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Dale and Buck Talk Red Sox: Sizemore vs Bradley and a Trade for Giancarlo Stanton in the Works?

Mar 16, 2014|

Dale and Buck discuss one of the bigger stories in Spring Training which is Grady Sizemore being projected as the opening day center fielder and Jackie Bradley starting the year off in Pawtucket. The guys actually think this is probably a smart move for the Sox. They also get into the possibility of the Sox making a move for the Marlins Giancarlo Stanton, what it would take to get him and if it would be a good idea for the Red Sox.

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-- says of course dale you know everything I I actually. Stressed at the beginning. It just doesn't ring right to me but I haven't been so I don't know. I got back and forth here I got to Texas says absolutely on price jetBlue very expensive. We catch socks on Florida road trips. -- -- cheaper and yes on scalpers. And I have another one here. Who says I went to a game at jetBlue last week -- walked up an hour before the game paid 58 dollars for two tickets behind home plate. Let's certainly not more expensive than Fenway Park. So -- so you're getting information. Here it is the army -- getting information that says that tickets at temple of more expensive at Fenway I don't believe. And I have another text or who says that jetBlue games are sold out. And tickets against Baltimore were around 75 dollars each. Through stub hub and ace ticket not talking about face value -- what the secondary market bears I have no idea. I I. If you're telling me that in on the secondary market. It cost you more to go to -- -- or ace ticket I have to read this to the comedic value of his deal won't read it. Dale please read this on the here. Dale I love what you bring to the show I hope you get the spot with a oh thank you very much pre I just try to think how funny would be for -- oh I have to read this whole -- went second -- that be pretty politically everything you. Com Dexter says the Sox fans here in South Carolina would surprise you Obama transplanted New Hampshire right. -- moved in 79 Sox are deep team here in. And now South Carolina -- Greeneville the driver awesome. Okay then that's the team -- what coach a -- -- -- in semis it's. Saturday out baseball question. Is Sizemore our center fielder on opening day it's. The willingly pay out more upon reality and only because. It. Because they can send Jacqui -- -- -- -- they'd see the way I've got it worked out unless they trade Mike Carp and correct me if I'm wrong. There's no way they can carry Sizemore Bradley on the roster at the same time. I don't see how because you've gut. Twelve pitchers and you've got nine position players Connie -- The DH right so so that's 21 right there that gives you four slots. You got to back up catcher. Ross in -- back up in Villa a -- you've got Weber is not starting out of the Gomes knob a tandem. That's three and you guy at bottom. That I mentioned OK you get back up -- -- back -- infield -- gov but no Gomes Nava and up Mike -- And you gotta have Mike -- and so the only way you can have Sizemore in Jackie Bradley junior is to move Mike -- If you gotta have a backup infielder in got to have a backup catcher. And nominating Gomes kind of locked into -- to trade one of those guys and not get a trade. One of those guys to make room for question mark. And and I'll say this if if you do start with -- Grady Sizemore is here opening day center fielder it's good thing. Because it means. He has shown the ability to a play the position on a regular basis and not one of these. Now he can play three days out of four you and I were talking about this before one I don't wanna see is a Rocco Baldelli situation which yeah I mean and that's the easy comparison to make its logical comparison because. They were both give the young players whose careers would -- do you real by injuries and and run all their fault no it's just their bodies betrayed them. And I don't want it. You know we're Sizemore well I don't think -- go to -- skip but I might be able to gold tomorrow. And as I said he he's gonna have to in my opinion show them that he can play four or five days and -- -- four or five days out of seven. And and -- at that point where physically his body can do that. And and Grady Sizemore is some approximation of what he was prior to being hurt. You're a better team with while the other problem with crap from -- and the other problem with having size team you know we not gonna plant in sixty games. Excellent so is gonna play 120. That means that for 42 obviously thrilled if he could play -- 120 okay it will listen balls that closed door meeting with Victor Reno because he's the only other guy unless I'm missing somebody. He got the ship over the center field whenever sizable wasn't in the line. And I think apple look at a particularly played nine at ten games center field last year victory and he was planted right field. And he was upon nominate a phenomenal season you want a full round would -- to Reno's. It's being settled in -- rate you alluded to make him the the at the back up center field with Sizemore can't go it it it it's not as easy as size -- you're