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Dale Arnold and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday: What a Week for the Patriots!

Mar 16, 2014|

The guys get Sports Sunday going discussing the new-look Pats and all of the moves they have made in the last week. They get into the timeline from losing on on Talib to getting Revis to resigning Edleman. Now, what happens with Wilfork? Dale thinks he will be with the Patriots somehow for the upcoming season. Are the Patriots done? They talk about Kenny Britt coming in today.

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-- Sunday morning to various Sports Radio WEEI this is sports Sunday my name's Dale Arnold. My buddy Steve Buckley it's across the table -- -- Gail -- I was I was thinking about this is I was preparing -- in here and on my drive in this morning at point. The reactionaries. Stop reacting to the New England Patriots moment to moment realize that it if you wait a few days sometimes the the picture changes in the at the situation looks different to yet because a week ago it was doom and gloom and Armageddon for the New England Patriots and their fans. All of a sudden here today it's okay. All right OK couple things number one. We didn't talk about the show off the year correct. Not at all no I don't intentionally so so I'm driving in and and and I think it's better if you don't. Scripted too much driving and I wonder dale talk about and say to myself. The likely the patriot tees and eyes in the price -- -- are becoming guy. We've been a lot of Roland date row and -- what I figure pats but but where to go with two which are jumping off point the pats. And it's interesting that you would start up that -- as I saw -- Maloney a couple of days ago. Over contest. And Friday night I know I am one of the schedules last week where flight to a -- days I was doing on column type stuff -- I was off doing special projects. And I think get a chance the weighing in on the -- We're right able to do so I didn't hear you -- afternoon drive but I did hear Lou a couple of times and tend to. Screaming of the injustice of it all why the pats when they got to make a movements. I have to be honest I'd have been saying all the same things. But because. Now we've seen the story play out now I can sit here in the background that I told you argue there -- gonna pull it out. But you gotta admit dale that the that the view of the pats it's changed dramatically and what -- -- -- while apple route from -- to happen and begin there. Begin right there because they're losing and losing him to the Denver Broncos and AFC champions the team that -- yes well -- for all Barrick all of that coupled with the possibility that the coupled with the possibility that the gonna lose. -- And that the knock in -- doing. It's it's just gonna cut Vinson. All those things so in a week in that period of time as he said Darrelle Revis is here. Brandon Browning is here. Well although he's got a four game suspension that he -- not here yet he's he's a member of the team. Julian Edelman has return. Wide receiver Brandon fell signed yesterday which we will talk a lot more about the coming weeks beep that's going to be a much bigger -- than people realize wide receiver Kenny -- First round draft choice of the Tennessee Titans back in 2009. He is one of those bigger wide receivers the people talked about 63223. Pounds. You'll be shocked to hear this by the way that he played collegiate plea at Rutgers the obligatory -- -- why he's here. If you would have to say that for the most parties that a bit of a disappointment at the NFL level. -- played twelve games he only had eleven catches last year. Is named certainly means more than his production does but another wide receiver that the patriots are bringing in to visit with today. And Eric and I think -- done yet I will take that with a patriots concern I focus less on pedigree. That I do on moving forward every time Brady drops back to pass. It hit settlement that's a sixth round pick connecting with the seventh round pick. Might -- be met on drafted him but yet a year later but -- -- via the point being that if you go solely on had a real problem that port and think Ruben guy they picked up that. It was a rival brave -- with probably the best choice. Was a rival wasn't trumpeted as big news we do agree with that absolutely and yet they saw something I saw something in cold. But -- -- -- didn't really workout he had injuries and so forth and in -- without Brighton -- hip got her out and he was a very good player here. And Chile into the hip and then obviously -- and and you know Belichick's there's one day -- said -- -- circle back guy in the program that I want this guy. He's a very able. I don't think Vrabel. Crable was a surprise to -- I suspect he wasn't the Belichick I think Belichick said. You take a very able to put him in this mixed use in the medium run that way and have a great player. And so that the fact that these guys -- first round picks a seventh round pick. I just focus on how they fit in with the team. It eliminate the pedigree Jason -- wide receiver from the Eagles has already visited the patriots as well what we heard from people was they have improved their secondary. And they had to give Brady some weapons or 0806 all over again. And and I'm not trying to put any of these wide receivers and about the Randy Moss Wes Welker category when they added those kinds of weapons my point is. If -- you -- patriot nation. What their areas of need west and we really think that Bill Belichick is coaching staff didn't know. Did we really think that of their plan and we accept accept that you think they knew going in the last season. Well I think that they may not. David is that they had to tight ends they paid yeah they thought they had the world's greatest tight in tandem. There offense which was okay as it was even without them. Would have