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Dale and Buck Take a Look at What Brandon LaFell Brings to the Table and the Bruins Current Winning Streak

Mar 16, 2014|

Dale and Buck give the details on what LaFell brings to the Pats and what Kenny Britt would bring if they took a flyer on him. They also get into the run the B's are on and how the Montreal win was a springboard.

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Our number three sports Sunday Dale Arnold Steve Buckley Sports Radio WE EIA. Yet texture. Brought up the point. Excerpt from 617 says look fellas talented and a big target it's six to Brady needs that I thank. -- is a disappointing physical freak with a a ten cent head worth a look though. I might be a little harsh but right now at the text brings up the great point about Brandon fell. He's only 27 years old 62208. Pounds has played the last four years with Carolina. I'm looking here. Played 141614. And sixteen games so out of the last four seasons. He's only missed our grand total for. But but listen to the number here. Receptions 38 for 468. 36 for 613. 44 for 67749. For 627 -- In four years he's got a 167 catches for 2385. Yards and thirteen touchdowns. His numbers dwarf Kenny breasts. And it is overall numbers just dwarf what Brit has now. The patriots. Have Marty visited with Jason -- bought -- visiting with Kenny -- reportedly today so they think they need more and they may think Kenny Britt is the guy. But Brandon fell. Could be a really nice addition to this receiving corps I'm looking at right now. And. Yeah you know what they can use a big guy I want a big -- out a big big big wide receiver on the team. I would fit in nicely in the team he has at least briefly not a lot he has. Returned punts. Small amount they may think that they may be able to work that into the mix as well. But. I think Brandon lapel because he played in Carolina the last four years let's be honest how much we watch Carolina. Lest we care about Carolina. But I think he's gonna be it a a good addition to this receiving corps now whether they add Kenny Britt whether they -- Jason about whether they get somebody else whose name we haven't even heard yet. They haven't even visited with yet they obviously think they need more. I kind of agree with them. 6177797937. With telephone number other Texas says would it be possible to mention that Providence College when the big east tournament going to the big dance we did a I understand not everybody listens to every minute of you know every shall we can't mention that would ideally -- and his many staff that it did a great job winning the B. I put a thing on FaceBook and Twitter thing I'm gonna be on the show dale this morning so give -- -- call a polio Red -- patriots and Celtics questions. And -- getting inundated with you know why why it's not my PC. Why is talking about my beloved you -- minute that we're going to be in the tournament the percent to 1998 Y it's talking about the Boston Marathon playing time -- that on the road. I don't there's no time to talk Boston Marathon it radiates a tough talk guided us let's be honest except that day. Not even that day. We don't act like it's going to be different to you right you play by play -- I -- and I will grant you that this year is going to be different than any in our lifetime. The Boston Marathon day this year is going to be -- than anything we could ever think up. Notice buck on and lob in the setup for I know I know you you know what yes part of that -- education bubbles are -- here. Dick dale is providing me is sad way to point out that are running in the marathon this year. -- our buddy -- Brady's. Therapy development institute of Cambridge is one of the world's biggest ALS research facilities. And I'm running America I don't have a direct link. Like a website the -- but -- -- 70%. Of the 5000 need to raise -- to send -- email. At S Buckley at Boston Herald dot com and I'll send you the directly the most and and re tweeted about a minute but. -- 5000 dollars and I put it up on Wednesday and already cut the 3200 so. I'm just like 18100 bucks away so Biden get a bunch of people just the tip and 1520 bucks we get this thing done today. The -- -- as Buckley at Boston Herald dot com or. Go to my Twitter feed at buck and Boston in a minute I'll have the re tweet up if -- very you although Pete Brady's he's the former BC baseball cap and he's a rock star in the -- community in bilateral peace you know -- having a baby. It's I -- all eyes on note about that early like he is like Julia congratulations numbers so he is. It busy young man easily 29 years old and he is fighting the fight. Man I have one other baseball note it's it's it's unfortunate but it involves a former Red Sox player and you may have heard this already out of Detroit. Jose Iglesias has issues with both shins. And according to the Detroit Tigers will miss the next four months. First ball it's sad because you know -- see great players miss and he's our guy like -- and at times but second ball. Detroit freely admits they really don't have a replacement on the roster right now for they may have won by 5 o'clock and all the irony they might have to go Stephen Drew yeah. And John -- meeting with the media today. I'm I'm reading Jason mass strode don't know autos. But that's life that's your denial yeah I'm reading his Tweety said John Farrell said the Red Sox were aware of and careful with Jose Iglesias is -- issues when he was in Boston. -- said he feels bad he's available player. I