Where's the emotion for him was -- -- he's not Gonzales on. He's not he's a joy is not it's not yours is not of events -- -- -- would Belichick got his son. -- money's the big -- that's who -- 6777979. B 37 happy saint Patrick staple lines are open. And I can't believe you reserved. Your outrage. And hero I thought we -- get you yeah I see I operate base your outrage. I am too. And so outraged. They did our guys were up it's just it's the were mean I. Element to this idea that we didn't talk about race at the this. How are outraged and he has no yeah my eyeballs bugged out of you know there's this missing in line in this war in the Ukraine -- -- common players in August this tiger women and kids Kenny -- taller blocks her. Poverty and pestilence and locusts and none of that. All sales. Ricky -- -- has been short changed has been done wrong and injustice here. People that social justice yes this is a case we have to demand social Genesis for -- -- it's a you have people next. It's -- offense.

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