been other worldly -- them. So I think they help that they had that addressed and tell obviously the world fell apart last June. -- and the arrest of -- Aaron Hernandez. They may or may not address their needs sufficiently to to keep people happy maybe the guy they picked them maybe. Maybe they -- Kenny who's supposed to visit here today and it doesn't work out or maybe they sign you know Jason upon who visited here already and it doesn't work out. My guess is they know better than we do the the the fan base knows what they -- how to address it. It's not and I how many times have we heard this -- here in the oddest Bob -- ticket money in his pocket. I love when Hewitt you played imitate -- -- fail what we think what how many times have we heard. But it won't spend money all all the stuff they used to say about Jeremy Jacobs out. And now that the the Bruins consistently spent two of the cap -- cancer in about Jeremy Jacobs anymore so they just thrown it over to Robert Kraft now. This team is still really good they were one of the four best teams in the NFL this year despite playing without Vince Wilfork and Tom Kelly -- right well. Except that there was a legitimate concern that they weren't sort of the football Oakland -- from -- Billy -- had those great teams every year. That they'd win 9596. Games when -- AL west and couldn't win of couldn't win a playoff series. That there was this concern that the pats were built to win the east. That they wish it would is absolutely accurate and and then and then they play big boy football in late December early January and and they -- up playing these tough teams and and certainly. The -- it would appear that it's not entirely accurate because you you can look at any number of those playoff games -- if this happened -- that happens I hadn't heard of reasonable is all that stuff going on yup. The that the fact that matters you build -- team to win as many games as possible. You get so what are so -- used to call determined to take chances and so forth. I don't think you build teams to win Super Bowls they could build teams just to build the best team you can't. Because that it that the playoffs can be such that you you have no idea what you're going to have in January vs what you built in August. So you build the best team you can't Belichick to me. Has never been a push the chips to the middle the table when now guys they've always been trading down a draft picks they've always been keeping -- up the bank. It's all about depth and they've always had depth except this past season it is re not adapted well I. Had it because they were to defend against it up that they were able to get to the final four in the NFL despite the rash of injuries especially on the defensive side. And the loss of their two best tight ends and it it. In hindsight it was probably amazingly got as far as they did but the bottom line here is -- we like to react immediately. Like we do it you know the the Bruins play and they were great last yesterday so they're gonna win Stanley Cup. In other the Red Sox play and and John Lackey gets cuffed around and -- this -- never gonna -- again we. We react to the moment as fans and fans have a tendency to react when they give grades out on drafts an hour after the exactly has has it. All it was a three miners trapped for the patriots in nursing guiding uniform yet Clinton but you know I -- love that edits it we re act immediately. And and building eighteen is not an immediate reaction game it's -- it's and an especially here. Where the patriots don't dip into that first 2448. Hours of free agency when. Even the most the most strident critic of the patriots would have to look at and say. Those are some of the healthiest contracts I've ever seen I got to ask you were you Corning is ballad a couple of days ago yeah. Well I mean where you were you with the award -- on boys or were you -- the what is wrong with the patriot golf no I was not that I kept saying. Just calm down they never jump into the free agency in the first couple days they just don't do. Date they -- let that first wave passed the overpriced all my god how much money did you pay that guy away. Which. I mean when people are. Let me ask you this -- a UN camp that believes that. Tom Brady. Shows up and takes a look -- and so -- we got here okay. Or is C a going up the Baxter's in the -- offices swimming is in the table think get me receivers. Only -- guess on my part obviously I'm not on the inside of the building my guess is he doesn't do. But it sure stepped it sure seemed like he did it after that'll sixties. When I when they lost the -- -- did it. Them and and I -- as he always there was a white Oprah you know how come other years he's when he lost the key to the backstage area that is there is that a good point except that. We ball made the point a couple of minutes ago is it possible that. At this point last year. He looked at the roster and said I've got two of the greatest tight ends in history we are and -- but with the soft and we I complimentary. Slot receivers. And all I can work with that but then need to greatest tight ends in history go a different direction right want remotely forever. And we are left with these these kids. That that don't know always plays -- the chin strap off and all that stuff. And and I am just wondering because it just seems now I mean granted they'd they'd. Seem to address the defense first with the moves they made good. And I applaud them for absolutely. And then they look at wideout they start bringing in the ring and -- that bring government back analyze what I think is is is an under rated the key. I'll take one step further I thought settlement said this on Friday with -- Andy -- In the of the gates in here I thought -- woman was going to be back your field and yet he is basically I -- -- of I'd never out of -- until Friday I loved working with. I'll take it one step further