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Butch Stearns simulcast with Sal Cappacio of Buffalo's WGR 550

Mar 15, 2014|

Butch and Sal discuss the Brandon Spikes signing and the future of the AFC East

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Welcome back to sports Saturday here on WEE. In Boston. You can call it six or 777979837. You can text at 37. 937. On -- to try something a little different here. Actually on the tax -- if you tech's first from what to buffalo in a second but attacks line the last caller forget his name is taking a beating. Talking about how he thought that the delete up to Darrelle Revis from Aqib Talib is not as big as people think -- yet to be seen. I don't even need to read the text because they're just flying in. Left and right from that there is one text -- wanted to read you. Ominous new englanders you know we can appreciate -- -- says I know this is a Boston Sports Radio station but could you talk about the 49ers for a little bit. Now the answers now. Here's the here's the summary of how we'll talk about the 49ers. How serious might they be about signing Julie -- that's all we care. Done if they do that will be pissed off -- forty. So. Right now we are gonna go up to buffalo and we are going to. Jump in here we -- listening. We're on the air right now sobering. Signal -- -- WG -- alive. In south can't touch it at the bottom moderately well it's -- up -- Let's if -- -- Sports Radio it. Yeah. -- that's a little break combination what's -- -- It's self respect. It's. In buffalo folks. Driving around buffalo. I need to know we're here yet we don't dummies guess we are sell your line I am on what -- this puts parents and my friend. I am I am well -- -- -- let my listeners know we are library now not only in Buffalo, New York but also in Austin -- is that you are correct it. Yeah that is pretty crazy I don't know if the government and history of radio or making it. While everything's been done before but you know we just steal and a good idea to sell to us a favor right we just eavesdropping as you were common back in. So weather radio professional which I can tell you -- Protect them on on yet. Bring us back in from the break if you wanna play music producer does we'd love the year. A wanna hear you bring us back -- -- -- -- our listeners in Boston we're driving around on this fifty degree day to feel like they're driving around in upstate new York and buffalo can you do for us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back here -- every -- Sports Radio -- that the united about the IPO copyright produce templates and all the right buttons today. They don't forget we got sabres islanders tonight coming up 7 o'clock 6 o'clock pregame. Right here -- WG are also the -- they signing last night of course. Brandon Spikes now a member of the Buffalo Bills is site to fill the hole in the middle that deepened after Doug -- says they keep Alonso is gonna move. The weak side a lot of changes going on at one bills drive and we're gonna bring in -- guy right now to tell us a little bit more about the newest. Buffalo bill and that is what started at WEEI and -- out that collect. Sell you don't my favorite part of that was you -- you mentioned your producer's name that's a true professional. I appreciate that so that's. At the -- -- -- by the way I know very well I'm just now follow states. How -- they're now. Is not here now the afternoon -- monitor right. Just -- we love them and we miss them from Dennis and Callahan and all the boys in the morning. How did I wanna I wanna say this person and you can ask your question -- sure OK -- but here's here's the deal with buffalo people. In -- way we view -- and -- -- a little cheated upon who ruined our hockey team. Brady is eight cheater who gets all the calls and our football team and Belichick is just the cheater period. It's -- do you want me to respond to my natural response to that. Absolutely okay it's this response we give to every city which makes as endearing to some but arrogant and everybody else. We just had our seventh parade many years so. -- a lot of why let it. Is -- I mean you know he kids -- argued that was like when the Yankees fans before 04 remind you used to always say toward these extra -- for Oprah. After opening it and it's. You know I'd celebrate its bikes that's okay we won't we'll get past. About it we can you tell me a little bit about -- likes of what we're getting your buffalo. You're giving it an impact player now that's the good part about Brandon -- you're getting a guy who's gonna make some ESPN highlight -- hits at times. If he's a 43 down player. You're exposing him as a guy who can be. Taken advantage of in pass. And pass defense situations on linebackers are the things however he's a guy who wants to make an impact on the field. Used in the right role I think you're getting a guy on the in my opinion. On a young and up and coming buffalo defense has