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Mike Giardi from Comcast Sports Joins Danny Picard

Mar 15, 2014|

Mike Giardi of CSNNE joins Danny Picard to talk about the Patriots offseason

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And to talk more about this at some -- patriots. Topics I bring in -- Giuliani Comcast. Sports net knowing. Mike. I don't. Yeah aren't on good what was your reaction to element coming back and do you think you know did you ever think it was realistic even though we did go out and test the free agent market. For a few days did you think it was realistic that he wouldn't be back but it was a possibility he wouldn't return his return but. -- -- -- you see all this play out. Yeah I thought based on the weighted broke down with a deadline and they gave them an offer that was below. What you thought was there are that he could to Ron -- And the kind of off -- there was two or three million more than with the patriots put on the table or that he would have been out the door and it's not possible. But it did what we're seeing. Here it is really is the receiver market. Is much like the quarterback -- it was a year ago a lot of pretty good players they're guys that you know. Maybe the question mark would have the potential to be really good players I'm not signing one year deal will mark deal and at the market again. I wouldn't be -- out there I mean student -- and gradually got out there. It just that there wasn't the money won there. And I became a question of -- -- around for a few more days. And maybe -- the fact that the patriots might bring back now maybe get them all standards. And and right now that completely. Order light today I'm not wait on anybody else. We'll go back to the table damned if they come up a little bit and admitted. He's got to deal and now look to. I'm curious that disappointment for him but he didn't get to catch you want it. That led. He's got a quarterback who had a lot of great them. And I think we saw last year how much that's been rewarded. Now they're they're doing to address a wide receiver position open and don't tell the ought to an appropriate spot. Yeah I mean this doesn't mean this doesn't mean. -- -- dole is gonna get caught right because the options to get -- hand doesn't make any sense to me. Based on the money you still would all in the money you'd be pages to keep around anyway -- that is the that is the next shoe to drop sort of deal with the settlement. -- night through that would be completely foolish. They have on the -- McAllen that I wanted to do something before. Because opera didn't you started it could have done -- and it still again it wouldn't let -- -- -- go away and that would of -- on the roster are just don't see why. Anybody really had that on the Internet I think he played out this year and then nickel from -- you know whether you -- you're not. Whether proved himself the truck got her for Brady look at all but it didn't go to Kara this year but I never really bought into that theory that you don't. When it won't we bring up the name Steve Smith the knowledge of Baltimore but the report is that he was gonna visit the patriots on Monday. Do you think without a situation awaits if if he actually. Was going to calm that maybe we wouldn't be seen this gentleman whose right now or do you think they are looking to do both of those -- I think it would have been partly -- that you both of those moves because you know even though he's not a big guy. Certainly it very well outside the numbers and one of the more competitive wide receivers. -- on -- on the outside so I yeah I don't think you would have precluded one point one over the other Wright State. It certainly put a little bit fired due -- adamant he would do because now you're looking at a guy yet well a lot older than you I'm still very productive football player. And couldn't really get a lot on the open market either so again just further proof that the money. That they were hopeful we're going to be there isn't it. Speaking what my G -- Comcast sports net weighing on the talk and patriots here on Sports Radio WEEI it and might. I thought I was love in the news that Steve Smith could when they were saying he could get caught. I'm saying all Arianna and injuring him and a patriot uniform. I mean this would that this was heartbreaking stuff to me that he's gonna. Go to the ravens and the fact that he's -- account of the patriots is operated stuff. To me I would of loved them want to see -- at the patriot uniform. It just destroy the patriots -- main -- guards is telecheck have phone conversations with in in in opposing airports. I mean does he do there's a lot obviously the patriots were genuine. And they really wanna Steve -- if that's happening right. -- absolutely I don't think there's any question that. -- they're not extending themselves to people and let me say that they're the real sit there or desire to -- nice guy and look. I don't know how many more years it's that has left -- on. But I think you saw last year neck in Carolina. What do you do need to lead. I'm not only get over the top of home and having a pretty good day but also get into his head now