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Butch Stearns Sports Saturday, Pats sign best player available at position

Mar 15, 2014|

Butch discusses the Darrelle Revis signing, and how the Patriots do not normally sign the best player available at the position.

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Welcome to a sports Saturday on WEEI my name is Butch Stearns as the open says. Let's talk 61777979837. That's the number. Always an often to get ahold of anybody here and hot seat at W the guy that just happens to be me. For the next three hours tax on the AT&T Tex wanted 3793. -- pick up your phone if -- -- do not do while you're driving. And text 37937. European in your thoughts -- welcome warranted and will be ready here. We deem them so posh -- is taking your calls. It is a painful screening processes are often say however. Once you get through that process she will be worthy. Of presenting yourself and us presenting view on a platter. To our faithful lawyer. Numerous. Quality WEEI. Listeners all over the WEEI. -- once again. 6177797937. Right now open phone lines to Saturday drive around it's beautiful. It's fifty degrees gonna be eighty later this afternoon in Boston and you can call up in the -- give your opinion like you wanna -- all week but never get the chance. To do so pop on the lines. Now. I a couple of things we are going to have a special guest from buffalo coming up at the bottom of -- -- -- -- -- -- GO. He is a host for WGR and we are going to be on WG are alive in buffalo while he is on WEE I -- We're gonna talk to -- Al specifically. Bob Brandon Spikes former patriots signing a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills. To go be reunited with linebackers coach in his good buddy pepper Johnson now as a coach for the Buffalo Bills. We'll also talk about the Buffalo Bills in general from a patriots perspective. A lot of talent now. Pretty damn good defense state led the AFC. In sacks. Last year. If there is one team -- eventually going to challenge the patriots in the AFC east could it be the Buffalo Bills. We'll talk to sell about that. Also let's sell ask us questions from patriots perspective about the division and the signing of Darrelle Revis and all going to be fun. The -- perspective from me rival AFC east. City in my opinion about that. Why not the bills. I mean the jets the bills in the dolphins -- ask all of you right now and you can text and give your -- on this which team is more set up. To take the next step and really compete with the patriots for whatever years Tom Brady has left. In the AFC east if there is one which team win Brady leaves -- -- knows what that crystal ball is. You look into McConnell like in Foxborough after that. But which team is set up to sort of compete with the patriots beyond Brady. I don't you can make the argument it's the dolphins I think most people would answer the dolphins' first. 'cause they're set -- their quarterback he's shown signs that he could be emerging they've got solid offensive and defensive lines they'd just. Made some free agent signings however with a -- and -- do thing what went on Miami they gonna come out of that battle tested. Are showing more holes in the organization the jets of the jets. I mean they can be twelve and four this year and Rex Ryan could. You know lead them to the promised land once again they can be foreign twelve of them were I young quarterback the bills however are intriguing. Team because every single year they seem to in the last decade start hot. Threatened to -- make some noise in the AFC. And then sort of Peter out or your thoughts about that and we'll talk to -- GO. At the bottom of the now however NFL free agency. New England Patriots 4% of those of the topics that are so let's start out again you're welcome to talk about all of that. Including the Bruins whose -- just dropped right down their underway less than a minute and against Carolina -- keep you updated. Including the Celtics as I mentioned two after a two game winning streak. Against Brooklyn. And Detroit. Are back to doing what we want them to do we need him to do in our opinion most Celtics fans but hit a three game losing streak and they have three eminently winnable games. This week to talk about them go back to draft talk who you think is going to be the guy they should take wherever stand up and all that. However. My question to you first and foremost about two -- Revis is this. How excited are you. And here's what I mean. Very rarely. Have Boston teams gone now I should -- very real because you want your opinion about that is. In your opinion how would you feel on this adjective how many times have Boston teams gone out and a quieter. A guy who always in that debate of best. Player at his position BP A H. Best player at his position -- -- at how many times of Boston teams guard required that guy always in