already got some impact players who used right can be an impact player on your defense that's that's my scouting report. What happened to him last year New England how did everything go downhill what the the deal at all that. Went downhill I think there were two things in my mind why Brandon Spikes is in a patriot and it all comes under one umbrella he didn't wanna be patriot anymore. He is one of those guys who. Like a lot of athletes wanted to get out from under the Bill Belichick. Sort of the patriot way say what we tell you to say and do we want. I think the one thing I noticed that really led me to believe at the beginning of the year why he'd be gone. When the Aaron Hernandez things happened right. I mean all the news people showing up in the locker room on the TV news people and in -- people on radio and everybody else. And it was amazing it was amazing was predictable they all had to say we're we're talking about football on the field got the idea Brandon Spikes comment. To those people that day was they'll be time well you'll hear my opinion on this. Well when you say that as a patriot that's Wes Welker and a whole different way. Doing the foot fetish thing -- -- with Rex Ryan and then getting benched for the start of a playoff game because he didn't do the patriot way. So the bottom line is though that like everybody else this is the real reason that did. That Brandon Spikes is gone they drafted him he performed up it was draft capability that's debatable it was a second round pick. He became somewhat -- an impact player it was time for him to get paid and they weren't gonna pay that's it. Well -- just -- out a little while ago free at last free -- -- I think I'm real laugh that's were that's comments. Well it's interesting because we have this situation. Look forward lawyer Malloy comes to mind. It came about Larry Tripplett it was a trade book -- -- it just seems like it doesn't matter though you're a buffalo we look at knowing when many people do and say. But they just want guys and they win but my responses that because they have Tom Brady I don't think they would is that a practice as. It's out it's a good assessment from afar I think like you know I -- not going to be so presumptuous to say. Why the bills were six and ten last year -- why in my opinion. That would a lot of talent they seem at least over the last decade during his patriots run. They seem to have spurts where they'll go five and 161 -- at the beginning of the year. But they're always -- make it seems to meet the into the why's that happen I don't know so when you make your assessment from the patriots image treatment signaling design. In your opinion but the bottom line is to -- part of the big reason of Belichick's success has been Tom Brady won't deny that comes with Brady everything's possible. However. I don't think -- given them enough credit that they have a system that allows guys when they are plugged in Mike Vrabel was a backup in. You know Pittsburgh before they got him. Tedy Bruschi who were there were questions about how effective -- became a potential he won't be the potential pro -- hall of Famer in this system. I'm Rodney Harrison Corey Dylan Randy Moss had career years here when they were past their prime excel. I think it's a little bit of it's not thorough your answer it's not completely wrong goes with Brady everything's possible I don't know that I that I -- on that. It did absolutely I think it comes down to make -- sometimes over. They get it together. Let me say -- this race out and I think it'll lead to a bill's question. Which is about EJ Manuel and about the draft that idea here's my direct question. Easy EJ Manuel the guy they convinced. And if not at number nine if Johnny man's dollar somebody else drop and -- have the balls to date. Another quarterback -- is he their guy and here's my thought about that. Having Tom Brady makes everything else easier so you know obviously from a patriots perspective we don't have that problem. Well the answer is day one bills drive is all in I'm EJ Manuel. Draft -- quarterback at number nine and back. I can tell you what your listeners that. Doug Whaley the bills GM has said many times over and over right here. Under the -- yard elsewhere is in -- -- point actually kind of overstating the point I think so everybody gets the point is. We can go anywhere in the draft other than quarterback he always -- that a -- then quarterback. I think -- that is basically telling EJ -- telling the world we love you we have confidence in you and they're trying to let everybody know to not. Allow that bought decreed that now that added there is of course a very big concern -- bills and and I'm guessing even some. At one bills drive about his reading injury that he had in his rookie year but they are all live -- -- that there handpicked guy for the new regime in the. Forward with. OK so for those of -- here in Boston as you know this is WEEI am butch -- your