doesn't stop running. I don't know that necessarily would play as well you're addicted there in terms of whether the coaches that would accept that but there's the competitiveness about him I think. -- Bill and everybody felt certainly admire that guy you know he doesn't give an inch and -- pick whatever -- can get so. You wouldn't -- from that. And it sports mad at speculative and a perfect patriots in the -- that out of -- -- the -- that that he's met. Now put your goggles on I guess I got the barrel on there I'll anywhere else on. On acting head URLs for that matter -- goes -- -- Mike what happens now wide receiver obviously as it is like a -- there was interest and other guys other than. Julian settlement and settlement is coming back at all. Do they still have -- interest did Adam and somebody else will continue to have that interest you think and and I want you know maybe I think you're gonna throw automate. And I've seen between it is Emanuel -- is an -- of -- -- a call last segment ask about him I mean how. Interesting do you think the patriots are being now all motivated to add another receiver movement for the Tsotsi. Well I think -- not find very keynote speaker and -- still like maneuvers so acute paper. 100% certainty. That they haven't. At any sort of elongated discussions with standard. But he taken pretty good at that you've got a fourth one set up and none of them have been here and adaptability and it can't debate. -- the collective neglect in the city next. On that doesn't mean he can't make his next stop a year after that I do think. It seems that this. You've gone on remote when he popped on out -- -- side is going to be less money available for him certainly year but. They need another wide receiver they need -- -- that present what you look at -- look at that roster right now you say and the Paula. Always are all used it stops and now wouldn't screw -- foot. And if they turn three months. I would they'd probably going to be longer than that because it cannot be careful and we're talking about. These guys. Speed stop at a dime taught that. Our actions were an Allah I mean I think that -- that -- real concern manner. I didn't think. Or it could truly -- last year for that for I'm staying healthy for her sixteen so. They need to add another. Capable -- at wide receiver and eighty -- one on top of that I don't think they should be done by any stretch imagination. At that position. Speaker would like -- Comcast sports net New England Mike and then I've been thrown up -- for a long time and and you know as we try to sit here are now. I'll put ourself in the telecheck -- and make the moves that we think it could be next I mean. The what do you think he can be possible. It may be convinced Tony Gonzales cannot go to TVS yeah. -- I know that that it didn't. That the two of them came up like they all go back to the deadline who were talking about heat of Atlanta with -- -- -- -- mixed. I need that that is not planned he took the job and he's the I'm mad at me and I'm not -- and we get any good chunk of change. Go to Tuesday. It is in there and promote a new equate what I hear any -- otherwise I'm I'm I'm Rwanda -- -- that there's any chance to toning it down this year. Are you mentioned money and how much they would have to fit you know to -- yet another receiver that's out there and obviously the first man comes to mind -- money is. The Vince Wilfork situation. Patriots ask him to restructure. That is a crazy but eleven point six million dollar cap hit. Wilfork says -- asked for his release I mean where do we stand in the Wilfork situation and what do you think could. -- happen next with its -- Yeah I mean my understanding was that I mean I know that the new sort of broke on Thursday. But then he put in his request long ago and made it clear to them that he really wasn't willing. Based on the that you're that they were around lamented. To go in that direction. And make that move -- I think the interesting thing here at any and this is where it. It's hard core. But and I kind of under the situations there under no. I'm. They don't own any favors here at the release them right now they can hang onto what they want a lot more money get spent maybe some team where. They don't want to go read reports that the states are not equivalent to go and they dig up about that that we don't know. And made that a lot of money elsewhere and take a way that spot. The -- menu command on their roster on. I think it buried in this the other plays out because obviously. You can you're all you've done to the franchise. They might say OK fine but the fact that nothing happened just yet and no wonder they're gonna hang on don't play a little bit they can twist in the wind and also again. Eliminate other options and places that maybe they don't want him to go to. If you Vince Wilfork and like I said this earlier Mike I've awfully tough time. You know talent a guy that he should take less money I don't like doing it I think of the guy wants to make his money. And get paid especially in a physical sport and a league like the NFL what guys to do is rip up -- in all it -- to rip up contracts and they want to these guys. I'm not