that debate best player at his position now. They've drafted those guys Tom Brady who became. In the debate -- best player at his position. Vince Wilfork you could argue. Was drafted and very quickly became in the debate. Best player at his position Richard Seymour was also as well as many others in a patriot and other uniforms. However. In my opinion. The guys who have been signed the weather was treated for or signed as a free agent. And a free agent but is it think you ought to give anything up to money. At best player it is positioned somewhere in the prime of their career are far and few between and it caused a great deal of excitement. You -- Pedro Martinez in 1998. The winter meetings of 1997. And even though Dan Duquette had to make a trade for him. Is pretty much a free agent signing -- -- -- I mean that Montreal Expos we're gonna get rid of him. They wanna traded to a team that could afford to pay him. Sold by all practical purposes it was a free agent signing even though. The Red Sox gave up two pitching prospects Carl Pavano and Tony Armas junior who. Neither one turnout to be worthy of page they acquired the best pitcher in baseball. -- 26 years old and still to come to a six year deal right after that. Then there was Manny Ramirez in 2000. Ended cat went to Dallas I believe it was two V. GM in winter meetings to -- went into the winter meeting came back with the best hitter in baseball committed to an eight year deal. For a 160 million dollars and was actually ten year deal -- options for 200 million dollars as you remember but the excitement. That came around. Acquiring the best pitcher in baseball and the best hitter in baseball changed the perspective of everything. A extra points out and I was just getting to this that Dana Chara and I would agree with that. When the when the Bruins acquired Zdeno Chara. We're all like our yacht that guy who should be playing basketball buddies and a hockey uniform. But looking back on it now they acquired a guy in his crime. Who was a building block it was in the debate for best Jose here. Best player at his position and has lived up to that easy and activated has been since he's been -- Bruins uniform. Here's the thing about Darrelle Revis he is that guy. However. Unlike those other guys and at least on the others I'm forgetting -- not mention I've got a few more on wireless or wanna pick your brain see who you have. Here's the guy. Okay Darrelle Revis he is arguably the best corner. In football and if Richard Sherman is in the debate find the Darrelle Revis is still in the debate that's very debatable at 33 years old. Whether he's even in that debate anymore -- nose guard with all due respect and good for inference -- In the estate agent football. Is -- By franchise tags to be that. So we'll see how that works I read this is only signed for one year and by all because as a wink wink agreement that they're not -- franchise. Next year so your excitement and it. I think the -- is noted this but if your excitement tempered a bit by the fact. Is not signed beyond this year that is a one year rent. Maybe there's two different answers to that one is yes which he it is because it's only one year. The other side of the corn is no cause he's got a plays are soft this year and we're gonna get him for -- that he's the best player footballer but Brady's window closing to do that Broncos. For all you DeMarcus Ware Aqib Talib. In TJ ward -- 617779793. -- People on the text line are saying Curt Schilling Patrice Bergeron. KG. Kevin fault and Rodney Harrison and then Adrian Gonzales. Adrian Gonzales yes in the argument might not have been the first baseman -- in the argument quite as crimes -- and even though it didn't work out. They did trade him and that was the one chip they gave away. A middle of the order hitter but had to dump all that salary keep. Keep bulk payment not Kevin -- -- I would argue that. Folk was in the argument for best closer in baseball the -- want to disrespect the guy they want a World Series with him is closer and he did pitch multiple years here. -- Rodney Harrison. Yes little bit beyond his prime but again perform at that level Kevin Garnett yes Curt Schilling. Yes for a couple years was in the argument about the best pitcher in baseball I would argue that when they acquired him showing was not. The best pitcher in baseball and not in that argument -- -- he had taken a step back from that class no disrespect here. And you know much of each other what he did perform at that level so yes there was that excitement that was even -- commercial. About him -- him on the side of the rhetoric aimed at breaking 86 year -- Patrice Bergeron -- -- he was draft. So he was not any argument best player -- his position Dennis Johnson loved that somebody texted that in love. But with all due respect of the late great Dennis Johnson I don't think he was ever in the debate