listening on a -- Saturday we're live in buffalo right now. What's Alco -- you on WGR 550 -- out -- thank you lot a -- it was Italian obviously right. That's kind of raise -- -- days is silly I'm. What is it apple Apple's time and column praising the moment in -- It was Marcy Goldman full blooded Italian on the other side so while comprise our. Very nice very -- so if I need it will not draft a quarterback where I won't say that they need to get more weapons around him and I believe it's your second question about the draft. I believe the plan is to really help him out with either a big wide receiver like Mike Evans. Again like Eric he brought although they did bring popular back. Or maybe just wait a couple rounds it guys they really feel -- incumbent and be a big help the offense -- out here and created via -- and I think the draft is going to be about weapons off. So I'm looking at four mock drafts that are on one page altogether and have Eric -- brawn Cherokee brand Mike Evans he -- the tide and from North Carolina. Evans is the wide receive from Texas NM and then Anthony bar outside linebacker from UCLA. Are there any number of bills fans who say hey you've got. Arguably one of the emerging defense is in the AFC why not help EJ -- -- the most by drafting another impact player on defense. Well there's some feel that way maybe because of the loss of Harrisburg and what that could create or the fact that they get all linebacker but I think what you saw the last point four hours in case. Villagers in Boston don't know Kiko Alonso who was really a guy contention for defensive rookie of the year at -- -- here -- moving from the middle. The week I can appeal to make more plays with a hat by the system he won't have to account those they are simple backs all the time and they bring in -- -- like overnight. He placed there that ninety rivers the line backing core has been basically revamp it one else will so they had a really good year last year Mike I have a deep and decide they set the franchise record for the most backs ever gonna see that in a very good front seven. It looks like me they're gonna be going offered by the way that could be -- tackle aspects -- -- -- -- an offensive -- as you know bullet. Well if it's EJ Manuel lidge your guy. I mean again people criticized Belichick and Brady and called whatever you want but to be one of the staples of this run. And their success has been the Belichick's theory has almost always been to build from the inside out. So while heed the highest he ever took a deep sense of -- and our conference of Lima was Richard Seymour at six. He drafted guys like Logan Mankins like I'm Vince Wilfork like. The I'll be out the guy from Texas. Who they cut eventually. Paul. I I can't be bad though they had Chandler from Syracuse. The -- a project he's built from the lines out so well bill's fans will be salivating for the name. Highlight ESPN Evans or even -- who's the other guys Sammy Watkins if he drops we let up we -- course she would be you know what their history tells us they might be best served. By taking out you know up a potential Pro Bowl left or right tackle. That's you know and in they have a really good left tackle according -- but the body is either get a right tackle or get a left tackle move Atlantis. Either inside the -- over to the right side what you do you're brought up will -- what's the situation there -- with him. While the situation is that. While the patriots broke the mold by signing Revis and I do -- your thoughts about Revis in other words they went for it now. They they sort of I know this wasn't my Belichick was thinking or doing it just doesn't act this way but. Fans wanted it that day free agency started Aqib Talib was gone to their arch rival Broncos. And they were like one of the patriots ever gonna spend money changer thing and all of a sudden they went out committed twelve million for arguably the best player at his position they don't do that. They get Randy Moss or Rodney Harrison or Corey Dylan who ended up being in the debate for best player at their position but on -- risk reward thing. So the thing with Vince Wilfork he's a victim or are. That is a huge factor of him they decided to give the money to Revis told Europe it's really two sides of its -- this simple. At 33 years old is Vince Wilfork still in this argument in the debate at best player at his position. In the second part of that argument is how valuable is deposition what are you willing to commit to and the third thing that complicates it is. Vince Wilfork is a guy. Who by all accounts publicly privately has done things the patriots way he's a model citizen him and his wife have been Philanthropic. More than charitable to the community. He has been someone that the team has paraded out there as the model patriot how -- From a strictly business standpoint he signed a six year deal. As a rookie not a five year deal so he waited an extra year to get