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Joe Macdonald of ESPN Boston joins Danny Picard

Mar 15, 2014|

Joey Mac of ESPN Boston joins the show to talk about the Bruins 8-game winning streak and the team's strategy heading into the playoffs

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The Bruins defeated Carolina Hurricanes to a 51 at the T -- eighth straight. Wind and to talk more brain and a Joseph McDonnell ESPN. Boston joins me right now on the all -- Jordan Iraq. I don't it. And here I don't without big game you -- a Murray actually greatly at me. I'll go oh lord shrink action you or me. I don't like YouTube video you are failure are looking guy and a other little hybrid between Ireland and -- like I idiotic like OIQ. I -- I am I feel on a joke that you would that you would give that all that you would give nets and I do I really don't sell. What was that they -- the -- it's. Read -- -- -- W -- abandoned and wanted to know if they thought it was great it but now we're almost try to walk. I'm a little bit -- our back or dog like Hamachi Juilliard but I like it. Not that those people just watch too many movies you know what people all acknowledge that we were before the movies you know that I'd I'd just let it -- these. They went 51 but any updated her up at a Johnny -- -- it. Look like this was a pretty serious leg injury -- he retired and are a couple times in this game what are what -- we -- after the game the dressing room on -- chuck. Likely Danielle PP okay right now here are upping his broken we -- the -- of the game and he just. The door and again he's -- let it wasn't as bad it seemed to. I happen right below me you know where we've been on -- level mine and an -- in the corner right below me in Israel trying to look. Noted that and it almost looked like it could have been a broken ankle foot leg. And just the way he got opt in and needed help off PI because he would start and -- typical -- chuck actually turned around and go right back. And I'm not blocked shot up into a big old brought him he Doctor Who worked on the tour all right Jeremy and his unborn. What we want to welcome back into this game it was a media trailer for quite awhile after the game today but. He's going to be doing okay I'll decrease ultra treated but you know the wallpaper we learn about our board took over -- -- that is connected to compete and keep going to. That's what -- beaten him right up to that order was consistent defense and -- -- and the entire year especially given up. The -- -- he played had been an attitude is blog you know IRL. Thankfully he's okay and you know he said there would be -- a few days. And any of Joseph even if it's not let's say it's not serious -- boy chuck I think. And and look this is a luxury -- with the Bruins they can afford now to -- some guys ought to mean at a defenseman. And his -- at the trade deadline I'll take on that just a minute -- budget overall here this Bruins team. Read in first place in the division knowing they get into the playoffs knowing that the schedule is crazy down the stretch. And he does -- just a little banged up and it's not that serious. You're gonna give him some time off now right at least you should. And I think they look we're actually going to do over the next. 015 games that are remaining in the regular season and a lot of guys cannot a lot of because like you -- gay ballot they know that there. Basically -- in the playoffs. Yeah they're -- Dolly -- had a top seed in the conference and whether or not it -- match. It is currently the conference -- but -- only want to -- get that part out because they know -- anything out. It's like a part of so because -- was scheduled because of the everything that's happened all the injuries that they go with the seat and I couldn't you know they Olympic break and I've played. For the respective countries at the Olympics I think we'll get really worked and some days off for these guys coming up in the next month because they can afford to do. -- dictated a perfect example of you know they they bring up in a little black Providence and right away they couldn't climb up. You can bet that if they were. 78 placed -- on the conference the ballot for a playoff spot that would indicate. What they can make you get a good look at these guys that. I'm here in in the certain situations they'll probably call it like you're gonna see a lot of -- on intermodal and quote decides they're working to rest. Yeah you saw -- -- -- scratch a couple nights a goal. You know we seem bizarre about the scratch again right today we saw Hamilton. Before that and I think people get crazy because they see some of these guys scratched at times it's the other -- so well why would just -- I must be in the dog house. I think as we move forward Joseph when you see when we see guys scratched even if the plane well. I think it's I don't think it's necessarily for a bad thing I don't necessarily think it's always going to be about the guy that scratched. Because they got