of best guard. In an overall package. Again no disrespect. Heavily damaged Johnson. And living through that -- with DJ he was a huge part of those championships. When he was acquired that was huge excitement. He was added to the Celtics win in only went to the sixers he was a guy who was gonna come and be able to guard magic at times. But he was not considered. At the elite table of hey who's the best. Overall garden basketball DJ was not in the debate he was best defensive. Wasn't. 61777979. Need to -- manner any page how about Beckett. Good one -- bill -- Robert Parish -- interesting ones but again when you look at Darrelle Revis there's no debate. Robert Parish was an unproven player he was Mike he was Mike Vrabel. Robert Parish was a guy that ran our back. Acquired as if -- or part of a deal dropping from first in the draft at third -- Golden State Teague Joseph Barry Carroll and the Celtics got. The got to want it all along Kevin McHale oh by the way it will throw in Robert Parish. He turned out to be a potential hall of Famer and performed at that level was in the argument best center in the league for a period of time when the league was changing. From the powers that senator. Com and so again no disrespect him but he wasn't that when they traded Brad are. Really good one really good one and for that ten games for anybody that members Brad -- -- -- Bobby your folks. A lot of you aren't old enough to remember that it was magic. It was magic. George the animal Steele in chief -- strong bow of the WW FD any Amendola Randy Moss absolutely. I would argued that in a third down here in Oakland again when they acquired him you wouldn't it said it best received. Receivers in football Randy Moss wouldn't have been in that argument then but so why he said NFL record the 2723. Touchdowns the most. For the best season receiver ever shall we perform at that level so my question you about Darrelle Revis is twofold what effect as Christopher price rights. On WEEI dot com what effect will it have on the Patriots defense give us your thoughts how excited are you from Boston sports. Perspective let's start the calls -- the Angelo whenever Angela Mario. We're liquid and then I'm good good. What point the weakest part of the patriot a couple years has -- -- I would got a bit -- one most recent polls if they had impact corners they don't know how many. I disagree -- you a little bit I think. A little bit. I wouldn't arguing your point that if we put a poll out parents have what's the weakest point of the defense the corner. Would be 12 or three in anybody's answer however I would say and -- things educated me on this or at least form my opinion. Is linebacker when you add up all the linebackers. I think a big part of the reason that they haven't been able to. -- top lead defense is the lack of performance by their whole line backing core from what they used to have in the Super Bowl days so that's just my comeback you want. -- being quarter. Our map portal linebacker don't forget we got pressure on the quarterback but the problem is the quarterback had time to throw. And that's when the receivers. Beat the receivers -- over the -- About Angelo while everybody likes to do that letter but he says while cornerbacks only as good as the pass rush and the pass -- is only as good as the quarterback the guys in between the linebackers. They're part of your front seven so they're in charge of their pop a big part of putting pressure on the quarterback but they're also part of your pass coverage of their big part of that so while Jerod Mayo has -- a Pro Bowl level for a lot of the times. While champ not challenge as well Rob Ninkovich. Has continued to improve and become a Tedy Bruschi light. In my words folks like performer meaning you get -- bang for your buck and more and he's a ball hawk I don't think they've been Bruschi Vrabel. Willie McGinest I don't think they've been that. Region route Roman Phifer when they won Super Bowls I think they'd better linebacker performance and they've got now that's all. I'd put my second point about the linebackers. You're peppers and got Minnesota is name Jared Allen. What are the chances at the patriots to get ago actually practical. It was just I don't know if you mr. peppers assignment Green Bay. 300. I didn't -- so for those -- that's okay Angela because I missed it too but here's the signings the latest earnings overnight. -- in the last two days -- -- Green -- Steve Smith signed with Baltimore Hakeem -- signed a one year deal with Andrew Luck and the colts. -- one pisses me off. So -- at army team -- and I like going with the Andrew Luck one of the best quarterbacks -- -- -- when I signed a one year deal and the patriots could've had him on a one year deal I'm sorry may be eating out. You know and then Brandon Spikes but if you missed -- some of the bills. Yeah I heard about that now. -- I think