I think Vince is going to be back. While. And I'll tell you why I say that if I hope you're right well here's an and that's what I said on Friday. If you and its role buddies in the -- I -- I I I I had I party gave my disclaimer on Friday I am and on a bad ostensible -- fan I I senior recall that there has a absolutely inning with him when he was on your show I love up I look at I love him personally and I love them professional. I don't wanna make it sound like we're out you know. Christmas shopping together something I don't know I I I don't we show socialized with them right but I like the guy acting -- them. A good earnest hardworking guy what I don't good citizen to that's what I mean I I liked that person and I love that player. He he reportedly asked the patriots for his release. And my feeling wise and I said this on Friday if they were gonna do that they would have done it immediately. Because it would be to his benefit that he's out there getting into the free agency pool as quickly as he can't even before the Bill Clinton the money dries up. And and look it it's theoretically possible they've done -- you know how quietly they do things down there. I can promise you if they'd done it you'd hear about it from Vince's side. From his -- I want a date her -- I will say that that the -- new surprise me in that if I can pick one guy. And it won't go all alone until everything -- said because that's all I would echo everything you said. But if I could pick one patriot post -- To remain a patriot for his entire career and then. Wilfork seafood restaurant. Nightly presence on. To -- -- shows you every week. Would he be that guy yes absolutely. Citizen not heed that and what -- he doesn't live here year round it's okay what he's got a huge footprint locally. You know it's his son plays football it's a variant. You know his family's here is is -- there as you said solace is solid citizens in the community. Vince does a lot of five work for charities yes I I think that's exactly your your read on it is exactly right. I just think that if he went to the patriots and said look bell went back and reach an agreement here I want to released. And if the patriots. Were work and ultimately do that. Native Donna that day -- -- events ebonics solid citizen you've been a good guy we're gonna do this we're gonna we're gonna grant to request gonna release is so that you get out there. And and -- get. These jobs that are slowly but surely drying up. The longer we go without Vince being released the more convinced I am that. Work this out in the same way that folks thought Julian Edelman was gonna dot visiting San Francisco of course he's gonna. Thought he'd be back here. Go to adamantly yes I and I thought he window's going to be yep. If you eat it if they went out made all these moves that's the backfield and they don't bring -- -- -- back and they bring in. Projects in question marks in cap stocks and reclamation projects and all that I needed one guy. One guy you can count. Can't count on medium and -- you can't counting. Wrong. You can't count on these 162. Year guys that they have from like here but you can count on middle. Although I'll say this there were questions about how much you can reliant settlement until this year I mean all and I went out and about what she got a bit of now right and end this year that Julian Edelman was that guy you can count. Roll back the clock one year. And we're doing the show march 2013. On saying a year from now we're going to be spending half an hour. Talking about how great it is that the pats of recent -- up. Wedeman was -- complementary player -- almost flat to -- left. And when he did remain people okay nice -- player. Text during the AT&T to excellence is -- why do you spend most of your time alienating the listeners it's not my intent and if -- I do that. Because I'm trying to point out to people that we as sports fans aren't including you and me. That we have a tendency to react to -- now and not look at the bigger what are you going after the media. I was going after every -- that patriot nation but the media is certainly a big part of it on and I completely -- read this I thought you word -- Us meaning. Everybody with a four. You know I edit I met fans yeah everybody -- -- -- is that okay. And don't include me in this listeners with a I think you're great people who chick -- -- if it up at the bottom line here is I'm just trying to point out that. You can you can react to the moment and everybody does -- and that's part of the fun but but your. In all likelihood going to be wrong to some degree. Now as you pointed out a year ago. They didn't London and sign a public free agent wide receivers they drafted three. But they also were pretty confident they had the best tight ending pass catching duo in the history of football and what happened in June people all up. Free agency was done and gone. You know the draft was done and gone they they certainly would approached things differently if they had known in. March April and may what they ended up learning to their detriment in June. I think that. They cut plan it drives us nuts sometimes. Like I've always said. Evidently Bill Belichick doesn't put as much of a premium on a pass rusher is -- Drives me crazy that they don't have that Jared Allen tight you know get to the quarterback and he just approaches it differently. Like this is track record's pretty good. He's pretty good at this stuff you know I couldn't create more it's like -- drives people crazy sometimes with how he coaches the team. And yet what they what they refuse to acknowledge ultimately. I haven't looked at scenarios -- all four lines again no it's not that so much I haven't looked at the numbers today but yesterday when we were in pregame shall we went up. The Bruins had the second best defense in the NHL's second only to the only things. They have the fourth best offense in