some players you know -- -- college teacher -- -- crude have battle in this competition here that they haven't -- blue line. And I think that's more of a luxury that than anything it's bad. Yeah no collection Danny and that blood prematurely -- trying to figure out and also you know general made it surely got. What -- dropped I'm still a couple of out there and pocket at the end a lot of picture -- -- the -- of the big draw bid for the first -- -- Is what you all league forward barring any -- I and that's why you're going to see. If you type in an awful lot of bureaucracy. You know Miller probably played a majority of the season C -- how he's gonna be here and bark out -- well. You don't -- and he had a really good yet regulated. Just because he scratched me. -- quote as -- probably wouldn't guy that's not. What's happening at the brewers aren't great position they don't put it into -- -- and they just want to make sure what that lineup is gonna look like let -- play out play ultra. Yeah I mean if that's major role even when Hamilton was sitting up there in the ninth floor I'm saying to myself I even said on TV the other night was. Like nope large on the senate on radio and I had a -- I had to throw that in how to do that and then. Not quite I'd say don't wanna watch up in an aunt flora. You know healthy scratch I'm saying I the Bruins -- all. That he is going to be in the post season in the lineup every single game of the playoffs I do and so I think it let other guys who they don't know about. You know sort of maybe try to play their way in so don't crew to upset the other night. I think that that's still a good thing because you don't get to the trade deadline -- were last year opinion here. On -- -- -- first up. What do you think of of this move specifically. Third round pick in other picked him maybe is conditional could change a little bit but what do you think of that move. Not just the player comet and but also the situation that you created on the along with the competition. I think it would open up old job like Israel I really do I don't like to and that they're in order to -- -- straight dating and it's true that. He has built its core. All the CNET has become perennial the only cup contender. Like well you don't want it played this kind of like well he's obviously -- we concede that. I know -- out shortly try to add other player. Whether that was calypso RR McDonald I think I sure but he kept the bad that market there. The other day he should guys out there are in and bring it ain't bad training. Where you have eight that but in. Biting at optimal blue line. And all of a sudden that trade deadline but it could it have been better which we're at where they're at their -- the complete. It translates into port and quite like eighteen -- more. Contracted to gain obviously a little bit which diluted. Come out -- that after the trade deadline but. And that the gap now JP GOP. Competition. What they at a during training camp and the new app that -- Which thirteen games remaining in the days and you're gonna. It will who played well. You know we got typically don't expect that you don't get a which. The broad -- -- each and a couple of -- Egypt back in a couple of days. And you're inept. I want you to -- wanna recruit that appear -- coffee and a lot of people ought to. Want to repeated short it would be able to accomplish exactly what this team needed that you don't want to get complacent. Comfortable going into historical player. Yeah and you mentioned the whole break you know you don't wanna break optical and speak with Joseph McDonald ESPN Boston Iran WEEI. Talk and Bruins hockey. You know you mentioned that they didn't want it pretty -- -- wanna break up the the -- and I completely agree and you know the name came up was all you know Thomas Barrett was available he goes and arrival Canadians Egypt at a Bruins kill but I mean. And despite some crazy. You gotta take on auto. End I think right now you have a special group that is bad for the finals. God -- its most -- core group has tasted. This success out of the cop some of them have. Like last year got two wins away from it I mean you'll meet you don't wanna break that up and I look at a guy even may be like -- Kelly. And -- opt out of the biggest guard Chris Kelly fans -- the trade deadline for a cup Joseph. And I know he was down there at. -- at the garden right when they made this move for Chris Kelly and -- in the press conference -- surely were also don't this is the deal. Chris Kelly. And this is the trade and -- And look how it's worked out I mean I don't think they wanna break that up sell. When you talk about the cause they -- data around but I don't I think that's a great thing for this team to keep that core placed on -- Arrojo. -- you feel how do you feel about his game from what you've seen of him at a Bruins uniform. I mean the heat -- -- You know. In order to try and it would broad early on and no reason why he was in the lineup they can argue load lot okay. During