you bet that there was some repute erupt the might they got to get adamant backing it hopefully Amendola can stay healthy -- year and -- log. My concern about him. He's been injury prone and what -- the quality it. What do they do what with the I didn't really draft order they were proper somewhat tight end of the decline are Sri would you think -- and peca. Thanks for the call Angelo. The wrong thing is what it is meaning that. He's not going to be there for the first third of the season you have to plan may be the first out he's coming back from major knee surgery. So you do have to have a tight end to start the season and right now it's meant. Mean really that's who it is so absolutely you gonna get a tight end and I'm a little I think you do both. I think you'd draft a tight and I'm not sure how high but you draft and then and that's an inch and want what type of tight and you draft. You drafting and wrong wanna be a guy that can block as well as catch passes or are you going to sign. A three down tight and type a guy like Dennis at a who can block and catch passes or. Are you gonna take a flyer. On a guy that could be an Aaron Hernandez type at least on -- I don't know I think you need to address it both ways I'll be comfortable the patriots sign a veteran. Someone veteran or emerging free agent tight end and I become until they also draft a guy. Two. We got south coming up at the bottom of the hour correct. Or stretches break a littlest big list here let's act talk to bill in Derry New Hampshire hello bill Mario. -- I can keep talking until -- Let's take a -- food -- fantastic. It has absolutely accurate at least a couple. On the back we lost all these questions. Who would be sort of technological actually shot tell anybody put a little -- -- orphanage construct our secure. And actually Jewish people can actually protect public that you. Shouldn't go to the knuckle political. -- -- I don't if you that the Jewish girl who. Wait a minute are you. Actually trying to make the case that Aqib Talib is a better cornerback Darrelle Revis. I didn't get that I think the leadership -- perhaps if people. He -- sure she won't change our allegedly so. So I'm dying on bill let's let's debate that point I like your answer I'd really like your answer using the word different. Okay and and what what what's interesting about that word is what's more effective for the Patriots defense I don't think -- win any argument. With anybody that keeps -- does a better. Defense to back then Darrelle Revis. However I like your point about different you obviously have to add in the injury factor that Revis despite having major knee surgery has been much more durable. Over a longer period of time and keep the lead so that that is -- that. But -- As far as shutting down half the field but I'll defer to Freddie and Steve. Haven't Darrelle Revis on your defense when -- team was working up their game plan for the week you are eliminating half the field. Over there. -- so so why is that different than a key obsolete why why couldn't. Darrelle Revis who's a true truer corner than to leave why couldn't he play against Jimmy Graham why don't why don't think Bill Belichick will use him in that same role. Initial -- -- decided. To and I'll think. I didn't get to be a -- at the shot. They believe this particular stronger mentally and tactically insignificant that the popular on the reporter can't do. Shot of the guys but I think you can get through the -- I think actually back. So let me ask you -- the bottom line is that do you think. That Darrelle Revis is gonna have less of an impact will be less effective on the Patriots defense than Aqib Talib did. -- that BP won't didn't. -- This whole ultimately hope that there is eager to accept -- and -- -- the bill I think typically. That particular. Obviously it appears to some -- -- to -- that ultimately people that he. I feel that particular you know if you'll see that. The it is. And arbitrary application because so people can be brought to. -- bill I -- I got -- which ago we got to take a break and your major point and it's a good one I think it's an interesting perspective I don't necessarily agree with -- I think the leap. From two lead to. Darrelle Revis and and it will put pressure on re would this I think it is a bigger one and -- make it out to be. I'm breast take a break we come -- we're gonna go to shuffle off to buffalo talk to sell much you know I WGR. Up in buffalo Brandon Spikes what's going on with the bill's questions he's got for the patriots is going to be eight. Dual side cast we're gonna be on folks. In buffalo -- you what we may take some calls. We can do that we can put him on hold it you can be open about what again for Angeles -- buffalo now's the time to call at six point 7779. 7937. WEEI sports Saturday we're back with more.

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