center fielder that's a little simplistic. Doesn't it seem though as we get closer to the start of the regular season in his spring training has progressed year. Did it looks as though he's healthier and healthier and and more capable of while. That the big test for me was I heard you guys talk about before when I have a couple of days with early last week you played back to back games. For the first time as the Phillies game and then what over the plate and maybe Baltimore. Any played and that first game and and I know people would joke about why he. He grounded help looked great running in the bag and I think people will look more into the first day -- still really that's they were -- And so I think people -- looking at things to be excited about but you know we'll see it's unfortunate for Bradley I think he's ready now but this is. This is the move they can make without doing -- -- -- report are let's say that Jackie Bradley junior is ready now. Should be in the Major League lineup -- right opening day right. Do you do him a disservice and by extension your organization a disservice if the guy who's ready and should be there. Is being told to go down to triple. You know doing him a disservice it's just it's just the numbers game community -- you're doing a disservice to your fans if you don't put the best team in the field that can. And it's probably Jackie Bradley junior has a whole lot of leverage right now. He he he did not succeed during these opportunities to play in the big leagues last year he finished up strong and AAA. Now we have to re prove himself all over again. Coupled with the fact that there's a once brilliant player wanting to take the job that we thought would be his. And it if it Sizemore is if they don't roll the dice on Sizemore when not having this discussion -- talking about Brady Bob Bradley being a center fielder. And let's see what happens but Sizemore is that can you imagine. Go go look up thought that 45 year run that Sizemore had when he got MVP votes every year it was at 3030 guide gold Glover. It and and try to imagine getting a guy Bechtel for free because all they had to do is say sign this I was all for trying this. I felt it was you know nothing ventured nothing gained. It's it's money that's all it is it's what 800000 dollar product and it's you know in in. In our world it's a lot of money in their world it's nothing. But I but I have to admit I didn't really think there was much of a chance for this to work out I didn't mean you know he basically missed two years -- -- -- Lincoln you know what are the chances you missed two years in him back NBA viable everyday Major League player. After that I didn't think chances were I did exactly what you did when they signed him the first thing that I was Rocco. Because Rocco would we we saw Rocco as a young center fielder I think may be -- likely focus on him more for two reasons one he's Smart island. And he went to. And -- And does so we thought Cumberland products always so it's always I'm disorder -- and a few of the LaSalle and opened. So so we've focused on him because -- he was a local guy. And the -- flex play eighty games a year against Tampa Bay so we saw horrible lot because it there in the east yeah. And we sweep in and we remember him throwing guys out at the plate making light. Visible deal flame. Bill Swancutt sending guys home or sooner or later he's gonna miss but he never did. And so becomes the Boston. And we we saw the once promising player just couldn't get help in upstate in the field and everybody loved him by the way. He he came to the baseball writers' dinner. Right after he signed. And that press conference and they even gave Nomar assured the game five which is going to be one Tampa Bay up and he spoke at the base -- -- dinner. -- was so eloquent and he was so like. Message driven he he he knew that he was -- -- owners beacon of winged wonders and that's the -- came across. And everybody want him to succeed. He didn't as a player. So now they -- sized point and it's only natural you not think about Rocco. I don't Jackie Bradley junior was flavor of the month last year about this time a year ago and it texture says the injury at this conversation with rob Bradford a year ago. Temperature -- Ellsbury in center field. Right you had Jacoby Ellsbury playing center field for yet the question was in this was you hadn't seen Victor -- play for you yet. You know the question was where can you fit Jackie Bradley junior in. And you were really trying to shoehorn him in to the roster a year ago -- it didn't make sense to -- As you point out you know have a center fielder right now. Unless Sizemore can do it. And even if he can do what you know there's going to be a certain proportion of games he can't play and who's -- man that position if he can't. On May be victory and within a problem you know I angle right up there are no issues at all but you know sometimes baseball players and little touchy about little new Jiabao. These things and he's got the cash they -- EE he's got some he's not just the guy lucky to be in the big leagues and just wanna Wear the uniform. He's been around a long time he's put -- World Series winning teams he's played for. At