was and where she and issues that so and -- by the way that wouldn't be unusual that they would be aware of a medical issue that we -- to Wear off for one thing. If you were looking at trading him as -- ultimately where why would you make that public but the apparently this year and issues -- to such a degree that Jose Iglesias is anonymous -- as much as the next four months. They actually touch so this is long it was a couple weeks ago and it if they with tiger was saying what kind of running out of time here. It needs to get back out in the field be ready for opening day and and what a shame because a he's a good kid he's a he's a future star obviously if -- doesn't become an issue. And you don't see anybody get hurt but you you don't wanna see -- barely starting blocks of his pro career. Have this kind of an ailment to deal with because it's it's gonna set him back a long time and by the way if you haven't seen him play he is so much fun. B I mean we all have obviously some speaking generically. UDU. One of those guys I always said that Alex Gonzales was the best Red Sox defensive shortstop of my life. This guy was right there now looks as though the 2006 the that was our best I'd ever -- right. Completely agree with you. This is with all respect that I -- see Johnny Pesky and Everett's got guys -- thousand years ago. But but that kind of range that arm that consistency absolutely of the mighty Red Sox lifetime I had never seen anybody. Play the position better defensively and I saw him play. And an Iglesias has that kind of of skills and abilities. I don't think that there's a difference in the ugly cius has a tendency it's almost like it comes too easy to want. And he has a tendency at times to try to make plays look. Tougher or more difficult than they have to be with some of that via and I'll get a little mustard on the hot dog type of thing a but he is it was amazing watching him -- guys who have watched tell me that. The DeVon Marrero has a little bit of that that skills and abilities in them defensively when there watching him down their Fort Myers as well and when you figured it connect to Kenya's third rarely short. That that the depth they have desk -- -- in the played. And some of the pitches Renato and in Henry Owens who what you gonna hear a lot of the depth they have their farms is that the one thing they don't have is. Maybe it's our grants but that power hitting you rates gonna step in there back to the call to go JP's in north Providence AJ -- There -- a part of waterboarding Oreo. And doing great and I don't adapt it quoted on the top ten list. Yep I'll lean on. Any printed directory without a ball and -- would vote guys. Yeah two great questions the first or not my real question it's what you might note built like -- court. The win over Montreal secretly inside a locker room -- that much untrue guys get ready for the playoffs as it is for obstinacy it's been over the years. And what do you mean. Just how they. Never show you all all. Up. -- absolutely. An -- and -- they they talked. Pretty freely in the in the dressing room after the game in Montreal how much it meant to them. Given how they've they've lost five and -- the Canadians. You know they they really felt they had to make a statement and they did physically and emotionally and -- that's an emotional -- their pretty level headed in there. You know they are the classic don't get too high don't get too -- group. In -- one of their strengths rough but yeah I mean not not all regular season Windsor are created equally. And winning at the Bell Centre in Montreal this week meant a lot to. That that that's we're told reporters that fit all -- you have to that we felt about now my real question. We're gonna go off the Tobin Bridge -- doctor -- oversight to corrupt. I don't know -- Mr. park he's playing good he's not playing good. That sweet nor can lit up the ball well we're urged Google -- -- -- Well I got I got news for you JP sense he's come back from Sochi he's been really really good. You know I was worried. You don't think we got a great cup which is that a lot more on the brought spot all the not. Began yesterday is good at that knuckle thing that would buy a mud by the -- It's a shot out. Question how much I mean especially the front the group which I -- to move for the veterans. Well there are no I think yeah we can embark on -- got the victory at the K we got to stop political weight. Let got it I took a shot a crude and Marcos in that puffing up wrestling -- yet. -- a little bit but it could move the pocket we got it again that we -- the plans -- -- -- unbelievable. Well elect in in my opinion. May have. One of the three or four best goaltenders in the National Hockey League I think Tuukka Rask will be a vezina trophy finalist this year deservedly so. And I think that that they absolutely have the quality of goaltending that gives them the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup championship. I haven't been as critical of took his game is you have JP but I'll tell you this if you think back to the three games. Right after the Olympic break Bruins really came out flat and didn't play very well. Which go to the first period of that ranger game that's Sunday night game in new York and the Bruins are getting out shot like 21 to five or something. And took it keeps its scoreless. East they up to them and from that point on they took off and I've never looked back. It that gets more and pull them -- physical because it doesn't look tired and I know the