the now they're leading score data -- -- made a big move betrayed him at all right now David great to their leading scores like 27 in the NHL. Don't house -- You know that added that you know -- castles here you know Tyler -- there I love counseled well and I understand that they don't have that. Forty -- year guy. What they've got is a whole bunch of guys -- were really good. And their their organ at that the way they built their team. Was weak and roll three lines out there and anyone with a three lines to score at any moment and oh by the way our fourth line in -- once in awhile as well you might might. If I can take everything you said the statement words they don't have that one guy. And I industries to vote just because I've seen him so many times that the puck behind his own net almost like -- almost like war not quite like gore. Give credit limits -- this last week that the way he can just this move through twelve guys like even there. And creates them. And and so when I don't see that iPhone of that bits and I say why can't we get guys like that but your viewpoint is what may. The way they build the team in the wake -- coaches the team. Is designed differently than that one big sniper that flashy. Bobble at the end that Alex old batch communal 45 goals in and that ripping slap shot from the from the top of the circle but not built that way. Because when you get to the playoffs if you shut down that guy you've shut down the team. Before we go to the break after askew at at the risk of stumbling into Michael. They need to loosen. At that trying to. Yeah I I hadn't seen Tucson and I understand the question I try to cut too proud no let's -- I don't understand the question I'll tell you why why I don't think so. Because I think if they continue to play the way they are. And they get to what they wanted what it's gonna allow them is to give some guys some rest at the end of the regular season. Because they will of wrapped up the things they need to -- -- they need you know -- it it it and you know made the last two games the regular season don't mean anything now. Because they played so well in the middle of march and so would Chara goes they carry a -- for these days -- go take you to put your feet up. A couple of days just rest okay. And I think that playing well now is gonna give them that opportunity but we'll find out 6177797937. -- telephone number. The AT&T text line. Is 37937. Let's get to the calls -- you guys who bring UN those of you who want to. I'll react to the moment on how the patriots are building this team feel free those of you who want to react to the moment how the Bruins are playing right now and he very legitimate question -- ask is it possible. That your little worried because they're playing this well. In the middle of march and you want them to play this well in the middle of April but will get to those discussions with -- was well. 6177797937. As the telephone number sports Sunday -- box Sports Radio WEEI. We're playing well or playing hard I think we're doing a lot of good things here but -- discredit. State of course here I don't think or doing things. To peak too early I think we're utilizing our players are -- as much as we can get some guys some rest and all that stuff so. We're the best we can. Claude Julien after yesterday's game against Carolina he brings up an interesting point when we talked in buck brought up the very legitimate point. Argue with the Bruins -- concern that the playing so well now are they going to be able to play this well a month from now. But Claude brought a good point since the acquisition. Of Andre in the Soros. Kind of and rotating guys in and out on the defensive unit they. They you know gave -- Hamilton two games off they gave -- -- game off I really really want them to get it in a Chara. Some time off and I think that we are not happy about that. I'm sure it wasn't night I -- The that he amplified that at some point I didn't think he was. Overly strident about artistic it's got a cold he's gone from wide IQ just happy -- be you look at me and -- he's pro hockey players. To. That would be up their play in any wasn't even as as strident as that but what he said was of course and to support you know you wanna be out there helping your team. -- guys who are OK with not playing it's it's like that argument in the NFL. You know Ryan mallet shouldn't be happy you know make a whole bunch of money -- a clipboard B and number no we should be happy at all. He should he should think you know what am I wanna go play somewhere every time a guy who doesn't dress with not being addressed becomes the story. We always get the obligatory level -- shot. Yet we showed it yesterday on NASA and we showed a -- important sitting on the ninth level and and I saw the shot the other day. -- and -- -- sitting up right and it reinforce something missing for years that hockey has it right. That the ultimate humiliation. If you don't recognize that the sports right as -- as early as you've been humiliated -- but I and what you mean I don't. God but. 6177797937. Wilson Needham and well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You need a -- chocolate -- up there. Yeah I it for people who didn't see that game yesterday he he took this awkward fall into the back boards. And and literally had to be helped off the ice and you're thinking oh my god this is he's going to be gone a month as you watch Jim -- off. He's out for his next turn on defense. Any blocks a shot on the inside of his lag and crawls back to the bench and I get fluid -- -- of the Boston Globe credit for what I thought was -- of the week. When he tweeted -- just after that. A safe is gonna fall on Johnny boy chuck his next shift the benefits of a like a road runner cartoon I think Erica apex out yeah. -- -- -- very honestly since you know my lack of all the sports in Boston but never realized. Pocket -- so cardiovascular. And