least three audited -- become the dodges we -- of organizations so he's been around a long time he's got some he's got some power here is cut but power but he's his his voice should be heard. I -- I'm trying to think I'm gonna Sox prospects dot com which -- is is a website that I love. And and they have a lot of information that I find very useful. I'm just looking here real quick because I'm trying to figure out what Jackie Bradley junior did a year ago. He's considered according to Sox prospects dot com he is the Red Sox number two prospect only behind Zander Bogart's. And he did not have a great year last year. You won 67 in Pawtucket. And yet texture pointed out you know the -- he had you know an OK year but not a great year. I'll take that back -- -- hit 189 period to seven -- five there well and that's not even accurate because those numbers don't reflect that he finished up his last five weeks very strong. They don't do game by game breakdown in baseball reference for the miners but up he he did finish up strong and someone who follows Pataki with much greater vigilance which with with which I do. Might be able to back up the point but I know that those last five or six weeks at the -- and he played very well. And I am looking at. Is he ready to make the the jump to the major leagues and I think it's a legitimate question he certainly. Did not hit at the Major League level a year ago. I -- you can't you can't dispute he got an opening day walk off with CC sabathia in we. -- the sees me want to put him in the hall of fame. And it didn't quite work that way and they went down the Pataki it's struggled early on turned it around as you pointed out later on in the year. I think the departure of Ellsbury left many people to believe it was just a -- that he was going to be the center fielder and John Ferrell said yesterday. We came here with Jackie Bradley junior is our Satterfield he that. That Texas as used Bradley to -- for Stanton. Giancarlo Stanton from the -- Miami Marlins. But I think that trade may yet be made -- is the Marlins a building in the Sox have a dozen prospects to trade. I don't think it would be Bradley only because that they don't have an appeal insurance. So like I -- on the field at all. I mean if what I building's size was right center field Bradley's obviously the back up bottom. I could certainly see. I -- he. Marie aero. Henry L and -- always is the one I don't think I think he I think he's untouchable. Front and -- or Barnes Webster RI I would all of those guys I would guess if on the Red Sox just aghast. That the two guys and you know they get calls every -- people always -- in general managers and scouting directors and whatnot. If if if bomb if I'm guessing. That to prospects -- hands off. This is assuming you still consider -- the prospect is now the average age and I I understand why a that the website Sox socks prospects. Right considers him a prospect. But not know why he's graduated remains rock I agree with that of -- purposes. Considering that Bogut is the longer prospect but in every day big league player which he is at the moment. I would say the only completely hands up guys and ailments right now. He is the guy who's just not available he is untouchable for well I I say that because in in you go back -- -- we -- John Ferrell when used to be on your show and you know how insightful he can be up. And there were just too many times that he has brought up Henry -- with this is the key. Without being asked. You ask him a ball wallpaper Delhi is something and he somehow brings Henry Owens into that to me that clos. Left handed. Huge 67200. Brown's big gangly kid. I'm I'm I'm reading from Sox prospects 88 and 92 mile an hour fastball. Inconsistently. Tops out at 94. They think that he may add velocity velocity is -- as his frame. Builds out you know -- it'll say you need a high school kid right now Vietnamese in nearly 67 but he only weighs 200 pounds. But they also say that he's very mature and and his numbers up through the minor league system in it he went to Portland last year. Any pitched in. I can't see the number. Oh here it is he pitched in six games at Portland -- -- one point 78 ERA he was you know making that jump from Salem. To Portland and his numbers actually got better than they were in Salem. Now he'll he'll make that next step now. And he'll make the jump I had I had only been told in the past and you can tell me if -- -- crap I'd always been told in the past that the jump from double -- triple life. In many cases was bigger than the jump from -- to the majors. Yes well. Big leagues in the big leagues but but but guys get weeded out in the minus that we never even talked about because they don't get to war. State right but yeah I mean when you consider. When you consider all the guys in the minor leagues and Khamenei actually make it AAA. I I remember years ago they were. That NASA did a documentary on yeah it's like his final season. And in part of that they had yet -- the kitchen table talking it was on the late Mike is -- Who is drafted by think the White Sox and braves originally. And he's talking about you know where he's gonna go in the minors and stuff and I remember that during that interview