question at the arrests are going forward or you're just kinda. -- -- -- -- It's only going looks tight and gives a bad goals. I clearing -- I don't since he's tired at all and I I don't it I think they are being judicious with. With you know how much he plays I was actually a little surprised he played the Phoenix game the night after the Montreal game but Chad Johnson is a Brinkley good. Back up goaltender -- little Bobble in December. -- kind of intelligently whether it was load whether it was you know I'm Peter surely whoever was they bring in Nicklaus that -- from Providence. They they bring a man he dresses any gets a start it was almost like a little kick in the pants that Chad Johnson perhaps because from that point on. Johnson's been great and think about this year back up goaltender right now. Is 143. And one and his goals against average is around two point one Nader some like that editor smack talk. You'd you'd appreciate this he played Portland last year. A -- yeah -- and -- interests and talk to them because he he was up on his Bruins he lived in which should beat. And like all former Maine mariners and and what does he do on his nights a few what's most of what to grow until last year he was a Bruins I don't think fans. But a Bruins follower last year in the eight -- A text or by the way I I guess arguing with my contention about Alex Gonzales said Burleson was better. Not defensively when it wasn't an end -- not a way close -- it's not even have this discussion. Somehow disrespect for -- and he was a tough. Tough player and I love Rick Earl yes I did -- offensively he was even close to a head Gonzales was that your for the rights and. The others that this the famous story about Zimmer almost sort of way hitting -- -- was hitting him ground balls. During -- spring training game against the Dodgers. And the sort of came up and saw how top Burleson was -- said he's a -- -- little rooster or something like that both the nickname was born. So so our respect for Rick growth and is on the very high shelf in the in the study here but but Gonzales had a better be expensive season. In 2006 all right talking about was defense depth I had never seen. Our Red Sox shortstop played defense like there was a team that was a game and I was on the trip it was a game in Toronto and David Paula was in the -- and and it was a one -- back on. Runner at first nobody out. And -- did this thing returned. It should have been an easy 163 but he turned. And and didn't get the ball out of club in and that the rhythm is Gonzales is supposed to come across the bag right at the pro. And -- had gone past the bag because he double clutch throw. And then managed to stop it a step backwards get the ball over befuddled and -- -- what a -- And I'm like and I can't do it justice by explaining it you have to see it. And and it's one of those plays it's just went 63 in the book but. You realize his his his reflexes in its ability to read what was happening which in this case was dubbed David -- double pumping. Such a great shortstop. And it was adaptable privileged to have watched him play that position during a season by the way when not a whole what was going right for the red -- that was that 06 season -- part. And and to watch what he did that use on -- legally entertain -- on the cellphone Iran. Bigger and more an oil well thank you area. You're behind a good to get that game and sound. Right now we talk about younger ruled out Ian Miller. You -- -- -- -- open city opera in that little making huge difference right now would hate English and everything. I agree you also want. Two came -- I don't like albeit a lot. I see that that broke their call. While I and I'm not willing to go that far but I will say I think he's a finalist. And brought out and -- It would be hard on raskin did the call was is reason parents. -- But -- you know 27 year old and and I do think fell. It it's fair to say Iran that he had a stretch there. January where he was not his sharpest. And and and and there was there were legitimate concerns about the quality of play. And and unit that you knew it was gonna go to Sochi and he was going to be the primary goaltender for team Finland and he was gonna add to that the workload. But he is one of those guys who I think benefited greatly from playing in the Olympics -- ericsson's another one. Who I think they're they're games got better having played over there they didn't get more tired they didn't get worse they both got better. Gail let me ask you one more question why don't go winnable one anymore. I don't know I mean it's it's certainly. That's always been a goaltender number one in 3130. In -- You know an occasional 35 indicate Friday night. I know I don't know the answer to that and it it is great question I don't know if it's just you know they've. Got away from it in it I don't know what began the tradition that all goalies were one and thirty everyone had two goalies and one was 11 with thirty. Well it had to do with the whole of the numbering jerseys from one -- they've been -- thirty guys back and I don't know why they had thirty -- and baseball 123 is beat route that there in the lineup and as Gary what's it wasn't positions -- was it batting our batting. I think it was position of being brought with them but three bad at -- in the lineup. Four was Garrick -- fourth -- out and so forth. 6177797937. -- telephone number AT&T -- minus 37937. It's -- box sports Sunday Sports Radio WE yeah.

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