such a difficult sport it is about. Basketball. Football with the demand in the body and -- -- prefer -- multiple times. Look at we all think that hockey players are you know a little more courageous than most other pro athletes anyway. You know -- the Gregory Campbell 452 shift with a broken leg and all that stuff -- to be pretty current courageous to play any professional sport. But hockey players are different I couldn't believe he was back out there and that every block the shot. The Bruins came back and scored right after that -- we get a shot them on the bench he's kind of laughing and having crawled to the bench in pain he's kind of laughing needing to get a plus four for crime -- But he was done what you put both I could -- at the patriots Gruntal and I don't think they've done something like that readers -- sign. Two Max contracts and enormous dollar cap for a couple of. Raiders and I had a big -- season. Yeah and and they had fifty some million dollars in salary cap room to play with which the patriots didn't. And nor would I want the patriots to be in that position because it means your football team's awful. Yeah I'm thinking in the quarterback a few years ago said that probably thought. Who purple drank purple drank half Irish who have been sidelined right because next year that yet. Is that going to be a funeral for just a few million dollars three million dollars. If they title. So. What's the role and I'm hearing and that patriot groups sacrificing everything going all -- this year. Well I I will say this the derailed Revis contract while technically being a two year contract. Realistically has no chance of being a two year contract because it would involve a 25 million dollar salary cap number for next year. Having said that I do think he's going to be here more than one year I think that they will. It it it's like cattle platelet let's just get him in the building okay let's get him in here let's take. And I remember talking to Rodney Harrison about this that was signed as free agent by the patriots. But he said he he always he -- your drive with kind of a jaded opinion of what the patriot way it was like. And then it got in the building and he got around the organization and he went this is this is how I always dream football would be. This is how you know you wanna you wanna approach the sport. And in Revis is Casey get him in the building you'd you'll let him see what it's like here you let him see what. Belichick's coaching pedigree is like and what the dressing -- the locker room is like a lap. I think he'll be here more than one year and get will be in Nevada that. Contract I'm getting beat up there was act -- -- thank and it has begun let's bring -- Brothers cartoons. So yeah idea when I -- wanna screw that up by the way have you been reading the the ins and notes of the league contract. It's nowhere near what they say in none of those are what they say was this concern. That all you give this guy a long term contract and he had to remake himself and England who have fallen whistle happens. And I was reading some stuff just this morning they can get out of that one year for twelve million of the press the right but exactly right. So so this notion that he's going to be on a recliner with a mint julep and his speed up than it is I got my money is an -- I agree with you completely -- says -- -- along with the Sagan deal will go down as the worst in Bruins history. Looking at the top scorers -- and Sagan top five in the league in young you're exactly right texture my question here very simply is. With the Bruins be a better team with -- here. And Smith and -- off the team your second and third line right -- It is my assertion you would not be as good a team. Phil Kessel would have great numbers because he's got go to player. But I don't think -- be as good a team and you know it is its market. If if you want I don't know who isn't who's in charge of marketing for the Bruins lose some BP whose job is -- so of the signers in the data -- and all that stuff. If if you can prop up a a pilot saying young good looking he's he's he's got that star potential. Put him -- recovery year media guide them the year book you know that you can you can sell that. But it's depth isn't sexy -- doesn't sell. Same -- with the patriots fans don't wanna hear -- that the patriots are worried about the 53 man on the roster they want that. That shiny Bobble and they've got that by the way with Brady they've got the shiny Bobble. But they just worry about the depths of that when they do have a rash of injuries is they had this year. They can plug and play in and -- guys in the lineup and not have this precipitous fall off been in production on the field. Pick up to the final four in the NFL. Would have their defense missing and certainly their best defensive players miss. Somebody told me we had this is a goal back about 1015 years but we had. Hold on to the media guide -- baseball they just arrived there was spread out the table at Fenway and and and somebody said looking at all the congress. -- great teams put one guy in the media cover bad teams with six guys in the cover. Because. Great teams have that that iconic player David Ortiz Jeter. But but if you're that struggling teams elect six guys that look what we've -- at at at -- -- we have five innings at exactly but yet. In in the grand scheme. You can be a better team if you've got those -- -- questions threats yes yes you you had Dave minorities he had Dustin Pedroia. But again they don't win the World Series if not -- doesn't have that on base percentage if you we are doesn't come out. The abyss and become the best closer in baseball. And Victor Reno doesn't finished nineteenth and twenty MBP race and on and on and on. 6177797937. AT&T -- minus 37937. It's dale -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI.

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