paid and now that he didn't get paid. On -- back end of that deal while we waited on the front end. They're playing hard ball with the so you can understand both sides you ask me what I think should happen order I think is going to happen they're two different things I think. Going to happen is Vince is gonna end up in a different uniform wearing pink shirt yeah. -- -- I had to make a job right here -- -- me about about Revis you guys you know you have. An interesting relationship now with Stevie Johnson already there right after what happened last year with a -- all that kind of yeah a well I'll tell you this. In buffalo we know -- is great or not that scared of him because to be quite honest. You -- -- that has handled him. Are better than any receiver in this league over the last several years yes you can actually eliciting -- Google TV Johnson Darrelle Revis because of the way. He plays and ship it off the line he actually had far more success -- -- it in any like receivers ultimately get back. Several games he's he's had a number of catches. A touchdown maybe here -- there but everything has had his eyes but. He is done very well -- interesting though we're that we're not -- afraid about that it's going to be an interesting match up. Advocates on the east and the ball seems to see these two guys. Go at it once again I -- I have to ask you by quarterback real quick -- before we and that on this stuff been number one is when the appellate Tom Brady retiring that's number one because. We may never make the playoffs until that happens your. You know. Just please finally settle this for my listeners I've been telling them the last three years that Ryan mallet is not the savior to go -- -- or am I crazy. Com and who knows about Ryan mallet I mean there's you guys just signed Kevin Kolb right. Well he's really he had concussions he's not going to be on the -- but so people feel that. A lot of you just go trade for Ryan mallet and people I've talked to in in Boston but consistently over the last couple years media people said. It is actually -- on the ball too long as a band really overly impressive than ever received and I don't release anything special lot of. Here's the points out none of us know what he's going to be but it is telling that the guy that coached him for one year now took over the Houston Texans Billy O'Brien who's quarterback guy reportedly. Is thinking about trading a second or third round pick form. So a guy who knows something thinks he has potential to be the next match shop while not match on an album -- match up was or whatever. So I don't know what's gonna happen when it comes to Brady. I mean look there's going to be during Brady after Brady. Let's face it when you have a guy like Jim Kelly in your city or Bruce Smith there's -- you -- -- it is what it is Brady is still playing at a high level. He has lost something off his fastball in some ways but not a lot. I mean it's just you know patriots fans it's one thing about Brady please give him some weapons please give some weapons it's no different. That a young guy like Manuel it's just that the window's closing would break. Anymore questions for me because I have. Have to get to a break here so. Would -- anything else from buffalo perspective. Now sell I did get good. Bob and I want my listeners know he's just two minutes we were doing all radio we're live in Boston under the EE I can't hear -- -- -- VTR. Spot did you want lasting in a way out you know despite his nickname. I do not know where it is like it's the scene and because heat but guys this late Yasser. You remember right after all the app addict laid up their couple legally is upon. Thought yeah that's right he's he's your -- now the -- that. Torture we -- about Imus. Syracuse guy in the that your. It's right you've got that today I am getting hold on later by many of my followers can you at least. How Lucci we hate him and people here -- human. -- of that. We will tell that you -- article about thirty minutes -- article is just scored a goal in the first period by the Bruins playing Carolina -- for the ninth in a row by the way. And replace them -- -- with. -- came here. It's the way to a policy review what we all. All this mean a lot Dellucci hit a what if mile alludes to get done that to Tim Thomas played for the bills instead both bills. That the sabres instead of -- it to Ryan Miller your right you got a statue. Absolutely correct a hard -- but really fun and I hope we can do it again some absolutely. All right our in box and take care out there okay we appreciate a lot to you two are buddies Fred Smith Ellis says -- everybody up from buffalo to do the post game show with Freddie. -- right not to go outside OK all right I'll -- policies now that we love him mightily. That's that's that's everybody's out career -- GO. -- WG are in buffalo quick break we're back with more sports there in W.

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