that if you get -- -- gonna -- calculate -- op -- but figuring out okay that's what they wanted to do from the standpoint. On the -- okay -- -- I'm good but. The one thing wouldn't -- Eddie. Dark and heavy shot the big strong guys. Are you mentioned at stake here is -- group of girls like. You're expecting that because he's never played there aren't a threat of it could well appear with a completely different from you know the pro soup. Their -- cup contender on so he's gonna have -- -- date in early but it all goes bad actually why they added. They didn't give up a lot all of basically not -- form at that point. And -- yeah I've got to not get it all these young guys who are all okay I'll play and I get. It called for here that is somebody that could take my spot I built into it that you at spirit. You got eighty before -- -- -- to win. So far you know I I really like -- -- I really do it. You know it -- to judge what the players the government if you -- in that room but no punitive. Issue you know that -- opponents -- not -- Will make sure that you don't get -- with a group because as you just let the and it means the actual game and it's similar to what they had a palpable and we don't know what happened that your right now the general or lions. Eric Christian inept our life is like to conduit between the top -- -- aren't so. -- also broke right now and they have a chance a dispatched again this year. You know I I just think that moving forward you'll get -- -- dispute. Do you think they'll ever. You know how many times a receipt Chad Johnson in a situation judge Johnson played today and at what twenty on saves and a 51 Bruins went over the hurricanes. Are we gonna see some situations where Johnson's plan multiple games in -- -- -- down the stretch. I don't think multiple gains erode any I think. You know you're gonna see him playing you know a few more gains. You know thirteen games to figure that you can apply it -- it. You know he'll probably play five or gain -- the lakers do what they really know what grad. -- -- -- while we're at right now be strong even though -- You overplayed in the Olympics were two and one up front milk but he -- where your game is right now in the net but we. Coming down the stretch and other regular season is that he wants to be. Lot you know a lot of you want the play can you know. Get it is to a certain level in order to be shot go into a cup playoffs. He doesn't want to be like alternate route and then I'll turn out again you know what sparked dropped. Don't look I mean that you want bigger every night because actually -- -- make sure that -- -- that. The rest of the way here but you know realistically probably gonna -- out. They'll play it I buy more gains. And it -- -- your income back actually that being all the pros have come up belt. -- checked -- at LA is done exactly what the team needed it this year. You know he's 80 -- -- it last night are still the guy's been tremendous. It ought to read -- couple -- to -- Yeah and speaking of you know rest until guy you know the next man that comes up at a -- got the arrest this guy somewhat to -- on the -- Zdeno Chara only. He's wearing the C on his chest dull and. And he might be reluctant to accepts it not mean how tough is gonna be that would they even ask him. You think they're gonna ask chart to take a couple games -- I think that's gonna play out but it -- you would think that it would be in the best interest it to rest him a little. Yeah you know I -- -- a litany of colleague like any other response that that's -- Because you know Soledad -- she's. I in the playoffs for -- it was locked in a lot of the thirty electric in the Stanley -- -- I think that really kind of got a little bit. That the Blackhawks but I don't right now I don't think bigger picture well at a bar I'm sure. All at the end the regular air maybe a lot to gain nickel but look what I take a little break here in. -- it you know I'm all speak in Iraq but the one thing that we don't know about your chart that he doesn't want that I'm one of the most. You know well rounded athlete in the game are -- -- critical standpoint. You should -- in tip top -- At -- but I think given that he's given me a lot of times you -- that -- -- a lot this season. Why do you when Eric. Give them a little bit of Iraq one gate maybe you're at -- -- Would probably could speak for him but the LP to regret your vote really trying to minimize -- minutes. Because you're able to roll it. But can't pregame and I would bet that maybe he can maybe April so they opened up one game -- Vertically and would like should I give him at least to gain here in the lack -- -- -- Brett you know typically although actually met police are because it -- it -- in the cup finals they didn't get past Erica. You know really. Try to win a -- go up. Our -- it's got to be exciting and down the stretch especially with some rest again try to get some guy's got great job. As always -- watch.

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