on that NASA documentaries as well you know go to minor leagues. You go to double way. Bubble way to AAA ball my Ellis the big leagues that the big jump. And that is a huge jump because double blade double plays -- a lot of guys say bye bye. Guys that always told me guys who know this game much better and -- do it for for many players coming up through the system that jump from double later AAA is the big. What do what do you make that jump you know chances are you're our Major League capable. While the other thing is what you get the AAA most of the guys are playing with have been the big leagues and they know the tricks they know all the dirty stuff. And added there there there are much more savvy and eyes wide eyed. Which is why. They have their futures at Fenway thing every year which is a great take. I don't like it when they have a Tripoli teams there because. I don't feel is goose -- -- where. Where like the kids the lol in Greeneville whatever step in Portland although I got him at Fenway. Mean Carlos Pena played that game at home run playing for the -- Our Columbus had to get to a was but he was playing. For a Tripoli team he'd already been a big leagues for seven years it was that year he spent in the minors and -- -- it was -- six acumen to the Red Sox late in the season. It all run a winning game. But two weeks early he's playing in the future he's he wasn't the future. And -- and again to make my point -- going to double -- AAA a walking in a club buses filled with big league savvy guys. -- brings up the point I feel by the way about John Carlos then texture says the price. Talked about for Stanton is ludicrous it'll be the worst thing the Sox could do if it's even close to that 45 grade eight prospect Paul. I kind of feel that way that if it cost you you know 45 of your your top prospects. Have you done yourself a service if you brought that -- it's almost back to that question we're asking in our number one about an -- Tyler Sagan is supposed to Riley Smith and and -- Ericsson. If if you if you strip your system. Of three or four of your top prospects to get a great Major League player don't misunderstand my. My thoughts about how good ideas. Are you better off -- the long you may be better off short run. And if we get to World Series title you're better off period -- I'm just saying. You know are you better off in the long run given the way they're trying to build this this organization in this system. That perpetuating. You know player development machine where in you keep bringing players I am at this point earlier. We mentioned McCoy early on in and if he if you ever get chance take your kids go -- game at McCoy and the -- it do it anyway but this year. Well again yeah I mean it's gonna be like watching -- better than watching Houston Astros -- what you know I. I've been saying for years that the that the best organizations other ones that will introduce. At least one. Important player a starter or key guy in the bullpen every single year who comes up from the minors. And for a good long while during that Theo Epstein run. It was Pedroia analysts six that was applied to Beagle go back to all five Papelbon came up. And then a year later it was Lester than it was Papelbon. And it was Ellsbury and it was a -- Won't bull is another one in -- back to 1986 the Red Sox starting pitchers the World Series were Clemens. -- -- -- -- For guys to keep up from your farm system who started all your games the World Series potentially considering that -- gonna move on at some point. There is the potential. War. Lester. -- -- Who brought. And who these kids in the is peavy -- yeah Webster will -- you know one of those Henry Owens. That you know probably won't happen because guys get traded him you know we just talked about trade some of -- -- -- But there is the potential a year now a year from now -- two years from now. But you -- -- five starters who to a reformed system Texas has dale Stanton is different because he's 24 I understand he's young and he's great. But he can only play one position the left field yet. What if that cost you. Four major leaguers they wouldn't be stymied traded -- what I'm saying is during the course of stands career here and Red Sox uniform if that were to happen. You know guys who would be Manning or other positions for the Red Sox are gone because that was the price to acquire Stanton. Why you lose the Gomes -- a platoon I assume out. Because you gotta you gotta have victory -- -- right field. And we've already talked about senate feel with that would not play and again -- Just so if you just turn your Radio -- not projecting history it's gonna happen out on and we just talking hypothetically here. But you you you could not have eighteen -- roster. -- Giancarlo Stanton. Jonny Gomes in gained enough for all want by the way did with your show they had not -- the day. Naw I he was on my Maloney I heard -- it's a well spoken and god. He's just he's he's going to be. He's going to be in somebody's both some point when his days are over pretty Smart is -- and so well spoken quick break will try to squeeze in a caller to before the top of the hour Sports Radio WEEI.

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