considered tell Wilfork to take less money bought. If he were to go to the open market. -- I mean what dot lodge move on his -- rather than restructured what do you make more money still if he restructured what do you think he would get out there on the open market. I yet yeah I'm not a hundred dollar figure on that but I am guessing that the world or camp party you know without our. -- But like I think the patriot. Sort of had an idea of what it would take you get a deal done -- it that's. And that that was the legitimate opportunity that would present itself to them so. I think they tell the good idea what it's going to be I think you looked at. You know -- we don't have an exact number I don't know what happened to do with the extension out I want to move that money around. I'm -- -- what they're asking to do not just this year what in years to an even if they want to hear your theory is that simply. Below market for what are -- bull market what you deal. You deserve. And -- bit. Would love of god had a sign that six year rookie deal. I think the base was not million per cent of the -- of got an eighteen I don't think you ever got eighteen. So. They didn't play that hole played out. And and admitted that way you remember when he before a big deal at all talked about holdouts and things of that nature and I'm they may sweat you're like it. I mean you should be happy that he realized pretty much move the the only part of the deal I think he's got 32 million of the forty that he made but. Want money the big deal then it's always been a big deal live it up and not a big deal for everybody but he -- or money. And I hope they keep you like you view them any favors. About -- you don't like her ex you're my career. I would -- in your -- and you never came to me that it's written up and let's start -- -- unity plan out what plated out a lot from one exotic. And now I will be given up so. I don't believe that this money outperforming. A one out. -- -- Before it and Darrelle Revis can you do you do you think back my -- of denied that still leaves on when Denver -- around midnight. And then the next morning you know maybe some reactions that we had to. I mean did evident then that would be talking about Revis and Browner joining the patriots are secondary after the apple. Yeah you know obviously my first reacted to pollute like -- would like everybody -- was holy crap. And then it was it's very shortly thereafter. The little birdied two and community that you know texted me. Essentially. We talked about -- and there are legitimate interest there -- don't be surprised. If we go down that road and turn out to play out that way. Com. You know and I mean yes you were sweating a little bit there about. I think that they don't get -- -- feel -- -- -- -- -- -- was going to be -- out -- to -- -- to be -- -- candidate out there. I think if you're gonna cost to sign him and I think they had a good idea that you wanted to come here. So hope I think that pat from their standpoint made it a little bit easier VO it. And of people that while you're not a militant offered it to leave -- and foreign forty plot. No it's only the numbers. And all I can say is that when police did it struck comfort -- in Denver. He reported saying. A couple times that he really felt wanted in Denver and we want is equal to dollars in my book and I'm wondering. If they're off current form forty was structured in such a manner that. The money he wouldn't be realized there was a lot back -- money that again you might not get cute whereas. I mean that you executed on there all the talk about it in the technically your point seven million dollars can look at all the money but. Split 27. And also opened at Milwaukee -- after one year and only up four million dollars or the debt monitored. To complete that are so. I'm I'm just a real curious. I know we got on well a cure that we ever -- on how they structure police deal in doing. But Patriots defense that it would read and I'm not trying to knock the lead on Osama try to do. That I don't know I'd I'd know what to do that and let I'd heard a lot -- I haters. In the last week or so. Apollo creed they don't know couldn't you know that he -- reported played well good news we're not even -- in the upper hand. I'm -- you are determined to -- at how our defense for all the other body can't hurt you would want them -- like doppler three and out. It took a little while it back to act one we played good football and. But -- it -- I'm based on what we saw a forty yard Hertz bought the game back LO a lot more lop sided 121 out. And you -- an important got a team. And I it to some degree and -- a lot which is not that well I think to some degree. He convince the people Foxboro there's obvious this lopsided -- -- we had only her offensively. Indeed Politico. And -- -- bowl winning championships with a -- Britain and solid and and but got duke and look what you've done value traditional -- department. Yeah and now as a priority and had a pretty. Good back up plan he -- that is my Giuliani Comcast sports and doing a Mike thanks a lot great job as always we'll talk to some.

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